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Title: Harry Browe - (September 5, 1936)
Description: Detroit, Michigan (Unconfirmed Case)

Guardian - August 27, 2006 02:34 AM (GMT)

Harry Browe

Date & Location Missing:
September 5, 1936 - Clark Park, Detroit, Michigan

Age (at time of disappearnce:
19 months

Physical Description:
white male, 2'4", 26 lbs, fair complexion, blue eyes, light brown or dark blond hair, mastoid operation scare behind each ear, finger-nail on ring finger of left hand is off.

Clothing Description:
white rompers, black shoes

Harry was in Clark Park (Scotten Ave and Porter St.) with his older brothers Charles and Edward Browe (9 and 7 years old) about 14 city blocks (about 1 mile) from their home. The brothers were given money to buy candy at a local store across the street from the park. When they returned, the woman was gone and so were their brother.

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