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Title: Conner, Kevin 8-26-1971
Description: Port Angeles, Washington

Ell - March 29, 2012 09:43 PM (GMT)
Kevin Conner, then 13, and Mark Peal, then 10, disappeared Aug. 26, 1971, from Port Angeles.

The boys were camping with their families in the Agate-Crescent Beach Recreational Area when they left to explore World War II bunkers in the area and did not return.

Conner is pictured on the left; Peal is on the right.

The Washington State Patrol missing persons unit can be reached at 1-800-543-5678; National Center for Missing and Exploited Children hotline is 1-800-843-5678 (1-800-THE-LOST). More information on missing persons is also available at

Photo: Law Enforcement Agencies / SL
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mimi - October 7, 2012 12:30 AM (GMT)

The Daily Chronicle, Tuesday, Aug. 31. 1971
Two Still Missing
CAP) - The search for two small boys missing since Thursday has been scaled down after massive effort turned up little more than shoeprints, the Clallam County Sheriff’s office says.

Sheriff R.H. Bishop said searchers found two sets of shoeprints, one smooth-soled, the others made by patterned soles. The missing boys' parents said the prints matched the shoes their sons were wearing.

Mark Peal, 10, and Kevin Conner, 13, wandered from a campground last Thursday.

Though the possibility of foul play had not been ruled out, Bishop said there was no evidence to suggest it.

The reduced force searched the Agate Beach area of the county and an abandoned Army fortification in the area.

A volunteer force of 450 GIs from Ft. Lewis was called off after vainly doing "everything humanly possible in seeking the boys."

Port Angeles Evening New
Tuesday, August 31, 1971
Divers probe kelp beds in search for Bellevue boys

A possible clue to the location of the two Bellevue boys missing since Thursday in the Agate-Crescent beach area sent a diving team into the kelp beds between the two beaches today.

Despite the official suspension Monday afternoon of the ground and air search for Kevin Conner, 13, and Mark Peal, 10, the Sheriff's office bloodhound handled by Vern Melick continued searching Monday night.

Using the scent from the boys' tent, the dog, "Deputy Gus," followed a trail to a log which jutted out over the water on the west end of the peninsula between the two beaches.

On reaching the log, the dog jumped up on the log and almost went out over the end to fall the 30 to 40 feet to the water below.

Search Coordinator Harley Bishop, who trained the dog, said Deputy Gus had never before climbed up on a log, but usually walked along the side sniffing at the log.

The boys were last seen walking up a trail onto the peninsula from the beach office below. The Sheriff added the kelp beds at the tip of the peninsula had not been searched by the diving team.

The bloodhound's trail renewed efforts today after the five-day search, which covered
10 square miles and saw 700 volunteer searchers converge on the beach area, was suspended with no definite clues.

Sheriff Bishop had called the parents of the two boys together late Monday afternoon and explained the searchers "had done everything humanly possible."

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Conner and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peal heard the official word from
Bishop, state assistant Civil Defense Director Hal FOBS and Army coordinator Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Lynch.

After four days of stoically waiting as the volunteers searched for their missing sons, the parents broke down in tears.

"It was a sad scene," Clallam County Sheriff Bishop said afterwards.

About 50 people, including the parents, remained in the area today searching primarily in the Striped Peak area.

The fathers of the two boys told Sheriff Bishop they were going to try and put themselves in their sons' places and see if they could figure out where they might have gone.

Five men from Port Townsend, who said they had hunted the area, arrived today to begin a private search. The men took time off from work, explaining that the "two boys could have been our sons."

Unless the divers turned up something today, Bishop said air surveillance would resume along the shoreline on the weekend. He explained if the boys had fallen off the bluff their bodies may be temporarily trapped in the kelp which lies just offshore in the area.

The ugly specter of kidnapping or foul play raised its head as one of the possibilities surrounding the boys' disappearance.

"I can't see any clue which points to foul play but it can't be overlooked," Sheriff Bishop said. "I take the lead from the parents. They suggested that possibility."

Both the King County Sheriff and the Bellevue police are checking into the possibility of kidnapping, he added.

Described by Foss as the largest search operation in the state in the last five years, it attracted search units and volunteers from all over the Puget Sound area.

Some 480 troops of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment from Fort Lewis arrived Sunday and stayed until Monday after sweeping two large areas on either side of the beach.

Bishop called it "the most coordinated search" he had ever been involved in. Only one accident marred the operation. Mrs. Jean A. Syrotuk of Kirkland, with one of the dog teams, broke her arm in a fall.

A frustrating search, no solid clues were found though a number of false alarms ignited hopes, but were quickly snuffed on further investigation.

The two youths were last seen walking away from the private beach Thursday to inspect some nearby abandoned WWII bunkers. An uncle of one of the boys told searchers the youths were experienced hikers and "knew what to do in an emergency."

Yun - November 2, 2012 07:32 PM (GMT)
Case Information
Status: Missing
First name: Kevin
Middle name: Lee
Last name: Conner
NCMEC number: 1188170
Date LKA: August 26, 1971 00:00
Date entered: 01/19/2012
Age LKA: 13 to 13 years old
Age now: 54 years old
Race: White
Sex: Male
Height (inches): 70.0
Weight (pounds): 110.0

City: Port Angeles
State: Washington
Zip code: 98363
County: Clallam
Circumstances: Kevin Conner and Mark Peal were last seen camping with their families in the Agate - Crescent Beach Recreational Area. They were last seen in the afternoon of August 26, 1971. They were last seen leaving their campsite to explore World War II bunkers in the area.

Hair color: Blond/Strawberry
Left eye color: Hazel
Right eye color: Hazel

Status: Dental information / charting is available and entered

Guidelines for Collection of DNA Status: Sample submitted - Tests complete

Fingerprint Information
Status: Fingerprint information is currently not available

Police Information
Title: Detective
First name: Tom
Last name: Reyes
Phone: 360-417-2372
Case number: 201123886
Jurisdiction: County
Agency: Clallam County Sheriff's Department
Address 1: 223 East 4th Street
Address 2: Suite 12
City: Port Angeles
State: Washington
Zip code: 98362

Case Manager
First Name: Jaclyn
Last Name: Wofsey
Phone: 7038376347
Regional Administrator
First Name: Brenda
Last Name: Galarza
Phone: 703-837-6276

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