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 Guestbook Is Open For Busines Again!
Posted by Dr Neo Lao - 10-16-07 22:52 - 1 comments
I decided to open up the guestbook again.

Let's see how long it takes for the spam posts to start popping up again...
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 Photo Background
Posted by Insane Goat - 10-18-06 09:39 - 2 comments
Looks kinda nice.

I always thought Perth was this quaint little scottish town.
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 Thoughts On Twaip
Posted by Philosopher Shale - 10-14-06 01:56 - 3 comments
Apologies for the long post. I'm mad about webcomics and I just thought I'd voice my thoughts on this one ...

Firstly, I would just like to say that I read the archive and was amused several times. Read 127 times - last comment by Plague_Bearer   Print email

 Good Job
Posted by Krick - 10-11-06 21:35 - 5 comments
The comic's getting a lot better. Good job. I actually laughed at the toilet thing in the flashbacks. I also really like the stylistic purple unimportant people. Good luck. Looking forward to more.
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 The Advent Of Color!
Posted by that guy - 10-2-06 10:11 - 5 comments
Huzzah! TwaiP is now in color! It looks so much better.

Now you need to work on the story....
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 Doom 3 Reference
Posted by Insane Goat - 09-28-06 22:52 - 4 comments
Ha ha! I love that game!

It took me moment thinking "where have I heard of Super turbo turkey puncher before?"

I spent ages playing that game because apparently there's a bonus if you get a high score or ...read more
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 Seems Ok
Posted by quijibo - 09-25-06 03:12 - 2 comments
weird line style.

how long have you been drawing?
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Posted by Dr Neo Lao - 09-21-06 06:29 - 0 comments
This is an open Guestbook. Anyone can make a post here and tell me how much you like the comic!

You can also become a member of the forum. What are the benefits to being a member? Well, the benefits increase according to how active yo ...read more
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