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 Pruning / Board Cleaning
Posted by Keys - 10-3-08 22:04 - 7 comments
As of 10/2008 I have officially PRUNED the Forums of all "dead" topics within the Spore Forums.

Q. What is Pruning?
A. The removal of certain threads within a forum.

Q. What is a Dead Topic?
A. Any To more
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 Forum News 9.7.08
Posted by Ace - 09-7-08 22:25 - 1 comments
Hello Spore Forum members!

I posted here to discuss a few key issues that ought to be brought up.

First of all, I would like to congratulate Keys on being elected a co-admin to help control spam, annoying members, an more
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Posted by Ace - 07-17-07 18:51 - 35 comments

So...we're pretty much completely inactive.

And I understand that - we can blame EA for continuing to push the game back with little to no news. Which does not help us.

So, we're more
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 An Appearance!?
Posted by Ace - 03-17-07 06:48 - 16 comments
Yes, I've showed up again!

I'm sorry to all members for being such a poor admin, but in the teenage years of sick roller coaster emotions/life, things have just been plain icky.

Right now I'm focusing on school more
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 New Mod
Posted by Ace - 12-16-06 02:38 - 7 comments
Keys has been made our first mod. There will be more spots in the future. Congrats to Keys.
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 Attention Members
Posted by Ace - 11-22-06 21:26 - 7 comments
Well, I tried to post this yesterday, but the stupid computer kept freezing up this forum. Meh.

Anyways, I realize that Spore Forums is currently having some problems with spam. Please note that moderators should be picked shortly...but I more
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 A New Milestone
Posted by Ace - 10-31-06 02:38 - 8 comments
By the time you read this, Spore Forums will have already exceeded a new goal. At this time (before I even post), there are 10,500 posts. WOW! That's amazing!

I'm so proud of you all for making us such a great community. I more
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Posted by Ace - 09-23-06 05:38 - 8 comments
...for being gone. Hopefully nothing has been going on that's too problematic's just that I've been very busy with school - I'm currently in two college-level classes and plenty of difficult normal ones as well. more
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 Spore Topsites
Posted by Ace - 09-5-06 23:31 - 9 comments
We are now listed at Spore Topsites against some fierce competition. Please be sure to click the marquee image link and then rate and comment about this site! It will definetely help pr more
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 New Affiliate
Posted by Ace - 07-31-06 18:40 - 2 comments
Spore now has a new affiliate - Evening Sparkles. They are a forum created under the craft of our own Wednesday (and Wertie at Pink Imoen). This is a great, small site that features general discussion. View their info in our Affiliates Thread for mo more
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