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- FF1 minimal grinding game
Posted: Aug 3 2008, 11:21 AM

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Group: Admin
Posts: 6,538
Member No.: 2
Joined: April-8 05

It occurred to me that I might not have good level recommendations on my site, since most of the time when I play FF1 I'm map making, stat gathering, monster hunting, etc. and end up overleveled.

So I figured I'd try to play the game with as little grinding as possible. I was taking notes so I knew what I had when and where, but more and more it felt like I was writing it for an audience, so I figured I'd post it.

I picked a party that wouldn't be too strong and not too weak. (It's also the first party I ever used.) I picked the names based on what their most prominent action will be:
Fighter: FITE
White Mage: HELP
Black Mage: NUKE
and of course...
Thief: SUCK

Buy FIRE, CURE; head to ToF at level 1.

Beat Garland. Everyone but Fi is level 2.

Beat pirates. Everyone is level 2.

Everyone reached level 3 en route to ElfLand.

I may have to actually grind here...

Traveled to the NW castle for story purposes. Definitely not grinding. wink.gif

Having merely 60 or so G, I headed to Coneria hoping to run into something on the way, gaining enough to buy 2 spells and save.

I reached Coneria, hitting exactly zero encounters on the way. Dejected, I started back, almost immediately finding an encounter. Winning this gave me exactly the money I needed. LIT and HARM are now mine.

I figured I'd pitifully stumble towards the Marsh Cave, then I got a surprisingly harsh beat down from a single Geist. I headed back to town to save, but instead decided to go to Coneria for Tents. Got a couple of Pures while I was there too. Everyone reached level 4 on the way.

I raided the treasures of the Marsh Cave with relative ease, but the Wizards slaughtered me. Maybe a treasure-only run is best.

That worked. Then I took down a party of 2 Ogres and a greenie, leaving me with enough G to buy LIT2 back at ElfLand. Not that I can cast it yet. Now I'm off to Coneria for more Tents.

Heading back to the Marsh Cave, I killed an Ogre not far from ElfLand, and headed back to buy more Pures with my newfound monies. Does that count as grinding?

On the way to the Marshmallow Cave, my Thief was killed by a pack of unfriendly Geists. A swift retreat was in order, so back to Coneria I went for its affordable Clinic. (Healthcare these days, sheesh.) The rest of my party reached level 5. Now with LIT2 available, sea creatures are my bitch. (Offer valid only once per trip. Some restrictions may apply.) So then the Thief hit level 5 as well. A Sabre was purchased for him. Onward to Marsh Cave. Time to roast Wizards.

Lucked into a 2 Wizard party, so that battle was easy. My Thief was then killed again on the way out. Wuss.

So I headed back to Coneria's Clinic, back to ElfLand. Then a few steps from ElfLand some Geists decided they wanted me to kill them. So I went back and saved again. (Is that grinding?) Oh well, on to Astos.

On the way, the two Mages reached level 5.

First try on Astos, his signature attack (the sensual massage) failed, so I thought it was in the bag. Then I found that even my Fighter was just chipping away at him for 1 damage on most hits (when he did hit). After a while (and the death of my BM), Fighter managed to score a good hit, so again I thought I was going to win. Then he pulled LIT2 for massive damage.

About 500 deaths later, I figured I'd go ahead and do some grind. My Fighter was only a battle or two from reaching level 5, so I got him there. I'd like to say it made a difference, but it didn't feel like. Anyway, several deaths later I managed to beat Assface, and leveled up Thief in the process. Also I've got over 4000 G now, so I can buy something nice.

"If I have any more beaver trouble, you'll be the first to know!"
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Posted: Apr 7 2009, 04:14 PM

Impertinent Fool

Group: Member
Posts: 60
Member No.: 237
Joined: October-30 07

Don't know about anyone else, but I found this interesting, even if it's only barely started and will probably never finish.

Edit: well hot dog, it is finished.

This post has been edited by Grognor on Apr 7 2009, 07:02 PM

Be hard like a bone, not a rock. Protect something.
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Posted: Apr 7 2009, 06:25 PM

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Group: Admin
Posts: 6,538
Member No.: 2
Joined: April-8 05

Oh, actually I did finish it, back in November according to the file date. I just forgot and/or never bothered posting it since nobody seemed interested.

Back at ElfLand, I bought Fighter a Silver Sword and saved.

Took the Crystal to Matoya, got some potions and Tents and saved in Coneria, back to ElfLand - gave the Prince the Herb, bought FIR2 and saved. Now to find treasures in the NW Castle and Marsh Cave.

Fighter and both Mages reached level 7 on the way to the Marsh Cave. Thief made it while in the cave, and Black Mage died. Back to ElfLand, bought some potions and Softs and saved. To Coneria, bought more potions and Tents, revived the Black Mage, raided the treasures, saved.

Raided the ToF, equipped Thief with Rune Sword, came back to Coneria to buy some potions and save.

Raided the Dwarf Cave, gave Thief the Dragon Sword, came back to Coneria, bought SLEP, and saved.

Headed to Pravoka, bought MUTE, ALIT, and ICE.

Hit ElfLand, bought CUR2, HRM2, Caps for the Mages, FAST, and saved.

Stopped by Coneria to get a couple of TENTs, saved.

Reached Melmond, bought a Silver Bracelet for Thief, saved.

Saved outside Earth Cave. Everyone reached level 8. Beat the Vampire and grabbed the Ruby. Got the hell out and saved.

Having just saved, I figured I'd take on a party of 3 Tigers. I managed to beat them with no casualties, but then I ran into a party of Ghouls and Geists, which took 10 minutes shredding me.

Fighter and WM reached level 9, I got back to Melond, got BM a Silver Bracelet, saved.

Headed to Coneria to stock up on Heals. Bought up to 60. Made it back to Melmond and saved.

Thief and BM reached level 9. I retrieved the Rod and returned to Melmond to save.

Saved at E.Cave. Everyone reached level 10. Beat Lich, Fighter and WM got to level 11.

Thief and BM reached level 11, and I got back to Melmond and saved.

Stopped by ElfLand, picked up ICE2 and AICE and up to 99 Heals.

Made it to Crescent Lake, got Thief a Buckler, got the Canoe and saved.

Made it to the Volcano and saved. Made the mistake of trying to fight some R.Goyles and died.

Raided the second floor's treasures, everyone got to level 12, and my mages died.

Made it back to C.Lake to revive everybody (Thief died on the way) and fill up on Heals.

Fighter reached level 13 on the way back to the volcano. Saved outside. Everyone else got to level 13. Beat Kary, Thief died and Fighter got to 14.

Back to Clake, filled up on Heals.

Coneria: Bought some Tents.

Pravoka: Saved.

Reached the Ice Cave and saved. Everybody else reached 14. A FrWolf Frosted my Mages to death. Thief went down too, but Fighter reached 15. Aaaaand Sorcerers killed Fighter.

Figured I'd fight a party of Coctrices and Mummies. It... didn't go well.

Thief and WM reached level 14 thanks to a random battle with Frost Dragons. Guess I didn't take the regular Frost D fight seriously enough, Thief and BM got dead. Fortunately that's how many charges of LIFE I have. BM got his 14. Fighter hit 15. Beat the Eye, but Thief died from XXXX. Aaaaand I made it out and saved.

Stopped at Pravoka, revived Thief, bought INVS and SLOW, sold off extra treasure, stocked up on Items, and... forgot to save.

WM reached 15. Okay, just realized I have a bad case of dumb. I sold off a sword and armor my Ninja could've used, and I'm almost at that point. sad.gif Reached the desert and got the airship.

Grabbed CUR3 at Melmond and saved at Coneria.

Heading to the Castle of Ordeal via airship for once instead of ship. BM reached 15. Made it to the castle and saved.

Fighter hit 16. Okay, sometimes "fight everything" doesn't work. Some Mancats completely slaughtered me. I probably should've looked them up though, so I'd known to use AFIR. Fighter's still alive, let's see how long he lasts on his own. Oh boy, made it all the way to the Tail and then some Sorcerers killed me.

Fighter hit 16 again. Beat the Zombie D and Thief hit 15.

Fought a Sand Worm, Thief and BM died, WM reached 16. Flew to Gaia to save.

Got the class change and raided the Cardia treasures.

Stocked up on Items, bought WARP, HRM3, HOLD, AFIR, INV2, EXIT, LIT3, decked out the Ninja in Silver gear. Oh, duh, should've held off on the Gauntlet and gotten a ProRing.

Got Gold Bracelets for the Wizards. Bought the Bottle, parked near Onrac.

Saved outside the Waterfall. Knight reached 17, Ninja 16. Got all the goods and used EXIT.

Got Knight and Ninja their spells. Got the Wizards ProRings.

Went to Onrac but I forgot to get the Oxyale. Gotta head back. WhWiz reached 17. Got the Oxyale.

Made it to Onrac again. BlWiz and Ninja hit 17. Fighter reached 18. Raided the top floor and cast EXIT. Saved.

Head to Gaia to sell off armor, bought CUR4 and ICE3.

WW reached level 18. Arrived back at Onrac. BW and Ninja reached 18. Knight and WW hit 19. Beat Kraken, but he killed BW.

BW reached 19. Took the Slab to Unne. Ninja reached 19. Reached Lefein, got the Chime, bought NUKE and LIF2. Knight hit 20.

Saved outside Mirage Tower. BW reached 20. Collected all the tower treasures and used EXIT.

Hit Gaia to sell off excess, bought HRM4 and FADE.

Ninja got to 20. Back to the Mirage Tower. Beat blue dragon and entered the Sky Castle. Everyone reached level 21. Some Air ganged up on my BW and killed him, Knight reached 22. WW reached 22. Shit! WarMECH appeared and struck first, killed my BW. I was able to run on the first try. Beat Tiamat.

Visited Onrac to buy ARUB. Hit Gaia to buy WALL and a CatClaw. Hit Crescent Lake to buy FOG2. Stopped into ElfLand to buy some Softs, stocked up on Pures and Heals too. Hit the Dwarf Cave to get... SHIT! I somehow missed the chest with Adamant in it. Saved on Coneria.

Going back for the Adamant will throw off my (lack of) leveling, so my Knight will have to settle for his Defense until I get the Masmune. Now entering the ToF. BWiz and Ninja got to level 22. Beat the Phantom. Knight reached 23. Beat Lich, he killed everybody but WWiz who reached 23. Ninja and BW reached 23. Beat Kraken, but he killed WW, the one person that shouldn't die. D'oh. Knight reached 24. I got the Masmune, but then a big pack of Sorcerers showed up, killed my Knight and Ninja. I'm dead.

Try again. Ninja and BW hit 22. Beat Phantom. Kn:23. Remarkable... Lich killed everyone but the Ninja, who survived with 1HP. No point in going on.

Again. Ninja and BW: 22. Phantom killed Knight. Kn:23. WW:23. Lick killed Kn and BW. Ni:23. First round against Kary I happened to use the Wizard Staff. It worked! Made the rest of the battle pretty easy. Kraken killed Ni,BW. Kn:24. WW:24. Even bigger pack of Sorcerers than before, killed everybody. Fuck.

BW:22. Ni:22. Phantom killed Kn with ZAP! Man, only having 3 Ribbons in this game really sucks. Oop, WW is dead too. Best to just reset.

Ni,BW:22. Beat Phantom. Kn:23. WW:23. Lich killed Ni,BW. Ni,BW:23. Beat Kary. Kn:24. Beat Kraken. WW:24. Got the Masmune. BW:24. Ni:24. Beat Tiamat. Beat Chaos. Everybody lived. Woo!

"If I have any more beaver trouble, you'll be the first to know!"
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Posted: Jul 3 2014, 06:33 AM

Mastered using the White Sword

Group: Member
Posts: 136
Member No.: 149
Joined: March-26 07

I thought this might be a fun challenge, so I'm doing it right now. Posting here to store it for when I change computers. I'm doing the Origins version.

Taylor the Warrior
Dani the Red Mage
Martin the Thief
Coleen the White Mage

>Bought Taylor and Dani a Rapier and Chain Mail, Martin a Rapier and Leather Armor, and Coleen Cure1 and some clothes.

>Went to Temple of Chaos, tried raiding the treasures but got attacked by a mob of (warg) wolves. Tried running away twice, couldn't so tried fighting. Coleen got killed and prospects of winning battle looked grim, so ran away. Took a couple of tries until success.

>Surviving party went to level 2 on the way back to Cornelia.

>Raised Coleen and healed party

>Went back to Temple of Chaos, Coleen hit LV2 on the way there. Raided all treasures and was ready to heal outside with a Tent until undead ambushed and killed Martin and Coleen. Had to retreat again.

>Made it to Cornelia with Taylor almost dead. Raised Coleen and Martin, healed the party and bought Cure1 for Dani. Headed back to ToC

>Garland died in 2 turns. Everyone just attacked.

>Headed to Matoya's Cave for plot purposes. Taylor, Dani, Coleen hit LV3 on the way. Coleen also died against an Ogre and Gigas Worms

>Matoya's Cave plundered. Headed back to Cornelia to heal. On the way back, Martin hit LV3.

>Coleen raised, and bought her Dia1. Party healed and en route to Pravoka.

>On the way to Pravoka, Taylor and Dani hit LV4. Coleen died. Again

>At Pravoka, Coleen was raised and party was healed.

Is it just me or do ambushes happen far more often in the Origins version?
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