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 Stay the course, big Neddy. You're doing super.
Posted by Collector - 04-1-10 04:15 - 0 comments
Yeah, nothing new to say here. Just thought I'd get that old topic off the front page.
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 Spammers win
Posted by Collector - 10-31-07 03:40 - 11 comments

I guess nobody reads these announcements. Since implementing the admin approval for new registrants, nobody has emailed me claiming to be a real person. Failure. read more
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 New members, read this!
Posted by Collector - 09-7-07 08:48 - 0 comments
We've been having some real trouble with spambots lately. For the moment at least, new registrations will require admin approval. We'd be happy to approve you as long as you're a real person. How can you prove that you're a real pers more
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 I have returned!!
Posted by Scumdogg - 03-8-07 23:03 - 5 comments
Yes, yes, boys and girls. The Mighty Scumdogg has returned, a month behind schedule, but better late than never. Now, onward to a mighty barrage of necroposts the likes of which the world has never seen!!
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 Spell Checkers
Posted by ie - 08-29-06 06:00 - 4 comments
I like spell checkers. They don't replace going through and making sure all the grammar is correct, but for some of the big strange words, they help.

Here's a decent spell more
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 Guest posting gets the axe
Posted by Collector - 08-29-06 02:54 - 12 comments
Because one or more guests has started acting like a jerk, guest posting has been disabled. Sorry if you are one of those helpful guests who post cool information without becoming hostile and childish. Maybe you would like to sign up?

For more
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Posted by ie - 08-24-06 00:41 - 47 comments
It might be a good idea to have a quick run-down of how you - the TCBeer - can help things run more smoothly here at TCB. We won't ban you for any of this shit, but you know, this is just here to help you. </authoritarian dictator voice>read more
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Posted by Scumdogg - 08-3-06 17:54 - 2 comments
I'm not going to double post it here, but just in case anyone actually checks this announcement forum...there is an urgent message in Standard Forum #1 that i would like everyone to read.

Thank you.
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 May I point your attention over to the Calender...
Posted by ie - 07-29-06 09:13 - 6 comments
I will be away for a few days, but I wanted to bring up the Calender that's at the bottom of the main page.

My source over at Amazon (Doctor Search Engine) recently informed me that V For Vendetta, a movie everyone except Shee Ping, k more
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 Bad images
Posted by Collector - 02-3-06 00:00 - 8 comments
I've fixed a few broken images today. I'm not sure why they're going bad (especially not all at the same time), but I got the ones I found anyway.

If you spot any other broken images on the board let me know.
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