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The Fallen Witches
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Dated back to the Salem Witch Trials, witchcraft was well known throughout the northeast coast. In the 1700-1800s, witches had the special abilities to create magic, but they had to keep hidden from the outside world in fear of the consequences. They were either hung or burned alive by mortal humans believing that they were the very people who worked for the devil. And in some cases, it was true. Some witches did indeed use their magic to harm others or to use it for their own personal reasons. However there were other witches who were generous and kind hearted who helped the people they cared about. They would do anything to protect others by keeping them safe or even healing others from injuries. But regardless of their alliance, if a witch was to be found out, they would be sentenced to death. Well that was then…and this is…
NOW!! Even in the 21st century, witches very much still existed in our very lives. Only now, the belief of witchcraft was running extremely low. There were the occasional movies and shows that were based on the storylines of witches, whether they were true or false. But people were still skeptical on the existence of magic and the word: witches. Would you believe in the power of witchcraft? Would you believe that magic was a part of our very lives? Well, if you were of the Daria or the Fallen, only then would you believe.
With the year 2006 drawing to a close, witchcraft was spreading like wildfire and practiced more and more. But what remained the same after all these decades is that there was still a power of good; and what comes with the good, it will always come with an evil power. In this year, the good power had been known to be called the Daria. The Daria was a group to be pure and true. Their purpose would be to protect and save the innocent people of the world, along with having to keep their power a secret to protect it.
However the Daria remained to be a scarce group. There was a limited amount of the power of good. So they were outnumbered to the power of evil: The evil group called the Fallen. The Fallen group was a group who were menacing and deceitful. They would use their magic for the purpose of achieving what they craved the most. And what they mostly sought after was to take over the world to create their own living hell; just as Satan himself tried to do before God would cast him down in the biblical times. But in order to do this, they would need to destroy the power of the Daria. That certainly did sound very easy for a power that was stronger by magic and by numbers.
Unlike the Daria, they knew very well who had what sort of power and what alliance they were a part of. So they had the upper hand of knowing when a new witch would come about, so they could recruit them before the Daria had a chance to find them. But even with a great power like the Fallen, they also had a weakness: And that would be the leading power of the Daria. It would take time and experience to get to the higher level, as well as to be a threat to the Fallen.
In Las Vegas, Nevada, there lived three magical young women who did have that experience and flourished with their power at being at the higher level of the Daria. They had been practicing their power since they were teenagers to protect the innocent people and to keep magic a secret to protect it. They were also given the information on the Fallen power so that they would know what to expect.
However, the information was very limited so they were unclear as to know who were magical or what alliance they had decided to take. During their magical lives, they will encounter newcomers who will either assist them or deceive them in the battle. Soon they will figure out who they will be fighting or who they will be training so that they could have more experienced Daria by their side. But will they figure out who will be able to be trusted or who are truly misleading them before it’s too late? Or will the Daria fall prey to the Fallen power so that evil will prevail in the end? It could very well be that Satan could get his very wish granted by having evil accomplish the final battle of good and evil.

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