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Title: Necron Tactics Vs Eldar
Description: a betrayal of my eldritch roots

Ciartan - June 10, 2006 12:59 PM (GMT)

Been working on these since the call went out for race specific necron tactics. Figured that although i'm sending these to Maephet Ran for the tactica i really ought to post them here aswell for criticism.


Highly mobile eldar utilising lots of mobile heavy weapons. This is an army to be careful of, the sheer volume of starcannons that this list can take is scary. Iíd suggest using immortals to engage the vypers as theyíll be just as survivable if a little less mobile than destroyers. Most eldar players will have trouble dealing with a monolith and saim-hann is no exception, itíll also be invaluable for moving troops and allowing WBB rolls. Be very careful of loosing too many of 1 type of necron as the firepower put out from these guys is more than capable of doing so.

Probably the bane of most necron armies. With no troops available except the monolith that are immune to disruption youíll probably have a hard time before the game even starts. Again a monolith is a must as well as units that can deep strike effectively as they can then avoid disruption. With a lot of rangers on the field a CíTan wont last long and expect to have a hard time digging them out of cover with no flamers. Combat is one of the best ways to root them out so wraiths would be a wise buy, particularly being able to phase through terrain.

The seer council is an incredibly hard nut to crack, 4+ inv with re-rolls most of the time sees them through the worst, however most people tend to rely on it and sink a lot of points in it. This is also where pariahs might finally get the best use, but the eldar player will probably realise this as well and target them, a lot. Of all the eldar players Ulthwe is the most likely to bring down a monolith but only at short range (singing spears) so depending on how you use the Ďlith thereís not much to worry about. Iíd say either find a unit to tie up the council (scarabs) or invest a lot of firepower bringing them down early. As an aside Ulthwe is probably the most common tourney army and they tend to bring writhlords, bring them down early or theyíll cause a world of hurt to necrons, particularly when thereís not much able to deal with them in combat short of a CíTan or some lucky wraiths.

I cant see necrons having too many problems with an Iyanden army really, concentrate on staying out of reach while you deal with the wraithlords and donít get too close to the wraithguard. Its an army thatíll rip necrons a new one up close but its slow moving so keep backing up and pepper them with plenty of firepower.

Biel Tan
Best covered in a unit breakdown but be prepared to deal with anything. The range of aspects allow them to do any kind of army but I does mean they tend not to bring the numbers but what they do have will be for very specific roles.

Avatar: WS10 monstrous creature for 80 points is just nasty. Bring him down early cause even against Nightbringer heíll hit you on 3ís which will just prove to be an annoyance. Luckily he moves as infantry so heís slow and everything in the army can wound him and enough shots will make a mockery of his low invulnerable save

Farseer: Linchpin of an eldar army normally utilizing guide to boost the BS3 of most eldar units and fortune for the staying power of units in combat. Be wary of mindwar, particularly from an Ulthwe seer council. Even by them selves they can hold up most combat specialists for quite a while unless a warscythe gets in.

Warlocks: Only a quick note on there as thereís not much that can be done about them as they join other squads. They will tend to boost the squad theyíre in either giving bonus WS and I or a 5+ cover save depending on the role of the unit. They can also bring a re-roll to Ld or a heavy flamer but itís not as common outside of a seer council. These guys will also tend to bring singing spears/withchblades to deal with high toughness and vehicles but as these arenít power weapons just be aware.

Guardian Defenders: mainstay of most eldar forces, cheap and can dish out a lot of 12Ē range shots as well as bringing a mobile heavy weapon (normally a starcannon) theyíll die easily being T3 and 5+ save unless a warlock is with them

Storm Guardians: with a warlock leader they can pack a reasonable WS4 I5 but without power weapons not such a threat to necrons as other armies. Theyíll tend to ride round in a wave serpent so youíll normally get a turn of shooting before they charge you, just be wary of 2 flamers/fusion blaster dropping small units

Rangers: Sniper rifles arenít normally too much of a bother but these get AP1 on a 6 to hit so in numbers will drop necrons and cause plenty of pinning tests. They also get +1 to cover saves so in a ruin thatís a 3+. On the plus side wraiths can rip through them in seconds and they tend not to have the support of other units when they infiltrate

Fire Dragons: no danger to a monolith now but Iíve started to see them used in a wave serpent to drop and gut units. At S6 and AP3 a full unit of 10 is more than capable of either gutting a main unit or wiping out isolated units. Make sure you drop the transport and get rid of them before they get too close

Howling Banshees: Personally I think the threat these cause has been dramatically reduced now they canít assault the turn they disembark, particularly when firepower seems to be more mobile. They should be vulnerable for a turn of shooting before they charge and when they are ensure they go down otherwise the power weapons will hurt like hell, even though theyíre only S3

Striking Scorpions: Not quite so much of a threat to necrons as other lighter armoured armies but they can and will be a bitch to shift if they get in. A power fist and a multitude of S4 attacks (3 each) can cause some pain but not too much as you get youíre saves.

Warp Spiders: Very mobile so watch out for them, although they cant bust open armour the fact theyíre S6, rapid fire and able to jump back out of return fire range makes them a pain to deal with, particularly once you add in a 3+ save. These guys arenít even that vulnerable to assault with an exarch toting power blades and the ability to jump right back out of combat. These guys will probably be hunting down your destroyers and looking to wipe out isolated units so watch them closely

Dire Avengers: Only a quick note as they donít turn up much and arenít as effective as they should be. WS and BS 4 but only a 12Ē effective range and small squad size, they can be a pain but anything that is AP4 will drop them quickly enough but theyíre not as high priority as other units.

Swooping Hawks: Not any real danger to a necron army except to deliver an exarch into combat. Their assault 2 S3 weapons will largely bounce off so I wouldnít worry too much at first. The exarch however has the potential to rip through necrons because of a wonderful ability that means for every attack that hits itíll get an extra attack. Although this is only at S3 the extra attacks are gained before wounding and tend to be with a power weapon so watch out if your opponent fields them with a grin

Shining Spears: Again not so effective against necrons as theyíre usually used to deliver a BS5 bright lance to the side/rear of a vehicle. Still they are S5 in combat with a high I but they donít have the numbers to go it alone against units.

Dark Reapers: With 2 S6 AP3 shots each at long range these will cause no end of pain to a necron army, granted you still get WBB but theseíll be knocking down far more than their fair share of warriors. Fortunately they canít be effectively screened anymore and they only have a 4+ save which means they will be hiding in cover. Iíd say the best bet is bring them down in the first/second turn with destroyers

Wraithguard: As covered in Iyanden these guys arenít too much of a worry purely because you can keep them at arms length however if you fail to do so you will quickly learn why you should have as each one has an AP1 weapon that can instant kill anything. Luckily you will rarely see them outside of an Iyanden army as they are a lot of points for a slow moving, short range unit.

Jetbikes: More of a nuisance than a major threat, they can put out a lot of firepower with twin-linked catapults and 1 in 3 having a cannon and then move out of assault range but that firepower is still BS3 and they have no real combat punch. Either tie them up or shoot them down but be careful of leaving them unchecked in a game where thereís an objective to claim

Vypers: Probably one of the biggest threats in the list, theyíre cheap and with the 4th Ed rules regarding defensive weapons can and will dish out a monstrous amount of firepower on the move. Starcannon and shuriken cannon combinations dish out 6 S6 shots per vyper which if theyíre not dealt with and bought along in numbers can decimate necron units. Most of the time they are used for tank hunting with a bright lance though and being only S8 is more of a threat to your destroyers than your monolith. Luckily theyíre only AV10 and open-topped to boot so theyíre easy to drop with some mobile firepower. Again another unit thatíll make last minute dashes for objectives if the mission needs it so keep an eye on them

Wave Serpent: Only a quick note. Wave serpents are fast, have 2 weapons (1 twin linked heavy weapon and 1 shuriken cannon/twin catapults) and are resistant to high S weaponry. Units now canít assault straight out of serpents so theyíre less important to drop quickly, however they do have the guns to pack quite a punch particularly when combined with a unit like fire dragons. Try to keep tabs of whatís riding in each serpent and pick your targets from that

Falcon: An awesome vehicle, up to 3 heavy weapons and transport for 6 men in a fast vehicle to boot. Normally equipped with plenty of defensive vehicle upgrades means that itíll net a bundle of VPís if you drop it but it can be tricky as itíll usually be out of LOS using the targeting matrix (shoot part way through movement) so its another job for destroyers rally

Fire Prism: Looks damn scary when you consider itís a Lascannon with a blast marker but you wont see many as its still BS3. If thereís one there though itíll be painful, itíll probably have a targeting matrix but this time itíll be hard to reach floating around the back of the eldar lines as long as the terrain is favourable.

Weapon Platforms: 3 very different weapons. 1st up is the nastiest, the D-Cannon, most players choice if they use a platform, its only got a 24Ē range but thatís long enough, the problems come with S10 AP1 and the use of the ordnance table against vehicles, the precious monolith wonít last long at all against a barrage of these and most of your infantry wonít like them either. Luckily theyíre another unit that very easy to take out now they canít be screened. Next is Nightspinners S6 will get wounds caused and theyíre there for one reason, pinning. Unfortunately thereís not much to be done about them as they have a long range and are barrage to boot. Finally thereís the vibrocannons random range and varied hits limits the damage theseíll really cause but they could be nasty with the automatic hit and chance to hit a lot of units as well.

Wraithlord: The bad boy of the eldar army, massive toughness, strength and a good armour save to boot makes these buggers massively underpriced. Youíll really need heavy destroyers to drop them quickly or some good luck with an entire barrage. Whatever you do donít let it reach combat as with T8 the only thatís capable of standing up to it is a CíTan and even then youíll probably lose a wound or 2 in the process

War Walker: A lovely vehicle packing 2 heavy weapons that fire on the move. With starcannons youíll see units dropping in droves (3 war walkers put out 18 shots) but theyíre remarkably fragile (AV10 and open-topped again) and the better the guns the more VPís theyíre worth when they go down. Due to the BS3 of the guardian crew youíll probably see a farseer with guide nearby and thatís when thingsíll get sick (18 guided starcannon shots average 13.5 hits and 11.25 kills against warriors before WBB)

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