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 Raven Hellanna Ternaris, The Tender Shadow
Posted: Mar 16 2007, 08:06 AM

Arcantan Scribe

Group: Arbiters
Posts: 915
Member No.: 8
Joined: 28-September 06

Full Name: Raven Hellanna Ternaris.

Reason behind name: Was given to her by her parents.

Nickname: She prefers to be called Raven.

Occupation/class: Guardian and protector of Magnus Virtus.

Age: 108.

Race: Avian.

Origin: The city of Hal-Villan.

Eyecolor: Obsidian.

Haircolor and style: Her hair reaches down past her shoulders, and is slightly wavy.

Weight and Hight: 5’8’’ 125 pounds.

Type of body (build): Thin and graceful, like an acrobat or a dancer.

Skin tone: Pale.

Distinguishing marks: Like all Avians she has a set of wings. Her’s match her hair in color, and are midnight black.

Alignment: Chaotic good. She follows the laws and tries to be the best person she can be, however if she believes that more harm then good will be done she will have no problems disobeying the laws, even if it means killing someone.

Daredevil? Or Cautious?: Cautious. She has made many mistakes during her long life, and with all of that experience under her belt it’s doubtful you will ever see her do something stupid.

Do they act the same alone as when with someone?: No. With others her attitude is upbeat and carefree. Alone however or with someone close she will open up. How much she opens up is not dependent on her current mood or how convincing the person is but how close their relationship is.

Type of Childhood: A normal childhood until she reached the age of twelve when she was chosen to become a warrior.

Only memory: Magnus as a baby and watching him grow up.

Religion: Raven worships the Avian wind goddess.

Education:Scholarly, her pool of knowledge is both wide and deep ranging from mathematics to politics and everything in between.

Finances: None. She has very little pocket money, but in reality she doesn’t need much money anyways.

Fiances/Wife: She fell in love with a man by the name of Jerrusk. He recently left Shornaren (and her in the process) without giving a reason. Other then that she has always loved Magnus, although how she loves him or how she is supposed to love him is a mystery to her. As a son, as a brother, as a leader, as a lover, etc.

Family: Two parents and one brother.

Most at ease when: When Magnus is close by and within sight.

Most ill at ease when: When Magnus is far away.

Priorities: Keeping Magnus both alive and well.

Optimist or pessimist?: Neither, analytical.

Introvert or extrovert?: Introvert.

Appearance: Beautiful. When Raven walks into a room all eyes turn to gaze upon her flawless figure. The men look out of lust, and the women out of either awe or jealousy. She wears tight, dark, practical clothes, perfect for fighting, running, or even flying. Although she says she wears the clothes for efficiency, her true reason is to shoo away at least some of the eyes that stare not at her, but her breasts, legs, or bottom. And although the clothes help somewhat, she still garners quite a few looks.

In a battle she wears a suit of very light black plate mail, and at her side rests a unique enchanted sword. It’s a curved blade custom made by Raven, for Raven. It lies halfway between a longsword and a rapier making it look like the stinger from a large wasp. Bordering black, this purple blade sings as it moves through the air around it. It’s unknown exactly what properties it has, but suffice to say it is a powerful weapon.

Demeanor: There are two sides to Raven. The first side is the one most see on an everyday basis, the warm, kind, and up-beat side. Even in combat she is cool and collected. (With one exception.) The second side is the polar opposite, and only occurs when harm has come to Magnus, in this case she unleashes a fury hath like no other and forms a deep hatred that cannot be easily healed with the person. She can control this anger however, but all that means is she won’t kill the person who hurt Magnus on the spot. It doesn’t mean she won’t show this anger.

Reputation: She was made famous like the others when the Selune’Fa was recovered. However other then that, she remains a mystery to both the Arcantian and the Avian community.

Abilities: Her physical abilities are great even for an Avian. Her strength and speed have been honed to perfection, while her skill and technique in fighting have been hardened by the greatest teacher of all, experience. Her wings are obviously another great advantage she has over her enemies, not only because she can fly with them but also because they are so strong she can use them as shields from both physical and magical attacks.

As stated before she also possesses an array of knowledge and is naturally charismatic, due to this and her beauty she is able to manipulate others easily. (If she chooses to do so.)

Also she has sufficient skill with Avian wind magic. Which not only helps her to defeat enemies but also allows her to fly in ways that would otherwise be impossible by manipulating the wind around her.

Flaws: Her beauty is a curse as well as a blessing. For despite all her training it is difficult for one with her looks to simply blend in with everyone else. She will almost always catch the attention of others.

She also now has an intense fear of insects. Especially cockroaches.

A song? (Just for fun.): “Solitude” By Evanescence

Backround: Raven grew up in the city of Hal-Villan in the country of Grivana. Like any other Avian, she received a fair education from the clan elder and her parents and played with the other children living; a completely average life. Once her twelfth birthday came however the Avian queen herself came and took her away claiming she had a future to fulfill. She went to the palace and was trained to fight, trained to kill. All she did was learn, rarely was she given any actual work to do. She became frustrated with her situation, feeling as though her elders were holding her back. Although she was over eighty years old she was still young by Avian standards, and could not directly question her superiors (or elders) why she was being treated differently from the other warriors. Despite others of her own rank feeling pity for that fact that she was forced to do very little many openly told her that they would gladly switch places with her in a heartbeat, why though they would not say.[/b]

Authors Note: Anything beyond that is spoilers so I will not write it. Although the reader may know some of what happens in Raven’s future, many of the details are left out and will be revealed in the RP. Once all of this is done, I will then update her character sheet. If you have any questions concerning Raven please feel free to PM me.

"The sword of justice has no scabbard."
-Antione De Riveral

"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."
-Sun-tzu, The Art of War.

-General Anthony Clement McAuliffe

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