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 I swear it's everywhere, it's everything..., (Intense and Extreme content warning)
Posted: Jun 26 2006, 04:50 AM

Such a shame that I didn't know by now

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((Adam continued from: A Link to the Past))
((Sidney continued from: Onslaught Redux))

Sidney Crosby never saw it coming.

Standing in line to
See the show tonight

One moment, and he'd been sauntering through the woods, away from the warehouse, still shivering at the fact that he'd just killed the second person in the game that he'd shot at, and that right now, he was batting a thousand as far as the killing went. The next moment, he'd been flat on his ass, the gun that he'd been gripping on to lost in the thick underbrush of the forest floor. Blood flowed freely from his nose as, in a daze, he tried to sit up, stunned from the impact of the gunstock that had just been swung fiercely into his face. Eyes watering, Sidney tried to glance up, and only saw a menacing green shape that kicked at him.

It's said that the initial instinct that runs through your head when you're faced with danger tells a lot about you as a person, and says a lot about your character. When faced with danger, some people instinctively believe that running is the best option, while others prefer to stand up and face it head on. They say that if you choose to run, you are, instinctually, at least, not a predator, but predisposed to be the prey. Sidney Crosby knew this, and as his mind clicked together what the green shape was, he felt a pang of shame as he had the sudden urge to pull himself to his feet and sprint off in the opposite direction. While running from a terrorist would probably have been the general reaction from every single person still left alive on the island save one, Sidney still felt like, if this were it, if he was going to die now - which was really fucking likely, that he'd disappointed everyone. He'd let them down. The scouts that said he was a leader, the Penguins for drafting him to be the core of their franchise, his parents, for not learning maturity from them, and himself - for not being able to keep himself alive.

Of course, for all of Sidney Crosby's faults, he had one overwhelming point about him that often overruled all of the others - he had persistance. He was a stubborn son of a bitch, and he didn't plan to just roll over and die. No matter what happened, no matter how much of a coward that Sidney Crosby might have been, to give up was not something that he knew how to do.

And there's a light on
Heavy glow

Feeling the pain in his chest where the man (Sidney now saw this, as his eyes had cleared) had kicked him, he tried to roll away, and recieved another swift kick for his troubles. Trying again to roll away, the man kicked at him, but Sidney this time was ready for it, and with his left leg aimed out and kicked the man's feet out from under him. With the terrorist now temporarily incapacitated, Sid pulled himself to his feet, and turned to flee. Of course, as he turned, the man quickly jumped at Sidney's legs in a tackle, and both of them flew to the ground. Sidney felt the man grab at his shirt, and punch him square in the nose again, sending a fierce pain through his entire face. As the man cocked his fist back again for another blow, Sidney raked him across the eyes with his fingernails, sending both of them collapsing to the ground again.

Spitting blood onto the forest floor, Sidney frantically searched for his dropped pistol, but to no avail. Cursing out loud, he took a good look at the man who was climbing to his feet. The terrorist, clad in green camoflauge gear, was lanky, but looked as though he probably had more muscle than body fat. He certainly knew how to punch, as Sidney's nose was bleeding profusely all down the front of him. Cursing again as he wiped his nose, he took notice of what looked like a mean assault rifle lying on the ground close to where he'd fallen before.

Why didn't he just shoot me? That makes so much more sense...

Eyes going wide as the terrorist ran towards him in a football-like tackle, Sidney reacted instinctively, and dropped low to the ground, sticking out his hip and somewhat beautifully hip-checking the terrorist into a tree, where his knee hit the trunk with an awful crash.

By the way I tried to say
I'd be there waiting for

"Bitch!" Sidney couldn't resist calling out, and then realized that with the terrorist currently at his mercy (on the ground and writhing in pain at his injured knee) that he had two options: he could bolt, like he'd originally intended to, or he could find his pistol and finish the man off, maybe gain a solid weapon, and maybe stand a fighting chance of escaping alive. Every single bit of rational thought that ran through his head was telling him 'the hell with it, just get the fuck out of here'...but Sidney Crosby knew that if he was able to kill this man, that he'd stand a fighting chance.

That, of course, was why Sidney Crosby essentially jumped over to the discarded assault rifle, picked it up, and pointed it right at the terrorist, who was just now attempting to rise to his feet. Pointing it at the man, Sidney tried to look like he was in charge of the situation - and now, with the assault rifle, he was.

"Hey! Don't move, or I'll blow you away! Okay, now...tell me, what's your name!"

The terrorist said nothing as Sidney took a step towards him, rifle raised to the ready. Stammering, Sidney's hands fumbled on the weapon, but he raised it back into a position. He was Sidney fucking Crosby, and this man here was a terrorist, responsible for bringing them all here. Sidney knew that he would have to shoot the man, but it made it easier if he was able to villainize the faceless man. Of course, his refusal to answer wasn't making that any easier. So he tried again.

"I said, what's your fucking name? Come on, ANSWER ME!"

Sid's voice took an almost-whiney tone to it as he demanded that the terrorist answer his question. The man just smirked at him, and scoffed. This incensed Sidney, and he took a step towards the man, sticking the barrel of the gun into the man's chest.

Dani's the girl is
Singing songs to me
Beneath the marquee

"You tell me what your damned name is, or I'm going to shoot you!"

The terrorist winked at him, and for the second time, Sidney Crosby never saw it coming.

Incensed that the man had the testicular fortitude to have winked at him, Sidney depressed the trigger, and the blood drained from his face as a loud 'click' was all that came from the rifle.

He's out of ammunition...oh Jesus...that's why...

Sidney only had enough time to get that thought out before the man grabbed the rifle, and in one swift motion, jabbed the end of the gun upwards, right into Sidney's jaw, knocking him to the ground, and hard. The terrorist held the rifle in one hand, scoffing again at Sidney. He then glanced at the rifle in his hand, and discarded it again. As Sidney moaned a cry of pain and tried to get up, the man gave him a swift kick in the face once again, reducing his nose to a bloody pulp and starting the flow of blood again. At this point, the man jumped on top of Sidney Crosby, wrapped both hands around the Pittburgh Penguins' newest player, and began to try and squeeze the life out of him. Sidney gasped as the terrorist; Elijah Rice, he saw on the man's vest, wrapped his strong hands around his neck and cut off his air supply. Gurgling, Sidney grabbed the hands of the terrorist and tried to wrench them away from his neck, with little success. As little dots began to cloud his vision, Sidney Crosby couldn't help but be angry at himself for not heeding his own instincts, for trying to be the predator, when in fact, he was better suited, and almost predisposed to become the prey.

Elijah Rice should have seen it coming.

The kick to his face that launched him and his hands off of Crosby and down to the ground, almost directly to the left of the discarded rifle was a kick that would only have been as powerful had it come from someone who had taken a running start. A running start, in this area, would only be possible from one angle, and as such, if Rice had looked up from strangling Crosby, he would have seen his assailant, and likely been able to avoid getting kicked in the face. As it was, the size 12 Nike Shox that booted him in the face felt as painful as any steel-toed boot could. As Rice looked up, he tore off his mask, the mask having been misadjusted by the well-placed kick. It was here that he glanced over the scene and realized that there was now a third person to contend with.

And what the fuck's the deal with all of these hockey players?

Standing over the gasping Sidney Crosby, Adam Dodd took a deep breath as his eyes fixated on the man wearing the green camo outfit. He'd heard of them - he'd undoubtedly tried his damndest to avoid them, but now, here he was, face to face with a terrorist. He'd figured that sooner or later, he'd come face to face with one, but he'd been hoping to steer clear and hope that they took each other out.

A bit too much to wish for, I think. Who's this fucking guy, Mr. Green? Looks like it's gonna be Mr. Green, in the woods, with the revolver. Or the shotgun. Or the Uzi. Or the fucking sword.

Adam stopped, and shook his head a little, mumbling to himself.

"Still can't believe I've got a fucking sword..."

Steak knife
Card shark
Con job
Boot cut

Dropping his pack on the ground, Adam didn't have enough room to unsling the shotgun from around his back as the terrorist jumped up at him with a look of fury on his face. As such, he just grabbed the strap, and swung the large gun around, driving the barrel of the gun into the man's gut, causing him to grunt and leap back. Taking a step back himself, he saw Sidney out of the corner of his eye, pulling himself to his feet, rubbing his throat and grimacing. Against all better judgement, he glanced at the boy, and with surprising authority, he bellowed orders to the kid.

"Get outta here, Crosby! Save yourself, man!"

Sidney glanced at Adam Dodd, somewhat in shock at the fact that he wasn't dead, thanks to oxygen deprieviation. He hadn't seen Adam since his friends had been killed at the river days before. Thinking back to it, Sidney realized with a start that of everyone who'd been standing in that River, they were all likely dead, except for the two of them. At Adam's insistance to run, Sidney needed no instruction, for he turned, and began to run quickly away from the scene of what was likely to be a fierce battle.


Surprised at hearing his name again, he stopped in his tracks and again looked at Adam, who was eyeing the terrorist, who was still getting to his feet, keeping his distance from the red-head. Adam then turned his head and looked directly at him, meeting his eyes in a gaze that would chill him for the rest of his natural life.

"You owe me."

The blood drained from his face, Sidney felt as though he were staring into the face of death itself. Of course, thanks to some ridiculous stroke of luck, he would live to tell the tale. Nodding almost vacantly, he held the gaze with Dodd for a split-second longer, and then turned and bolted from the area as fast as he possibly could.

Skin that flick
She's such a little DJ
To get there quick
By street but not the freeway

The terrorist jumped from his position on the ground and aimed a punch directly towards Adam's solar plexus. The punch hit and Adam doubled over, the wind going out of his chest and sapping some of his energy. The man then used his elbow to crack Adam on the back of his head, sending him tumbling to the ground. Knowing that he was now literally in what would likely be the hardest fight he'd experience on the island, Adam grimaced through the pain and exploded off of his position on the ground, sending a headbutt towards Rice's chest. Rice blocked it relatively easily and chopped at the back of Adam's neck, looking to send him down for the count. Blocking that, Adam used his own elbow to strike Rice in the shoulder, sending the man stumbling backwards a few steps.

What the hell do I have to do to keep this fucker down!?

Adam then blinked once, and realized that the answer had been with him all along. It had been right in his heart - or at least, around his chest. Most people, when deadlocked in mortal combat, had a sense of honour, and played by the rules. It was almost an imperitive part of blood feuds - you could kill, as long as you followed the rules.

The problem was, this wasn't 1823, it wasn't the old west, and they weren't in a blood feud. This was 2006, it was a deserted island in the middle of fuck-all, and Adam Dodd had to prove that he was fit to survive. So as the terrorist stumbled backwards, Adam thought to himself 'honour be damned', rotated the shotgun and depressed the trigger at the terrorist. The shotgun blast took the man full in the chest, absorbed mostly by the armour that Rice was wearing. The blast, of course, spread a little from the chest, and some of the pellets lodged themselves in Rice's arms, and one nasty one in his throat, that he felt had began to bleed internally. Blown backwards, Rice fell to the ground, in agonizing pain.

Turn that trick
To make a little leeway
Beat that nic
But not the way that we play

Adam himself wasn't feeling so hot. The kick of the shotgun, as well as the punch from Rice had both impacted into his solar plexus, and to say that he felt like running a marathon would have been the understatement of EVER. Spitting into the dirt, he took a second to catch his wind back, so that he could finish the terrorist off and proceed towards finding Cody Jensen.

On the ground, Rice felt himself bleeding internally, mainly from the pellet that had lodged in his throat, as well as the few that had gotten past his armour. He was messed up pretty badly, and he cursed himself for wasting all of his ammunition shooting at Clemence. The girl had hung him out to dry, and he'd let himself get careless - and now this Dodd kid was going to have the last laugh.

Not if I can help it...

Reaching onto his belt and grabbing the two grenades that he'd been assigned, he pulled himself to his feet and caught Dodd off-guard. He'd been looking at the ground, and had dropped the shotgun to catch his breath (not the smartest thing, but his left arm, thanks to the bullet wound in his shoulder, the wound from Blaine's axe, and the fishhooks from Lamika was next to useless). Mouthing 'fuck' as he saw Rice's fingers rise towards the rings of the two grenades, Adam acted with instinct.

His reaction probably wouldn't have been something that he'd ever have instinctually done, especially not nine days prior, but now, that he'd killed, and fought for his life, it just seemed like the pertinent course of action.

Blood bath
Rib cage
Soft tal

Adam Dodd unsheathed his sabre, and in one swift motion cut Elijah Rice in half at the waist, essentially bisecting the shocked terrorist.

Dropping the grenades uselessly on the ground, Rice looked at Adam with an expression on his face that said one very simple thing: "I cannot believe that you just did that". Horrified, Rice felt the top half of his body seperate from the bottom half, and the last sensation that he ever felt was his internal organs spilling out onto the forest floor. As Rice's top half slid off and collapsed on the ground, his legs stayed standing for only a moment, just like in the old Mortal Kombat II arcade games, and then finally collapsed in a bloody heap on the ground.

Adam slowly put the saber back in it's sheath, his eyes not leaving the most gruesome corpse that he'd seen while here on the island, the blood pooling around it as though it were water coming from a nice rustic stream. As he sheathed the sabre, he unhooked it from his belt and tossed it to the ground beside his pack. Leaning over to pick up the shotgun, he flexed his left arm, and grimaced as the pain hurtled him back to reality. Reaching around to his back, he felt the knife that he'd been carrying around in the holster on his back, and wondered if the other knife that he'd collected was still in his bag. Shrugging, he turned back to the corpse. Throwing his hands up in the air, more in a sense of futility than anything, Adam shook his head.

"Well, what the fuck? I really hope that you're fucking happy, Danya. You've whittled us down to the select few, those who're going to be 'the fittest' or whatever it is you're trying to prove. Dude, I just fucking bisected a guy with a sword and watched his GUTS spill out on the fucking floor! Even IF I do get out of here, I'm going to have nightmres for the rest of my natural life, and be in therapy until the time I'm 50! And why? All because you've got a small penis and an inferiority complex? Shit, why didn't you and Cody Jensen just go and rape some hookers and then go to jail. You'd get all the cock you wanted, and no matter how small that your dick was, somebody'd always be there to love you! God damnit, Danya! I know I've been cursing your name so much in the last nine days that my throat's sore, but I will make you fucking pay for this, goddamnit, I will! If nothing else than for ruining my life!"

Standing in line to
See the show tonight
And there's a light on
Heavy glow

Sighing to himself, Adam Dodd looked up at the trees, and mumbled to himself.

"Fuck me..."

Adam Dodd never saw it coming.

The pistol that was responsible for him being pistol-whipped in the back of the head was silver, and Canadian, and like most Canadians, it did it's job quite well, knocking Adam Dodd unconscious in one fell swoop.

Angelina Kaige was the woman who was holding the pistol, and she smiled as the boy collapsed to the ground. Curious, she wandered over to the mess of internal organs and gore that was lying on the ground a few feet away from where she stood. Seeing the familiar green body armour, she raised an eyebrow and rolled the corpse over with the tip of her rifle. To her shock, and slight enjoyment, she was greeted to the sight that indeed, this was what was left of Rice, on the ground and as dead as any of the other children on the island. The game, would now be completely in her hands. However, for that to happen, she needed to be completely aware and cogniscent. Reaching into her pack, she pulled out two straps that she'd looted off of the bags of dead students. Putting her things down, she went over to the fallen boy and proceeded to tie his hands together with the strap, tightening it so that he wouldn't be able to move them from the position behind his back. She then reached over and tied his legs together rather similarly, reminiscent of a hog-tie but not quite. Wandering over to her pack again, she grabbed a first aid kit that she'd managed to find in the wreckage of the helicopter and rummaged through it until she found the pepper that would startle most people back into consciousness. Grabbing it, she wandered over to the boy, and waved it under his nose.

He regained consciousness with a start, and the pain in his shoulder overwhelmed him as he grimaced at the fact that he now found himself tied up. As he fully began to realize that he was, indeed, tied up, he glared at the woman standing above him.

"What the fuck is this shit? Let me fucking go!"

Angelina Kaige just smiled at him, a sick little smile, that almost betrayed herself. Of course, Kaige's intentions were probably quite clear at this point, it was just that Adam Dodd had no idea, or refused to realize what was going to happen. In fact, he continued to curse and holler until Kaige knelt down beside him and began to unzip his pants. At this point, his mouth was caught in a gape-jawed realization, and he silently mouthed the word "no"...but he knew that deep-down inside, it wouldn't matter.

By the way I tried to say
I'd be there waiting for
Dani's the girl is
Singing songs to me
Beneath the marquee

Pulling his pants down to reveal his Toronto Maple Leafs boxers, Kaige stopped, glanced at the jersey and the boxers and couldn't help but raise an eyebrow, a guesture that sickened Adam to the core. Kaige then proceeded to pull Adam's boxers down, leaving him naked from the waist-down. Glancing around to ensure that the area was devoid of anyone else, Kaige then stopped and pulled her own shirt off, pausing only to remove her athletic bra, leaving herself nude from the waist up. Putting her shirts on the ground to her right, she shifted so that Adam was in a prone position in front of her, reached out, and began to stroke his penis into an erection.

Adam, of course, never imagined getting raped on an island while trying to kill his peers to survive. As he retreated inside of his mind, he couldn't help but feel ridiculous at the fact that this was actually the second time that someone had actually tried to rape him while on the island. He'd always envisioned getting into a serious relationship and having sex on his own terms, and had never, EVER envisioned that he'd be raped - by a woman, or a man.

Of course, even though Adam didn't want to be sexually aroused, the body does things at times of it's own volition, and Kaige kept on stroking his penis until it stood at attention. At this point, Adam had his eyes shut and was thinking of friends come and gone, anything to try and wait it out...before his mind shut itself down, he couldn't help but wonder: Was this what Madelaine felt before she died?

Content with her handiwork, Kaige then leaned over and began to orally stimulate Adam's penis, her head bobbing up and down, with her fingers working the area below it. Kaige was fully enjoying herself, and even though it was rape, which she had indeed perpetrated before, she knew that an hour aterwards, she would feel right back to normal, of sound body, and of mind.

Stopping for a moment to brush her breasts against Adam's face, she moved back down and put his penis in her mouth again, doing her best to stimulate the boy against his will. She got her wish as he moaned out, an almost guilty sound in the tranquil woods. Continuing this for a few minutes, taking the time to play with the boy's testicles as well, she finally stopped and removed her pants. She couldn't help but ponder, as she stood over him and lowered herself onto his penis that sex would be quite a bit different this time, especially since she couldn't make any noise.

Black jack
Dope dick
Pawn shop
Quick pick

Kaige thrust eagerly back and forth onto the boy's penis, feeling the throbbing blood vessels rushing through her and deep inside of her. The feeling made her feel alive, it made her feel aware, and it made her feel as though she could do anything at all. Back, and forth, she rocked on him, scratching his thighs with her fingers as she thrust him into her, quicker and quicker, harder, and faster, until finally, she felt his orgasm jump deep inside of her, and countered with one of her own, sending her body into complete exctasy. Collapsing onto his chest, still covered by his Leafs jersey, she sighed, listened to the beating of his heart for a moment, and then extracted herself from his now-deflating penis.

Reaching down, she grabbed her clothes and quickly put them back on, leaving the boy as he was, bound and with a defeated expression on his face, staring off into the woods. Grabbing her pack, she sighed, and felt the world starting to come together for her again.

I'll give it to you, kid - you were good. So I'll make it quick for you.

Grabbing her pistol, the afformentioned Canadian firearm, she smirked, aimed the pistol at the boy on the ground, and haphazardly shot him in the head without a second glance.

Kiss that dyke
I know you want to hold one
Not on strike
But I'm about to bowl one

It would be difficult enough to get to the endgame, but now that two more had been disposed of, she would be probably closer to the last ten than she'd ever figured that Danya would let her get. Of course, it was going to be a hell of a hard ride from here on out, and Angelina Kaige knew that the remaining players, even though they were just kids, would be stiff competition indeed. Grabbing her pack, she walked past the remains of Elijah Rice on the ground, and couldn't help but spit on her fellow comrade's corpse as she walked past him and out of the area.

Bite that mic
I know you never stole one
Girls that like
A story, so I told one

The Woods never saw it coming.

Approximately fifteen minutes from when Angelina Kaige left the Woods for another area, a solitary figure stumbled out of the woods, bleeding profusely from several wounds on his head, wearing a hockey jersey, and carrying a heavy pack. He'd seen things that he didn't intend to see, and he'd experienced things that he'd never intended to experience. Things for him, were supposed to be good. Hell, they were supposed to be great. That was before SOTF had changed all of that. Ever since then, SOTF had been a bane on his existance, and had shattered the majority of his hopes and dreams. He didn't know if he'd have the strength, or the energy to survive it, and he didn't know where he'd have to draw the line to survive. Of course, after what he'd just witnessed, he knew that people on the island were going to sink to brand new lows every single hour, until only one was left, until only the Fittest, the one person who could earn their right to life, would be standing alone. He knew that as of now, he'd do anything, anything at all, to become the last person standing.

Standing in line to
See the show tonight
And there's a light on
Heavy glow
By the way I tried to say
I'd be there waiting for
Dani's the girl is
Singing songs to me
Beneath the marquee

Adam Dodd's destroyed ear was still ringing as he left the woods behind.


TGREEN - Elijah Rice....DEAD

((Adam continued in: Major Tom))
((Sidney continued in: I can't wash you off my skin...))
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