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 And so the Bidding War is on..., for a Canadian Trannie Hooker
Posted: Jun 16 2006, 05:44 AM

just another daydream...

Group: Admin
Posts: 8,388,607
Member No.: 20
Joined: 28-June 05

LadyMakaze: Ohhhh yesss....
LadyMakaze: *smacks gavel against the podium* Let us auction him off!
Ebony Dear: Oh! OH!
Ebony Dear: I get to be the uber fast talker!
adamdodd77: ...
XMiSSPriSS8705X: I shall start the bidding at... 50 cents
Ebony Dear: 50! Anyone higher than 50?!
LadyMakaze: Go ahead ebs.
Ebony Dear: I am.
adamdodd77: Why do I have this feeling this conversation will go on in infamy.
LadyMakaze: Anyone at all? Anyone?
adamdodd77: I'll bid on, at a buck fiftyl
Ebony Dear: Not allowed.
XMiSSPriSS8705X: Ah fuck.
Nordy388: posted meg
adamdodd77: *wearing trenchcoat and hat*
XMiSSPriSS8705X: He's not worth that much.
Ebony Dear: Meh.
mylegaldrug: Hrmmm.
Ebony Dear: HAHA
Ebony Dear: Going Once.
LadyMakaze: He's buying himself back!
LadyMakaze: Not fair!
Ebony Dear: 1.50
LadyMakaze: You don't have rights, Adam!
adamdodd77: Adam? Who's adam?
LadyMakaze: You.
LadyMakaze: Meh.
Ebony Dear: HAHA
LadyMakaze: I have rights...
XMiSSPriSS8705X: Yay Nords!
XMiSSPriSS8705X: I'll post in un momento.
adamdodd77: I'm....*looks around* uhhh...Hawley.
LadyMakaze: Hawley: ...*looks up from paper* What?
LadyMakaze: Madelaine: Come on darling, you always said how much you wanted a pet.
thekidneythieve has entered the room.
thekidneythieve: rahello
thekidneythieve: i dont know any of you's.
Ebony Dear: Come on, going twice.
thekidneythieve: and im the only frizzing one typeing dont i feel special.
LadyMakaze: Hawley: Fine fine... *raises hand* $2.00
thekidneythieve: yay im not alone.
thekidneythieve: well i am but then im not.
Ebony Dear: ::nudges Jenn::
adamdodd77: *headdesk*
thekidneythieve: yes?
thekidneythieve: what?!
thekidneythieve: where?
Nordy388: who is the kidneythieve
thekidneythieve: jennifer.
Ebony Dear: My friend.
thekidneythieve: who is Nordy388?
LadyMakaze: MooCow.
Nordy388: moocow
Ebony Dear: They're from SOTF
thekidneythieve: really?
Ebony Dear: Yes.
mylegaldrug: *has no money*
Nordy388: moo
thekidneythieve: get a job
LadyMakaze: *the fairy of happayness gives Riser a windfall of money*
thekidneythieve: meow
thekidneythieve: windfall?
thekidneythieve: does that even make sense?
Ebony Dear: That show?
mylegaldrug: Welcome to the World of SOTF, nothing makes sense, then at the same time - it all does.
LadyMakaze: It's a term that basically means a sudden flow of money, like from a lottery
thekidneythieve: i bit 5 WHOLE dollars
Ebony Dear: HAHA
thekidneythieve: i have no idea why.
LadyMakaze: Awesome!
thekidneythieve: i hope im not buying a hooker or anything.
Ebony Dear: HAHA
mylegaldrug: XD!
thekidneythieve: cause like that would be a crappy hooker
Ebony Dear: I love you Jenn.
thekidneythieve: most likely a trannie too.
LadyMakaze: Madelaine: You can't let that fool beat you dear! Go, on, bid more!
LadyMakaze: Hawley: But...
LadyMakaze: Hawley: Five whole dollars...
thekidneythieve: Dont by a scroggle.
LadyMakaze: Madelaine: We'll cut corners...
Ebony Dear: ::is crying she's laughing so hard::
Ebony Dear: Going once.
thekidneythieve: what did i bid on?
LadyMakaze: Madelaine: We'll go to the loan sharks if we have to!
Ebony Dear: THREE TIMES!
LadyMakaze: Halwey: 5.25!
thekidneythieve: they rape i hear.
LadyMakaze: Hawley
LadyMakaze: Damnit
thekidneythieve: 6 Dolla!
LadyMakaze: my eyes are frikken bad.
Ebony Dear: SOLD!
Ebony Dear: XP
Ebony Dear: HAHAHA
thekidneythieve: buy new eyes
thekidneythieve: i did.
LadyMakaze: Madelaine: ^__^
Ebony Dear: You didn't buy eyes, silly.
thekidneythieve: i have a 3 year old chinese boy's eyes.
Ebony Dear: Dodd, you got sold to Jennifer.
LadyMakaze: Madelaine: Damnit.
thekidneythieve: they are friz-nicken awesome!
LadyMakaze: Madelaine and Hawley: *kidnap Dodd*
thekidneythieve: Who's Dodd?
thekidneythieve: is he a hooker?
adamdodd77: *headdesk*
thekidneythieve: and is it a he?
mylegaldrug: XD!
LadyMakaze: OMG
LadyMakaze: XD!!!
thekidneythieve: a trannie hooker?
LadyMakaze: That is just classic.
Ebony Dear: I totally love my friends.
LadyMakaze: *falls over* XD!
mylegaldrug: Oh, this is going on the site.
Ebony Dear: Totally
adamdodd77: I swear, I'm getting y'all back.
adamdodd77: Somehow.
LadyMakaze: Sorry Adam.
LadyMakaze: That was MY revenge.
thekidneythieve: So wait i get a trannie hooker named Dodd?
thekidneythieve: Can i sell him out to people?
LadyMakaze: You can't get back at me for getting revenge on YOU
thekidneythieve: Who are you talking to Lady...
LadyMakaze: Adam dodd
LadyMakaze: Its an inside joke
thekidneythieve: o.k
adamdodd77: I'm an inside joke?
Ebony Dear: Yes.
thekidneythieve: i'll stay blissfuly ignorant
Ebony Dear: And now, a trannie hooker.
mylegaldrug: No, you're a trannie hooker it seems Dodd.
thekidneythieve: So i get a trannie hooker!
thekidneythieve: Yes!
thekidneythieve: I always wanted one.
Nordy388: i'm gonna go i'll tty all later
thekidneythieve: my very own Trannie Hooker..
thekidneythieve: do you think he'll look better in a dress then i do melissa i mean his rack should be better then mine at least.
LadyMakaze: Enjoy. ^.^ *counts the bills*
Ebony Dear: Haha.
Ebony Dear: I don't know.
thekidneythieve: cause he is a trannie.
adamdodd77: Oh jeez. *headdesk*
LadyMakaze: Ebs.
Ebony Dear: Huh?
LadyMakaze: Your friend is awesome.
Ebony Dear: Yes, she is.
thekidneythieve: How long to i have my trannie?
Ebony Dear: She's also Polaris on SOTF.
LadyMakaze: Well you bought him.
Ebony Dear: He's in Canada.
LadyMakaze: The one who never posts?
Ebony Dear: Yes.
thekidneythieve: i never post because im computer challenged.
thekidneythieve: o.k not true.
LadyMakaze: Hah
thekidneythieve: well maybe.
Ebony Dear: She's nervous, doesn't think she's good enough.
thekidneythieve: Any taker's want a night with a trannie?
Ebony Dear: I tell her she can't be worse that Sumo.
Ebony Dear: *than
thekidneythieve: oh thanks just lay all my crap out there.
thekidneythieve: i feel so naked.
Nordy388 has left the room.
Ebony Dear: It's not crap
Ebony Dear: I didn't tell them anything really about you.
Ebony Dear: You're the one talking about wanting a Trannie.
thekidneythieve: well i would like one.
LadyMakaze: XD!
thekidneythieve: I could use some extra cash.
adamdodd77: And I should bring up the, well, at least, I think, valid and probably important point that I'm not a trannie...nor a hooker.
thekidneythieve: you will be soon trust me.
LadyMakaze: People change.
Ebony Dear: She's your owner.
thekidneythieve: melissa, after years of hard work and training has finally become.. a prostitute.
Ebony Dear: HEY!
thekidneythieve: sorry low blow.
Ebony Dear: HAVE NOT
thekidneythieve: o.k but wendy has
Ebony Dear: If I was, I'd be a sorry hooker.
thekidneythieve: :-D
Posted: Jun 16 2006, 05:48 AM

Princess of Highland

Group: Admin
Posts: 647
Member No.: 71
Joined: 26-October 05

... Oi.
Posted: Jun 16 2006, 07:23 PM

Dance Water Dance!

Group: Members
Posts: 222
Member No.: 107
Joined: 26-March 06

What!?! And I wasn't invited to bid! :P
Posted: Jun 16 2006, 11:01 PM


Group: Guide Moderator
Posts: 659
Member No.: 15
Joined: 25-June 05

You know... it's just too bad Jennifer can't come pick him up or something.

Oh shit. Wait. She has a car. And she's been itching for a road trip....
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