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 Bryan Calvert, smileys are free
Posted: Jun 9 2006, 07:11 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 311
Member No.: 94
Joined: 4-March 06

Name: Bryan Calvert
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Grade: 10th
School: Bathurst High
Extra Curricular Activities: Muay Thai kickboxing, custodial assistance
Description: This kid's got a short fuse on him. During his early years of gradeschool he was diagnosed with ADD and some symptoms of tourrets. Being picked on for his habits of twitching and verbal outbursts, he developed an uncontrollable temper that led him into numerous quarrels with other students. This resulted in detentions, then suspensions, then counselling, then finally an ultimatum: cut the shit or get out, kid. Not in those words, of course. The school counsellor advised Bryan's parents to enroll him in some kind of sports team or something to help him burn off steam. That didn't work. He just got in fights with the other little soccer players. A family friend suggested they try the Muay Thai gym downtown, adding that martial arts taught discipline (what a crock).

Duped by this age-old lie, they took him to Neilson's Muay Thai. Reg Neilson was skeptical about teaching someone so young, but in the end he figured "What the hell, they start teaching 'em when they're--what, six?--in Thailand." And with that breviloquent statement, Bryan began his training in Thai kickboxing. As unforgiving as it was, Bryan loved every aspect of his tutelage. Neilson was a Korean War veteran, and had an endless repertoire of interesting stories to tell. Bryan came to greatly admire and respect old Neilson, and Neilson in turn believed Bryan had great potential in Muay Thai. With much effort, Bryan finished gradeschool with a mere two other altercations, neither of which were very serious. What's more, his twitching seemed to subside slowly but surely during this period. Eventually it went away altogether.

Highschool started. Bryan hated the other students, some being kids he knew and hated in gradschool, some just being pricks in general. Fortunately, highschool fights were far superior to those of his earlier days. You didn't have to fight in the schoolyard or the hallway; you could simply meet the bastard at the park and kick his teeth in there instead. No consequence. That is, as long as you didn't kill him or put him into a coma or anything. And whenever Bryan came home with a black eye or a fat lip, he could just chalk it up to sparring at Neilson's. He unintentionally landed a spot in a school gang (the not-so-infamous Bloody Fists) by beating the shit out of a previous member. Not that he enjoyed the company of any of them in particular; they were just a bunch of everyday schoolyard bullies. But his affiliation to the Fists made the everyday jackass think twice before even looking at Bryan the wrong way. In this way he became even easier to provoke, unfortunately to an extent where he came off as just as much of a bully as his cohorts. It was through these young hooligans that he met someone very influential to his spare time: Jack Daniels. He couldn't find a girlfriend, or even a date for that matter. This was kind of frustrating, but at the same time, hey, at least you don't have to put up with all the drama. His grades weren't exactly stellar, but he certainly lost no sleep over them. Highschool was no big deal.

Last year Bryan was involved in something of an altercation. During a football game he allegedly beat Franklyn's star receiver unconscious, then got into another fight with one of their lineman. He was suspended for a month; unfortunately, it was nearing the end of the year, so the duration lasted over his final exams and he failed all of his classes automatically. He returned to the 10th grade this year, but somehow managed to get into a fight with the exact same lineman at the first game of the season. This time, however, he was cut some slack because the fight was cut short mere seconds in...also no one had to be hospitalized. Instead of suspension he was to serve his spare periods assisting the custodian in his duties for three months. Bryan developed a friendship with the janitor and returned several weeks later to the same position, however this time volunteering. Go figure. In any case, he is no more or less alienated from his classmates as he was last year. At least he's in the same homeroom as the Bloody Fists' leader, so he's become something of a right-hand man apparently. You'd think being held back would've changed his highschool social life, wouldn't you? Nope.

Personalitywise, Bryan doesn't have a lot to offer. He takes himself too seriously, and this can probably be connected to his short temper. Said temper has caused him to alienate everyone around him save for a select few individuals. However, he does maintain a below-average stress level, according to his psychologist. This could be because of his psysically demanding hobby. According to his father, he'd probably put forth an effort to reach out to others if he wasn't s'damn proud. He's not exceptionally booksmart, but he is streetsmart to an extent. In a way he is honorable; he thinks it's cowardly to hit in the nads or while someones back is turned, and he never hits girls (even though this can be trying at times). These virtues would've been lost on Bryan had it not been for Reg Neilson and CJ. Neilson

Bryan has his father's eyes and his mother's nose. He's not ugly per se, but he's not very attractive either. His hair is brown, but that's of little importance; he's kept his head shaved since 8th grade. He claims that hair is a liability. He sports a goatee that for some reason is red instead of brown, and which he insists is natural. He had an eyebrow ring for a while, but go figure, it got ripped out. He is 5'11 (he says 6') and 183 lbs. This combined with his nearly always aggrivated demeanor makes him pretty threatening. Not to mention the vein in his head that flares up from time to time. His attire usually consists of his large black Davidsons (the only pair of shoes he owns), overalls with the knees ripped to shreds, and a black Motörhead t-shirt which he rarely washes. He wears a belt to keep his overalls suspended waisthigh, allowing the straps to dangle at his hips. He occasionally goes commando when he runs out of clean underwear. He wears a small silver cross necklace under his shirt (he doesn't bother to explain why; he isn't religious). He is third-generation Irish, and he's reluctantly aware that he is in fact a stereotype.
Clique: Bryan usually hangs around with the Bloody Fists, but he doesn't really consider them to be friends.
Relationships:Seth Mattlock -- he's the ringleader of the Bloody Fists. If the whole gang were just five of him, that'd be five times better.

Richard Kingston -- he's the only other member besides Mattlock that isn't a fucking embarrassment.

Erick Rischio -- belongs in a mental assylum. Can be fun to watch, but at the same time there's a crazy-ass side of him that scares me.

Mariavel Varella -- dumb broad by day, psycho hosebeast by night. She's about as much fun as prostate cancer.

Darcy Rose -- she's Varella's best friend. I used to have a crush on her, but she gets really ornary whenever I'm anywhere near her. Fuck that.

Ali Grayston -- she's had it out for me since day one. And I've heard her badmouthing CJ to her little prostitot friends. Someone needs to turn her inside out.

Panom Ning~Tom -- he's a Thai fighter. That's all I know.

Tori Lynn Jefferson -- she's cute. And she seems nice. What the hell is she doing in Bathurst?

The Hellbirds -- I dunno...they don't like the Fists for some reason. Ask Mattlock or Rischio or someone. I don't fuckin' care. What's that? They have a lot of members? Sounds like they'll recruit anybody. Fuck 'em.
Other: Bryan is a total wuss when it comes to dogs. He always babys his terrier, Maggie.
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