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 Friendly (?) Reunion?, Or deadly encounter? Or simply nothing?
Posted: Jun 20 2006, 05:33 AM

Dance Water Dance!

Group: Members
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Joined: 26-March 06

Drew knew Tobs was mad at him for shooting him. He already felt terrible for what he's done, in spite of this he still pointed the gun at Tobs. He could feels his hand being shaked off as he stepped back looking at the silent Tobs. But then all hell was about to break lose when Drew noticed the glint of abscence in Tobs eyes. Then and their he was punched in the face, he stumbled back putting his hand to his face rubbing the hit.

A lie.....It was all a lie.......It was all a lie. Nothing but a dirty trick, like that Cassie. It was all a mirage...

The boy lifted the gun and pointed it at Tobs chest, the side where the heart was of course. Even though he was insane he could still name body parts and where their located, It wasn't rocket science. He remembered in Biology how he easily passed the human body exam. Where Tobs got an F.

Drew just looked at Tobs, with angered eyes, eyes that have been disturbed, eyes that have been duped. "Good bye you fucking fake, go to hell like Cassie!" he yelled. Drew knew that he would be killing this illusion but no matter how he wanted Tobs, he wasn't here on this island. Probably watching TV at home or at the movies or something. He only wishes that he could see him again, the real Tobs and continue their lives once more. Normal, happy and optimistic.

Tobs, I hope you'll be proud of me when I tell you I killed your imposter....We'll celebrate on my survival, and I'll be happy again...

He simply looked at the counterfiet that the goverment has produced and smiled. "Welcome to hell." he said as he pulled the trigger several times, the bullets flying toward the chest of Tobs. Who in reality was the actual thing. Insanity can't be helped....
Posted: Jun 22 2006, 01:07 AM

15-year-old Sex Buddha, bitches! PWNED! <3

Group: Members
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Joined: 20-September 05

[Author's note: I'm taking several to mean it's lowest possible quantity (unless the definition of 'several' has changed from what I've heard); 3]

[Author's note 2: I'm not satisfied with this post. I don't know why. But I've given up trying to extend it, as I fear it will only become more fractured and random. Power in minimalism, maybe...? Heh.]

As his fist connected with Drew's face, a flicker of anger was in Toby's eyes. Anger like Why did you have to be here? Anger at circumstances, at God, at whatever the fuck the divine power was. But Toby didn't believe in 'divine power.' He believed in pain, death, humanity. Not God, not religion.

As Drew lifted his pistol, Toby's eyes locked square on the gun's muzzle. His mind seemed to clear, to calm itself. Well, I shouldn't say calm. What was going on right now, between the time the gun was aimed and when Drew began to yell, was much more like the eye of a hurricane.

Calm, perfect, open, clear. But the second you left the eye of the hurricane, you were in for one bitch of a ride.

When Drew began his final words to Toby, the ferocity of the assault led him to take a step back. Closer to the cliff's edge, it is quite worth nothing, but that's for later. "Fake?! What the fuck're you talking about?! I'm not the one with the gun pointed at a friend---," he stopped mid sentence, frozen in place by Drew's psychotic smile. Drew delivered his final words to Toby. Toby took another step back, within inches of the cliff's edge.

The muzzleflash blinded him even though he wasn't looking at the gun's muzzle. The first bullet slammed into his upper chest, a few inches under the collar bone. The second bullet, the aim slightly off because of the recoil from the first shot, slammed into the center collar bone, just under his neck, shattering the bone instantly. The third bullet skinned the right side of the neck, more of a paper cut compared to the impact of the second, which alone was enough to finish the boy.

His upper body recoiled backward into a small spin, like he'd tried to dodge the bullets. It was from the impact though, not from what he'd tried to do. There was even some question as to whether he was alive or not at the time. His collar bone had shattered, and pieces (just think of that. Shrapnel on the inside of your body. Sickening) may have pierced any number of absolutely critical body parts; veins, organs, whatever. He staggered backward, his left foot now half-way off the cliff.

He was alive, of course. The human body could take an amazing amount of punishment and not expire immediately. Sure, if you wanted the body to survive, then the amount of damage it could take was lessened, but assuming recovery doesn't matter, it was really an amazing thing. Toby was regretting that right now; at least, he would if he could think of that. At the moment, all he thought was Fuck. Pain. Bullets. Drew. He stumbled back again, both feet now on the edge of the grassy cliff.

His unblinking, unflinching eyes moved slowly up from Drew's smoking gun to his face. Unless Toby's mind was already FUBAR (fucked up beyond all repair/reality/etc), the kid was still smiling. Smiling. Toby suddenly had quite the change of heart about his friend. He'd thought Drew was a good friend, a cool friend. And now, for a punch out of anger for shooting someone right in front of Toby, he'd decided to go ahead and shoot Toby THREE TIMES. So, was this the real Drew?

Had he known Drew for years, years upon years, and only now found out who he really was? Someone who stabbed others in the back, a sadist, a miserable little fuck of a human being? No, it couldn't be. You don't know someone for so long and only now, only at the end, find out that they're such a miserable fuck. That's only in the movies. But here he was, reasons be damned, with two holes in his chest and a huge scrape on his neck. His right hand, the only one that still moved, twitched. Feeling as if it was the same density of a neutron star, he pulled the hand up, pressing it against the hole in his chest from the first bullet. His hand came away smeared with blood, blood that he stared at for what seemed like hours (only half a second, though), blood which was his.

His hand moved up, up to the second hole. Again, he pressed his hand against it. He could feel blood leave the hole ---this one was freely bleeding, much more than the other--- even as his hand drew away, once more covered in a massive amount of blood. An odd thought struck him. I've that much blood in my body?

Repulsed at the thought and the blood on his hand, his left foot moved again as he staggered backward. There was no connection, no support, even after he could tell his foot was at the point where it should touch ground. His eyes, still having not blinked even once, even as he'd been shot, widened significantly. His foot met nothing but air as he began to topple backward, his right foot now coming off the ground.

There was a moment of limbo, a moment where nothing seemed to move. Just when both his feet had left the ground, but before he'd begun his final descent. His hands were in the air in typical anime fashion, his mouth open, eyes wide.

A vague thought struck him. What if...there is an afterlife? What if there's a heaven, a hell? Seems an odd thought for someone who just stepped off a cliff with two bullets in them. For someone who spent their entire life thinking, knowing, that no such thing existed.

I've been fucked.

In silence, he fell.

Posted: Jun 22 2006, 05:10 AM

Dance Water Dance!

Group: Members
Posts: 222
Member No.: 107
Joined: 26-March 06

Drew just stared as Tobs fell of the cliff. He was an imposter. The fake was dead. He walked to the edge of the cliff looking down. Seeing Tobs body, crushed on the coast rocks. Suddenly at that moment, his mind snapped back to reality. He noticed his surrondings now that no one was around. He looked around him and then back at the bloody mess which was Tobs. His Tobs. His best friend....

The boy's expresion was positivley horrendous. He couldn't beleive what he's just done. "W-Wh-Tobs?" he asked his eyes as wide as ever. Did he just kill his best friend?

What the fuck? Did I kill Tobs....This isn't happening....This isn't possible!!!

With one breath Drew screamed in frustration as he turned from the cliffs and ran into the woods widly. No....No Tobs wasn't here...It had to be fake. But Drew knew in his heart that his dear friend Tobs was just shot with thwe gun he held. Tears seeped thorugh his beaten eyes as he tried to grasp the situation.

Focus on life.....Focus on living..Tobs is gone...I have to win for him.....I must...I have to!

Continuing to run thorugh the woods he ran as fast as he could from the scene. Cassie and now Tobs. he couldn't live with himself, now he was even more intent on winning. He must win to salvage himself, he must win in order to free himself from his guilt. He'll see his family....This is Battle Royale and their can be only one winner. Thats the only thought that mattered in his head now. To win and to dissappear into the mists of life.

((Continued in: Major Tom))
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