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 You Better Shape Up, Graphic Sexual Content Warning (-AD)
Posted: Jun 7 2006, 03:32 AM


Group: Guide Moderator
Posts: 659
Member No.: 15
Joined: 25-June 05

Oh, how he wanted to cry at the very moment Peri poured his heart out to him. This game was too cruel to them both, only realizing now that their love was doomed the moment it started. Dorian had been swept away, and what was left of his common sense was replaced by the immense terror he felt at the prospect of losing the only one he truly cared about, and who cared about him in return.

He rested his body against the charred tiles of the shower cubicle, closing his eyes tight and trying to gain what little confidence he actually had to say this to his love.

"I need you to promise me," he choked back the tears wanting to mix with the shower's water droplets, "that you'll leave here without me."

He couldn't look at him, he couldn't see Peri's face, whether it be heartbroken or angry. He loved him, and that moment they shared, not the oral sex, but the kiss on the cheek, was what he wanted to remember most. Not Peri's corpse, cold in his arms. He hated and feared that moment most in his life now, not his own death.

"I don't want to lose you, Peri," he finally sobbed and sank down to the shower floor, "but this is better. I don't want you to die for me, because that's not what our love is. We should have had a better chance, you and me. We should have had a run in the real world, but I can't watch you die. I can't-"

He let his face fall into his hands.
Queen Asshat
Posted: Jun 7 2006, 03:55 AM


Group: Guide Moderator
Posts: 277
Member No.: 66
Joined: 5-October 05

Peri simply walked up to Dorian, lifted up his head and smiled at him, he kissed him on the forehead, and he went and picked up the MAC-10. And put it in Dorian’s hands, “I fought for that, killed for that, you protect yourself Dorian, if I here your name on that announcement… well I’ll raise you from the dead simply to kill you again.”

Fate had doomed him since the beginning, you find peace only to have it be taken away from you, oh how cliché would it be to say that he didn’t want to be taken from anymore, and instead he refrained and simply smirked at Dorian.

A modern-day warrior
Mean mean stride,
Today's Tom Sawyer
Mean mean pride.

He was a warrior plain and simple, a fighter, although Dorian had changed it for a brief second, he couldn’t change his fate, to kill or be killed through out his stay on the island. He was doomed to be a killer the moment he killed Umi, fuck it. He wanted to be with Dorian, just to give him his mind so he could survive…

Though his mind is not for rent,
Don't put him down as arrogant.
His reserve, a quiet defense,
Riding out the day's events.
The river

The company he’d chosen was always odd, but he left them, he had company of all forms of society, although with Dorian. Innocence, you never do kill a mocking bird…he hadn’t killed Dorian, ironic that he was making literature references when his…true wub? No to corny, the one person to open up his soul was in face a book worm.

And what you say about his company
Is what you say about society.
Catch the mist, catch the myth
Catch the mystery, catch the drift.

The world is, the world is,
Love and life are deep,
Maybe as his eyes are wide.

Today's Tom Sawyer,
He gets high on you,
And the space he invades
He gets by on you.

Being with Dorian had put him into an ecstasy that couldn’t be compared to anything else, you couldn’t change him. You couldn’t change fate, but maybe for a little while he could pretend to be something your not, solely for Dorian’s sake he’d pretend to be…human?

No, his mind is not for rent
To any god or government.
Always hopeful, yet discontent,
He knows changes aren't permanent,
But change is.

Permanency, there was only permanency that could be considered good, and that was loneliness and death, could it be possible that…well he had changed for Dorian? No, he had to leave right now.

He found himself kissing Dorian on the lips lightly.

“I’ll be going then, stay innocent Dorian.” He picked up Dorian’s old Magnum, the Magnum he’d given him a few seconds ago was different, and the Magnum he’d given him a few hours was symbolic. Symbolism of Peri first changing.

Exit the warrior,
Today's Tom Sawyer,
He gets high on you,
And the energy you trade,
He gets right on to the friction of the day.

Peri slipped on his shirt, blew Dorian a kiss and then ran out into the distance.

((Continued in: A Link to the Past))
Posted: Jun 7 2006, 05:22 AM

Such a shame that I didn't know by now

Group: 20
Posts: 1,316
Member No.: 29
Joined: 2-July 05

((Continued from the warehouse))

As she made her way quietly through the forest, being very careful to avoid the paths, Angelina Kaige couldn't help but wonder just how many people were actually still alive. Danya had introduced the three terrorists as a punishment of sorts, but Kaige knew that deep down inside, Danya wanted things sped up, so that he'd never be caught. The longer that Survival of the Fittest dragged out, the better the likelihood that someone would find a way to take Danya down. Kaige didn't even know if Danya would let the eventual survivor live or not. For all she knew, the last person could be killed and then Danya could set the collars off. He would make a powerful point, but then the US, who had likely zeroed in on where the madman was, would just bumrush the whole place and take him into custody. Kaige sighed to herself, still not used to the guttural sound of nothingness that came out when she did it. Having no vocal chords sucked royally, and Kaige knew that if she ended up the winner, she'd definitely step up to Danya and remove his, simply out of spite, before she castrated the sick little man.

It was amazing, really, how much silent rage that she'd built up over the past few days. It wasn't enough that the boys club that she'd decided for ONCE to socialize with had gotten her in the worst trouble that she'd ever been in, bar none. The simple fact that Kaige had no control over her own destiny was something that she hated with a passion. She'd always been so strategy-oriented in everything she did, trying to take the logical point of view on things, trying to make the right decision every step of the way. It was instances like the one with the microphone that were the rare times she'd let down her guard, and damnit all if she didn't keep getting burned by them. Of course, now that she was using a strategy to move around the island silently and under a relatively decent disguise, she knew that she'd have at least a solid chance to make the endgame, whenever it ended up being. She'd directly killed six people since she'd been on the island, and the way that she saw it, had indirectly killed at least two more - those being that kid she'd grappled with, and the girl who'd fallen off the warehouse after the explosion. Kaige knew that she'd be prepared to kill more. Whatever it took to get to Danya, and make him pay. That, and to get some revenge on Rice. T'was almost a shame, she'd figured, that McLocke was already dead, but it just meant that it was less work for her to do. Rice would be a formidable foe if he wasn't looking at the school-girls' asses, and he'd be the one she figured that would be the most important one to watch out for.

As she rounded the bend, she found herself; much to her chagrin, back at the bathroom facility that she'd exploded just hours earlier. The two corpses were still there, but the door to the bathroom was open, and she heard movement inside. Maneuvering herself to the woods in front of the wall of the bathroom that was heavily damaged, Kaige looked in and was instantly revolted by what she saw.

It was two boys, both naked, one giving the other a rather intense blowjob. Feeling a little vomit in her throat, Kaige silently sat and watched to see what would happen. It wasn't that she didn't like gays, but rather she just felt really uncomfortable watching people have sex, be it two men, two women, or one of each. As she watched the one boy ejaculate into the other's mouth, she hunkered down in the smallish bunker (strangely looked like the same one that she'd hidden in when she'd originally blown up the bathroom, but nonetheless). Watching as the one boy began to massage the other's penis, Kaige took the scene in with an all-new uncomfortable feeling, almost like she were seeing something that she weren't supposed to see. The two boys kissed again, and then talked for a bit, with one handing over his weapon, and then bounding out of the door in the other direction from her. Watching the lone boy sitting there, Kaige shook her head a little, and unslung her rifle from around her back. She needed to do some serious killing after what she'd just seen. Taking careful aim towards the boy, she hardly even made any effort to hide herself, just standing up and depressing the trigger, sending a myriad of deadly bullets in Dorian's general direction.

Posted: Jun 8 2006, 01:54 AM


Group: Guide Moderator
Posts: 659
Member No.: 15
Joined: 25-June 05

It took seconds after Peri left for Dorian to lift himsefl from the stall and wipe away his tears. He truly thought that this was better for them, that he wouldn't have to see what seemed too inevitable to run from.

His body was on autopilot as he tugged on his clothes, the water droplets on his body soaking into the fabric. All he could think was, it's better this way, with the occasional sniffle that resulted from his crying moments before.

And then there was a burning pain, hitting him clear in the midsection. He doubled over and his elbow hit bathroom tile. It only took seconds, mere seconds. Mere minutes, hours, days, of toture, love, loss, and now...

He was dying, but he wasn't at all ready, as the blood soaked into his shirt and piled onto the floor. Dorian's eyes, red from tears, glared at the figure that had done what no one else had managed to pull off. Whatever it was, got him before he ran away.

It killed him, and it just pissed him off that he was so stupid. Because now he regretted ever telling Peri to go away. Because, in a way, he ran again. He ran away a-fucking-gain, this time from feelings he knew he should have to face. Not because it was hard, but because it was time for him to fucking bone up.

Heh, he thought, too late now.

His face drained of it's color, Dorian managed to grasp the MAC-10 and squeeze the trigger as hard as he could, in the figure's direction. However, his vision blurred before he knew where the shots went, and everything went black soon after.

I shouldn't have ran away... I'm sorry Peri.

Dorian Graywood- DEAD
Posted: Jun 11 2006, 03:25 AM

Such a shame that I didn't know by now

Group: 20
Posts: 1,316
Member No.: 29
Joined: 2-July 05

As she watched the bullets that came from her rifle fly out of the barrel and impale Dorian Greywood in the abdomen and chest, Angelina Kaige felt a sense of relief. Homosexual sex wasn't something she was a great big fan of, and to see two boys doing things to each other was enough to make her shiver with disgust. As Dorian collapsed to the ground, bleeding profusely, Kaige was reminded all-too-late as to the Ingram that the boy held in his hand. With no time to jump out of the way as she heard the telltale rattle of the gun going off, Kaige braced herself for an impact that never came. The bullets impacted harmlessly off of the side wall of the washroom, most embedding themselves in the damaged wall, a few ricocheting off of the concrete and back into the washroom.

Hesitating for a moment, Kaige took a step towards the washroom, rifle poised in case the boy decided to suddenly jump up.

Gay zombies from's almost like a B-movie that's gone so horribly, horribly wrong. Mainly because of the fact that I'm actually involved in it. Damn, I can just see the plotline now...a disgruntled female soldier is sodomized by homosexual zombies in an attempt to spread their zombie seed.

Pausing, she awkwardly tilted her head when a thought popped in there that she couldn't help but smile at.

I'd bet anyone fifty thousand dollars that Uwe Boll would make a movie like that. Talentless hack that he is.

Shaking off her own amusing inner monologue, Kaige took another step towards the dead body that was lying inside of the washroom. Leaning over, she pried the Ingram out of the dead boy's hands. It still had a partially full magazine, and she then rifled through his pack to remove any extra ammunition. Finding a little, she deposited it in her own pack, and slung her rifle back around herself. While the Ingram would do for a short-term solution, she preferred to find herself a weapon that had at least a few spare clips or magazines. Danya hadn't allowed the soldiers to take too much in with them, and while she still had the rifle and her pistol, two of her grenades were already used.

I think that I've even lost track as to how many people I've killed so far. Probably getting up there, whoever the leader is at the moment, anyway. But hey, there aren't too many left, and no announcement's told me that Rice is dead, so hopefully I'll get to stumble upon his lazy ass, kill him...hell, maybe rape him to add insult to injury...granted, he was never that attractive to begin with, but...hey. I'm going to make a statement to Danya, that prick, that he never should have fucked with me in the first place.

As Kaige turned to leave, she couldn't help but think to herself with a smile: didn't anyone ever remind him of the little cliche; hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Heh, guess not.

((Continued elsewhere))
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