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 A rant of sorts..., Because personally, I've had enough
Posted: May 17 2006, 03:00 AM

Savage Intent.

Group: 20
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I wish I didn't have to write a letter like this one, but recent events leave me no choice. I want to share this with you because perhaps one day we will live in a world where good people are not troubled by fear of addlepated, libidinous hooligans. Until that day arrives, however, we must spread the word that I cannot compromise with SOTF; it is without principles. I cannot reason with it; it is without reason. But I can warn it, and with a warning it must certainly take to heart: Every time SOTF gets caught trying to break down the industrial-technological system, it promises it'll never do so again. Subsequently, its shills always jump in and explain that it really shouldn't be blamed even if it does, because, as they insist, it should be a given a direct pipeline to the National Treasury. Mutual efforts against saturnine McCarthyism are not just an educational process designed to teach people that SOTF's homilies are misleading and deceptive. These efforts also serve as a beacon, warning the world of the brutal consequences of SOTF's bloodthirsty, jaded metanarratives. Whether or not SOTF should cause one-sided beliefs to be entered into historical fact ought to be a simple question, far beyond the realm of debate. However, some organizations are responsible and others are not. SOTF falls into the category of "not".

While I myself suspect that SOTF has every right to its corrupt opinions, I've never bothered it. Yet it wants to attack the fabric of this nation. Whatever happened to "live and let live"? While the concept of broad-based peace and social justice coalitions remains desirable, it would not be out of character for SOTF to interfere with the most important principles of democracy. And let me tell you, its pronouncements are shrouded in a fog of insurrectionism. No joke. One can consecrate one's life to the service of a noble idea or a glorious ideology. SOTF, however, is more likely to invade every private corner and force every thought into a virulent mold. And what of it? Many people are shocked when I tell them that SOTF's idea of a good time is to make widespread accusations and insinuations without having the facts to back them up. And I'm shocked that so many people are shocked. You see, I had thought everybody already knew that SOTF is right about one thing, namely that fear is what motivates us. Fear of what it means when duplicitous firebrands blacklist its enemies as terrorist sympathizers or traitors. Fear of what it says about our society when we teach our children that trees cause more pollution than automobiles do. And fear of uncontrollable blatherskites like SOTF who let debauched chiselers serve as our overlords.

SOTF's allegations cause nothing but trouble. It will almost certainly tiptoe around that glaringly evident fact, because if it didn't, you might come to realize that you don't have to say anything specifically about it for it to start attacking you. All you have to do is dare to imply that we should embrace the cause of self-determination and recognize the leading role and clearer understanding of those people for whom the quintessential struggle is an encompassing liberation movement against the totality of neocolonialism. Rest assured, if SOTF is victorious in its quest to use both overt and covert deceptions to keep us perennially behind the eight ball, then its crown will be the funeral wreath of humanity.

If, today, the urge of SOTF's war-soul can prompt it to do the devil's work, then imagine, if you can, how that same soul will express itself through the thousandfold-more-clueless SOTF of tomorrow. Although SOTF has repeatedly denied charges of attempting to irritate an incredible number of people, a colleague recently informed me that a bunch of neo-disloyal-to-the-core, disgraceful reprobates and others in SOTF's amen corner are about to perpetrate acts of the most catty character. I have no reason to doubt that story because I am asking the readers of this letter to be aware that violence, mayhem, and insanity are the inevitable consequences of SOTF's undertakings. I've said that before and I've said it often, but perhaps I haven't been concrete enough or specific enough, so now I'll try to remedy those shortcomings. I'll try to be a lot more specific and concrete when I explain that if I wanted to brainwash and manipulate a large segment of the population, I would convince them that SOTF can convince criminals to fill out an application form before committing a crime. In fact, that's exactly what SOTF does as part of its quest to make it impossible to disturb its mischievous gravy train. If SOTF had its way, schools would teach students that the majority of prodigal goofballs are heroes, if not saints. This is not education but indoctrination. It prevents students from learning about how I stand by what I've written before, that SOTF tries to make us think the way it wants us to think, not by showing us evidence and reasoning with us, but by understanding how to push our emotional buttons.

While we all despair over SOTF's dictatorial teachings, we must also remember the principles that will guide our better behaviors and higher aspirations. Whenever SOTF announces that it is not only acceptable, but indeed desirable, to encourage individuals to disregard other people, to become fully self-absorbed, its hirelings applaud on cue and the accolades are long and ostentatious. What's funny is that they don't provide similar feedback whenever I tell them that SOTF contends that the Queen of England heads up the international drug cartel. Excuse me, but where exactly did this little factoid come from? Given that life is too short to have to put up with SOTF, isn't it fairly obvious that the majority of contemptible gadflies probably agree that SOTF has a penchant for counterinsurgency and clandestine operations?

SOTF says that it is a tireless protector of civil rights and civil liberties for all people. This is noxious falsehood. The truth is that this is a free country, and I, for one, claim we ought to keep it that way. Thanks to SOTF, I'm now suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. Surprisingly, the courts and our elected officials are way ahead of SOTF in embracing this simple fact. When I say that if SOTF is allowed to pander to disreputable scoundrels, the implications can be widespread, this does not, I repeat, does not mean that the Universe belongs to it by right. This is a common fallacy held by stolid, distasteful brigands.

Also let me say that SOTF can fool some of the people all of the time. It can fool all of the people some of the time. But it can't fool all of the people all of the time. For your edification, I should sincerely point out that it has been brought to my attention that the conflation of testy individuals and directionless astrologers in SOTF's catch-phrases is either dramatic hyperbole or a fatal methodological flaw. While this is true, if SOTF got its way, it'd be able to call for ritualistic invocations of needlessly formal rules. Brrrr! It sends chills down my spine just thinking about that. I don't want to make any hard and final judgments, but SOTF is reluctant to resolve problems. It always just looks the other way and hopes no one will notice that it keeps telling us that a richly evocative description of a problem automatically implies the correct solution to that problem. Are we also supposed to believe that its belief systems can give us deeper insights into the nature of reality? I didn't think so.

If SOTF wants to rewrite history to reflect or magnify an imaginary "victimhood", fine. Just don't make me cry while it's at it. Contrary to what SOTF would have you believe, the ultimate aim of its hariolations is to restructure society as a pyramid with SOTF at the top, SOTF's functionaries directly underneath, voluble, childish prevaricators beneath them, and the rest of at the bottom. This new societal structure will enable SOTF to mollycoddle insolent storytellers, which makes me realize that it has announced its intentions to transmogrify society's petty gripes and irrational fears into "issues" to be catered to. While doing so may earn SOTF a gold star from the mush-for-brains mercantalism crowd, it is careless with data, makes all sorts of causal interpretations of things without any real justification, has a way of combining disparate ideas that don't seem to hang together, seems to show a sort of pride in its own biases, gets into all sorts of brassbound speculation, and then makes no effort to test out its speculations -- and that's just the short list!

All that we have achieved may now be lost, if not in the bright flames of communism, then in the dense smoke of the sex-crazed, longiloquent excuses promoted by crotchety voluptuaries. SOTF's remonstrations are designed to confuse, disorient, and disunify. And they're working; they're having the desired effect. Speaking of dour franions (especially the unrealistic type), we must understand that SOTF cares for us in the same way that fleas care about dogs. And we must formulate that understanding into as clear and cogent a message as possible. Although the Gospel According to SOTF says that SOTF does the things it does "for the children", I assert that corruption, lying, and hypocrisy are the fundaments of its deeds. Sad, but true. And it'll only get worse if it finds a way to alter, rewrite, or ignore past events to make them consistent with its current "reality".

So long as the devastating inequities that characterize our society persist, SOTF's acolytes will be unable to deny that people often get the impression that piteous pigheaded-types and SOTF's representatives are separate entities. Not so. When one catches cold, the other sneezes. As proof, note that if you've read this far, then you probably either agree with me or are on the way to agreeing with me. For your information, if SOTF truly wanted to be helpful, it wouldn't poke someone's eyes out. Although SOTF wants to substitute rumor and gossip for bona fide evidence, if we fail to make this world a kinder, gentler place, then we have no one to blame but ourselves. You can sum up SOTF's complaints in one word: poxy. Let me close by reminding you that the statements I made about SOTF in this letter are in earnest. I will not equivocate. I will not excuse. I will not retreat a single inch. And I will be heard.

...By the way, this is some seriously funny shit.

Posted: May 17 2006, 03:23 AM

just another daydream...

Group: Admin
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Member No.: 20
Joined: 28-June 05


Oh wow.
I think my brain shut down somewhere around the third paragraph.

Came back into working order when I saw the term "gravy train" used in the same sentence as SOTF.

Then it died shortly afterward.
But it's all good. :lol:
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