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 You'll have to excuse me, I'm not at my best...
Posted: Feb 22 2006, 05:50 AM

Such a shame that I didn't know by now

Group: 20
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((Continued from: Onslaught Redux))

After leaving the warehouse, Adam Dodd hadn't really settled on a specific place to say that he was actually heading towards. In fact, he more or less had found himself simply wandering the island, trying to stay away from the four areas that Danya had marked as Danger Zones. The idea of having his head explode from the rest of his body was not exactly an appealing one, especially not now, when he was so close to finding Cody Jenson and extracting the revenge that he felt that he was due.

He didn't, of course, have any real idea as to the location of Cody, but rather, he just had a feeling that sooner or later, he was going to run into the guy, and sooner or later, he would become embroiled into a fight to the death. To him, it was interesting how much his morals had shifted from what they were at the beginning of the week. He'd gone from following a strict moral code that had prevented him from hurting anyone (he hated getting into fights, and felt awful whenever he hurt anyone), to doing whatever needed to be done, and trying not to think twice about it. He'd killed what seemed like so many people while he'd been on the island, and it scared him to think that people in the United States might view him as one of the biggest game-players still alive. That thought disturbed him a little, for he had to admit, that was NOT how he wanted to be viewed.

"Can't you see? I'm doing what I need to do in order to survive..."

The words he spoke aloud, seemingly to himself didn't really do all that much to soothe his clouded conscience, and as he wandered amongst the debris outside of the school building. Stopping for a moment, he remembered the last time that he'd been at this place. He'd been fighting for his life alongside Hawley Faust, as Jacob Starr and Uriel Hunter threw molotov cocktails at them, trying to incinerate the two of them. Adam'd shot one out of mid-air, which had let them escape, along with River Garraty.

It all seemed like such a long time ago, and it seemed like he'd been on this island for weeks, months even. Truth was, he'd been there eight days. Eight of the worst days of his life, and to tell himself the truth, probably eight of the last days of his life.

The United States has done nothing up to this point. If this is being broadcast around the world, non-stop for the past eight days, then how can we expect any chance of rescue. If the US isn't going to do anything, neither is anyone else. God only knows how many people are left alive at this point, and they could be waiting for it all to end before they strike. Who knows.

Disillusioned, Adam walked amongst the rubble, trying to remember what it had been like when he'd spoken to Hawley, both of them trying to pretend like it was just a normal field trip, a game of Capture the Flag, or something like that. No matter how hard he tried, wasn't. It would never be just a simple game. It was a war, a fight for life, one that most of them were losing.

Amanda, Madelaine, Hawley, Andrew...they all lost. All of them lost the battle, and now I'm the only one trying to keep up, trying to win...trying to win for all of them, so that they'll never be forgotten. As long as I'm alive, they'll never die...

Sighing deeply to himself, Adam kicked a burned bush, which tumbled heavily to the side. As he kicked the bush, however, the dirt moved aside, and he saw a flash of blue fabric, that was quickly covered by dirt again. Blinking in surprise, he bent down and brushed the dirt away.

"There's no can't be..."

Brushing enough away to get a grab on the fabric, he pulled until more of it came free. The deadened look in Adam's eyes faded, and the scowl that he'd been wearing on his face slowly turned up into a wide smile as he unearthed the entire object from beneath the remnants of the burned area in front of the school. Shaking it out like a beach towel twice, he brushed off the ashes from the object, and held it up in front of himself. Looking at it, he laughed out loud.

The object that Adam held up was his intact, apparently undamaged but dirty Toronto Maple Leafs jersey that he had thought was long gone in the blaze. He'd dropped it when him and Hawley had fled the area, and he'd assumed it gone. But here it was, amazingly enough, still intact and wearable. Slipping the jersey over his head, he felt as though he'd been reunited with a part of himself, because he had to admit, he felt twenty times better than he had before. Grinning, the twinkle having reappeared in his eye, he turned around and began to walk out of the burned area. No sooner than he'd done this when he felt a pinch near the top of his leg. Looking down, his eyes widened as he saw a dart sticking out of his leg.

"What the hell...?"

Alarmed, Adam stared at the dart for a second when a second one whizzed in and pegged him right in the shoulder. Cursing lightly, he pulled both of them out quickly, and drew one of his pistols from his pocket. Holding his original Ballestair-Molina in his hand, he cautiously looked around, trying to figure out where the darts originated from.

Goddamn, if those are poisoned darts, I am utterly FUCKED...

Another dart whizzed through the air, missing his ear by inches, and Adam finally realized where they were coming from - the roof of the school. Unable to see much due to the sun, Adam aimed his pistol where he thought the darts were coming from and squeezed off three shots with a two-second interval between each. He then squeezed off a fourth one for good measure. Hearing what appeared to be a squeak from the roof, he watched as a body dropped from the roof of the school, an explosion ringing out as the body was half-way down, sending the body flailing to the left, and the head bouncing to the left. Eyes wide, Adam cautiously stepped over to the body, and observed that a professional-looking pipe was clenched in the left hand, a dart halfway into it. Leaning down, he carefully examined the dart itself. It appeared to be a standard tranquilizer dart, but Adam had no way to be sure.

Glancing at the head, he shook his head on the ground and mouthed 'fuck' to himself. He surmised that he must have pegged the girl (what appeared to be a girl) in the collar with one of his shots, and the shot must have activated the destruct mechanism, which...

Goddamnit, can't I go anywhere on this fucking island without killing someone? This is just getting ridiculous! I just want to fuck up Cody Jenson...and Danya...that's it!

Looking down at his Leafs jersey, he sighed a little. Though it had seemed like he'd been reunited with an old friend, there was no denying that Adam was still fighting for his life, and while he may have felt a lot better about finding his jersey, a part of him still hated the fact that with every person he killed, it just got easier and easier to shrug off.

Glancing up at a camera mounted on the west wall of the school, Adam walked up to it and looked directly at it.

"Man, this must be a real fucking thrill for you, Danya. I swear, try not to shoot off too much, your dick'll shrivel up and fall off. Or your palms'll get hairy. Choose one. I don't even know why I waste my sarcasm on you. I guess the one little thing that gives me even some form of solace is that with every person who dies by my hand or another, it's one step closer to me getting a little one-on-one session with you. And Danya...while here, on this island, I've been shot at, stabbed, lost my best friend, my girlfriend, most people that I've ever come to trust, my innocence, I've almost been raped, and I've probably come pretty damn close to losing my sanity. Just...just think about that for a second. I'm sure going to have a lot of crap to get out of my system when you're standing there in front of me. Just think, man. If I make it though this - am I going to have much left to lose?"

Blinking his eyes once, briefly disoriented, Adam looked down at the corpse of the girl who he'd just killed.

"Sorry, whomever you were."

As Adam Dodd walked away from the area, the tranquilizers beginning to work their way into his bloodstream, he would never know the whole truth - that the girl, Jamie Amy Robins, had simply been a frightened girl who was trying to hide and had simply just panicked, like so many others, and when she had stuck her head out, she had been calling down to apologize. Things like that, he would never know, but for his sake, there were things that he was probably better off just not knowing.

((Continued in: Rediscovering Andrew Lipson...))

Girl #52, Jamie Amy Robins...DECEASED
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