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 I'm gonna break my rusty Kaige..., Start for TBLUE
Posted: Feb 22 2006, 04:39 AM

Such a shame that I didn't know by now

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Like any good soldier, she'd fought, and she'd fought hard. When Danya had come and found the three of them crowded around the microphone, squabbling like schoolchildren, the thought had occurred to her that perhaps she should have made like Garnet and bolted, and then perhaps she wouldn't have found herself in this mess in the first place.


Her mistake, she figured, had been associating with those imbiciles in the first place. Ever since she'd been young, her parents had drilled into her (both mentally, and physically) that she would only associate herself with those who were of sound mind and body, those who were focused, and those who - simply put, didn't fuck around. Rice and McLocke were men who she'd fought with, they were men who she knew were capable on the field, and she knew that they were as dangerous as any soldier that she'd ever met. The problem was, when they weren't in battle, or following direct orders from a superior officer, they got lax, lazy, and liked to fuck around. She knew that the two of them went back further than the SOTF operation, and while she couldn't put her finger on exactly why they gravitated towards her when she'd met them, she knew deep down that they were not the kind of people that she should be associating with.

And look where it had gotten her. In trouble with perhaps at this point, the most dangerous man in the world, yanked from a comfort level, having watched students killing each other on an island, having it not seem real - right here, to being dumped on the island, essentially in the same situation as the damned kids.

Truth be told, she'd never really understood what the whole thing was about in the first place. She was more or less a mercenary, someone who'd taken a highly-paying job without asking any questions. The work that she'd done for Danya in the past hadn't been anything more difficult than bodyguard work, something that she personally thought that she did pretty well at. Of course, when he came knocking with offers of a lucrative job offer, she didn't think twice at accepting it.

And look where that landed you, Ang. Sitting on an island in the middle of nowhere, a target on your back as big as a house, and minus your vocal chords.

As Angelina Kaige, TBLUE to the students on the island contemplated her situation, she couldn't help but wonder if perhaps this was karma. She'd done some things in her life that she had to admit, she wasn't proud of, and so perhaps this was her way of paying for them. The concept of karma wasn't one that she could say that she really believed in, but the idea seemed to be growing on her, especially with her current circumstances.

After she'd woken up from the crash of the helicopter that had obviously been shot down by her backstabbing former boss, Kaige had been dizzy, probably from a combination of the shock from the crash and the anethstetic that she'd been given from the surgery that had removed her vocal chords. As such, she'd hidden close to the wreckage of the helicopter long enough to see two boys enter the area, one looking around and hiding, the other seemingly seeking refuge and being attacked by the other boy. Kaige had almost stepped in and shot the first boy simply upon principle when he had tried to rape the second boy, but the second boy had fought back, and, obviously disgusted, had beaten the first to death with a baseball bat. Shaken, he had then entered the wreckage where he'd remained for about an hour before he'd left. Kaige then took that moment to start moving. She'd used all of the training that she had to make it to the waterfall area, where she'd sat for the past hour, sipping the water and trying to regain her strength. It was here that she'd been while thinking about the whole situation, and it was here that she was at this very moment.

Okay, Ang, it's time to get moving. You can't expect to sit around, you'll get picked off like a sitting duck.

She made a move to start walking off when something caught her eye, and she stopped again. Taking a step over to what appeared to be the body of a teenage girl, Angelina examined the corpse. The only noticable wound was a long cut along the throat, but otherwise, the corpse seemed to be intact. Ideas forming in her head, Kaige reached up and pulled off the black balaclava that she'd been given by Danya himself before he'd sent them off to their deaths.

With this I'm sure that he expects me to wander around with a huge target on my back. If he thinks that I'm going to go down without a fight, then he's got another thing coming to him.

Putting her equipment down, she reached over to the corpse and pulled off the running shoes. Examining them, she saw that the size was far too small for her to use, so she set them aside. Next, she pulled off the loose jeans that the dead girl wore. They didn't seem blood-spattered at all, something that surprised her. Obviously, this girl had been surprised and hadn't had much of a chance to react when death had met her. Pity. Neatly, she folded the pants and put them beside her. She then reached up and struggled to pull the shirt off of the dead girl. It was a black sweat-shirt, with a t-shirt from the band 'Hoobastank' underneath it. She removed both articles of clothing and then looked at the pale, dead corpse that lay there in its underwear. She then took a pair of headphones that were lying by the corpse and put them beside her. If her plan was to work, she'd have to make it as convincing as possible.

With all of that done, Kaige unbuckled the kevlar vest that she'd been given by Danya. It wasn't much in the way of protection, but it was definitely better than nothing. Removing it from herself, she placed that on the ground beside her, then quickly removed the contents of her pockets, placing that beside the vest. Looking around carefully, she confirmed that the area was vacant before she quickly removed her shirt and pants, standing by herself in her bra and panties. Without any hesitation, Kaige took the jeans that she'd stolen from the corpse, and pulled them on, a little surprised at how well they fit. On their previous owner, they'd obviously been intended to be baggy and long, but on her, they fit like a glove. Grabbing the t-shirt, she pulled it over her head, brushing some dirt off of it as she looked down at herself. Nodding slightly, she took the Kevlar vest and quickly put it back on, tightening it so that it wouldn't be obvious under the black hooded sweatshirt. Pulling on the sweatshirt, she looked at herself, and grinned. She DEFINITELY did not look like a terrorist. Completing the charade, Angelina dressed the corpse in her camo outfit, complete with the balaclava over the corpse's face. Pulling the hair elastic out of her hair, she tossed it on the ground and ran her fingers through her hair, allowing it out of the severe ponytail that it'd been in before.

Picking up the girl's pack, she emptied the non-essential items and filled it with her own stock: four concussion grenades, a P14-45LDA Handgun, and various ammunitions. She kept the water and crackers for herself, because she didn't figure that the girl would need them. She took the girl's headphones and slung them around her own neck, creating the appearance of someone who didn't go anywhere without her headphones. She then picked up her primary weapon, and looked around at the waterfall. She never really liked to admit it, but she always had a bit of a preference to Canadian weapons, and it seemed that Danya was not without a sense of humour when he put the three of them on the island, for Angelina's weapon was a Diemaco C7 Assault Rifle. Granted, she only had four clips for it, but it would hopefully be enough. She didn't anticipate having to mow down kids like one would in a video game, but she figured that with all of the dead kids, some of them likely would have weapons. Taking another look down at herself again, she smiled softly, trying to dissolve the ice-cold look that she knew she radiated. Now, upon first glance, most wouldn't assume that she was a terrorist, and might not shoot first and ask questions later.

Rice and McLocke have probably gone out, guns a-blazin', but I'm not going to be so stupid. I have a plan, and hopefully, it should work.

As she walked away from the scene, knapsack around her back, she began to formulate an identity for herself. To work around the obvious handicap that she had of being unable to speak, she would present herself as a mute from Canada. Her name would be...

Well...shit, I can't call myself by my real name, that would be a dead giveaway. Kaige...damnit...what can I call myself...

It was then that her eyes lit up. She had thought of something perfect, that only she would be able to guess. She would call herself Angelina Cornell. All through her schooling, kids had called her 'rusty Kaige', after the Soundgarden song of the same name. She'd always hated it, and many a time had come home crying, only to be beaten by her parents for doing so.

Here's time for the revenge...I'm going to break out of this rusty fucking cage by winning this goddamn competition. If Danya thinks that he can keep me locked up here, if he thinks that he can take away my ability to speak, then he's sorely mistaken. I'll have my revenge, and I'll be damned if I won't work with these kids to get it.

But first...first I'll have to deal with the two assholes who got me into this mess in the first place...Rice, and McLocke...

Smiling to herself, Angelina Kaige, formerly TBLUE, wandered away from the waterfall, in search of a friendly face, hopefully someone that wouldn't shoot her upon sight, and that might be gullible enough to believe her story, and try and help her get revenge upon the terrorists. Revenge on Danya. And when she got out, she'd blow his whole operation open, and make him pay - or die trying.

((Continued ...elsewhere...))
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