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 Enter The Hero
Posted: Mar 13 2006, 03:58 PM


Group: Members
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Joined: 2-August 05

( Thanks Kai...really gonna need it o.o : Sucks in breath: )

One hit, stevans bullet caught the guy on the side of the head. The adults cranium visibly twitching from the bleeding wound. Finally this short story came to an end..right? It should have ended there. The adult took a merciful death from a round to the head or he should have but instead he pulled out those explosions in a can.

"Shit" was the word he hissed out as he began backing up and moving in that crouching run that had kept him alive as long as this. The adult had two targets and Peri had body armour and now a pair of grenade toe caps. This was insane, truly and utterly insane.

His pace pickening up as he began running faster before and faster.No Boom..No ear shattering sound well not yet at least. That Ingram was waving in his hand as he would run. Grenades went boom, they had to, had to go boom, they had to---

Then it came the Boom.

His eardrums exploded and his face burnt as he would tumble down into a nearby path of undergrowth. The thick wave from the explosion shoving him down into the plants and lighting his flesh up, his face felt sore..A few more cuts what diffrence would it make? His back was scratched shards of metal pushing their way through the bulletproof vest protecting him so closely.

Here he lay now with metal claws scratching at his face and burning fingers stroking his features but still he clung to his Ingram.A moment was taken just to spit a little saliva which turned out to be a nasty globule of blood into the dirt with a little disgust.
Laying down in the tall grass with a mostly empty weapon in his hand a bleeding face and bleeding gods know what..This wasnt him at his best. The kevlar had barely caught the metal from frag grenades and now this? Fuck, fucking fuck.

A hurried hand pulled strands of blonde hair from his mouth as the Ingram would be quickly weighed in his hand.At a guess he had maybe eight..nine more rounds? plus his sidearm.

Lips puckered before disposing of yet another mixture of the thick blood/saliva combination. The Ingram would be raised between his legs pointed towards where the terrorist had last been seen. He was bleeding and sore and the burning sensation on his face was still going strong, the Ingram was raised to point in the direction towards where the man had just been standing while his other hand reached around the back of his jeans to pluck his sidearm out.

The fucker must have been a god or something.

He was bleeding.. that crazy kid had left a damn good mark down his face and now his kevlar was all but fucked? This was not good. He had killed to many to give up now and besides it was fun.

Blonde hairs clung together as the blood held them tightly clapsed together as he kept a grip tightly
Posted: Mar 13 2006, 09:17 PM

I Hate, Therefore i Am

Group: Members
Posts: 479
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Joined: 2-August 05

He still lay still, The screaming in his head starting to die off slightly. He muscles ached, not to mention the bullet lodged in his arm. "Fucking terrorist" Would be grunted occumpanied by a stream of blood and a tooth, Fucking prick knocked out my tooth.

He slowly raised from the grassy floor. He shuffled over and picked those two handguns up, There werent many bullets in them but they would do. One would be switched to safety and placed in his jeans, the other was kept in his hand for luck. He slowly walked over to the now smouldering corpse of the once great and powerful man.
Not so powerful afterall, forced into a shameful suicide thanks to two fuck up rejects and some korean girl.

The blacked corpse was kicked over, He could still hear the skin and muscles melting and the smell of burnt hair intoxicated the place. It was beautifully grotesque. He would try to salvage some of that handy cammo gear but it seemed nothing would be of use now. The boots could work but they would just fall apart if he tried. The kevlar which he had his eye on was now nothing of importance, His whole plan was fucked up, Now he had to go around in his normal shitty cloths. What did he think he could salvage? It was nothing now but a steaming pile of crispy flesh.

He would turn, around to finally see what damage had been done to his allys.
Posted: Mar 13 2006, 10:11 PM

Sysop of the SOTF Wiki

Group: Members
Posts: 610
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Joined: 24-June 05

"oh shit"

Eh-Sun thought when she saw the grenade roll next to the Terrorist's collar while he had his gun to to it. Out of instict the covered her head with her arms when the Grenade exploded, Embedding shrapnel into her forearms.

Eh-Sun wordlessly stared at her bleeding forearms with a look of pure horror on her face. Her finger still in the USP's triggerguard, the blood dripped down her arms and onto the ground.


Was the only word flowing through her mind as she felt the blinding pain of the hundreds of srapnal woulds in her arms. She fell to her knees with tears brimming from her eyes. completely forgetting about all the weapons in the brush and the Katana on the dirt path.

(fuck I told you im feelin out of it)
Posted: Mar 16 2006, 10:26 PM


Group: Members
Posts: 409
Member No.: 37
Joined: 2-August 05

Silence died now finally except for the distant sound of Eh-Sun crying and Peri would finally spit out the words "Well Fuck me senseless" before he would sling his Ingram onto his shoulder and still clutching that sidearm climbed up onto unsteady arms.

The terrorist was very clearly gone.Nothing left now but a large crimson stain where he had been staying, not even dog tags had been left behind. Not a single thing and somehow they had survived all with a variety of wounds but Eh-Sun seemed to be coping the worst he noticed with raised eyebrows.

"Get up Choi or we will put you out of youre misery" he said as he would move over to the path and sweeping up the Kitana giving it a few experimental slashes at the air while his other hand stayed wrapped around that Magnum.

"We need to get somewhere safe and warm..preferably with doors and a roof. Im bleeding and I know you fuckers are aswell so lets go find somewhere for a smoke and a place to make our wounds sterile" he said as he wiped a little off his blood from his face with the back of his hand as he walked towards Choi wearing a grinn on his face those pearly canines oncemore on show.

"Any ideas?"

((Continued in: Violence Fetish))
Posted: Mar 19 2006, 09:27 PM

I Hate, Therefore i Am

Group: Members
Posts: 479
Member No.: 38
Joined: 2-August 05

He would just stare at the wounds that eh-sun had recieved. So she wasnt the big psychotic killer that he had percieved her to be. Just the same screaming girl that he had met back at the school building.

He pulled the map from the side pocket of his bag and unfolded it. He looked of the crinkled paper, looking for a good place to set up camp but no good ones came to mind. Gazebo? Small house? Hospital?..."Fuck it, you decide." He said, a hint of pissed in his voice.

He repositioned the leather jacket that he had stole from Kouji. It did come in handy, it served that little bit more protection from the shards of flying metal. He also found it funny how they had not yet offered help to eh-sun, they were supposed to be allies with the girl but c'mon, This is bloodboy and freak were talking about, they only give a shit about themselves and occasionaly each other.

"C'mon choi, were gonna get moving, maybe a dose of nicatine will blow your worries away?"

((Continued in: Violence Fetish))
Posted: Apr 16 2006, 02:49 AM

Savage Intent.

Group: 20
Posts: 755
Member No.: 32
Joined: 20-July 05

[taking over Eh-Sun with permission from Kuze]

Eh-Sun remained a crumpled up figure kneeling against the ground, which was gradually staining in her own blood. All she could do was stare in silence at the lines of red forming an intricate pattern on her forearms that bled and smudged, masses of blood and ripped flesh. Somehow, the pain felt all to familiar to her. Biting her lip as the pain numbed her mind, she faintly recalled being beaten by her father, and being stabbed multiple times to near death by that passer-by.

But why was it coming back to her now? For all she could remember, she'd blocked away those memories long ago. She'd erased all memory of physical pain, leaving herself only with the inner numbness and bitterness that she had harboured all these years. Yet why....WHY was it coming back to her now?

She looked up with a pale, agonized expression as Peri looked her over and spoke harshly. It hurt to move her arms. It hurt to move at all. But what infuriated her the most was that tears were running down her eyes.

Man this shit hurts....Also, why the fuck am I crying?

"Get off!" she hissed, though not without a whimper of slight pain. Even her attempt at intimidating him was pitifully halfhearted, and so Eh-Sun resigned herself to give in a least for now.

All the while, the burning pain across her ruined forearms singed at her mind. She knew that immediate medical help would be necessary...but she was too afraid to touch them. This was shrapnel after all. Her skin was practically studded with it now. And..looking at them now....

Eh-Sun gulped, struggling to keep herself from fainting. Looking at them now, they seemed injured beyond any possibility of recovery. She'd be lucky to keep at least one arm when all was said and done.

"Hey, you!" She hissed at the two boys, Peri and Steven, though gasps of pain escaped her throat. "H-help me, why don't you?! Are you just going to stand there?"

Already it seemed as though they were taking no heed of her, telling her to follow, yet at the same time leaving her behind to bleed on her own. It seemed as though they were bound towards the shoreline...or the rocky cliff where the lighthouse stood.

At this point, Eh-Sun was torn. She had never trusted anyone since coming here...killed three people in cold blood. But that didn't matter to her. All she wanted was to survive.

And it seemed that in order to achieve that goal...she would have to trust others. These two it seemed.

Damnit...DAMNIT! she thought, enraged with herself, as she struggled to stand up, dragging her pack with a bleeding hand, unable to get a good grip on it due to her injury. She let it trail against the ground. I never wanted to trust anybody in this, but....

"Wait up, you guys!" She shouted, biting her lip in resolution as she followed the boys, drops of blood leaving a trail of red as she staggered on, almost blindly, towards the lighthouse.

[I take that back, continued at the warehouse then]
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