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 Suggestion Concerning Locations
Posted: Dec 7 2005, 04:44 AM

Princess of Highland

Group: Admin
Posts: 647
Member No.: 71
Joined: 26-October 05

This may turn out to be more trouble than it's worth but...

Due to the fact that SOTF has been going on since about mid-summer, we've had quite the bodycount accumulate throughout the areas available for roleplaying.

Most of the newer roleplayers don't know who has died where, and, I'm going out on a limb here by saying that most of them don't want to skim through posts from way back in June to find out, either.

So... what if there was just a small list somewhere, giving the name of the location, bodies in the vicinity, and perhaps their manner of death, and perhaps what day they died on, like so:

Eastern Shore:
Sophie Maraschino - Drowned - Day ?
Ash Holmes - Tongue Ripped Out/Scalped - Day ?
Sven Kekule - Multiple Shotgun Blasts - Day 5
Andrew Lipson - Drowned - Day ?

Like I said, it may be more trouble than it's worth. Just a thought, since SOTF has taken place over such a large time span. If people actually used it, it might help ensure that people won't be posting like an area is in tip-top shape when it's been decimated by multiple battles. Also, it would inform people of what their character would see/smell/etc, when they entered an area.

Yeah, there's a few downsides to it, as well. It would require updating on a regular basis. It would require one person, or a team of people, to pretty much start from the beginning and skim through a lot of the posts. Also, if people did not use it, it would be a gigantic waste of time.

Either way, just thought I'd suggest it, let you all tell me what you think, and let Kaishi decide if she wants to use the idea or not. ;)

Edit: By the way, Kai, I'd be happy to put the list together, or at least start on it, if you'd like one done.
Posted: Dec 7 2005, 05:01 AM

K08y0-67cv ;f09358234905h4et9069rghop3490t834000y954y-0hnrgu83ty

Group: Admin
Posts: 8,388,607
Member No.: 28
Joined: 1-July 05

Here's some location death:

Eastern Shore:
Sophie Maraschino - Drowned - Day 4
Ash Holmes - Tongue Ripped Out/Scalped - Day 4
Sven Kekule - Multiple Pistol Shots- Day 5
Andrew Lipson - Drowned - Late Day 1/ Day 2

Small House:

Garrett Langston: Stabbed, Day 4
Satomi Madison: Shot and had her face bashed in, Day 5.

Bamboo Coppace:

Niniko Kishinawa: Collar Exploded, Day 1
Venka Rapler: Shot through the neck by accident, Day 2
Alan Shinwrath: Shot in the face
Kichiro Taka: Choked on smoke.


Max McNeal: Shot and fell down Ravine, Day 4


Sydney Morvran: Shot through the lung, Day 1
Tayli Vreeland: Collar Exploded, Day 1
Uriel Hunter: Head accidentally shot off, Day 3.
Posted: Dec 7 2005, 05:04 AM

Princess of Highland

Group: Admin
Posts: 647
Member No.: 71
Joined: 26-October 05

Oh wow. Good job Slayer! Thank you!
Posted: Dec 7 2005, 11:48 AM


I do think that's a good idea, and I think it's been raised before but never really dealt with. I found it difficult when I joined at that was about halfway through, so I can only imagine how hard it is for all you guys...

Maybe if we all made a list of where and how our characters died, and then some volunteers to do those of inactive handlers... I don't know. *is all flu-ey*
Posted: Dec 7 2005, 12:55 PM

Ito Yuki Fangirl

Group: Members
Posts: 218
Member No.: 67
Joined: 7-October 05

I re-read the forum FAQ just a few days ago and it says (I don't have time to find the exact quote right now) something to the effect of "most of the bodies have just been cleared out" before releasing the new students onto the island...Unless I'm horribly mistaken and misreading or misinterpreting something.
Posted: Dec 7 2005, 02:13 PM

Such a shame that I didn't know by now

Group: 20
Posts: 1,316
Member No.: 29
Joined: 2-July 05

Cole Hudson: bled to death - in the Well - Day 2
Arturo Villamor: eviscerated - Dark Caves - Day 2
Amanda Jones: shot in the face twice - The River - Day 6
Andrew Lipson: drowned - Eastern Shore - Day 1/2ish
Eddie Serjeantson: stabbed to death - Makeshift Hospital - Day 5

Shoar Wilson: shot three times - Eastern Shore - Day 6
Jacob Starr: throat slit - Gazebo - Day 6
Blaine Eno: shotgun to the throat - The River - Day 5
Marcus Roddy: shot in the head - The River - Day 5

There are my characters and the people that I've been responsible for killing.
Posted: Dec 7 2005, 02:27 PM

I Hate, Therefore i Am

Group: Members
Posts: 479
Member No.: 38
Joined: 2-August 05

good idea, i posted my new character starting off in the eastern shore yesterday and the only thing i could remember was the gun fight that me and slayer had there.

Some people i know...

Elise aversano - Shot in chest - makeshift hospital
Umi martin - shot - old warehouse

Lol not much but its a contribution...and i hope i got umi's second name right.
Posted: Dec 7 2005, 04:37 PM

Savage Intent.

Group: 20
Posts: 755
Member No.: 32
Joined: 20-July 05

I've done the corpse-heavy River, using some of the info stuffs from Adam's input, you'll notice that I also noted which ones were buried, so that people don't mistake them for still being above ground. How did they get back up to the surface after being buried o_O; that would be creepy.


Morgana "Anya" Vendvmagli-Shot in the forehead, Day 2
Rais Sekth-Stabbed in the back, Day 4
Blaine Eno-Shotgun to the throat, Day 5
Nanami Nishida-Shot in the Chest, Day 5
Hawley Faust-Internal bleeding from sustained wounds, Day 5 (buried)
Marcus Roddy-Shot in the head, Day 5
Madelaine Shirohara-Throat torn apart, Day 6 (buried)
Amanda Jones-Shot in the head, Day 6 (buried)
Posted: Dec 7 2005, 05:54 PM



What does that mean? I use that phrase SO much but whenever anyone asks me what it means, I'm always like, "...guh..."

Anyway, yeah, here are mine-

Elise Aversano, like Stevan said, died in the makeshift hospital, she's in a sitting position minus the glasses, hehe. That was around Day 3? Maybe day 4... and Callum Hadley died on ze dirt path, he's just in the middle of the path with rocks in his eyes, and his tongue ripped out. That was on day 6. *nods*

Oh, and I was responsibibble for the death of Duncan... Wright, I think- Lighthouse, upstairs. His face is smashed in good. That was Day 5? I think? And also Cydni Pullman, Bathroom facility, beheaded. Which reminds me, I completely forgot that when I've been there as Cassie. *headdesk* (that was Day 6)

And I'm rambling. I'm going ^__^
Posted: Dec 7 2005, 06:05 PM

Princess of Highland

Group: Admin
Posts: 647
Member No.: 71
Joined: 26-October 05

By using the list I had started on a while back, along with what all of you helped me accumulate, here is what I have so far. Please feel free to correct anything that is wrong. Thank you to everyone for your help so far!

The Lighthouse:
August Masbeth - Day 2 - Shot in Neck, Collar Exploded
Terry Woodard - Day 2 - Shot in the Chest
Selene Acton - Day 3 - Collar Explosion
Jimmy Moreland - Day 4 - Dismembered
Duncan Wright - Day 5 - Beaten to Death
Fredrik Hughes - Day 6 - Shot Three Times, Fell off Cliff

Bamboo Coppice:
Niniko Kishinawa - Day 1 - Collar Exploded
Venka Rapler - Day 2 - Shot through Neck
Alan Shinwrath - Day 3 - Shot in Forehead
Kichiro Taka - Day 3 - Smoke Inhalation
Shinya Motomura - Day 6 - Eviscerated and Shot
Jake Driggers - Day 6 - Shot
Adib Harabbi - Day 6 - Gunshot Wounds

The Woods:
Edward Rommel - Day 3 - Gunshot Wounds
River Garraty - Day 4 - Ran into Danger Zone, Collar Exploded
David Jackson - Day 6 - Gunshot Wounds
Callum Hadley - Day 6 - Tongue Wrenched out, blood loss

School Building:
Sydney Morvran - Day 1 - Shot Through Lung
Tayli Vreeland - Day 1 - Collar Exploded
Mason Lucien - Day 3 - Shot in Genitals, Bullet to Back of Head
Uriel Hunter - Day 3 - Jaw Exploded by Flashbang, Shot in Head
James Kelecks - Day 4 - Stabbed During Intercourse
Naoji Hideyoshi - Day 4 - Decapitated

Small House:
Garrett Langston - Day 4 - Stabbed to Death
Madison Satomi - Day 6 - Shot, Face Bashed In

Makeshift Hospital:
Helena Van Garret - Day 1 - Shotgun Blast to Forehead
Elise Aversano - Day 4 - Shot in Stomach
James Coombs - Day 4 - Strangulation
Eddie Serjeantson - Day 5 - Stabbed to Death
Miranda Gray - Day 5 - Stabbed to Death
Daphne Rudko - Day 5 - Shot

Eastern Shore:
Andrew Lipson - Late Day 1/Early Day 2 - Drowned
Sophie Maraschino - Day 4 - Drowned
Ash Holmes - Day 4 - Tongue Ripped Out/Scalped
Ken Mendel - Day 6 - Swam Off Island, Shot to Death, Chopped to Bits by Ship
Shoar Wilson - Day 6 - Shot Three Times

The Ravine:
Max McNeal - Day 4 - Shot, Fell Down Ravine

The Well:
Cole Hudson - Day 2 - Corkscrew to Artery, Bled to Death
Jon Tognetti - Day 3 - Eviscerated

Dark Caves:
Arturo Villamor - Day 4 - Eviscerated
Devi Satome - Day 4 - Stabbed to Death
Andrew Munteanu - Day 6 - Shot

The River:
Morgana "Anya" Vendvmagli - Day 2 - Shot in Forehead
Rais Sekth - Day 4 - Stabbed in Back
Blaine Eno - Day 5 - Shotgun Blast to Throat
Nanami Nishida - Day 5 - Shot in Chest
Hawley Faust - Day 5 - Internal Bleeding from Sustained Wounds (Buried)
Marcus Roddy - Day 5 - Shot in Head
Madelaine Shirohara - Day 6 - Throat Torn Apart (Buried)
Amanda Jones - Day 6 - Shot in Face Twice (Buried)

The Gazebo:
Dahlia Riviera - Day 4 - Eviscerated
Jacob Starr - Day 6 - Throat Slit

Old Warehouse:
Aaron Redfield - Day 5 - Sliced Open?
Katherine Marks - Day 5 - Marble through Eyeball, "Brained"
Umi Martin - Day 5 - Shot
Kiyoko Asakawa - Day 5 - Shot
Cassandra Roivas - Day 5 - Shot

The Dirt Path:
Jayne Brown - Day 5 - Shot
Ian Hargrave - Day 6 - Decapitated
Sven Kekule - Day 6 - Almost Decapitated

Bathroom Facility:
Cydni Pullman - Day 6- Beheaded

Lookout Point:
Thom Chuck - Day 5 - Shot?
Waldo Woodrow - Day 5 - Gutted?

The Waterfall:
Gabrielle Minase - Day 1 or 2 - Shot
Marie Zaid - Day 5 - Throat Slit
Aaron Bourdon - Day 6 - Drowned

Open Field:
Andrew Klock - Day 3 - Shot

Hillside Cliff:
Cleo Barston - Day 5 - Eviscerated


The bodies listed here are characters that I know have died but I don't know where yet.

Edit from Riserugu: Because she does remember where these people died, least... I think I got it right. >.>;;

Edit from d0ddi0slave: 'cuz I remembered a few more, and fixed River, who ran into the woods, which was a danger zone at the time.

Edit from Ladymakaze: THE MAKA WUZ HERE! In other words, I confirmed some of the (?) dates and added Dahlia Riviera. Also, I notice that DAHLIA'S DEATH WAS NEVER MENTIONED IN THE ANNOUNCEMENTS. No idea if this will affect the order or anything, but....yeah o_O

Edit from d0ddi0slave: Added Adib Harabbi.

Edit from Megami: I added Cleo Barston, I THINK she died on Day 5 but I'm not 100% sure. I'll go confirm later. Thanks for your help guys! Also added Shinya Motomura, Aaron Bourdon, and Jake Driggers.

Maka suggested that we list the killers out beside the dead just as sort of a ... quick reference, I suppose. What do you all think?

Edit from d0ddi0slave: moved Callum Hadley to his proper deathplace.

Edit from Riserugu: Added Sven Kekule.

This post has been edited by riserugu on Dec 9 2005, 02:48 AM
Posted: Dec 7 2005, 07:34 PM


Helena died in the Makeshift Hospital, if memory serves me correctly... she was the one I got snarked at for XD
Posted: Dec 7 2005, 08:40 PM

Such a shame that I didn't know by now

Group: 20
Posts: 1,316
Member No.: 29
Joined: 2-July 05

QUOTE (Swoosh @ Dec 7 2005, 01:54 PM)

I can yield that one, because I'm one of the biggest users of the word.

Eviscerated is a word that essentially means that the person has been sliced open and essentially has most of their insides (or their viscera, as it's actually called) fall out or get taken out of their body. It's quite gory, and is basically the human equivilent of a filet.

Think in the manga, if Shinji hadn't taped himself up (a move that is quite possibly the coolest thing ever, IMO) his internal organs would have fallen out everywhere - thus he would have been eviscerated.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's always the interpretation that I've gone by.
Posted: Dec 7 2005, 09:19 PM

K08y0-67cv ;f09358234905h4et9069rghop3490t834000y954y-0hnrgu83ty

Group: Admin
Posts: 8,388,607
Member No.: 28
Joined: 1-July 05

Minase was shot at the Lookout Point, Dahlia Riviera was pretty much ripped apart at the Gazebo.
Posted: Dec 7 2005, 10:15 PM

This is the field where soul meets body

Group: Members
Posts: 400
Member No.: 25
Joined: 30-June 05

I thought Minase died of AIDS?

lol, thats going way back slayer.
Posted: Dec 8 2005, 03:03 AM

K08y0-67cv ;f09358234905h4et9069rghop3490t834000y954y-0hnrgu83ty

Group: Admin
Posts: 8,388,607
Member No.: 28
Joined: 1-July 05

Harabbi Adib was shot in the Bamboo Coppace.
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