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 Game Evaluations, Midpoints and Endpoints
Posted: Dec 4 2005, 08:03 PM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 13-June 05

As suggested by guitarjack87...
...With a template brought to you by LadyMakaze...

Game Evaluations:

Fill them out, and either post them into this topic or PM them to a Mod/Admin. Once a staffmember has seen your game evaluation, it shall be tacked onto your character profile. These game evaluations are highly suggested, but aren't mandatory. They're just here to allow people to better roleplay with your character, and to learn more things about them without having to look around at a bazillion threads (as the case might be with quite a few characters).

Have fun! :lol:


[b]Killed by:[/b] (name, order of death, manner, location)

[b]Collected Weapons:[/b]



[B]Mid-game evaluation:[/B]

[B]End-game evaluation:[/B]

[B]Memorable Quote(s):[/B]

If you don't have an end-game evaluation yet, then that's fine. We'll just keep it tacked on with that space blank (along with the "Killed by" field, of course). Just put a neat N/A in the fields that you can't fill out. Don't sweat over it! ^_^
Posted: Dec 4 2005, 08:33 PM


Group: Members
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( Hope I did this right? )

Peri Barclay

Kills: Five

Killed by: Anghrad Davies-Bathroom Facility- Pummeled to death by 9mm rounds

Andrew Mutaneau- Dark Caves- More pummeling from the Ingram

Umi Martin- Old warehouse-Shot in the chest with the six shot

Thom chuck- ??????

Ian Hardgrave- Dirt path- Beheaded with a saber

Collected Weapons: 9mm Ingram, Shuriken stars, Ghilli Camoflauge suit, Saber, Magnum, Colt Magnum

Allies: Stevan Hyde

Enemies: Jacob Starr, Elise Aversano, Anghrad Davies

Mid-game evaluation: The young psycopath is still breathing and with his good arsenal of weapons he seems to be on his way to winning this years programme.Wth no shortage of students wishing to ally themselves with him, he could cause trouble for Danya and co.A Succesful student who accepted the mechanics of the game. Possible marketing opportunities in future.

End-game evaluation: N/A

Memorable Quote(s): "Youre lucky,God loves fat kids" and " He didnt do the truffle I cut his had off
Posted: Dec 4 2005, 11:16 PM

This is the field where soul meets body

Group: Members
Posts: 400
Member No.: 25
Joined: 30-June 05

Kills: 3 1/2: Marcus Roddy (assist), Madelaine Shirohara, Amanda Jones, Fredrik Hughes

Killed by: heh.

Collected Weapons: (Boomerang) starting weapon, (Walther P99) from David, then to Sydney, {Smith and Wesson .375, Hand axe (to Vince Samsa), Tire Iron} from Madelaine Shirohara

Allies: none

Enemies: Sydney Crosby, Adam Dodd, Chance Burton, Lyndi Thibodeaux, Elsie Darroch, Vince Samsa

Mid-game evaluation:
Danya examined the document spread in front of him, occasionally flicking a bit of ash off the tip of his smoking cigar. He seemed almost bored as he flipped through the stack of papers on each boy and girl who inhabited the island, reading the mid-game evaluations that had been presented to him by his leutenants. He pulled a file out, flipped it open, and began to read.

He began the game quite harmlessly, spending most of his first day setting up traps and listening to music, seemingly trying to keep his mind off the game he was playing. He then caught his first victim, a boy by the name of Marcus Roddy, who he then beat to within an inch of his life. He let him go, wandering away from the area. He encountered Max and Shinya at the Ravine, losing a finger there and running off, continuing his quest to find a more adequate weapon than the boomerang he was given. He found a motorcycle in a shack near the small house, named it Loretta, and has been using it as his cheif method of transportation ever since. He next found himself at the warehouse, continuing his neverending search for a better weapon, and encountered the dynamic duo of Amanda Jones and Madelaine Shirohara, who proceeded to knock him out temporarily with a tire-iron-to-the-head. This may have knocked a few screws loose, since Cody has not been the same since. He seems to be growing more and more unstable with each minute he remains alive, and can be considered quite dangerous. He has since raped and killed Madelaine Shirohara, shot and killed Amanda Jones, and killed another boy by the name of Fred Hughes. He has numerous enimies still alive on the island and is in an ever increasing state of mental confusion. Vegas Oddsmakers have his chance of survival at 55-1.

End-game evaluation:

Memorable Quote(s): She was good, a real spinner.
Maybe I should just attack him. Yeah! perfecto!
One...Two...Three little indians...
Ok, bitch that pushed me, I am not object to kicking your ass either, so, unless the albino fag and the pig woman in the back seat move, And the asshole over here shuts his mouth, I might have to just smack you around a little-throwback to the proelium region days
Posted: Dec 4 2005, 11:21 PM

K08y0-67cv ;f09358234905h4et9069rghop3490t834000y954y-0hnrgu83ty

Group: Admin
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Joined: 1-July 05

Wouldn't "killed by" mean that someone killed them?
Jacob Starr
Kills: Seven (eight? Hawley did die from the infected burn and other wounds)

Killed: Morgana Vendvmagli: stabbed several times and shot in the forehead (river), Alan Shinwrath: Shot in the face (bamboo coppace), Edward Rommel: died from bullet wounds (woods), Uriel Hunter: accidentally shot in the head and decapitated when a flashbang blinded Jacob (school), Rais Sekth: stabbed in the back (river), Garrett Langston: stabbed in the heart after a long fight ( small house) & David Jackson: shot several times before being finished off with three point blank shots to the face (woods).

Death: Throat slit with his own knife by Adam Dodd after a fight.

Collected Weapons: Combat knife (kabar), Molotov Cocktails, Manurhin MR73 revolver (out of ammo) & Browning BDM pistol (discarded before fight with Adam, now in Dodd's possession).

Allies: Formerly Dorian Grey, formerly Peri and Steve before gunfight at hospital.

Enemies: Most people on the island, especially Peri Barclay, Garrett Langston and Adam Dodd (his killer)

Mid-game evaluation: Cold, quiet, and has a ruthless streak, Jacob has a lot of potential for the game. We know he won't hesitate to kill, but it obviously clashes with his past and police family. Quite a predicament: kill to survive, or abide by the law and die? Seems Jacob's made his choice. When he first woke up, the viewers of SOTF were given a rare bit of humor as the bag he was given was thrown off the helicopter and landed right on his head. Not wasting any time, Jacob immediately searched through his bag for his weapon: a Kabar combat knife (the same type used by the U.S. Marines). Impressed, he made up his mind to play the game and headed off, not wishing to encounter anyone in such a vacant area. After wandering around, he eventually ended up at the River, where he encountered a student for the first time, Uriel Hunter. Though he despised Uriel, and they were in close proximity, they ignored each other as Jacob refilled his water bottles and walked off again, this time headed towards the lighthouse. Upon reaching the lighthouse, he encountered Uriel again, this time agreeing to make an alliance with him. Shortly after, Garrett Langston appeared, aiming a crossbow at them and telling them to leave. Provoked, Jacob attacked him and stabbed him several times, himself taking a crossbow bolt to the shoulder. Despite his efforts, Garrett managed to flee and escape through a window, with Jacob and Uriel deciding not to give chase. Shortly after, the trio of Alan Shinwrath, Hawley Faust, and Adam Dodd appeared. Telling Uriel to use the lighthouse fuel to make Molotov Cocktails, Jacob watched for the group's intentions and slashed Alan in the face when he got close enough. When the other two boys noticed, Jacob fled upstairs and took the Molotovs from Uriel, going to a nearby window to throw them down at the three. After throwing two at Hawley, he managed to burn the redheaded and bespectacled boy in the arm before a third molotov was shot in his hand, causing a burn to his own arm. Knowing they couldn't win, Jacob and Uriel fled to the river.
Uriel and Jacob had split up on the way to the river, and Jacob encountered a gun weilding girl named Morgana Vendvmagli and attacked her despite her claims that she didn't want to play. After a quick struggle, Jacob shot her in the head and took the gun, along with whatever ammo she had. After that, he met Uriel again, who alerted him that the boy from the lighthouse was at the river with another boy. Moving upstream, Jacob and Uriel attacked them (Edward Rommel and Garrett Langston) with both the gun and a molotov cocktail. They both escaped, but Jacob had (unknown to both him and Edward at the time) fatally wounded Edward. Chasing them, Uriel and Jacob ended up at the Bamboo Coppace and got into a gun battle which resulted in the deaths of Venka Rapler (a stray bullet hit Hawley and he accidentally shot her) and Alan Shinwrath (shot in the head by Jacob). The coppace was burned down by a Molotov thrown at the beginning of the battle. After Alan died, all three groups (Edward and Garrett, Hawley and Adam, and Jacob and Uriel) fled, going off in their own directions. Uriel and Jacob tried to chase Edward and Garrett, but got lost and ended up at the school, where during a patrol Jacob ran into Adam and Hawley and another gunfight began, with Jacob taking cover behind part of the school's wall while Adam and Hawley hid in some nearby bushes. Eventually Uriel arrived and started throwing the last Molotovs at the group, the first one hitting a tree and the second one being blasted out of the air and creating a literal firewall between the two groups. Adam and Hawley took the opportunity to escape, and Jacob and Uriel ran through the firewall before deciding not to give chase and moved on, looking for more powerful weapons.
Reaching the Hillside Cliff, Jacob and Uriel encountered Blaine Eno, who Jacob chased off by shooting repeatedly at him. After a quick discussion, they agreed to head back to the school. The school was where the alliance ended, as a girl named Heather Pendergast ambushed them, using a flashbang to blind them. Jacob was shot several times during the attack, and Uriel had his lower jaw blasted off by another flashbang after engaging the girl in hand to hand combat. Jacob, thinking he knew where Heather was, fired his gun but accidentally shot Uriel's head off instead.
Leaving the school, Jacob again found himself at the river, where he got the drop on a classmate named Rais Sekth and killed him with a stab to the back (Rais' last word, funnily enough, was "damn".). Since his other gun had run out of ammo, and his suit jacket was tattered, Jacob took Rais' gun (a Browning BDM, the gun he'd use for the remainder of the game) and his trenchcoat before moving off again. Arriving at the small house, he encountered Katherine Marks and attacked her, wounding her several times. Before he could finish her off, Cillian Crowe distracted him by throwing a rock at him and Kathering escaped. Cillian had also scurried off, so when Jacob searched around the house for him, he found nothing and decided to go to sleep (having not slept since the game started, he needed the rest). When he woke up, he found the boy Stevan Hyde near him and held him at gunpoint. After a quick discussion with him and Peri Barclay, he agreed to a (very temporary) alliance. Unfortunately for him and the alliance, he had an epiphany of sorts and decided not to play the game any longer, convincing Peri (not Stevan though, as he left before Jacob and Peri) to only fight in self defense (though that lasted about as long as the alliance).
Going after Stevan, Peri and Jacob found themselves at the hospital, where Jacob also encountered David Jackson, and all hell broke loose. Almost instantly, Peri, David, and Jacob were in a Mexican Standoff, each pointing a gun at one another. The tension broke when Jacob's finger slipped and he accidentally fired his gun, causing another large gunfight (surprisingly, except for a few grazes, Jacob was the only one to get hurt, taking a bit of buckshot to the right foot) which ended when Jacob and David helped Amanda, Madelaine, Hawley and Marcus escape to the river, though they left Elise Aversano to die.
When he again reached the river, he faced nigh immediate hostility, even when he disarmed himself his gun was taken by Amanda Jones and pressed to his own head. After a tense negotiation, he agreed to leave and did so after taking back his weapons. Shortly after leaving, he met Dorian Grey, a student with plans to escape. Jacob played along with this idea, and had yet another alliance after agreeing to help.
The first stop for Dorian and Jacob was the small house, where Jacob again met Garrett Langston, who was determined to kill him. Defending himself, Jacob killed Garrett with a stab to the heart after a tough fight. After having Dorian clean his jammed gun and tending to the injuries Garrett gave him, the two decided to go to the warehouse, unknowingly being followed by Angarhad Davies. When they reached the warehouse, they encountered both Angarhad and Cody. Shortly after the encounter, Angarhad fired at Cody and ran off before Jacob could shoot her.
Almost immediately afterwards, Amanda literally dropped in on them, followed not long after by Madelaine. Agreeing that leaving would be the best choice for him (he didn't want any trouble with Adam), he left the warehouse. While in the woods, he decided that playing the game was the only way out and turned back, kicking the door shut and locking it before shooting the lock to seal the door. This attracted the attention of Adam and David, who both hurried to the warehouse. Slipping behind a tree, he watched as Adam tried to open the door and came out to try and shoot him, but David arrived and fired at him. Not wishing to take on both at once, Jacob ran into the woods, leading David farther and farther away from help. Eventually, Jacob ambushed David and killed him after a quick gunfight.

End-game evaluation: Got too cocky and ended up dead. Too bad, he was quite a contender. Bet a lot of people lost money when he bit it. After killing David, Jacob rested at the Gazebo only to come face to face with Adam. After a short conversation which revealed Jacobs rationale for playing (sheer will to survive), the two boys came to blows. At first, Jacob was winning the fight, but when he tried to finish Adam off, the other boy turned the tables on him and slashed his throat with his own knife. Jacob tried to detonate his collar, but he bled to death before he could apply adequate pressure.

Memorable Quote(s): "No matter why you fight, or how hard you try, I will defeat you!" said to Garrett during fight, "I chose the path of the killer, and now I'm damned to walk that path to the day I die." though while leaving the scene of his fight against David & "Cody didn't kill David, I did, so if you want revenge you should start with me.", said to Adam before the fight that killed him.
Posted: Dec 4 2005, 11:57 PM

Such a shame that I didn't know by now

Group: 20
Posts: 1,316
Member No.: 29
Joined: 2-July 05

Kills: (4) B29 - Blaine Eno, B11 - Marcus Roddy, B14 - Jacob Starr, B62 - Shoar Wilson

Killed by: N/A

Collected Weapons: Ballestair-Molina, Remington 11-87, Mauser M2, Tokarev TT, Browning BDM, Aluminum Baseball Bat, Taser, Machete, Combat Knife

Allies: B03 - Alan Shinwrath (deceased), G05 - Amanda Jones (deceased), B22 - Hawley Faust (deceased), G21 - Madelaine Shirohara (deceased), B11 - Marcus Roddy (deceased), B17 - Andrew Lipson (deceased), B18 - David Jackson (deceased), B07 - River Garraty (deceased), B46 - Martyn Ferdinand, G34 - Jill Gatling

Enemies: B14 - Jacob Starr (deceased), B50 - Cody Jenson, G26 - Nanami Nishida (deceased)

Mid-game evaluation: Adam Dodd started out as one of the kids in this game that most everyone figured would be dead by the end of the first day. Disillusioned with the thought of escaping, and flat out refusing to play the game right from the get-go, the odds on his survival were astronomically low. However, as Dodd survived for longer and longer, and outlasted nearly every single person that he came to befriend, it was realized that the unassuming Canadian had become one of the major players in the game, and if not one of the most popular students still standing on the island. From the demographics and studies that have been done on the viewing public, more than seventy-five percent favoured Dodd over many of the other students, and his imagine was undoubtedly the most popular visage out of all of the students on the island, dead or alive, with only Hawley Faust's popularity coming close. Danya has been known to personally despise the sarcastic redhead, openly cheering against him. However, at the same time, Dodd is one of the most important figures alive simply for the fact that his merchandise makes us more money than anyone else out there. He's the most quoteworthy student still alive, and the t-shirts and other merchandise with those quotes on them have made us thousands of dollars. While the Toronto Maple Leafs and Audioslave have both publically spoken out about SOTF and how that even though their logos and merchandise are featured in the game, they do not support it whatsoever, the fact remains that because of Adam Dodd, and because of SOTF, the sale of Leafs jerseys and Audioslave merchandise has skyrocketed thanks to the exposure.

On the island, Dodd has slipped into somewhat of a depression at the death of his friends. Finding his girlfriend dead was essentially what we here at SOTF have deemed 'the straw that broke the camel's back' and it seems that at this point, Dodd has begun to play, first eliminating Jacob Starr (another student who was near the top of the odds to survive) and Shoar Wilson (a loner nobody who attacked another student out of fear). While Dodd still seems to be holding onto his bare moral fiber, a lot of people are thinking that his sanity is very close to leaving him. If and when that happens, Adam Dodd could be a very dangerous competitior indeed, thanks in part to his logical thinking skills and his truckload of weapons.

At this point, however, Dodd still has his wits about him, and his quite evidently waging an internal battle as he stalks Cody Jenson around the island. He obviously feels awful about killing, but as he said to Jacob Starr, he has decided he will do whatever it takes, no matter how much it hurts him. Whether or not he does end up killing Jenson is hard to say, but the country will watch as their hero either finishes what he started, or dies by the hand of one of the sicker students still alive.

His Vegas odds are currently standing at 5-2, he currently has the best survival odds out of anyone. Many are thinking that Adam's game will end with one of two events: the elimination of the last student, or the elimination of his own sanity. Which will come first, only time will tell.

End-game evaluation: TBD.

Memorable Quote(s): "It doesn't make any FUCKING sense to me. Then again, you're terrorists. Why should it make sense? Maybe the US isn't going to save us. Maybe we'll have to play it to the end. Be that as it may, I am personally promising you, Danny - yeah, that's right, you forget, I pay attention to your little shitty jokes - well, Danny, I promise you - the person who stands before you at the end of thie game will be me. The person who stares you down, and points a gun at your forehead will be me. The person who makes you beg for your life like a little bitch - that'll be me, too. And then the person who puts a bullet into your forehead, to remind you how people like Andrew Lipson felt before they died? That motherfucker will be me as well." - ranting at a camera in the Eastern Shore after discovering the body of Andrew Lipson.

"And as much as your offer of rapage with the butter knife was exciting, I'm going to have to pass, I'm just NOT in the mood today." - to Marie Zaid in the bathrooms after she walked in on him showering.

"You know...I...I really hope that he's friendly...because...yeah. Well...he's fuckin' HUGE! God, he could probably eat me, and still have room left in him for you." - to Hawley Faust, after seeing Marcus Roddy for the first time.

"In any case, we know one thing about you,'re a durable fellow. If you were a company, I'd buy stock in you." - to Hawley Faust.

"And yeah, I know that they can hear me, and that's fine. I hope they're listening. Because goddamn you, Danya, you're going to pay for what you've done. You're going to pay for Andrew Lipson, and now you're going to pay for Hawley Faust. I hope they are listening, Madelaine, because I want them to know that I'm coming for them. I'll get out, one way or another, and when I do, I won't rest until they're all dead. All of them." - after witnessing the death of Hawley Faust.

"So yeah. Before you judge me, before you say anything, trust me, I've said it to myself; I've judged myself ten ways from Monday. So...go ahead, think whatever you want to. Yeah, I told you that I wouldn't kill anyone in cold blood. I won't. Did I say that I hadn't killed anyone? No." - explaining to Jill Gatling his decisions while in the game

"This game brings out the worst in you all, I promise you that. I promise you that by the time your time has come, you'll probably be hating yourself for one reason or another. Fuck, I know I do. I dont' hate myself because I killed someone though, no. I hate myself because I couldn't protect the people that were most important to me. And guys, I hate to break it to you, but fuck, if you think that you're going to get out of here unscathed, you aren't. You won't, you can't. Everyone has their innocence ruined by this game, and that's not an opinion, that's a fact.

I'm leaving this place, and I'm never going to return. I've seen more of my friends die in this river that I thought that I ever would. If you want to find me, you'll be following the motorcycle sounds. I've got a new purpose on this island. I'm going to fucking murder Cody Jensen, and I'm going to do it in cold blood. You see, he took away my friends, their innocence, he took away my fucking soul, and for that, I've got a duty to fulfill: I've got to make sure that he rots in fucking hell, sitting next to the devil himself."
- after discovering the bodies of Madelaine and Amanda

"Cracker?" - offering Jacob Starr a cracker, just before the two fought for the last time.

"That's the thing, though, Jacob. You and I took very different paths to where we are now. I made a promise to six people that I'd help protect them and I'd find a way off of the island. Now they're all dead. That tells me that in order to get off of this island, I've gotta do what I've gotta do.

No matter how much it fucking eats me up inside."
- explaining to Jacob his rationale for playing.

Posted: Dec 5 2005, 01:06 AM

Savage Intent.

Group: 20
Posts: 755
Member No.: 32
Joined: 20-July 05

Designated Weapon: Tire Iron (to B50 Jensen)
Kills: G21 Nishida

Killed by: B50 Jensen, 52nd to die, Throat torn apart while raped, at the River

Collected Weapons: S&W .375 (from B18 Jackson, to B50 Jensen), Hand Axe(from B29 Eno, to B50 Jensen)

Allies: G26 Nishida, B77 Dodd, G05 Jones, B22 Faust, B18 Jackson, B11 Roddy, B46 Ferdinand, G34 Gatling

Enemies: G26 Nishida, B50 Jenson, B29 Eno

Mid-game evaluation:
Upon Game Start, G21 Madelaine Shirohara quickly met and allied herself with several fellow participants of the game, all of whom she heavily relied on and remained loyal to throughout the duration of their time on the island. It is to be noted that despite not having any prior association with the person in question, Madelaine quickly formed an especially close bond of friendship between herself and her earliest ally, G05 Amanda Jones. Other such close bonds include that shared with B77 Adam Dodd, B22 Hawley Faust, B11 Marcus Roddy, and B18 David Jackson. It would seem that throughout the duration of her time on the island, Madelaine depended heavily on the presence of her 'comrades', demonstrating her strong, albeit base-lacking ideals of friendship and hope. Despite the strain of ongoing circumstances, Madelaine has demonstrated a remarkably resilient will to live, finding motivation and solace in the presence of her allies and having a strong hold on her sense of self. As for her position within her group of allies, Madelaine can be seen somewhat as a source of solace and hope for the comrades around her. Having firmly refused to participate fully in the game, Subject had been of the naive ideal that escape from the island was a possibility within reach of her group, despite numerous events that have caused her hope to diminish at varying intervals.

Such events include the brief reunion between Madelaine and her childhood friend, G26 Nanami Nishida. This particular friendship had been seen by Madelaine in particular as a bond of mutual trust, caring, and understanding. However, as it quickly turns out, this ideal was simply disillusionment, a false relationship with involving underlying mistrust, lifelong resentment, and borderline passion-aggression on G26 Nanami Nishida's part. Seeing as her former best friend had decided to turn against the object of her resentment and the rest of the group, Madelaine saw fit to kill Nanami, in an effort to protect her friends.
Following this confrontation, Madelaine's sense of self began to slip. Having been disillusioned by the false friendship between Nanami and herself, Madelaine quickly regressed into the thoughts and musings in her mind, as a makeshift shelter against the circumstances around her. As a result, her voice was temporarily impaired, which lead to impaired communication between Madelaine and the rest of the group. Gradually, with little success at first, she was soon coaxed out of her silence by G05 Amanda Jones. However, only upon discovering that B22 Hawley Faust was dying did she fully emerged from her proverbial refuge. Upon the death of the person in question, Madelaine regained her sense of self, having realized that she must accept reality around her, in order to protect the friends she still had.
Despite refusing outright to play the game, Madelaine has proven to be fairly capable of looking after herself and her comrades, showing no hesitation to act in self-defense. However, it is clear that Madelaine is greatly troubled by the violence and death occurring around her, particularly that of her friends. It would be plausible to assume that Madelaine's own state of mind and level of hope depends greatly on the presence and well-being of her comrades.

End-game evaluation:
Shortly after returning to the River where the deaths of Hawley and Nanami occurred, Madelaine was caught alone and unawares by the familiar form of B50, Cody Jensen. Prior to this encounter, Madelaine had delivered a crushing blow to the back of Cody's head with her tire iron, as a way of protecting her friend. With is state of mind no longer fully intact, Cody saw the perfect opportunity to take revenge, first separating her from her group, and then brutally raping her. During the assault, Madelaine's throat was rent apart as Cody bit into her neck, resulting in a slow and painful death.

Having been caught on her own, without her current comrades standing by her at the time, Madelaine quickly became an easy target. It would be plausible to assume that the presence of her friends and allies was the sole reason she lasted as long as she had done, and only once she was left alone was she made vulnerable to the miscreants of the island. It would seem that her death, and the manner of which she was killed has inflicted a significant impact on several participants in particular, namely those who were closest to her at the time of her death.

Memorable Quote(s):
"I'll never play this game. But I'll never give in without fighting." -to Amanda, at the Open Field

"I can protect the both of us." -to Amanda, at the Open Field
"...the desire to feed on the misery of others, the desire to hate...both are actually very normal, human things. That said, who says we can't choose to rise above all that?" -to Hawley, at the Small House

"I'd rather die than be defeated." -concluding her rant, at the Small House

"Both of you have something to look for, something more important to you than anything else. That fact alone may as well be the main thing keeping you from giving up completely to this game. As long as you're still living and still looking, you might as well keep on living. Because you'll know that there's always hope." -to Amanda and Hawley, departing the Lighthouse.

"Killing is a last resort, so don't lose your nerve, just because you're feeling inadequate about the size of your weapon." -to David, upon arriving at the Makeshift Hospital

"I swear, I'll never leave you alone again. I swear by my life." -to Nanami, at the River.

"There's still hope for us. And it'll be together this time." -shortly after Hawley's death, at the River.

"...I didn't want to die like this..."
-last thoughts.
Queen Asshat
Posted: Dec 6 2005, 01:39 AM


Group: Guide Moderator
Posts: 277
Member No.: 66
Joined: 5-October 05

b]Kills:[/b] Vince Samsa

Killed by: N/A

Collected Weapons:Gun (started with) Hatchet (got from Cody Jenson and lost it to him shortly after.

Allies: At one time Vince was allied with Lyndi, Elsie, and Fred Hughes but with the death of Fred Vince has decided to abandon that alliance and move on his own.

Enemies: Cody Jenson, Lyndi, and that is it.

Mid-game evaluation:

End-game evaluation:

Memorable Quote(s): "It's only after you've lost everything," Vince said quietly "that you're free to do anything."- His reasoning for why the island was a good thing.

Only in death where you free from the madness that was Survival Of The Fittest. In this aspect he envied Fred and pitied Cody and Lyndi. - thoughts on SOTF

And Danya, he couldn’t be such a bad guy Survival Of The Fittest sort of made sense when you thought about it, you have to show these kids freedom by enslaving them, and show them courage by frightening them. - Thoughts On Danya
Don't know what to put for Mid and End game evaluations.
Posted: Feb 2 2006, 06:14 AM

Princess of Highland

Group: Admin
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Joined: 26-October 05

*resurrects topic*

Character: Ryan Ashmore

Kills: None

Killed by: Still Living

Collected Weapons: Bowie Knife (Issued Weapon)

Allies: Drew Lynn, Cassie Webber, Arsenio Thanodeus, Lyndi Thibodeaux

Enemies: Cody Jenson

Mid-game Evaluation: Saying Ryan had it rough from the beginning of SOTF onward would be an understatement. Due to unknown circumstances, Ryan woke up days after he had been dropped onto the island, just in time to hear that over 50 of his classmates had been killed. Hightailing it to the small house, Ryan quickly found himself trapped by a fellow student who he assumed was looking to end his life.

Somehow managing to escape the sticky situation at the small house, Ryan fled the area and found himself at the eastern shore, where he first encountered Cassie Webber. After an exchange of words, Ryan came to the realization that Cassie was sane, and that there were in fact sane people still left on the island. At this point, he decided to leave it up to Cassie to call the shots, and the duo wound up heading for the bathroom facility.

At the bathroom facility, the two encountered Angharad Davies, a young woman who had become a shell of her former self during the events of the game. Ryan attempted to come to the girl's aide, but she attacked him instead. Narrowly escaping Angharad's wrath, Ryan made his first attempt at "playing" the game... to which, he failed miserably. Retreating outside, Ryan proceeds to question his faith in humanity and God until Cassie intervenes.

After leaving Angharad for dead, the decision on where to go next is left up to Ryan. Deciding on the woods as a location, the duo takes off. It is in the woods that Ryan and Cassie meet two more "contestants", Drew Lynn and Arsenio Thanodeus. After quite a stand-off, the four come to the decision that each is trustworthy. Their group is quickly broken up by Cody Jenson, however, who seems to have a prisoner in tow.

Arsenio takes it upon himself to protect the group, only to receive three gunshot wounds to the chest during the battle that ensued afterward. Drew and Cassie fled, but Ryan stayed behind in an attempt to rescue Cody's "prisoner", a girl he went to school with. As Cody and Arsenio continued in their fight, Ryan seized the opportunity and fled into the woods with Lyndi.

Little did he know what was waiting for him...

End-game Evaluation: To Be Determined.

Memorable Quote(s): "I was the one who was going to be something big, not them." - Reflection at the Small House.

"Every Sunday in church, they preached about how you'd help us through our tough times, carry us through when the going got tough. Well, where the fuck are you now, huh? If you're really up there, if you're this omnipotent being that they always preached about, then what the hell are you doing letting something like this happen?! These people are DYING and nobody is doing anything to stop it! We're supposed to be your CHILDREN! You're letting them slaughter us like animals!" - Questioning Faith at the Bathroom Facility.
Posted: Feb 2 2006, 10:40 AM

I Hate, Therefore i Am

Group: Members
Posts: 479
Member No.: 38
Joined: 2-August 05

Kills: Elise Aversano(Shot in stomach) Daisuke Andou(Neck Broken) Kouji Ginsenshi(Shot through back of head with shotgun)

Killed by:N/A

Collected Weapons: Spas 12 shotgun(Dessignated), 9mm pistol, Glock.

Allies: Peri Barclay, Eh-Sun Choi

Enemies: Jason Andrews, Jacobb Starr, Antonio Franchini, David Jackson, Shannon Mclocke, Callum Hadley

Mid-game evaluation: He started the game a little late, Just as lazy as ever, But he has made up for it with continuos gun fights in almost every area he has visited. He took a small break after his first klill but is now back on track and looking to take down as many as possible. The student seems to have an growing obession with fame from his deaths, Possibly due to heroe's such as serial killers, Ed Gein and Charles Manson.

The small arsenal he has retrived has kept him breathing so far, But sustaining his first major wound. A Gun shot to the arm. He could do with more weapons to keep him going, bullets dont last forever, but atleast they kill people for a very long time.

He has created probally the best alliance on the island, coupling himself with student Peri Barclay and between the two they have quite the body count, This alliance is not expected to last untill end game though, The two boys love for violence and death could flare of at any moment. The bright side it is will get a helluva lot of ratings

End-game evaluation:N/A

Memorable Quote(s):"Why dont we just kill them all now, They like the sheep and were the wolves, there asking to be killed and dont give me that crap about stealth because as soon as the first shot goes off there going to know were here anyway"

"Smoke us up"
Posted: Feb 2 2006, 09:34 PM

Princess of Highland

Group: Admin
Posts: 647
Member No.: 71
Joined: 26-October 05

Character: Jill Gatling

Kills: Girl 69 - Luca Donovan (Shot in forehead)

Killed by: Still Living

Collected Weapons: Nailgun

Allies: Adam Dodd, Martyn Ferdinand, Jack O'Connor, Michael Suarez, Madelaine Shirohara (deceased), Amanda Jones (deceased).

Enemies: Luca Donovan (deceased).

Mid-game Evaluation: Starting the game on somewhat of a detour after an accident that occurred while she was dropped from the helicopter, Jill began at the Eastern Shore. Finding the place to be all but desolate, she soon decided to head toward shelter. Once she had decided on the warehouse, Jill set off from the eastern shore, in somewhat of a dillusional state.

Upon her arrival at the warehouse, Jill encountered the duo of Adam Dodd and Martyn Ferdinand, who were currently in a rather sticky situation. Together, the three of them managed to free Amanda Jones and Madelaine Shirohara from their warehouse prison, and not a moment too soon. Just as the trio entered the warehouse and reunited with the girls, Mr. Danya declared the place a danger zone, and the five of them had to hightail it out of there.

This decision brought the five to the river, a place that held much signifance to seemingly everyone in the party except for Jill. At the river, the group met up with another semi-large group, leaving Jill feeling uncomfortable around the many people who had united in the area. Her feelings of discomfort were quickly washed away, however, when Madelaine and Amanda both lost their lives to Cody Jenson at this site.

At this point, the group split up, going their seperate ways. Jill found herself wandering into an open field, where she was soon accompanied by Martyn. Martyn had discovered a new battery for his laptop his friends had given him as an early birthday present. With this new-found asset, Martyn was ready to formulate a plan to escape the island. In the open field, the two encountered Jack O'Connor, a well-known hacker around the school.

After teaming up with Jack, and at Martyn's suggestion, the three headed to the river. Jill arrived at the river just in time to see a body topple over the falls, further scaring the young woman. The river trip proved relatively uneventful after that, and after picking up another addition, Michael Suarez, the group set out to the warehouse.

Arriving first at the warehouse, Jill was greeted by a bullet to the shoulder from Luca Donovan, who had perched herself atop the roof of the warehouse after it had been cleared from being a danger zone. A struggle ensued between the two women, with another new face, Gilbert Archambault, trying to come to Jill's aide. The fight ended when Luca finally suffered a bullet to the forehead from her own gun.

During this critical moment for Jill, another battle ensued, as a bullet from Gilbert's gun misfired. Jason Andrews popped onto the scene and was almost hit by it. Jason in turn shot Gilbert, killing him, only to in turn be killed by Adam Dodd, who had returned to the warehouse. After an exchange of words between Jack and Adam, Jack and Martyn headed into the warehouse, leaving Jill to vent her frustrations on Adam.

At current, Jill Gatling is still surviving, but has not been labeled a contender for her lack of weaponry, attitude toward killing, etc. Jill is not presumed to survive much longer.

End-game Evaluation: To Be Determined.

Memorable Quote(s): "I'm just glad one of you has enough manners to wait for a lady." - To Martyn Ferdinand at the Warehouse.

"You missed quite the party." - To Adam Dodd at the warehouse.

"It's probably just another ploy, just something else to give us false hope." - To Adam Dodd, Warehouse.

"If you're the only one left... make sure you kill that motherfucker." -To Dodd, Warehouse
Posted: Feb 7 2006, 02:22 AM

There are many sides to a story

Group: Moderators
Posts: 299
Member No.: 34
Joined: 29-July 05

Jeremy Torres Male Student #54

Kills: 0

Killed by: no one, still alive

Collected Weapons: A now bloody sickle

Allies: Fred and Glenn Hughes, Scott Jameson, Heather Pendergast, Mallory DeLuca, Nevera Aero ((Jeremy has yet to realize his cousin Ryan Torres is also on the island, it is presumed they will be allies once they meet up))

Enemies: Antonio Franchini

Mid-game evaluation: Starting the game at the old warehouse Jeremy Torres was alone and scared. He knew he wasn't going to start killing students but he didn't believe he could trust anyone, especially since he knew no one on the island. (Unkown to Jeremy, his cousin would be thrown on the island a little later) Jeremy met Fredrick Hughes early in the game, meeting at the warehouse, an encounter that would change him forever.

After a brief discussion the two boys learned to trust each other and Jeremy promised to help Fred find his twin brother, Glenn. Using a cell phone they heard Glenn before the cell phone died. Before the two set off though Heather Pendergast came in, loaded with weapons. The wild girl soon became another of Jeremy's ally and the three set off to find Glenn.

After a short search they did find Glenn, and when the brothers were re-united, Jeremy continued to follow Fred around, until a couple incidents led them to a shootout at the river. Jeremy wasn't harmed luckily and the now growing group went to the makeshift hospital. Meeting up with another friendly group outside the hospital Jeremy was going to sing his name on a paper to be part of a group that would attempt to escape from the island. Jeremy never did get to sign his name before the group was ambushed.

Ending up inside the makeshift hospital the group was forced to hold off against a group of attacking players. Jeremy's sickle became lodged in Mallory's shin, and Glenn went to help her. That's when Glenn and Mallory met. After the sickle was out Jeremy took it back and met Mallory. Jeremy's best friend on the island was Fred, and Fred then decided to run off to lead the attackers away. Jeremy was now worried about Fred, but the group headed to the school...wrong choice.

It wasn't long before the school became another battle ground, Jeremy recieved more wounds, and the group was dispering in all directions. Jeremy then got in a shootout with Antonio. When Jeremy and Antonio were both held up by a more powerfully armed opponent Jeremy makes a deal to work with Antonio, only to backstab him and run off to the lookout point to meet up with Glenn and Mallory, only Jeremy never gets to the lookout point.

Jeremy ended up at the small house where he met up with neville. Quickly becoming friends as she helped bandage Jeremy's wounds, they were visited by Scott. Scott initiall was playing the game and attacked Jeremy, but Jeremy overpowered the boy and forced the kid into submission, Jeremy wasn't a player of the game and believed in giving everyone a second chance, so Scott was given one and he earned his stay when he attacked Kouji helping Jeremy in the small house. It wasn't long though before Antonio showed up and started to shoot up the house, and Jeremy, Scott, and Nev made it out the back window.

Heading the the lookout point the three encountered Two bodied. One which was significant to Nev but it was Glenn's body that mattered to Jeremy. By this time Jeremy knew that Fred was dead and even with Nev and Scott by his side he never felt so empty and alone. They agreed to go to the waterfall to rest, but Jeremy got lost and ended up at the hillside cliff, where he was re-aquanted with Mallory. Jeremy agreed to help mallory find Glenn's killer, but he was told he couldn't help in the fight. They first went to search at the Gazebo.

Upon reaching the Gazebo Jeremy and Mallory were held up by an armed student, but randomly Mallory took off on her own leaving Jeremy alone. The student took mercy on Jeremy and headed off, and Jeremy was once again alone and decided to head back to the small house, which unknown to him now housed his cousin, a dead Antonio, and a couple other dead and alive students.

Jeremy is of now still living, but wounded, and his view on the game has cahnged greatly. Jeremy now will have no problem killing a student, he had already lost Fred, Glenn, and Mallory, and he knew that if everyone else is willing to play this game then he will have to fight fire with fire, but Jeremy will not stoop down to the others level, and he chooses to be a protector, helping out studends on the island. Jeremy has currently been on the island for a total of five days.

End-game evaluation: To be determined

Memorable Quote(s): "Yeah, I got shot, used my shirt to try to stop the bleeding. When you're being shot at by a shotgun, handgun, and a machine gun a couple bullets are bound to hit you."

"It's ok, everyone has emotions. Wouldnt be human if we didn't have them."

"Find the bed and get the sheets from it. We're going to tie the kid up. Murder is wrong, we won't do that, but I won't let him roam the island."

"If you try to resist I will kill you without hesitation. I am giving you a chance now to live, one mistake and I take that away. Do you understand?"
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