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Posted: Nov 20 2005, 07:28 AM

Princess of Highland

Group: Admin
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(OOC: Yeah, it's a little god-modded, but Riser is fully aware and I will/have edited anything she doesn't like.)

Shaking her head lightly as Callum handed her his shirt, Lyndi found herself in a state of near panic. She had no idea how to wrap a wound, and now they were expecting her to make the Hughes boy as good as new? She sighed a bit, then, with a lot of effort, managed to tear the shirt Callum had just handed her in half. By now, Fred had fainted against her shoulder, and was just now coming out of his current state. Trying to ignore the fact that he might be in serious trouble, Lyndi set off to work. Positioning herself behind Fred, she smiled gently.

"Listen," she mumbled quietly, simply talking to Fred, "I have to wrap these... Otherwise... you might bleed to death... or they might get infected... and we can't have that. Because... I want you to stick around, okay?"

Without so much as asking, Lyndi pulled the young man's shirt up to expose his torso. She then began wrapping the cloth around it, trying to cover the bullet wound inside of Fred's stomach. As she did so, she silently deliberated on which twin he was. One of them walked with a slight limp. Had he? She was not quite sure, as she had not seen him walk. One of them... she believed it was Fredrik... he had a scar. She was unsure of why, but he definitely had a scar. So did this twin. Going out on a limb, Lyndi decided she would call him Fred, and silently pray that he was indeed that twin.

She continued wrapping the cloth around Fred's torso, finally tying it off. She could not bear to look at her bandage work, she was sure it was horrible. It was probably too tight. Instead, she simply adjusted the boy's shirt for him, she had always been finicky about stuff like that. Afterwards, she went to work on the boy's arm, trying to wrap it the best way she knew how... which was not saying much, because she did not have the slightest idea. Somehow, she found herself a little embarrassed as she did so. Why was nobody else helping? They all seemed to be just standing there, and Lyndi felt as though they were watching her the entire time. Feeling somewhat uneasy, she was relieved as Fred suggested that they head to the lighthouse.

"I think that's a good idea. We should be... safe... there. It's shelter, anyway. Is that good enough? I don't know what I'm doing... Fred," she said the name hesitantly, almost afraid of the twin not being the one she thought he was, "I just... I tried. It's all I can do, right?"

She flashed him a kind smile, then looked over at Callum, who appeared ready to take off. After a moment, her eyes glided over in Elsie's direction. A half-hearted smile was cast toward Elsie, signifying that things were alright... even though they probably were not. Lyndi had always done that... always tried to make the best out of bad situations. Slowly, she rose to her feet, careful not to let Fred fall to the ground as she did so.

"What do you say, guys? Let's go to the lighthouse. Let's just get out of here. We'll be safe there. We can barricade ourselves in, and... maybe Fred can get some rest. That'd be best..."

The possibility of someone else being at the lighthouse already had never crossed Lyndi's mind, and it probably never would. After all, she had not been on the island since the game began, she had only just arrived. She had no idea what all had happened on this island, or what they would find at the lighthouse. Either way, it seemed like a good option at the time. The boys seemed to think so, anyway. Lyndi turned toward Elsie and motioned for her to join them.

"Come with us. Please?" she pleaded with the girl.
Posted: Nov 20 2005, 03:06 PM

Resident Snuggle Bunny ^__^ ::snuggles with you::

Group: Members
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Joined: 22-June 05

"Lyndi I need..." Elsie began. Elsie desperately needed to tell her about Matt and...

'... the baby.'

It was strange too think of 'it' as 'that'... Lyndi however seemed to be to preoccupied with Fred Hughes to have time for such a revelation. Elsie bit her tongue.

"The Lighthouse? Okay I'm coming with you."
Posted: Nov 20 2005, 03:51 PM


((Callum's gonna die soon... just to let y'all know...))

Callum looked down at Fred. He seemed to be getting some pretty good treatment from Lyndi. Glancing around and seeing no-one in sight, he crouched down next to Lyndi. He wasn't usually good with the comforting words, but he tried his best.

"Yeah, come on, you're gonna be fine. Can you stand up?" he asked. "We really do need to get going, if you can't walk I can carry you..."

((Continued in: Earned in Blood))
Posted: Nov 20 2005, 11:04 PM

just another daydream...

Group: Admin
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Joined: 28-June 05

He felt as Lyndi moved from infront of him, to behind muttering about muttering bandaging his wounds before he bled to death. Personally something he didn’t want to happen, so no protest or questions came as he felt his jersey be pulled up, exposing his torso and the damage the bullet caused as it torn in through near his ribcage, not completely going through his form.

Feeling as he started to be wrapped up with the shirt, wondering lightly as to why they hadn’t bothered using the first-aid kits they had been given… he simply threw the thought away, no use wasting bandages on a guy that was good as dead anyway, right?

Once Lyndi had finished both the wound his torso, and the one his arm he lightly listened as she questioned the others on coming to the lighthouse with her. Once all where agreed, he slowly began to move trying to get from his sitting position back into where he sat on his knees, glancing off as Callum spoke.

“Ah, no problem really mate. I can handle myself, though Glenn’s would probably be laughing mad if he saw me all like this,” He muttered, forcing himself up onto one leg before working on getting onto the other. “I’m the older twin, supposed to be the stronger one, ya know?”

Finally after a minute of trying to re-gather strength in his legs, Fred slowly rose up from where he was against the ground., swaying for a moment before placing a hand against his forehead. Breathing in deeply and holding it a bit, before letting it out. “So, lighthouse it is then? Let’s get a move on shall we?” He mused, with a laugh and a grin turning on his feet and slowly began walking.

Glancing back over the three, he knew both Elsie and Lyndi from school. Though Elsie seemed somewhat distant at the moment, nothing bad he figured her mind just seemed to be elsewhere and on other things. And the Callum boy… he seemed nice, and no doubt helpful. Sighing lightly, he bent over a bit to pick up his bag and return it to his shoulder, before slowly starting to walk again.

((Continued in Lighthouse; Earned in Blood))
Posted: Nov 21 2005, 04:08 AM

Princess of Highland

Group: Admin
Posts: 647
Member No.: 71
Joined: 26-October 05

As Fred stood up, Lyndi also pushed herself up off the ground slowly. She leaned down, brushing a few pebbles and some dirt that had stuck to her exposed knees off as she did so. An odd, random thought suddenly occured to her. I should have definitely worn pants. If I live through this, I'll never wear shorts on a school trip again. It was funny, she should not be thinking of such trivial things, but she was.

As Fred once again stated their new destination and headed off in said direction, Lyndi anxiously followed. She had wanted to leave this place for some time now, and finally, it seemed that they would be able to leave this place. Casting a glance back at Callum and Elsie, she motioned them in the direction that Fred had taken off in.

"Let's go, you guys," she chirped.

Suddenly, Lyndi was feeling a lot more optimistic. Perhaps once they arrived at the lighthouse, they would be safe. At least, it seemed a lot safer than their current area. Fred seemed to be doing better, as well. At least now, he was up on his feet. She smiled to herself as she hustled off behind him. What do you know? I must've got his name right.

(Continued at the Lighthouse.)
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