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 And so it begins..., B313 Starts
Posted: Jan 16 2006, 03:31 AM

This is the field where soul meets body

Group: Members
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Cody had been sitting for a good while, crouched behind a tree not too far away from where he had made his speech. He had hoped that someone who heard his voice would be brave enough to try to ambush him, but the more he waited, the more he began thinking that that was not going to happen.

Maybe they all ran away...

Cody then heard the distinct sound of rustling underbrush, and a boy lunged around a tree, crowbar in hand.

The Hero...

Based on the paleness and the profuse sweating, the boy seemed to be in the last stages of his life. Cody then saw the telltale signs of blood on the boys shirt and realized that he must have been the recipient of Cody's earlier attack.

Cody slowly removed the ax from his pack, saliva beginning to run down his lips. He realized that he was also quite turned on by the whole situation.

I have a solution for that one...

He crept towards the boy, trying to make sure he didnt spoil the sneak attack with his excitement.

Chalk one more up for the underdogs...The next one is you, Crosby...
Posted: Jan 18 2006, 07:03 PM

Princess of Highland

Group: Admin
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It had been working perfectly, up to this point, anyway. Ryan had successfully positioned himself behind Loretta and Lyndi, and he was now somewhere in the vicinity of where Cody Jenson was hiding. Bowie knife in hand, he inspected the area thoroughly, but saw no sign of Jenson. What now, Mr. Hero? The thought had barely passed through his mind before his vision jolted back to the clearing as a voice belted out through the silence. It was Arsenio! He was alive, and he was coming this way.

The noise had startled Ryan, and he stumbled backward, making quite a bit of noise as he did so. Shit! His position had to have been given away now. If Cody did not know he was there before, he most assuredly did now. His eyes darting from side to side quickly, Ryan searched for his nemesis. The smart thing to do would have been formulating a plan before ever coming this far, but now, now Ryan just had to wing it.

There are two possible solutions to this problem, Ryan... this... equation. It's just like math. Just. Like. Math. Solution number one would be to attack this boy while he's distracted (I hope.) with Arsenio. Might not end well. Solution number two... grab Lyndi and make a run for it, Arsenio's as good as dead anyway. Look at him, he won't survive three close range gunshot wounds. That's just adrenaline... testosterone... primal instinct. So... which solution is best?

It was odd, comparing the current situation to a math problem. However, that was generally how Ryan went through life, comparing the unknown to something that he knew, which was generally, well, educational things. Finally deciding on a course of action, he changed directions and bolted toward Lyndi.

The entire time, she had sat there quietly. The flashbang had completely stunned her, and after that, she did not have the courage or the will to stand up and protest Cody's actions, and she did not have the physical capability to intervene. But now, another figure was sprinting toward her, and it definitely startled Lyndi. However, glancing toward the oncoming entity, she realized that it was Ryan.

"What're you doing here?" she half whispered.

"We're getting out of here," he announced, "And we have to go fast."

Glancing back toward Arsenio, Ryan sighed under his breath and shook his head. Yes, indeed, he was in essence going to use Arsenio as live bait. It was not like he told Arsenio to charge at Jenson, that was a decision he had made on his own. And besides, Arsenio was the person who had taken not one but three bullets for the group. If they were to die here, well, that just did not seem right.

Ryan reached his hand out, extending it to Lyndi. Knowing full well that she would have trouble running with a bullet embedded in her leg, she forced herself back to her feet anyway, halfway leaning on Ryan for support. Her leg was in a massive amount of pain, but the thought of escaping from Jenson and once again being safe caused Lyndi to push the pain from her mind.

"Where are we going?" she questioned quietly.

"Doesn't matter, somewhere away from here. Just... run, okay? Run," Ryan responded.

With that he grabbed Lyndi by the arm and bolted toward the trees of the sprawling woodland area. Even if they were not making good time because of the gaping wound in Lyndi's leg, Ryan hoped that the trees would provide them with some shelter from Jenson, should he try to pursue them. Had either of them been thinking straight, they would have sabotaged Loretta in the process. However, at that point, both of the Barry Coleson students simply wanted to get away from the axe wielding manaic who was now presumably hurdling toward Arsenio.

And so, into the woods they went, albeit very slowly. Perhaps Jenson would not notice they were gone until it was too late. Lyndi hobbled along, being pulled by Ryan, who was in a definite hurry to get away from the area. They hoped they would find shelter somewhere else. Sanctuary. They hoped the woods would provide a haven where they could hide from Cody Jenson until this entire ordeal was over. What never occurred to them was that the woods may become more of a prison than a source of freedom. They never thought of how Cody could pursue them, how he could be hiding behind virtually every tree they came across.

And, Ryan would never think of any of these possibilities. At least, not until it was too late.
Posted: Jan 29 2006, 11:11 PM

This is the field where soul meets body

Group: Members
Posts: 400
Member No.: 25
Joined: 30-June 05

Cody could hear the deep gasping breaths of the boy as he continued his catlike approach. The ax held loosly in his hand, he readied himself for a strike...When he saw the boy stumble. the Hero's face was pale, and sweat was dripping out of his hair.

Why even waste my time...He's already dead.

Cody slowly began backing up, watching as the life slowly left the boy, flowing from the three gaping bullet wounds that riddled his chest. As he watched, transfixed, he cought movement out of the corner of his eye. A flash of brown, the white of a sneaker stepping quickly through the woods. Cody began creeping back towards his bike and her, wanting her in his sight range again. He began running, and when he saw the gleaming form of loretta he broke his stride.


An icy look passed over his already hard features. He hopped over the familiar seat of his bike and fired up the engines once again.

Follow the white rabbit...

With that thought he kicked the bike, letting the sound of the engine drown out the tranquility of the woods. He spun around, and began heading deeper into the forest, where he saw the movement.

Lyndi and Ryan thought they were running, but they were really just walking back into danger. They were heading right towards Cody's traps, his lair.
Posted: Jan 31 2006, 05:11 AM

Princess of Highland

Group: Admin
Posts: 647
Member No.: 71
Joined: 26-October 05

They had made relatively little progress through the woods since the beginning of their trek through the woods, and Ryan could not help but instinctively look over his shoulder every few seconds. Despite being completely and utterly out of breath, he would not allow himself to stop running, not allow himself to release Lyndi. Taking in a deep gasp of air, he continued along in his half-sprint through the woods, stumbling now and again on rocks and uprooted plants in the way.

Meanwhile, Lyndi had been dragged this entire time, and was by now in agonizing pain from putting so much pressure on the wound in her leg. Tears had begun welling up in her eyes, but she said nothing, instead opting to follow Ryan until he had decided their journey had ended. If she only knew how soon it would end.

All at once, Lyndi was pulled forward as Ryan hurdled to the ground in front of her. Releasing his grip from her arm, he fell to the ground, coughing a bit upon impact. Casting a glance back at the ground, he saw the pale gleam of a wire laced across the two trees. Casting a panicked glance back at Lyndi, he began forcing himself to his feet.

It's a trap...

Meanwhile, Lyndi had backed away abruptly when Ryan had fallen to the ground, and she now felt another sharp pain in her foot before she was almost instantly jerked upside down. She let out a loud yelp as the trap she had just tripped set off, effectively pulling her up into the branches of the nearby tree.

"Ryan, help me!"

Finally getting to his feet, he rushed over to Lyndi, a look of shock and disappointment written on his face. What now? Never in a million years had Ryan expected Cody Jenson to have set traps for them. Why had Lyndi not said anything? She had to have known, right? No, she could not have, otherwise, she would not be caught in one herself. Suddenly, things were looking rather grim. Reaching for his bowie knife, Ryan found that it had all but disappeared. Upon his fall, it had been flung somewhere into the undergrowth nearby. In a frenzied daze, Ryan began a hasty search for his weapon.

Posted: Feb 20 2006, 03:27 AM

Princess of Highland

Group: Admin
Posts: 647
Member No.: 71
Joined: 26-October 05

(OOC: Okay G.J., you haven't posted in nearly a month, so I'm moving my characters because I'm tired of them being in stasis. Sorry. Sorry 'bout the double post, everyone.)

Minutes of groping blindly in the undergrowth felt like hours to Ryan, but he finally found it. The sharp blade of the bowie knife sliced its way into the depths of his palm as he grabbed the blade, causing him to hiss loudly in retaliation. Despite the pain searing through his hand, Ryan pulled the knife from the weeds it had been lunged into. Quickly grabbing the knife by the handle, Ryan was temporarily mesmerized by the red liquid that poured from the palm of his hand. It was something this island had seen far too much of.

Blood... Ryan stared vacantly at the matter now seeping all over his hand, as if performing a thorough examination of it. Blood is life. When the blood starts to seep out, so does our life. Our life seeps out with the blood, it frees us from the bonds of this world. Freedom. Freedom from this world. From the island. From the physical jail they've stuck us in and from the mental prison they've created for all of us. If I die... if I kill them all... I'll be doing them a favor. I'll be freeing them. Freeing them from their pain... from their prison. Liberating them all from their captors.

A faint smile crept across the young man's lips as he clenched his bloody fist shut and turned his attention back to Lyndi.

"I think I finally get it now."

The words uttered were barely audible to those around him, and to anyone who may have possibly heard him, those words would make no sense. However, to Ryan, the utterance meant everything. He had finally done it, he had beaten the system, he had found a way out. And now, now he could take everyone with him. Approaching the normally bubbly brunette, he sliced the wiring in two with a quick motion, causing the girl to tumble to the ground. Lyndi's eyes cast upward from the ground at the young man standing in front of her, and she smiled gratefully as Ryan assisted her to her feet.

"We've got to go. Now," he stated simply. "But, not this way. He's expecting us to go this way, Lyn. He'll follow us. But it's okay. I've figured it all out. I know a way out."

Lyndi's eyes brightened at the sound of Ryan's words, words she thought she would never hear on this island. He knew a way out! He really knew a way out! If anyone on this island could figure it out and beat the program, she always knew it would be him. Casting him a smile, she pulled herself up onto her feet. The wound in her leg still burned in pain, but Lyndi forced the thought from her mind. Ryan pointed in the direction almost directly opposite of the way they were going.

"This way. He's not expecting us to go this way."

Ryan grinned from ear to ear at the thought of eluding Cody Jenson. Cody no longer mattered to Ryan. He had killed Arsenio, and in essence, he had liberated the other student. Ryan, too, would liberate his fellow students. And she... she would be the first. Then he would go back and he would liberate Cassie, and Drew, and all the others. And then, then he could finally liberate himself. Then, no longer would they be slaves to the villain known only as Mr. Danya. The tall boy took off in a full sprint through the woodland area, nearly leaving Lyndi behind in the process. Behind him, he could hear the girl panting as she tried to catch up.

"I figured it out, Lyn!" he called back to the girl behind him. "I figured it all out! And you... you'll be the first! You'll be the first person I save!"

Ryan suddenly came to a skidding hault and turned to face the young woman chasing after him. Coming to a slow stop near the young man, Lyndi smiled again, truly believing that Ryan had discovered a way around the SOTF ACT.

"So how do we do it?" she asked quietly, "How do we get out of here?"

"It's all so simple," Ryan replied. "I can't believe I didn't see it before."

In his left hand, Ryan still clutched the bowie knife in his hand, the blade now stained a light crimson color from his own blood. Moving his right hand up to his face slowly, Ryan turned to show Lyndi the deep gash that covered his palm, and the red liquidy substance cascading from the gash. An almost twisted smile began to form on his lips as he watched the blood ooze from the crevice in his right hand. In his eyes, the site was simply stunning. It was a brilliant, beautiful red in color. And to Ryan, the color itself symbolized salvation. Meanwhile, Lyndi's smile had turned into a look of distrust as she stared at the bloody wound the young man had inflicted on himself.

"The way to defeat the program," he said in a near whisper, "The way to save all of us from it, to liberate ourselves from this prison... it's right here. Don't you see it, Lyndi? It's been right here, all along. I'm going to save you. I'm going to save Cassie and Drew. All of us. I'm going to take us far, far away from this place. I'm going to defeat Danya and this whole god damned system. It's been right here all along. And Lyndi, you'll be the first. You'll be the first person I send to their salvation!"

The last few words of Ryan's speech turned from a quiet utterance into a loud yell as he lunged toward the girl he had been trying to protect only moments ago, knife in hand. The voices, they were right. The knife in Ryan's hand led to salvation, and what kind of person would he be if he did nothing to send his friends to their salvation. Lyndi stumbled backward, and the knife only managed to take a gash out of her pink sweatshirt. Shrieking in terror, the young girl pushed her way back up to her feet and faced her attacker. Now, she was completely weaponless.

Running at the girl once more, Ryan began slashing the air wildly, trying to hit any part of her body. The sharp metal of the knife found its way across Lyndi's arm, then once again across her stomach. Crying out in pain, Lyndi grabbed for his arm, trying to force the weapon away from her. In the process, she caught a glimpse of Ryan's eyes. At this point, they appeared almost otherworldly. An odd, glazed over look had come about Ryan's features. He was gone now. The pressure of the game had finally cracked the young man, and now he was lost to the world. Lyndi continued to resist, trying to force his arm away from her. Reaching out to grab her with his blood covered hand, it quickly found its way up to the collar of her sweatshirt, smearing blood over her neck and face as she struggled to fight him off.

"Don't resist me!" he shrieked loudly, "I'm doing this for you, Lyndi. For us! I want you to be free! I want to free you from the pain!"

At that point, Lyndi did the only thing she could do in the situation. Swinging her leg wildly, she implanted her knee sternly into Ryan's gut, causing him to effectively release his grip from the collar of her shirt. Lyndi kicked him again, sending the young man into a pile on the ground. Then, once again, causing him to role across the grass a few feet. Finally, Lyndi aimed for Ryan's wrist, hoping to make him drop the knife. What she didn't see coming was his other hand, which swung around and grabbed her leg as she tried to do so. All she saw was her view of the ground, which promptly turned into a view of the trees overhead as she landed on her back, hitting the ground with a hard impact.

In an instant, her view of the tree limbs was overcast by Ryan, who had climbed up on top of her, knife in hand. A sinister grin formed onto his now twisted and contorted features as he raised the knife up and brought it down. Lyndi cried out as the metal object pierced into her skin near her shoulder. All at once, the pain in her calf was gone as the knife peeled its way out of her skin, leaving a horrendous gash in the process. Trying to fight back, Lyndi's fingernails found their way up to Ryan's face, and she clawed with all her might as she drug her nails down the length of the young man's visage, leaving a trail of flesh and blood as she went. Ryan yelped and rolled over in pain, but clung to Lyndi instead of his face, effectively dragging her with him.

Lyndi felt herself roll on top of Ryan, then under again, as the two were sent tumbling down a small incline. Somewhere during the rolling struggle, Lyndi felt Ryan's hand trying to bring the knife down yet again, and she grabbed for it. In the next instant, she was thrown a few feet across the ground down the hill. Her eyes traced over to Ryan, who lie no more than 5 feet away with the bowie knife embedded in his throat and a grim look on his quickly fading eyes. Tears formed in Lyndi's as she rushed over to the young man.

"No Ryan, no!" she cried out. "You can't die! You can't! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry Ryan... I didn't mean to. I don't want you to go, don't leave me! Don't leave me by myself!"

Ryan's eyes no longer presented the glazed over look they had taken on only moments before, and with his last ounces of strength, he managed to smile at Lyndi. Meanwhile, Lyndi clutched Ryan's shoulders, shaking him gently out of fear and frustration.

"Please don't... please don't go. I'm so sorry, Ryan... so sorry..."

"I'm... going... home now," he managed to gurgle out.

And with that, Ryan Ashmore, Boy #79, was gone. Just another name on the list of the deceased. Lyndi backed up as Ryan gurgled his last words and shook her head frantically. It was her fault, all her fault. But, he tried to kill her. The deep wound that had found its way into the muscle near her shoulder could vouch for that. Still, he was gone, and now... she was all alone. Everyone who had tried to protect her, they were all dead now. Maybe she was better off dead, too. Tears flowed freely from Lyndi's face now, and she stood up. Then, Lyndi started to run. Despite the pain from the wounds she had sustained, Lyndi ran and ran. She ran far away from the woods, away from Cody Jenson, away from the corpse of Ryan Ashmore. She kept running, not sure where she was going, only that she had to get away from there, and quickly. Sobbing loudly as she ran, Lyndi no longer cared if someone heard her, or if someone came. Everyone was gone, and now, her time on the island needed to come to a close as well.


(Continued in "The Place Where It All Began" at the Lighthouse.)
Posted: Feb 25 2006, 07:08 AM


Group: Members
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[x.x;; sorry guys... my bad. ><]

Gasping for breath, Arsenio could hardly hold himself up anymore; the blood loss was too great. He stumbled forward once, twice, and while trying to regain his balance, he stumbled yet again, this time falling down and to the ground with a loud thump.

The pain from the gunshots seemed as if to dim, but really, it was just the last bit of his life draining from him. Sweat plastered his near white face, his pale pink lips. Strands of hair fell into his face, only to be caught by the sweat. His breathing was coming long and far between now; he'd failed.

I-- I wa--was supposed to... to protect Drew... I-- I shouldn't b--be lying here...

Get up Arsenio. Get up.

I-- I can't... n--not any... anymore...

His eyes began to glaze over as death began to take hold of him. The voice in his head, which to him sounded vaguely like that of a woman, was strong, and seemingly encouraging.

Yes you can, Arsenio. Just do it. Don't think about not being able to.

N--no... I can't ge--get up... Not anymore."

The last part came out stunningly clear; he had very little time left, and already he was hearing voices.

"Go... odbye... Dr... ew..." And then as if it were planned, Arsenio's eyes closed for the last time. His lips parted and with one last intake of air... all went black. The air never reached his lungs, the blood stopped issuing forth from his wounds. His heart... stopped beating.

In all essence, the boy known as Arsenio was dead. But, in one way, he would always live on, never to die. In memory. Although he would never walk the hallways of his school again, or enjoy a crisp autumn morning, Arsenio would forever live on in the memories of those who knew him. And that, is what enabled him to die without regrets.

Boy #313 - Arsenio Thanodeus Deceased
Posted: Feb 27 2006, 02:39 AM

This is the field where soul meets body

Group: Members
Posts: 400
Member No.: 25
Joined: 30-June 05

In the solitude that only a tranquil forest can provide, Cody Jenson awoke. His eyes adjusted slowly to the harsh sunlight, and he took a moment to regain his senses. He was lying on his stomach. A bloody hatchet in his right hand, a pistol in his left. He could taste blood on his lips, and his body hurt more than he could have ever imagined possible.

He had been... waiting for someone. He knew that whomever he had been waiting for was now long past, and frankly he did not care. Slowly dragging himself to his feet, he saw the familiar sight of loretta leaned up against a tree not 5 feet behind him.

Cody could not resist the tears that began to pour down his face. For some reason, this moment felt right. He was on his own, like he had always been, but yet he wasn't. He had someone he could rely on, someone who could stand guard while he was asleep. Someone who could be there for him, always. He moved towards his bike, and, bending down, gripped the metal gas tank, smelling the fumes of the gasoline that powered it. He placed his cheek on the seat, smelling the lingering smell of leather.

He remained in this position, silently weeping, for a long time.

* * *

"So Mom, its almost my birthday."

"Yes it is Cody, yes it is"

A young Cody Jenson sat at his kitchen table, his intellegent blue eyes gleaming voraciously.

"I want a new hockey stick, new skate blades, and could I get one of those cool nets like Jim Dau has?"

"Why don't you write that stuff down and me and your father will see what we can do."

Cody hopped up from his seat happily, grabbed a pen and paper, and began writing furiously, his eyebrows furrowed in concentration. His mother smiled from her position in front of the sink, where she was steadily removing the grime from the interior of a casserole pan. What a good boy.

* * *

Cody held his mothers hand, skipping down the sidewalk of the Groveton mall. Stylish music blared from hidden speakers, perfectly blending with the trendy people that inhabited the outdoor cafe's that bustled in the summer.

"Ok, we need to get you some school cloths for next year, so we have to go in to Kohls real quick."


"Cody, come on now, it will only take like 5 minutes and then we can go over to sports authority to check out those sticks, alright?"


Strolling along, Cody soaked up the summer scenary. It was the perfect day, but Cody still could not wait until everything was drenched with white, and he could play hockey out on his pond. Suddenly, a loud rapport brought him back to his senses. He turned and saw a man at one of the cafe tables, a very large man, place a smoking gun back in to his pocket. The woman he had been sitting with was now staggering foreward, her hand placed on the table in front of her. A hole the size of a softball had appeared in what used to be the back of her head, and was oozing what looked like uncooked clam meat. The waiter that had happened by at that instant was standing, stunned, his white frock now covered in a splattering of scarlet and white bone chunks. A lock of hair sat on the sidewalk in front of Cody, and in the silence, he quietly bent over and picked it up. The sun hit it, causing it to shimmer, and Cody in that instant felt as if the temperature of the area had dropped 50 degrees. He began to shiver.

Suddenly, all hell broke loose. It began when the waiter started to scream hysterically, which would have been comical in a movie, but it wasn't a movie, it was real, and Cody could smell blood and something else, something like burning ham. A lady near the two suddenly ejected what looked like the entire contents of her lunch on her table, which caused the man she was sitting across from to keel over and let go of his meal on the ground. People began running, and As Cody felt her mothers hand begin tugging him from the area, he looked at the man who had weilded the gun. He was smiling, and tears were rolling down his cheeks. Before the two of them rounded the corner, Cody heard another shot. He caught sight of the big man's frame crashing in to the table, shattering the glass and bringing the umbrella down on top of him.

It was chaos. Cars were whooshing around, and people were running everywhere. A woman was hysterically crying on the corner, and Cody saw a man grab her breast viciously as he ran by. This caused another wail out of the agonized woman, and Cody's mother let out a sob at the sight. They turned a corner just in time to watch a car slam in to a telephone pole. The driver slid out, his head bloodied, and looked at Cody. One of his eyes had popped and was oozing out of the socket.
Remarkably, he seemed unfazed by this, and began strolling casually down the sidewalks with his hands in his pockets, whistling. Cody's mother was making a mewling noise, and pulled Cody again, towards the car, the saftey of the car. As they approached, Cody heard a smashing sound behind him. He turned to look, and watched an elderly man in a business suit climb through the broken window of a jewelry store. He then heard a whistling sound behind him, and turned in time to watch the telephone pole the one eyed man had crashed in to come slamming down, ripping through the shoulder of his mother and coming all the way down, stopping in her mid thigh. He watched as the smaller of the two halfs of her body began to keel, and was reminded of a peeling banana.

The paramedics found him an hour later. All hell had broken loose after the gunshot, sparring riots and unrulyness through the whole area. They had been run ragged by the evening, tending to injured drivers and those hurt by looters the entire evening. They had even dealt with a man so high on PCP that he did not notice he was missing an eye. It had been an odd evening to say the least, but perhaps the oddest moment had come near the end of the madness. They had gotten a call about a telephone poll blocking a portion of the road, and responded like normal. When they got there, they were assulted by an image that would be burned in to their memories forever. A lady had been hit by the telephone poll, and the weight of it had driven it down through her shoulder, essentially splitting her in two. A child was holding the more intact half of her carcass, crying and whimpering slowly. He was rubbing her lower belly, and his hands were completely covered in blood. As they came and made sure the child was ok, they found something even more disturbing. The child had an erect penis, and had recently ejaculated in his pants.

((Continued in: You Can't Turn Back the Hands of Time...))
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