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 Death!, Morbid topic alert...yeah
Posted: Oct 11 2005, 11:53 PM

15-year-old Sex Buddha, bitches! PWNED! <3

Group: Members
Posts: 358
Member No.: 58
Joined: 20-September 05

Alright. Here's something.

How do you deal with your character's deaths? On this board, others, whatever.
How many characters of yours have died? If it's a board where you can die more than once, how many times have you died?
What's your death style? Dramatic? Flashy? Long? Short?

Well, me, I pride myself on my character's deaths. Asano [on another board] has died a grand total of 13 times. Yeah. 13. Every death post I make unique. Once he was stabbed in the lungs, and drowned on his blood. Another, he choked to death on his whiskey. Don't ask.
He's also fell to his death, died a normal death of stabbing, been crushed by a tree...yeah, many deaths.

My posts, though...I like making my death posts dramatic and powerful, yet light hearted, if possible. I love doing that.
No, dammit, I'm not depressed. It's just, I shine at death posts, above the rest of my RP style. Major reason I choose to get myself killed so much.

For example, here's one: Background info: .hack RP, so I can die many times. >>; Asano just got his ass handed to him by Pram, and is now about to die. This was my final post. Pram thought it was ...powerful.

Asano felt his air cut off.
This is it. Maybe she'll be quick...
He felt her hand slowly crush his neck, and his mouth opened. Oh, god...she's not...
He felt her finger touch his forehead, and his eyes snapped open, looking at the finger.
His eyes had an expression, much like 'Thanks for making it quick. Nice fight.'
There was no sadness at his demise; no, he'd always wanted to go out in a blaze of glory. Like in the movies.
That was always comforting for him to think of. 'If I gotta die, I'll die saving someone' and all that jazz. It was always something that comforted him. He had always feared a death in obscurity. Dying, and having no one remember you. It had been a huge fear of his.
The entire fight flashed through his head. He'd made a series of mistakes, he knew, starting with not using Holy Atonement right off the bat. And it had ended with Temptation.

Asano looked into Pram's eyes, missing her sadness barely.He wondered if he'd shock her with his total lack of sadness at his death.
That was one thing he'd always been good at. When someone expected one kind of response, he almost always gave the opposite when he wanted to. The few times he'd lost the spars at the Academy, he'd only given his opponent a friendly grin, and a 'thanks for the fight.' Not what one expected, most of the time.

And that's what he was doing now. He watched the ball of death come to the tip of her finger, where he could only see the glow.
As if mocking him, the 'Time to Die' clock suddenly appeared in his vision. He saw the red hand, pointing to 10 seconds.
And the black hand slowly approached 10.
9 seconds left... The battle once more flashed in his mind's eye, mocking his mistakes.
8. Skythe taking aid in the fight came to mind.
7... Skythe seemed to parade around his mind. What the hell?
6 seconds... He had scarcly any usable air left in his lungs, and this was greatly effecting his mind.
5... He knew he'd die shortly from lack of oxygen, anyway. This would just be faster. Thankfully.
4 seconds... Skythe seemed to look at him, almost saying 'good job.' What the feck? I lost, almost got him killed...
3 seconds now. Pram seemed to look sad now. Was his mind screwing with him, or something?
2. It was gone now. His vision seemed to blur.
And all of a sudden, everything went white.
When the smoke cleared, there wasn't even anything left but a crater. Nothing.
Just what Asano had been afraid his death would be.


The 'Time to Die' clock is a recurring thing I'm gonna start using on all boards, cause I find it easy to use for comic relief. >>;

BTW, this was not from memory. I've begun to record all death posts >>;

So, basically, this is a thread to talk about your OWN deaths, and others. Comment on theirs, in other words.

Oh, and also, if possible, please post your death post from the incident. Don't custom make it for this thread, though @@ That's fake...>>
Posted: Oct 12 2005, 02:32 AM

Such a shame that I didn't know by now

Group: 20
Posts: 1,316
Member No.: 29
Joined: 2-July 05

Hm. I've written three death posts so far, but I've been a part of many others. (Hawley's, Blaines, Nanamis, etc) As for the ones I've written, I'm definitely of the opinion that Andrews was the best one I've written.

Andrew moved his wheelchair up to the highest point on the entire island. As he turned to look at the island itself, he was taken completely aback by it's beauty, and just simply how MUCH of it there was. Looking down, he saw what looked like a series of jagged rocks, and a shore of sorts to the left, and to his right he saw a forest, the open fields, and much more of the island. It was incredible, to be honest. The rain made it look almost magical, a description that Andrew figured hardly fit in such a situation like this. Magical. What would be magical would be if we could get off of this hell-hole.

Looking down at his silver metallic cell-phone, he couldn't help but grin with joy as he saw two bars of signal. Figuring that they'd probably wouldn't have any qualms about him calling another person on the island on his cell phone, he quickly dialed in the number of one Adam Dodd, his best friend. The way he looked at it, he would either be able to meet up with Adam, or if he got lucky and he somehow avoided getting put on the island, he'd get a lifeline out. Which would be key in having an escape plan. As he pressed the 'SEND' button, he couldn't help but think of a song that he had been arguing Adam about before they had left...he couldn't think of the one. A big smile flashed upon his face though, as the phone began to ring.




And finally, a voice on the other end. Andrew grinned widely.

"DODD! It's Lipson!"

The voice on the other end spoke a little, and Andrew sighed.

"Wait, wait...let me're stuck on some island with a collar on your neck and there are wackos trying to get you to kill your friends...?"

The voice on the other end let out a disappointed sigh.

"...because I'm fuckin' stuck here too, man. They kidnapped me in the middle of the goddamned night!"

The voice became angry on the other end, but Andrew let him rave for a moment.

"Dude...shit...this is so messed up, guy. But I'm with a bunch of people, we have a plan to try and get out!"

The excitement on the other end of the line was completely evident.

"Uh, let's see...Umi Martin, Aiden Ambrose, and three kids who aren't from our school, a guy name Daisuke, a girl named Cassandra, and an Asian girl who doesn't speak English whose name I don't know. What about you...? Got anyone with you?"

Andrew listened for a moment, pangs of recognition and a smile going across his face as he did so.

"Alright man, it's a fuckin' party where you are." He chuckled. "Now look, here's what I think we should do...we need to meet up, and we can get off of this rock, you know? So why don't we-"

It was at that exact moment that everything lit up like the sky on the 1st of July. Andrew stiffened as he felt an odd sensation going down his body. He tingled a little, and he found it quite odd. His fist clenched the cell phone, but his arm fell dead to his side. He tried moving it, but to no avail.

What the fuck?

His wheelchair abruptly spun to the right, and then to the left. Andrew was perplexed. What was happening?

It was at that moment that he remembered the song that him and Adam had been arguing about. He hadn't believed that it was Aerosmith that Eminem had sampled for his hit 'Sing for the Moment' and upon the two listening to the song, Andrew had realized that Adam had been right.

Strange thing to think about now...

He glanced over at his companions, all of whom were looking at him with a look of complete shock. Andrew was infinitely confused. What was going on? He looked down at his arm and then - he KNEW. His arm, and his hand, were a mass of burnt flesh, and the cell phone that he held in his hand - the reason that it hadn't fallen as he dropped it was because it had been fused to his hand.

Andrew Lipson had been hit by lightning.

As he felt his wheelchair completely power off, a dull feeling settled into the pit of his stomach - if the power was off, that surely meant that the brakes...

As he began to feel himself moving backwards, all he could think of was that song...

Every time that I look in the mirror
all these lines on my face getting clearer
the past is gone;
it went by like dusk to dawn
Isn't that the way?
Everybody's got their dues in life to pay

The wheelchair rolled slowly back towards the edge of the lookout point, and towards the rocks near-to the Eastern shore below. As Andrew felt the ground leave him, his life flashed before his eyes...

...playing with action figures as a four-year old, playing with his father in their backyard. Happy, and not a care in the world...

...playing roller-hockey, and meeting a red-headed kid who wasn't too bad at the game at all, the guy soon becoming a close friend of his...

...absolutely ruining any and everyone in the pool circuit at his school, grinning as he sunk every single ball before his opponent had a chance to shoot...

...watching his sister come home from the hospital, and as a six-year old knowing that he'd need to be a big brother now...

...the moments before his accident, Andrew drumming his feet on the underside of the car, wondering what kind of bruises he'd get at the paintball range... in the hospital, struggling with many sleepless nights facing the fact that he'd never walk again...

...that last day, wishing Adam and the others goodbye onto a trip he wouldn't be able to go on...

...that he'd end up going on anyways, waking up in a ditch with a gun in his pack and a collar around his neck...

Andrew felt free-fall for a moment, and he had to admit, the feeling was incredible. He felt weightless, and for a moment it seemed like he could fly...

Yeah, I know nobody knows
where it comes and where it goes
I know it's everybody's sin
you got to lose to know how to win...

As his body rotated down in the free-fall, he saw the rocks coming up quickly. As a natural instinct, he raised his one good arm, trying to protect himself from the impact. Such a move would be futile.

I'm going to die...oh god...

The impact wasn't what Andrew had expected it to be. His arm hit the rocks first, shattering the majority of the bones inside of it, and sending it wrenching out of its socket to a rather disgusting-looking position behind him. Amazingly enough, the arm managed to actually take away from some of the impact, and when he landed on his shoulder, it was only a severely broken collarbone that he would feel break. He felt himself bounce off of the rocks, and that was when his wheelchair, which had come loose during his fall and bounced off of a portrusion in the cliffs, hit him and sent him hurtling towards the beach...

Half my life's in books' written pages
live and learn from fools and from sages
you know it's true
all the things come back to you

The surprise to Andrew at this point was the cool sand that he felt against his face as he hit the beach face-first. This was amazing. He was ALIVE. As he looked out towards the water, he couldn't help but manage a small grimace. Andrew Lipson, the crippled teenager, the one who nobody thought would last - survives a fall down a cliff! Fucken' eh!

Andrew analyzed himself quickly. He couldn't move his arms, and obviously his legs didn't work, so any damage to them he wouldn't even realize. Perhaps if he got any kind of feeling back into his arm; which happened to be lying in front of him, cell-phone completely welded into his hand, he would be able to pull himself up and find someone who could help put him back together. Andrew figured that now was time to play the waiting ga-

His heart immediately sank, as he looked at the time reflected on his cell-phone. It was evening, and the tides...

...the tides...

It all made sense now...the cool sand on his face, the rain...the sand was cool not because of the rain, but because of the fact that he was so close to the ocean...

Andrew Lipson, the paralyzed boy who had survived a fall down the cliff, couldn't help it, as tears flowed down his face. He silently cursed God. It wasn't fair. How was it that he could survive a fall down a cliff, but then be cursed to die like this? If only he could roll over onto his back, he'd be okay. All he had to do was turn onto his back. That was it.

And he couldn't. Try as he might, he couldn't do it.

Sing with me, sing for the years
sing for the laughter and sing for the tears
sing it with me now, if it's just for today
an' maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away...

As the water began to brush up against his face, all he could think about was that one seemed so long ago since he had listened to it...but the words, they came so clearly...

Sing with me, sing for the years
sing for the laughter and sing for the tears
sing it with me now, if it's just for today
an' maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away...

As the water flowed over his face, Andrew futiley tried to hold his breath, which caused one more single tear to roll down the part of his face not yet covered by the water.

What's even the point...? I want my mommy...

And as those last thoughts echoed through his head, all that he heard as he choked and swallowed the salty water which quickly filled his lungs, and as his consciousness, his life filtered away into the water...

Dream on, dream on, dream on,
dream yourself a dream come true
dream on, dream on, dream on,
and dream until your dream comes true...

...Andrew Lipson, Boy #16....DEAD.
Posted: Oct 12 2005, 02:43 AM

just another daydream...

Group: Admin
Posts: 8,388,607
Member No.: 20
Joined: 28-June 05

I too have been part of a number of deaths between my characters, at least six or seven, and I've written three death posts so far Hawley's, Blaine's, and Edward's.

Now, I'm a very emotional person, and I grow on my characters. I mean, I cry when I'm writing the post itself.

So when it comes when I have to write my character's death posts, I say to myself. You know, this is thier final moment, you have to make them go out with a bang, you know?

So far, hands down in my mind, Hawley has been my best death post written. I broke down, Hawley was my main character and he was my most well-devloped character. I'm not going to repost the death post itself here, because I refuse to read it again.... :unsure:

I'd probably cry again.
Posted: Oct 12 2005, 02:55 AM

Such a shame that I didn't know by now

Group: 20
Posts: 1,316
Member No.: 29
Joined: 2-July 05

Hawley's death was heartbreaking, for sure. :(
Posted: Oct 12 2005, 04:15 AM

Savage Intent.

Group: 20
Posts: 755
Member No.: 32
Joined: 20-July 05

So far only two of my characters have died thus far, both by choice. Ash Holmes was but a short-lived character... I was going to use him to satisfy my violent nature, but I realized that I wanted to place most, if not all of my focus on Madelaine. So all he could do was bring the also short-lived Sophie to her death before being finished off by one of the local crazies, Cillian.

Over all, a rather superficial death, and needless to say, it definately won't be my best death scene written when the game ends.

Nanami's was a bit deeper, although the sole purpose of her creation was to further develop Madelaine's character. Her death basically answered the ever-recurring question in BR: "Could you kill your best friend?" in what I thought was the most tragic of ways. In other words, Madelaine shot and killed her best friend Nanami. But all along, there was a strain in their friendship, so it's hard to say whether that kind of friendship was real or just an illusion.

As for Madelaine herself, she has experienced much death upon her awakening on the island. However, the death of her friends Nanami and Hawley are thus far the ones have affected her the most, and both may be the key turning points in her development.

I have no idea what sort of end she will meet in the end. Perhaps she will survive, but it is likely she will not. Nevertheless, I would still like her death strongly affect the other characters around her, as a final point of development before her story comes to an end.

As for the other deaths that have occured in SOTF thus far...I find Andrew Lipson's and Hawley's to be the most effective, and the most moving. Though I can predict some pretty huge deaths in the future of SOTF.
Posted: Oct 12 2005, 09:49 AM

I Hate, Therefore i Am

Group: Members
Posts: 479
Member No.: 38
Joined: 2-August 05

Well so far ive got one death to my name, elise's, and that belongs to stevan. Im quite proud of the way i did that actually, one minute stevan is the background follower type, doesnt say much and the next he's messing with a dying girls mind and torturing her...and loving it! I hope to turn stevan over the next couple months into one of the "Crazies" as there called, But not one like cillian or blaine, he knows exactly what he's doing and thats why hes doing it...May as well enjoy it while your here right?

Each and every death here is unique and orginal, Thats why i love this place so much. One of my favourites was...I cant remember who the characters involved were but it reminded me so much of mitsuko, hatagami and takiguchi (I think thems the ones). I just loved reading that one.
Posted: Oct 12 2005, 04:17 PM


QUOTE (d0ddi0slave @ Oct 12 2005, 03:55 AM)
Hawley's death was heartbreaking, for sure. :(

Hahaha. Emotionally ruined me for about a day, it did. ^_^

Yeah, my death post as Elise is long, so I won't post it here, but here is ze link- Voila!

And Stevan, was it the one with Clemence, in the School building? I think I read that one as well, it was good!
Posted: Oct 12 2005, 04:33 PM

I Hate, Therefore i Am

Group: Members
Posts: 479
Member No.: 38
Joined: 2-August 05

Thats the one, the way it plays out in my head is damn good. it would make a great movie scene.
Posted: Oct 12 2005, 07:36 PM

K08y0-67cv ;f09358234905h4et9069rghop3490t834000y954y-0hnrgu83ty

Group: Admin
Posts: 8,388,607
Member No.: 28
Joined: 1-July 05

Most of my deaths are more action-oriented (both when my characters are dying and when they're killing.) than anything else, really to add a sense of the intensity of battle and the simple fact that there isn't a lot of time to think when you're shot through the face or stabbed through the heart.
Posted: Oct 14 2005, 12:01 AM

This is the field where soul meets body

Group: Members
Posts: 400
Member No.: 25
Joined: 30-June 05

I hated killing garrett because I wanted him to definatly last longer, but when I did it, I went for sort of an anticlimactic ending, because I figured it would be a good respite from the long monologue like deaths of some of the other characters (not that those are bad, I rather like reading them)

Garrett stood, still holding the stick, his face only inches from Jacob's. A look of pure hatred was molded to it, eyes seemingly trying to pore into Jacobs soul. No words escaped his lips.
Then, after a moment, a small whisper of a sigh could be heard, as if a weight was lifted off of Garretts shoulders. He took a step back, and one could see the bloody knife Jacob had held protruding from the left of Garretts chest. Garrett continued to stare at Jacob, the look of hatred replaced by one of questioning, as if he was wondering how this could have possibly happened. His left hand grasped the hilt of the blade, and a small sound escaped from his mouth. As tears rolled out of his eyes, Garrett tried to say something, to express the unfairness of the situation perhaps, or maybe just to give a final monologue to the SOTF cameras. But just as he opened his mouth, blood poured out, and that, as they say, was the end of that.

And with that, Garrett, one of the most outspoken and longest lasting people still in the game, finally succumbed to his wounds.

And he did not say a word.

Boy no. 48, Garrett Langston, Dead
Posted: Oct 14 2005, 01:05 AM

15-year-old Sex Buddha, bitches! PWNED! <3

Group: Members
Posts: 358
Member No.: 58
Joined: 20-September 05 people seem to be good at deaths. @@

Way I see it, a person's true style only comes out through incredibly important posts. AKA Death.
So, yeah. Death shows your style to me, I think. Odd, neh? Still.

From mine, you can see I rarely take things totally seriously, yet can still be serious. If that makes sense at all...

And, I can't make anything out of that, except you seem like a creavtive and funny guy. Cause that death is hilarious, yet painfully sad to me.

Riserugu, or ANYone, if it's not to much to ask...could you please tell me where Hawley died? Or give me a link? At least tell me what forum area...>>;
I wanna see it, cause it sounds good. Bad. However you think of it...
Posted: Oct 14 2005, 01:33 AM

Such a shame that I didn't know by now

Group: 20
Posts: 1,316
Member No.: 29
Joined: 2-July 05

Asano, if you're keeping up with Adam's little path, as soon as you get to the last post in the thread ("Though We may not survive..."), it's in there on the 15th page or so.
Posted: Oct 14 2005, 01:47 AM

15-year-old Sex Buddha, bitches! PWNED! <3

Group: Members
Posts: 358
Member No.: 58
Joined: 20-September 05

Ah, okay. Thanks, Adam. ^^
I hope to get there this weekend, then. >>;
I'd go straight to it, but that would spoil something with my luck...
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