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 B46 - Start
Posted: Aug 21 2005, 05:34 PM

just another daydream...

Group: Admin
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Joined: 28-June 05


That was a single word to describe everything currently running through the mind of sixteen-year-old Martyn Ferdinand, he hadn’t been awake long… for only a little over half a day now. The unfamiliar voice of someone who called himself Mr. Danya awaking him from his forced sleep…

He was the reason that he was on this island, this island where people where dying. By the end of the last announcement the people who had came here before him had already killed twenty-seven people. Twenty-seven… what where these people thinking, taking part in something like this.

Taking a long drag of what was left of the cigarette he was currently holding onto, he breathed out shaking his hand a little before tossing the object across the tiled surface of the bathroom floor he was currently sitting on. Martyn had came here when the announcement made it clear that his hide-out at the time, the caves, had became a danger zone forcing him to up and run.

This was the first location he had came across, using it as a place to rest his running thoughts. Though since he had came here, their had been some guests, well at least that he could hear. There was a number of different shower stalls, so he had picked one, hid and prayed whoever was out there didn’t find him.

Whoever had came in there had decided on showering he still keeping his silence up, though when another entered – this time a girl, and what sounded to what could have been a face off but turned out to be more of a friendly encounter…

Even when those people had left, he still remained hidden in the shower stall unsure of what he could do…

Sighing lightly and exiting his thoughts, he had long since moved out of hiding and now sat between two of the sinks against the floor. Glancing off to his right he reached out pulling his bag toward him. He hadn’t had the chance to check through the bag that they had given him, unsure of what was in there. Martyn’s own bag rested against him, but nothing in there to really help with the current situation.

Unzipping the somewhat large bag he dug his hand into the dark contents pulling out whatever he grabbed. A handbook of sorts with a bunch of different rules concerning the game written down on it…

This game, damn it all. Pressing a hand to his forward he lightly remembered the video he had been forced to watching, kids of all different races killing one another, blasts from pistols and shotguns to the head, people being mutilated, what seemed to be friends… just killing one another.

School children like him, just picked at random for no reason what so ever.

Shaking his head lightly, running fingers through his damp hair as he continued his search through the bag bring out another book with the word; Ruger KP97D written across the cover. Whatever the hell a KP97D was… it probably wasn’t anything useful.

Pulling more out, he looked over the hard loaf of bread he had been given along with the small tin of what seemed to be crackers along with the three bottles of water but what got his attention the most is the weapon he had been given.

Holding the pistol in his left hand he looked it over, tilting it side in the dim light he smirked, maybe a ruger wasn’t as useless as thought before. Placing the gun in his lap, he brought his bag up somewhat noting that the only thing that remained was a few spare pieces of ammo… hardly enough to last that long, but hopefully enough to figure out a way off this place.

Returning everything but the gun, and the map to his bag he unfolded the map placing it against the ground as he overlooked the locations doting it. So far he knew that the well, and caves where off limits… because stepping in there would result in his throat being blown apart.

So… where could he go, he couldn’t stay here forever, it be just a matter of time before this place became a danger zone, or someone with a much better weapon and no remorse in killing came along.
Posted: Aug 25 2005, 02:49 AM

just another daydream...

Group: Admin
Posts: 8,388,607
Member No.: 20
Joined: 28-June 05

“One bottle of beer on the wall, one bottle of beer, take it down ‘an pass it around, zero bottles of beer on the wall…” Boredom had long since set in on our dear Martyn, he having started this song some time before. He had thought about starting at 9,999, but god forbid… even if he had he’d probably still be sitting there by the time that it ended.

Sighing somewhat, he pushed himself off the tiled ground and onto his feet turning to face one of the mirrors placed over the sink, looking at the reflection shown back to him. His school uniform was dirty; his blazer lying unbuttoned while the button down white undershirt remained untucked, his tie still bound neatly about his throat.

About his throat he caught a glint of metal in the dim light, lifting his free hand to rub against the cold metal of the collar encircling in throat. “So this is the bastards way of keeping us here…” He mused, rubbing the pad of his thumb against it once more before dropping his hand and bending over taking both bags and placing them about his shoulders.

Glancing back into the mirror, he gave a smirk, brushing a hand over his dyed red hair. “Like bloody ‘ell I’m keeping myself locked up in a bathroom… might as well go out and find someone, seeing as they won’t come to me.” His attention caught the gun in his hand as he lightly smirked, “That’s right everyone, come out, come out wherever you are.”

Stepping off, he pushed himself against the door of the bathrooms moving out into the only world he would now know.

((Continued in: Big Open Spaces))
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