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 The Kit, So, what exactly is in that bag, anyway?
Posted: Jun 19 2005, 04:39 AM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 13-June 05

Student Handbook:
Note: The student handbook, as written below, is located in the student kit, among other things.

DON'T try escaping the island****. Try it if you want, and see for yourself that there is absolutely no way off the island. Try to swim off, and you shall be immedieatly shot down by one of our many patrols circling the island. A few kids in the last game tried it, and they were all brutally killed.
DON'T try to take off the necklace**. Not a rule, persay, but a rule of caution. You won't be very lucky if you try to tamper with the explodes if you do. On that same note, the necklaces are 100% shock and waterproof, and through the necklaces we monitor your progress, your pulse, and see what you are currently doing. So, no funny business!
DON'T linger in a Danger Zone*** for too long. I mean, like the above, this is more like a rule of caution. During the Morning Announcements, from time to time Danger Zones shall be stated. Please take note that there won't be Danger Zones up all the time. We'd rather have you all kill eachother off than to have the Danger Zones do the killing for you!
DON'T run around like an idiot, or scream like a wild banshee! Just a small suggestion, but I bet you unlucky little punks will be running around screaming like banshees in a few days from the start anyway, so....
DON'T sulk because you have a bad weapon! Smile, and bring it to the enemies. Your weapon doesn't dictate whether you are a loser or not. Your actions do. Be strong and survive.
DO kill one another. It's the aim of the game. Kill to survive, kill to win. Remember, there has to be atleast one death per day, elsewise all the collars explode. You guys, luckily, are very expendable, so it doesn't matter that much if you die. Like the BR Act program always said, "Could you kill your bestfriend?" Well, with this, you kind of have to do that. That is, unless you, unluckily, are weak. The strong shall survive.
DO take note of the map. You'll need it, most likely, so why wouldn't you want to look over it?
DO listen to the Morning Announcements. I announce things for a reason, so listen! You never know if I'm in the mood to make it a Danger Zone day, or whomever died that day! So...listen.
DO be watchful, and cautious of others. Who knows is ready and willing to kill their best friend? Keep your eyes peeled, and proceed with caution.
DO read the intruction manual for your weapon(s). They'll be helpful in the end, believe it or not. Don't want to be the unlucky guy who forgot to take off the safety... (*cough*)
DO REMEMBER THE SLOGAN! "The strong will survive! The weak must die!" Take it to heart. You'll need it to lift your morale, trust me, you're luckier off with the slogan.

Good luck with the game, little fighters! Keep at it and maybe you'll be the one who lives!
Farewell and good luck,
Mr. Danya.

Also in the kit...

Some food (a mere loaf of bread, and a tin of crackers) and three bottles of water are basically all there is to eat and drink. Of course, if you run out of water, there's always the well to refill your bottles, but as for food...well, you're basically on your own, unless you can find some sort of animal to cook up. For navigational purposes, there is a map, and a compass. Coupled with a watch, a flashlight, and a large first aid kit, these are all the requirements for a successful camping trip.
...But, since this isn't a camping trip at all, the kit also has your weapon in it, and an instructional manual* for the weapon (and of course, the Student Handbook, which can be read above). Depending on your weapon, you also get additional ammunition aswell.

*It's best if you look up your weapon on some sort of Search Engine, but if you do want a humorous explanation, then by all means PM Kaishi. But, mind you, the explanation won't be that much of one, seeing how it's from Mr. Danya himself. So, as stupid as it may sound, use a Search Engine to research your weapon if you don't know anything about it.

Please note that you can also have personal items in your kit, AKA a few things from the luggage on your trip. A few is suggested, because by bringing a ton of things from your luggage, you weigh yourself down. ESPECIALLY, if you bring a suitcase itself from the luggage.

**The Necklace:
The necklaces (or collars, whatever you want to call them) are just about a direct copy of the ones used in the Japanese BR ACT, which is what the SOTF (Survival of the Fittest) program is greatly based upon. The exact name is "Guadalcanal-22", although the ones that you all are wearing are slight variations of the original model.
Through this necklace, we are able to monitor your activities, and check your pulse. Afterall, how else do we know if you're still alive, or if you're doing something really bad? By transmitting special radio waves to your necklace, we are able to kill you off in a matter of seconds, by making your necklace explode. It's quite easy, really...I would've done it to the punk kid if you guys had already gotten your necklaces.
Per day, there has to be atleast one death. If there isn't, all the collars explode. Now, think to yourself about that for a moment...what if everyone else didn't kill someone for that day? Then, that day you would surely die, because everyone else was being idiotic and decided not to kill anyone. Don't die so easily like that...kill. Kill for the sake of others. Kill for the sake of yourself!

***Danger Zones:
Danger Zones are quite simple, really. Sometimes, in the Morning Announcements, I announce Danger Zones. Sometimes, I don't, and when I don't, there aren't any Danger Zones for that day. Again, I'd rather have you bloodthirsty Americans do all the killing instead of the Danger Zones. I usually only state Danger Zones to spice up the game a bit, e.g. if no one is moving around. So, keep on your toes!

****The Island:
The island is constantly on patrol. We don't want anyone to mettle with our SOTF ACT. This isn't exactly ran by your American Government, afterall. This is more controlled by us.... Anyways, since it is on patrol 24/7 (well, nearly that amount of time...) there is absolutely no way off the island. Don't even try.
Check your map for a detailed view of the island. There are many places to go to on the island, such as a classroom, a large bathroom facility, a warehous, and such and such. Just check for yourself!

The New Kids:
As you might notice, there shall be new kids coming into the island every few days. This is to spice things up and keep everything more eventful. These might be kids from your school, or just random kids in general. Those new kids will have been informed just like you...they've seen the debriefing, they've seen the video clip (although, judging by the fact that they're new, they might be seeing a clip of your class) and they know full-well what to expect from you "deranged" kids.

Cameras And What Not:
We're filming this and broadcasting it to the good old USA. Why? Well, all in all, it's a good act of terrorism, is it not? If any of you know, there's a war going on in your "peaceful" land. I'm not going to go into detail about it, though...I don't really need to. As you might have been told, this is a show. You all are being filmed, even while you are reading this handbook. You probably won't notice the cameras, though...who really does, other than those paranoid kids?

((Note: Things in GREEN aren't actually in the handbook, persay. It's more like OOC knowledge.))
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