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 The Fourth Announcement, Wowza
Posted: Aug 8 2005, 03:20 AM


Group: Admin
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Danya knocked on the door to his home, a huge smile plastered on his normally smug face. He hadn't seen his family for days now...spending all his time dealing with SOTF. He could just imagine the happy smile on his wife's face, his daughter's laughter filling up the room. Danya wouldn't be able to see his son today...he was out in the battlefield, risking his life and becoming a true blue hero for the homecountry.
His wife answered the door, a small, worn smile on her face. "You're home, you're home!"
Danya laughed. Unlike his twisted laughs about the children of SOTF, this one was filled with love, kindness, and pride for his country, and his family. He embraced her tightly, spinning his wife around gently as he entered his home.
"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!!" The happy, child voice belonged to no other than Danya's daughter, Amora. She was a generic little girl, bubbliness, bounciness, loud laughter...she was a happy six year old, pig tails and all. Danya got down on one knee, and tapped his little girl on the nose, causing her to burst into a fit of giggles.
"Hey, Amora. Keeping up with SOTF?"
"Yeah, yeah! It's really, really cool. 'Specially 'cause you're the one who made it and all." Amora giggled, and pointed to her Survival of the Fittest t-shirt, slogan and all. Merchandising for SOTF was doing great. "My shirt is so cool, Daddy!"
"But, do you know why it's cool, Amora?"
"Because you're wearing it." Danya hugged his daughter tightly. "Love you so much." He let go of her, standing up and flashing a smile. "I'll go and make dinner tonight. Bet you guys were tired of takeout, huh?" Danya stuck his tongue out playfully at his wife before dashing off to the kitchen.


Meanwhile, at Danya's place of buisness, a few of his underlings were sitting around in the room specially designed for Danya's announcements. This was their only time for a break, really. A blessing it was that Danya took time off to visit his family periodically.
McLocke was one of the four workers in the room. "Oh, look at this one!" He gestured over to the laptop screen, a small smirk appearing. "Two new fanfics, fresh off the press."
Kaige's eyes narrowed. "Boring with a capitial B. C'mon, there's got to be something better. This fanfic crud is really boring. Don't you think so, Garnet?" She placed her empty sodacan in the trash, leaning against the far wall with a small sigh.
Garnet, a worker with a faint scar above his 'brow, was helping himself to a large bag of popcorn. "I'm more interested in the actual show itself, not all this fake, stupid stuff." He glared at McLocke. "Speaking of the show, has Achlys got the transmissions to the cameras back up?"
Rice shook his head, scratching under his chin idly with his freehand. He was trying to grow a goatee there, but the hair just never grew on his chin. "I don't think so. Poor kid, though...hardly eats now adays, just because of Danya and the SOTF ACT." He sighed. "Sometimes, I think that the violence of it all gets to Achlys."

Kaige shook her head. "No way. He has trained in soldier tactics and all that other stuff just like the rest of us."
Rice shrugged, lost for words.
Garnet crumpled up his empty bag of pop and threw it into the wastebasket. He traced the scar above his 'brow idly.
"Hey everyone, look at this!" McLocke pointed over at the laptop screen with a small, cheeky little grin.
"What, in the world?!" Rice stepped closer to the screen, blinking in disbelief. "That's...just so odd." He took a long sip from his sodacan, shaking his head. "Fans these days."
Kaige smirked. "Didn't you ever write a mushy fanfic before?"
Garnet sighed. "McLocke, you know Danya would probably kill us --"
"No, no, it's cool, though. Look at it!"
Rice placed down his sodacan, inconveniently ontop of a certain button...


"Dinner's ready!"
"Thanks for cooking, dear."
"It's the least I can do for being away for so long." Danya smiled, placing down the large plate of food on the tray set infront of his two favorite women in the world.
Lilly returned the smile. "You're a hero of the country. It's fine that you've been fact, it's great that you --"
"Mommy, Daddy! Let's go watch SOTF!" Amora practically yelled, interrupting her mother.
Danya grinned, sitting down on the couch in between his wife and daughter. With aid of the handy dandy device known as the remote, he turned on the TV. He changed the channel to the channel specifically for SOTF. Unlike in America that had most, if not all of the major stations with SOTF, SOTF got its own station completely in Danya's country. What happened next on SOTF, though, shocked even the twisted man known as Danya.


"'Jacob and Uriel stared lovingly into eachother's eyes. Sure, they had just met, but something between the two just seemed to click. As if they were two half circles, finally put together. To find love during a time while everyone around was dying was odd, yes, but love happens in strange places.
'Erm,' Jacob said, snapping both of them out of their love-induced stupor. 'My name is Jacob.'
'And mine is Uriel.' The boy blushed, looking away from Jacob. No way, he thought, I can't like him. This goes against so many things that I know.'" McLocke paused, smirking as he looked over at his comrades. "Edgy fanfic, right?"
Kaige coughed. "More like cliche."
Rice shook his head, as if trying to rid the image from his mind. "Too gross. Way too nasty for my tastes. And, the characters are written completely wrong. Jacob would never say that, and Uriel would never think --"
Garnet glared. "Enough of this. The boss finds out you're using his laptop --"

McLocke waved a hand at Garnet. "And what? He won't do a thing. Throw me on the island? Yeah, right." He chuckled to himself. "I hope you've noticed by now, but Danya's nothing. Just a guy who smokes cigars, sitting cozy in his grand chair while people out there are dying against the Americans." He smiled, pretending to be an exagerrated Danya puffing out a ring of smoke.
"Let's have some fun for once. Our pathetic little boss doesn't leave this place everyday, you know, so let's go read up on some of these fics, and have fun." McLocke grinned. ...If only he knew that Danya (and all the students on the island) had heard what he had been saying. "Now, name a pairing."
"I'm out of here." Garnet promptly left the room, scowling at McLocke. He never was one for this sort of fluffy, fake stuff. None of this fanfiction, fanart. It was all...fake. It was better to keep in touch with reality. Without that touch, you're've lost yourself completely.

McLocke scrolled down the listing of fanfics. "C'mon, Rice, I know you've got some sort of pairing that you like. I saw the way you were eyeing that ballerina girl. Pair her with whomever." He smirked, then looking over at Kaige. "You've got to have some sort of twisted boy on boy pairing that you like."
"What?" Kaige glared daggers at McLocke. "I'm serious about this job, McLocke! There's no time for goofing off like this. I hope you know who catches wind of this. A little time on his island would do you good, McLocke."
"Pffft. Rice, got a pairing in mind, yet? ...Rice? Hello, Earth to the Rice man! Space Cadet, come back down to Earth!!"
Rice's eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets, his mouth opened a gape. He pointed over to his half-full sodacan, sitting on the button used to operate the master mic system. The same system that was used to make the Announcements for the island. And the same system that allowed everyone to hear what was said. Students on the island, people at home watching, the Americans back home themselves...everyone.


Rice wasn't the only one whose mouth was hanging open. Danya face turned red with rage. "What did he just say?!" He stood up from the couch, knocking down his dinnertray in the process. "How dare they?!"
"Enough, Lilly! I'm sorry, but I've got to go now." He strode over to the door. "I wanted so much to spend the night, but now..." He punched the doorframe, and then stormed out of his grand house, filled with an unearthly rage.


"Rice, you idiot! Idiot!!" McLocke stood up, and took Rice by the collar. "Your drink, it was yours!"
Tears streamed down Rice's face. He could just imagine Danya now...Danya with a gun in his hand, Danya with a glare on his face. Danya ready to kill him, McLocke, Kaige, and Garnet. He'd kill them all because of a stupid mistake. "...S-sorry."
"Sorry doesn't cut it!" McLocke shook Rice up. "We've got families back home! They're going to find us because of you, Rice!! They're going to kill me, you, Ka--"
Kaige screamed. "Don't say my name! Don't say it!!"
"We're all going to die because of you, Rice. And what do you have to say?" McLocke let go of Rice's collar, smacking himself in the forehead.
"...So...rry." The reply was quiet and drawn out. "I...d-didn't mean to." He lifted the sodacan from the button, so that their sobs couldn't be heard all over the island.
Rice wasn't the only one crying. They all were. Like a terrible chorus, they all said in unison. "We're going to die, we're going to die..."


Danya entered the building, a grim smile on his face. His soldiers saluted him as he entered, Danya returning the salutes with a single firm nod. He passed by both Dorian and Achlys on his way to the room for Announcements. The two had been chatting together during their little "break", talking about the going-ons in SOTF, and a few other more personal things.
"Wait, Danya, sir!"
Danya spun around, glaring at his trembling underling. Achlys swallowed a big gulp of air, mustered up some courage, and then continued on, "I...Sir, I was able to get all the camera transmissions back." He smiled. "Right after all the rain stopped, too. We're getting all the 'lost' footage out now, and everything. Sure, there had to be a bit of backtracking done, but..."
Danya waved a hand, dismissing Achlys. "Fine, fine, fine!" He continued his way up the stairs to the room for Announcements. Danya looked forward to the type of punishment that would be delivered onto the people inside. And inside were Rice, Kaige, and McLocke, all three screaming and crying over the fact they would die. Garnet was nowhere to found. He most likely had taken off earlier, deciding to leave when he figured out the fact that the four's words had been broadcasted across the island.
The three inside were going to die, but not at the hands of their good ol' boss, Danya. Oh, no...they would meet their doom at the hands of someone different entirely...


"Hello there kids!" It was the cheerful voice of Danya. "I've got a present for you all, but, you're going to have to wait through the announcement first. The present - oh, well, there's actually three presents. But, I'll get into detail about them later on." Danya smirked, raising a sodacan to his lips with a small sigh.
"You know, I was at my home with my lovely wife and daughter. And guess what I see while I'm watching you guys on TV? Well, not really what I see, but more or less...what I hear." He paused, looking over to his laptop screen. Sure enough, the trio hadn't exited out of the story that had really spelled out their doom. "Some fanfic being read aloud. Really, it's not the best that I've seen, but considering the pairing..." He chuckled to himself, turning off his computer in disgust. "Let's get on with the Announcement, shall we?
"The 18th person to die was Andrew Lipson. You know, the wheelchair kid." He snickered. "Don't take that personally, folks. Unless, you're American...anywho, he was struck by lightning, fusing his cellphone to his hand - see, I told you kids not to make any calls on your cell phone - and then his wheelchair broke, causing him to fall off of the cliff. A series of unfortunate events, indeed." Danya stopped to take a breath. "19th was River Garraty. Ran himself into a dangerzone like a crazy little guy. Quite funny, actually..." He trailed off, trying to remember whom else had died between this Announcement and the last one. "Oh yeah...20th to die was Uriel Hunter, in the school building. Heather fed the poor guy a flashbang, making his jaw fall right off, and then was accidentally shot in the head by Jacob Starr. I don't really know who to give the death to." He glanced over to the door, as if expecting someone to come in. No one was going to. Who was crazy enough to bother Danya while he was doing the Announcements, especially after knowing what he did to Kaige, McLocke, and Rice?
"21st was James Coombs, killed in the Makeshift Hospital by everyone's favorite psycho ballerina Clemence. 22nd was Rais Sekth, whom was stabbed to death by Jacob Starr near the River. 24th was --" Danya stopped abruptly to sneeze. "-- Jimmy Moreland. A very gorey death delivered onto him by the wonderful Blaine Eno. 25th was Arturo Villamor, whom also had a gorey death in the Caves, thanks to Cillian. 26th was Devi Satome, also killed by Cillian in the Caves. And then, 27th was Elise Aversano, shot in the gut by Stevan Hyde, if you want her death in layman's terms."
Danya yawned. "27 people dead already. Nice, very nice. Although, you all should really get a little more stylish in the killings. Either that, or take a page out of Cillian's book and make the deaths all the more gore-filled." He tossed his sodacan over to the wastebasket, frowning when it missed. "Current Danger Zones wiped. Dark Caves and The Well are the current Danger Zones.
"Now, as I was saying earlier about the presents.... You've heard about Rice, McLocke, and Kaige, haven't you? The three idiots who decided to read a distasteful little fanfic outloud? Well, the fabulous trio are going to be on the island soon. You might want to write this information down just incase you run into them.

"The three of them are all dangerous. They've got military training...they're stronger than you. Way better than any student you've met on the island. Really, none of you stand a chance one on one. It'll take atleast seven of you to successfully take one on. Be weary of them...they're the ones wearing dark, dark clothing and in full military gear. Face masks, kevlar, gloves, knife holsters, powerful weaponry...they've got it all. Except," Danya smirked. "Vocal chords. But, why are they here? They're traitors to my homecountry, simply put. Such a shame, too...can you believe that they were actually feeding information back to the U.S.? Terrible, terrible." A lie, of course. Kaige, McLocke, and Rice weren't traitors to their country. "Think of this as a new edge to the game, kiddies...three super baddies. Try your best to kill them all! For once, I'm actually rooting for you all... Ta ta for now!"


...Finally, it's done. Not the best, I know, but I warned you all to not get your hopes up. ;) More information about the so-called super baddies can be seen in their character profiles. Yes...they're going to be in the Roster forum, as scary as that may seem. :o Look forward to them appearing on the island. :lol:

Dice Rolls are David and Amanda. Even I'm shocked at these rolls, folks. :o Have fun dying! :lol:
Keep up the great roleplaying, everyone!
Posted: Aug 8 2005, 04:24 AM

K08y0-67cv ;f09358234905h4et9069rghop3490t834000y954y-0hnrgu83ty

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You know, I think I'll use up my replacement ticket and swap David with Aaron, considering he's as good as dead anyway.
Posted: Aug 8 2005, 05:13 AM

Savage Intent.

Group: 20
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My character, Ash, is going to take the place of d0ddio's character, Amanda. His death will take place once Sophie has been killed, and I've planned out who will be the one to kill him. Also sent d0ddio a notification message, pending reply.
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