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 The Rules, Overall Rules
Posted: Jun 18 2005, 11:59 PM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 13-June 05

1. Read over just about EVERYTHING on the site. This is more or less, a huge suggestion. You won't get very far without knowing just about all there is to know about SOTF. That means that you'll need to read up on all the information, and follow all the rules. If you don't do this, then prepare for the consequences of your actions.

2. No powerplaying and god-moding. This roleplay is pretty realistic, and as such, no one here is a super human. Don't do things that one wouldn't be able to do in real life. BE REALISTIC! If you got shot in the stomach, chest, and liver multiple times, it's impossible for you to still be living. On this same note, you're not invincible. Your characters bleed...they're not robots, or super heroes that can dodge every bullet coming at them. They're just kids thrown into a terrible program.

3. Although this roleplay welcomes beginners aswell, riting lik dis wount b tawler8ed. This roleplay shall be roleplayed third person novel format, aswell. Be sure to check your spelling and grammar, but you don't have to be on your toes all the time...we all make mistakes!

4. Keep OOC to a minimum on the boards. We have a General Discussion and "Polls" forum for OOC-related discussion. OOC posts that are strictly OOC are frowned upon, unless they are done for great reasons, such as an apology for not posting, or something along that line.

5. When your character is rolled to be killed, you have three OOC days to kill your character off. Getting your character killed can be done in a number of ways. A few ways are having your character kill themselves, staying in a Danger Zone too long (or running into a Danger Zone) to get their collar exploded, or by simply requesting for someone to kill you through PMs, Instant Messenging service, or by posting a simple "Kill my character off, please" thread in the RP Discussion forum. But, if you really don't want your chosen character to die, you can always switch your character out with a different one if you have two or more characters. Meaning, if Character A was chosen to die, you could make Character B die instead. But, warning, you can only do the switch-around thing ONCE. After that, you can't switch Character A with B and vice versa if one was chosen to die. Please note that you could also choose your character to die, even if they're not announced to die.

6. Complaining about something isn't good. If you have a problem with someone, or something, then alert a higher up and they'll see what they can do about it. Complaining isn't good when action isn't taken against the person you are complaining about. It's a waste of energy, so alert a figure of authority. Complaining that your character was chosen to die is frowned upon, and frankly, doesn't make you look very good. Afterall, you can always make another character! Better, you could make your character go out with a bang. You know that the viewers back home will like it if you make the deathscene gorey and tragic. :P

7. No killing without someone's permission, even if they have been announced to die. If they specify in their topic that they don't care how they die, then you can kill them however you wish. It's best, though, to discuss with the person you plan on killing how you're going to go about with the death. It makes things less messy in the end, and for better writing. Trust me.

8. Since this is a BR RP after all, Mature themes are allowed. Heck, what kind of Battle Royale roleplay would this be if you weren't allowed to be able to roleplay graphically? Be warned that you MUST mark any topics containing anything with a graphic sexual scenes, or anything with extremely graphic violence. Really...some people don't want to read that stuff.

9. ALL the characters must be of your own creation, more or less, and have absolutely no relation to any of the characters of Battle Royales past. How would your character even know them, really? The only way that you can truly get away with this rule is if your character just heard about the Japanese's cruel game, etcetera blablabla. But, no relations to the characters beyond that. brothers of Shuuya Nanahara, or cousins of Kazuo Kiriyama, please.

10. You CAN have more than one character, but please limit it to 3 at one time. Even roleplaying 3 characters at once is hard work, especially in such a RP. There's no limit to how many characters you yourself can make, though. So, if one of your characters dies a horrible death, just make another character and get back into the game. ^_^

11. This is more of an encouragement than anything... If you are entering the topic, you place a link from where your character came from in that same post in a nifty little OOC text. The same thing goes for if you are leaving a topic, aswell...tell where your character went, with a link to their topic. This rule is for continuity purposes, and for those whom want to read up on the full story of your character. Although, this isn't a real rule, persay, BUT it is HIGHLY encouraged.

12. You may not pick up the weapons of your old characters. For example, if Character A dies, Character B can not pick up A's weapon and weild it. It's not fun if someone keeps making up characters for their weapons and eventually has Character D whom has three weapons thanks to them killing A, B, and C. Don't forget that you can pick up the weapons of others' characters, just not your own.

Please note: these rules are subject to change at any time.
NEW rules and edits are in GREEN text.

This post has been edited by Kaishi on Aug 13 2005, 07:50 PM
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