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 The Afterlife, ...a satire of sorts...
Posted: Mar 14 2006, 07:34 PM

just another daydream...

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Edward pursed his lips a bit at the sight of Eddie Serjeantson, which if he wasn’t mistaken had been on the hockey team at school. Fred leaning back in his seat and waving at him a bit only confirmed this, Fred having been on the team as well. Or was that Glenn? Which ever it was, one of the Hughes twins had been on the team and that was all he needed to know. He nodded somewhat as Madelaine answered, though as quick as she answered she was on her feet and moving away from the table toward the entrance of the place. “Feel free to join…” Fred muttered lightly, placing his cards down against the table. Eyeing the area his brother had run off to, “Though if people keep leaving… I doubt will ever start.” That said, he took to leaning in his chair again, rocking back and forth in a slow motion, closing his eyes after a moment.

Glancing to his side Blaine hadn’t placed his cards down but had the most thoughtful look on his face, though he seemed to have been cleared of his mental distress he had suffered on the island. He still seemed to retain that child-like personality, in that he seemed almost scared about everything. Namely when it came to those he had hurt, probably one of the reason, as Edward had noticed, that he seemed so frightful with Madelaine begin close. Frowning a little, Ed glanced off toward Hawley who seemed to have busied himself for the time by cleaning his glasses, though he wasn’t quite sure why… then again in all the time since Haws had first came here it seemed to be a rather nervous habit of his, something he did when he was thinking.

Glancing up a bit, he smiled a bit at the sight of Madelaine returning, though with someone in tow. “Friend of yours Madelaine?”

Glenn had to admit, he was a bit taken back by the sudden hug from his friend. Though remembered that she was all new to this, he had been the same way more or less. Though he had, had Fred there to help out, Edward as well… He hardly knew the before mentioned boy at school, but when he had explained that he had dubbed himself ‘welcoming committee’ Glenn had to muse at the boy’s happiness about it all. Then again, some ninety people where dead now, Ed had been somewhere around the first fifteen. He couldn’t blame the boy for finding something worth doing in this place.

Though as he heard Mallory start talking, he glanced down at her as she pulled away, he lightly smiling at her as she finished, musing a grin in the end as he rise a hand and placed it along her shoulder. “It’s alright Mallory; I don’t blame you for what happened. Nothing can be done now, you tried and that’s all that matters. I’m just happy to see you cared about me enough to try and hunt down that guy, most people wouldn’t do that… that’s a pretty special thing to do.”

((Short, and bad... but I'm trying to do this before my teacher notices me. :ph43r: *smoke bomb*))
Posted: Mar 15 2006, 01:29 AM

Savage Intent.

Group: 20
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Excitedly, Madelaine made her way back to the table to where the boys were waiting, with her friend well in tow. Somehow, everything seemed a lot brighter, despite all that had happened. Like herself, Chance was now dead, but it didn't seem as though dying was much of a transition for her friend. As a matter of fact, he seemed to be taking it well, observing with curiosity the rest of the patrons, looking with rather placid interest towards the television screens against the wall.

At least no one will ever be lonely here, she thought to herself with a smile as she returned to the group. Her eyes met Edward's bright ones, and she smiled shyly, letting go of Chance's hand and gesturing towards him.

"Yeah," Madelaine started, deliberating on how to introduce her friend to the rest of the group. "Umm, this is Chance Burton, an old friend of mine, he went to Barry Coleson too, though he's been away on a lot of trips and all that." Chance gave a friendly wave as Madelaine continued. "I'm sure you know the Hughes twins, Fred and Glenn, though I can't really tell them apart myself. But one of them is off over there." She gestured towards Glenn, who was still with Mallory, somewhat nearby. "That's Blaine, and there's Edward, I just met them when I came here. And there's Hawley, he was with me while I was on the island. He saved my life twice, you know?" She added cheerfully as Chance regarded each of them with a calm smile.

"Interesting," he said, with a tone of appreciation. "Yeah, I've definately seen the twins on the soccer team. Also, you were on the track team, right Blaine? I've seen Edward at school before a few times. And I've definately seen Hawley around...interesting bunch you have here."

"So glad you approve," Madelaine replied happily, feigning irritation as Chance ruffled her hair playfully. "Anyways, we were just about to play a game of Go Fish...want to join us?" She reassumed her place at the table next to Hawley, giving him a smile as she sat down. Her attention was momentarily averted by Blaine, who was sitting across from her, looking plainly terrified for some reason. Though it somehow struck her as odd, seeing him like that whenever she came near, or within eyesight, Madelaine gave him a kind smile, momentarily before gathering up her cards again.

Chance's transparent eyes fell upon the table for a moment, the cards that decorated it and the people who surrounded it. Casually, he shrugged and smiled abit. "Well sure, why not?" Immediately, he found his place between Hawley and Madelaine, helping himself to some cards from the deck. "Haven't had a chance to spend quality time with any of my old friends for a while."

As he sat down, he glanced over Madelaine's shoulder towards the tv screen not far from where he was sitting, in clear view. For a moment, his sea-green eyes calmly regarded the events that had unfolded since the time of his death, before deciding that he had had enough of that for now, and turned his attention back towards the card game.
Posted: Mar 16 2006, 03:41 PM

Princess of Highland

Group: Admin
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Soon after Chance's arrival into the afterlife, the door to the bar once again creaked open and shut with a quite loud slam. Luca Donovan, who had been Girl #69 during her stint on the island, stepped through with quite the disappointed look on her face. Frowning even more when she took notice of the room already filled to the brim with the faces of the deceased, she cast a scowl at any who happened to glance her way. This was not what she had imagined heaven, or hell, or whever she had been sent to be like. Not at all. Seeing the faces of the Barry Coleson kids left her more than a little irritated, and yet, here they all were, sitting around, shooting pool, playing cards, watching Survival of the Fittest...

Hmph. Danya was right. It's everywhere. We're even stuck watching it while we're dead.

Casting a quick glance toward the large group that had congregated around the students playing cards, Luca simply walked past them, and after a moment, found a seat at the bar as far away from any of the other students as she could possibly get. Those people, the ones she always hung out with in school, she didn't see them anywhere. Sitting down on the stool she had found, Luca propped her head up with her hands, somewhat zoning out. A transition into death had been horrific for some, a pleasure for others, but for Luca Donovan, her transition into death was simply a colossal disappointment.

It was such a perfect plan. Hide out, conserve my ammunition, eat, drink, and stay rested... then take them all out at the end. It was so perfect. How could I have possibly missed? If I hadn't missed her, she wouldn't have called out to those other kids, and I'd have been able to take them all out when they came running to see what had happened to their friend. It'd figure, you know. I'd miss the first person I tried to take out, and she'd be the one to do me in. With my own fucking gun. It was so perfect, too. Could've gone back, gone home.

Irritated, Luca slammed her fist down on the counter, not particularly caring if she disturbed anyone else in the vicinity.

And done what, Luca? What'd you have to go back to, anyway? Your parents? You barely saw them, let alone spoke with them. They weren't of any importance. Those people who thought you were their friend? Most of them are dead, and those that aren't, well, you didn't like them anyway. It wasn't even about going home. It was the competitive nature of the sport. Competition is something I've always thrived on and, let's face it, I'm a very sore loser.

Sighing audibly, the young girl pulled her attention away from the intricated pattern on the countertop, which she had been absentmindedly tracing with her finger for the duration of her inner rant. Her eyes cast out across the structure she had found herself in, taking in a view of all the familiar faces. She had never really socialized with them in life, what was the point of starting now?


Ryan Ashmore stepped into the bar, making as little noise as possible. He was dead, that much was for certain, but he couldn't help but rub the spot on his neck where the collar had been, and where he'd gotten his own knife jammed into this throat when he had tried to kill Lyndi Thibodeaux. The island had truly gotten to him, and now, his attention turned to the television, as he caught a brief glimpse of the scenario that was quickly unfolding in the school building at that moment. So, Elsie was pregnant, they were both weaponless... what had happened to the knife? Anyone with half a brain would have removed it from Ryan's throat and took off with it.

Then again, he had terrified the poor girl beyond imagination. Heading over to the television area, Ryan sat down on a couch, hanging his head down and propping his elbows on his legs, using them to hold up his head. Ryan wasn't sad he was dead. This is what he had wanted. He was free. Free from the collars, free from the pain... free from the game. Now, Ryan felt guilty. He was distraught over the fact that he had actually contemplated taking the lives of one of his friends, even if it was in a bout of insanity. He supposed it overcame all of them in the end.

His eyes wandered around the room somewhat, and he was almost taken aback to see one of the killers on the island, Blaine Eno, playing cards with quite the large group of friends. Here, it appeared, all the sins they had committed on the island had been forgiven. Nobody appeared to be holding any resentment toward those who had killed their friends, their family, even themselves. Call it crazy, if you will, but what Ryan felt most guilty about was leaving Lyndi on that island. Given her current situation, one of Barry Coleson's top cheerleaders was completely screwed, and probably doomed to die a horrible death.

Not as if he could do anything about it. Not now. Now, all he could really do was kick back, relax, and wait until the game finished. He wondered, would they still be in this place when only one person remained? Known killers like Blaine Eno had strolled through those doors. Even Madelaine Shirohara, who was currently a bystander around the card game, had taken someone's life while she was on the island. In fact, that other girl was here, too. Did that mean people like Adam Dodd, who had the biggest kill count on the island, and Cody Jenson, who was easily the most loathed and hated person on the island... did that mean that eventually, they might come waltzing through that door, too?

Ryan frowned at the thought. How many? How many more would come through before this horrendous game would be over? Drew and Cassie, maybe? Arsenio should be coming in any time now. How would he ever explain to Drew or Cassie what had happened? He'd failed both of them. After all, he was the one who made a promise to Cassie that he'd find them again. Come the next announcement, he supposed they'd know what had become of him... in some vague sense, at least. Really though, what had he expected? Shaking his head somewhat, Ryan's attention returned to the television, and he, along with the others sitting around him, became rather enthralled in watching what was going on in the game.
Posted: Jun 26 2006, 07:32 AM

Savage Intent.

Group: 20
Posts: 755
Member No.: 32
Joined: 20-July 05

"Hey, what's up, Maddie-girl? Something wrong?"

Chance gazed over with light-hearted eyes of sea-green hue towards the young brunette he had immediately taken to sitting next to, even inching closer to her with a playful arm draped over the slim contours of her shoulders. However, looking at her now, her large brown eyes avoiding his gaze absently, Chance caught the vaguest hint that she was not taking well to his closeness.

Far from that, it seemed. Disappointed, Chance watched as Madelaine inched away from his inviting arm, looking somewhat uncomfortable. More gently, he remarked casually, “You’ve been kinda quiet for a while, don’tcha know?” When Madelaine cast a sidelong glance towards him, looking only all the more uncomfortable, Chance continued to press, leaning his face over towards her a bit. Somewhat brazen of him, but it wasn’t like Madelaine to mind so much.

“Won’t you treat me to some of your thoughts?” he asked, flashing a cheerful grin towards her.

Rather, Madelaine only treated him to a good several minutes of nervous silence before replying quietly, “It’s nothing, just been thinking about several things in particular. Since I got here, after all.”

Nothing, huh? Chance did not look all too convinced. But what bothered him the most was that Madelaine did not seem to take well to his brazenness as she had done before, more of a degree than now. Perhaps Chance was being a bit forward. After all, it had been quite a while since they had associated this closely. More than two years, in fact. Was familiarity no longer something he shared with Madelaine? For all they had known eachother, Chance always appreciated the familiarity, especially when it came to Madelaine. Whether in life or death, Chance always thought he’d always be close to her.

But looking at the way Madelaine had shied away from him, here at this card table, Chance wondered briefly if they were even still familiar with one another. Maybe familiarity was a thing of the past for them now. Time was a cruel thing, inflicting a wake of change to all who were caught in its flow. But rest assured, Chance sat back, waiting for the card game to unfold already. Looking at Madelaine, who was now deep in thought, he relaxed. Here in death, he would have plenty of time.

Casually, he cast a glance towards the television screen, just in time to see Crosby engaging in an intense and all-out brawl against the remaining male terrorist, Rice. It caught his interest, diverting his attention away from Madelaine as he leaned over in anticipation over the outcome of the battle.

Chance most certainly not the only person who had taken an interest in the now quiet and contemplative Madelaine. Keeping to herself in a secluded corner, Nanami watched with curious, yet timid eyes towards Madelaine, her best friend, and the person she had hated the most for all of six years.

For Nanami, familiarity was the knowledge that you’re trapped in an endless cycle of hidden feelings, spiteful lies. Familiarity was the fact that someone would always be there to protect you and overshadow you, to keep you safe and to keep you in the dark, from the place in the warm glowing sunlight where Nanami had always wanted to flourish, and just be herself. Familiarity was Madelaine.

It was a familiarity that she had to deal with for all of six long and painful years….it was a familiarity that she hated, and wanted for so long to break away from, even if it meant destroying her.

And now, that familiar being that was Madelaine was with whom Nanami wanted more than anything to make amends with, and be with again. Rather than despising it, Nanami wanted and desired it more than anything. And now, looking wistfully and yearningly at what was once the object of her hate for so many long, painful years, Nanami knew deep inside that she wanted to be with Madelaine again.

Even after all she had done to forsake whatever friendship that had formed between them…and that was the problem right there. Nanami was fully aware of herself, and what she had done. Knowing that, how could she go back to Madelaine without looking like a complete fool? A coward….a weakling…

No, Nanami thought to herself. I can’t be a weakling…the reason why all of this happened…the reason why I’m here right now is because I was weak. I can’t be weak anymore. I have to be strong, because I want to be friends with her. Not a make-up. Not to be friends again, but friends for the first time. Friends for real.

That was her resolution, and all she needed to do was to take the first step. Everything from there would be alright, Nanami just knew it. No matter what, she and Madelaine would-

She was halfway across the floor towards the card table where Madelaine was, her attention caught by the sight of one Terrorist Rice’s bisected body falling to the ground in the wake of Adam’s blade. She shuddered for a moment at the sight, unable to move where she was as her attention was completely absorbed by the happenings of the living world.

Madelaine, meanwhile, completely lost in thought, had failed to notice the attention she was receiving from either Chance or Nanami, having shied away from Chance’s closeness to immerse herself in her own thoughts. She’d always preferred to do such, closing herself off from all things external, even if they happened to be those close to her. But it was the most effective way of getting the most out of her own thoughts, and bringing some solace and even some closure to some of her uncertainties.

And death itself tended to pose the most numerous amounts of uncertainties imaginable. Even Madelaine, who was by now fully aware of her state of death, still found it somewhat strange that something so foreign and alien, something that is the polar opposite of life and the basis of all she had ever known, could have so much familiarity to it.

After all….Madelaine noted her surroundings in unison to her thoughts…a bar and a restaurant, littered with pool tables and TV screens and people going on with their business here and there as though nothing was unfamiliar. Sorry to say, but this went against any theory related to the Afterlife Madelaine had ever come across throughout her living years. It was more than what she’d ever expected, and so much more than what anyone in the living world could ever expect.

Because….she was happy here. Happy in death, happy and whole with her best friends, also dead. Happy, though farther from her family than she had ever been in her entire life, and happy, despite all that had happened to her for all of the last six days of her life. Almost….it almost seemed just too good to be true. The matter of death didn’t become any less settling, however, but then again, it at least made it more…bearable.

After all, she was with her friends, most of whom she had only met during her time on the island. Hawley, who had forsaken his own personal well-being for the sake of Madelaine and their group….Amanda, with whom Madelaine was no less than ever the best of friends since the moment they had met…Chance, that familiar shadow from the past who was no less energetic and cheerful than ever… even Nanami, though being the object of her hate for as long as they had met, Madelaine still valued at least the happiness that they’d shared together.

And thus, Madelaine would have been complete, her in the afterlife, if not for the knowledge that another one of her close friends, one by the name of Adam Dodd. The unofficial leader of their group who had put himself endlessly into fighting for the sake of keeping their group alive, whole, and together. But all of that had been in the past, and now, as far as Madelaine knew, Adam was fighting a battle for himself. It was for his sake he was fighting for, for he had no one else left now, but himself. Even so, selfless as he was, he had still swore to bring justice in Madelaine’s and Amanda’s name, by bringing down the one who had killed them both, Cody Jensen.

As heroic and selfless as it seemed, in Madelaine’s mind, Adam was simply….well, more a friend than just any old hero. A very close friend at that, and it was for this reason alone that Madelaine silently prayed for his sake, hoping at the very least he would make it out of this seemingly endless ordeal alive.

It was for this reason that Madelaine, as much as she hated watching the events of SOTF while all she wanted was to rest peacefully, that she just had to know. She just had to know how Adam was, how he was faring, and if there was any chance at all…any chance that he would survive this ordeal.

She was about to turn in full circle towards the TV screen behind her, when she noticed Chance….and how frozen in place he was, staring like a wide-eyed statue steadily towards a single, focal point…no doubt the TV screen. Blinking at him, Madelaine was about to make an inquiry, about to turn her head towards the screen behind her over her shoulder…

“Don’t look,” Chance hissed in a harsh whisper, and from where she was, Madelaine could see his face turning stark white underneath his tan. Chance quickly moved so that he was effectively blocking Madelaine from view of the television screen.

“What? What is it?” she asked him, plainly bewildered. “What could possibly be-“

A sound….a half gasp, a half shriek, sounded from where Nanami was, frozen in place in the empty space of floor. She too, was turning pale and wide-eyed with what seemed like utter shock and horror….she too, was looking towards the television screen.

Unable to remain blissfully ignorant any longer, Madelaine abruptly stood up, despite Chance’s sudden protests and movements to prevent her from seeing the images being displayed on the screen.

“Don’t look at it….Madelaine…” Chance’s urging voice trailed off in utter helplessness, as Madelaine angrily shoved his arm aside and made her way into the clearing in front of the TV screen, training her eyes quickly to focus on the images that were displayed onscreen….

She recognized Adam almost immediately, the subject of her thoughts while she had remained blissfully unawares of the current happenings of the living world. But the recognition was not all that had suddenly put her into a frozen state on the restaurant floor. Standing in front of the TV screen, Madelaine flinched, her eyes quickly widening at the sight of the images unfolding before her. The cold feeling of shock began to seep into her mind, rendering it, and her entire body, completely numb.

It can’t be. This isn’t….

Familiarity… simply put, it was all that was familiar. And in Madelaine’s mind, familiar was the feeling of dread that began to seep its way at the very core of her mind, the very knowledge and fear of what was to come. It was all too familiar to her. The feeling of helplessness….utter vulnerability, the desire to fight the inevitable, yet knowing that there was no way to escape it as devastating as it was. All of that was familiar.

And then there was shame…utter shame in the face of all that was happening, that too was familiar. And all the while there would be mind-rending terror, at the revelation of it all, the very knowledge that what was happening would stay forever. It was the knowledge that nothing was right anymore, and nothing would ever be the same again. Madelaine was familiar with that, and now, the familiarity was so strong, she even felt it within herself…immediately recognizable, familiar feelings of fear, shame, helplessness…

And pain. It all reverberated in her mind, the several minutes in which she was raped by Cody Jenson all came back to her in full force as she witnessed Adam Dodd suffering a horribly similar fate… All of the shame that he felt, pain and fear in unimaginable degrees: Madelaine knew exactly how it felt, having gone through the same thing Adam was going through right now.

And she was feeling it now, as she silently watched one of her closest friends being raped by this crazed terrorist. This was real. It was happening now, as much as Madelaine tried to deny it. And in her mind, it felt as though it were happening to her. Torment and shame….all over again.

No! This can’t be happening….this isn’t right….it can’t be real. No, I refuse to believe it! ….I don’t want to believe it…No, this can’t be happening to him. Not him. Not me! NO! It’s not happening! NO!

Broken from his frozen trance, Chance leapt to his feet as Madelaine’s sudden screams ripped through the air, a chillingly shrill cry of what could only be described as one of trauma, pain, and devastation. Her statue-like figure stood in a gnarled shape, slightly bent over and frozen stiff. Her snow-white palms were pressed fiercely against the side of her temples, as though fighting, struggling madly and painfully against some unseen force. All the while, in front of the chilling scene that had just unfolded, she screamed as though in intense, excruciating agony.

As if the horrible images displayed on the TV screen weren’t enough, it was enough to send mind numbing chills down Chance’s spine. Quickly, he dashed over to Madelaine and pulled at her arms from behind, struggling to get her as far as possible from the images that were tormenting her so.

As his hands touched her, she screamed even louder and fought him, shaking off his grip and struggling madly as Chance grappled with her, trying to make himself audible to her over the pitch of her shrill cries.

“Stop looking at it!” he shouted in desperation, as Madelaine suddenly panicked and tried to push him away. “Stop looking…get away from there.” Growing weary, not only of the struggle, but of the newfound loss of his faith for humanity, he began to sank to the floor, helplessly crouched in a prone position. He still held Madelaine from behind by the forearms, and as he fell to the floor, so did she. Suddenly growing limp, she fell to her knees, as though unable….or unwilling, to fight familiarity any longer, nor did she have the energy to deny the very fate that had befallen one of her closest friends. It was all too much for her, and now she clutched herself, shuddering slightly with her head bowed down. Her face was hidden from this position, concealing the quiet sobs that emitted from her throat.

Unseen by all, Nanami had retreated to her own corner of the restaurant, facing the wall, not wanting to catch another glimpse of a single image on the television screen. Nor did she want to witness Madelaine’s recollection of pain and torment any longer.

Just a mere five seconds of witnessing it all was enough to send Nanami over the edge. And now more than anything, she felt like screaming as well.
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