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 Colton "Colt" Valero, Updated 8/30/06
Posted: Aug 23 2006, 04:19 AM

Princess of Highland

Group: Admin
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Joined: 26-October 05

Name: Colton DeMarcos Valero
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: Junior (11th)
School: Franklyn Senior School
Extra Curricular Activities: Varsity Baseball, Lacrosse, Weight Lifting

Description: Tall and lean, standing at right under 6'0" and of average weight, Coltonís athletic physique didnít come easily. In fact, Colton has been working on perfecting and sculpting his body ever since the summer before freshman year. Before then, he was skinny as a rail and had no figure to speak of, and even less muscle. He was lanky by default, and the growth spurt that befell him earlier than many of his peers only added to his insecurity about his lack of weight. It was that summer that Colton started attending the gym, and pumping iron became a daily event for him. Slowly but surely, Colton gradually began to gain the muscle mass he always desired. The gain in muscle was definitely noticed, not only by his peers but by his teachers and coaches as well, and Colton, desiring more of the positive attention he was receiving from his bulk-up, continued his gym visits until they were almost a religious practice. Now, with his current schedule consisting mostly of homework and baseball games, Colton has cut back to going only three times a week, but refuses to miss those three days for anything.

Overall, Coltonís a good-looking guy. Heís cute, in the high school sense, of course. His skin is a deep brown in color Ė a result of the mixture of American Indian and Puerto Rican heritage he was born into. His hair is raven black in color and is always worn in semi-long spikes to show off the blondish-white tips. Although his father disapproves of the highlighting job that was done on Coltís hair and says it looks tacky, his mother thinks he looks absolutely adorable and thus continues to let him highlight his hair. His eyes are a deep chocolatey brown in color and are sharp and well-defined, giving him an overall fierce and intelligent gaze. In addition, his eyebrows are so perfectly groomed that they could only have been done by wax, and although heíd never admit it to his schoolmates, he does in fact allow his mom to wax his eyebrows as a means of keeping that pesky unibrow thatís otherwise prone to form away.

The rest of Coltís face is well-defined and pronounced, and his features seem to be just the perfect size Ė his nose and lips arenít too big nor too small, and his chin juts out just enough to be pronounced without being distracting. Coltís prone to smiling a lot, as heís quite a happy-go-lucky guy, and the gleam of metal braces, the bands generally done in Franklyn Seniorís school colors to show school spirit, always seem to shine through. His teeth are obviously in the process of being straightened, but heís come a long, long way from the snaggle-toothed, scrawny adolescent he once was. In fact, the dentist recently told him heíd have those pesky braces off in time for Senior pictures next year! Coltonís main physical flaw would easily be the light acne-scarring across his cheeks from a series of breakouts he often undergoes when heís stressed out or upset Ė generally around exam time.

Other than the light acne-scarring on his face and the small bumps he sometimes acquires on his arms (you canít really see them and the dermatologist told him it had something to do with him not drinking enough water), Coltonís figure is sculpted and, in his humble opinion, is near perfection. Over the years, heís become quite a bit conceited about his physique, but as he always states when confronted about his egotistic view, heís earned the right to be a bit conceited, as he worked hard to become the impressive specimen that he is today.

Needless to say, Colton's a bit of an egotist when it comes to his looks, even if he is overly sensitive about his acne and braces. A lot of this stems from his mother and her constant reassurance of what a good boy he is and how handsome he's become. One can easily tell that Colton is quite the mama's boy, so to speak, and he and his mother share a special bond that he's never quite seemed to be able to create with his father. His father is more prone to favoring the other Valero child, Colton's twin brother Christian, whose quite the little football star that Shannon Valero wanted Colton to be.

Not that Colton cares. He and Christian have grown up sharing a friendly rivalry, with Christian always seemingly going out of his way to impress his father -- football, soccer, streetrods -- Christian always liked what Shannon took to. Colton, on the other hand, was more interested in slower, more relaxed sports. Baseball was his hobby throughout childhood, with mom often coming out to cheer little Colton on at his t-ball games while dad was off yelling at Christian's football coaches. Even now, things aren't much different for Colton and Christian. Thankfully for both brothers, the twins defined themselves as people at quite an early age, so they never truly underwent the seperation and individualization issues that most twins are prone to.

Colton's quite devoted to baseball, as one might have guessed. This often results in sub-par or simply satisfactory grades in his classes, and although Colton's quite content with the mostly "C" grades he receives, most of his classmates, and several of his teachers don't know the real reason behind Colton's sub-standard grades. The truth is Colton's dyslexic. Of course, it doesn't affect the street-smarts, sleek attitude, and sheer confidence that he is owner of, but it does affect his ability to read and comprehend his school work. Colton's embarrassed by the fact that he's dyslexic, and growing up, he often thought that he was simply stupid and couldn't comprehend things he should be able to.

Although he now understands the undesireable trait that he has apparently inherited from his father, he's still embarrassed about it, and wouldn't ever admit to any of his friends or even his closest confidantes that he sometimes mixes up the words in front of him. As he puts it, it's embarrassing for him to talk about. When you tell people you're dyslexic, most of them jump to the conclusion that you're ignorant and have trouble reading, which is certainly not the case. Indeed, Colton holds a fierce intelligence within him -- most of it simply being street smarts instead of book smarts. Who needs book smarts when you get out of college, anyway?

Colton shares a spot on the baseball team with fellow classmates such as Ricky Callahan, Eric Silvstedt, Gregg Archer, and Andy Edwards. The boys are all quite close, and the clique of jocks they seem to have formed easily sits atop the proverbial totem pole at Franklyn Senior. Colton wouldn't have it any other way. His boyishly good looks, charming personality, and social butterfly status make him a desirable friend to have and an enemy to avoid. He's laid-back and easygoing in nature, so he rarely comes off as pompous and overbearing unless you really get him talking about himself -- so many of the Franklyn Senior girls have found themselves crushing on Colton.

Colton finds himself often leading girls on and sometimes using them, but there's no harm in that, right? Colton takes life as it comes, but simply put, if it's put in front of him, he'll gladly take it. This seems to be his attitude toward most things in general, and he's earned himself a couple of quite hostile ex-girlfriends over this minute little detail of his life. What Colton fails to realize is that that minute little detail might send him on quite a rough ride very, very soon.

Colton serves as a waiter during his time away from the sports scene at Garfield's Restaurant and Bar. He's been a pretty solid employee for the company, having held the job for the past two years -- an impressive feat for a high school student, especially one with as much social interaction going on as Colton has. The job has its perks, of course. Colt's a good-looking guy and he's got a charming personality despite his pompous attitude, so it makes for good tip money. Plus, the fact that employees get a fifty percent discount on all food served makes it a cheap date at an expensive restaurant and thus a prime location to score some brownie points with his latest fling.

Clique: Baseball Boys, Jocks

Relationships: Ricky Callahan: Teammate

Gregg Archer: Teammate

Eric Silvstedt: Teammate

Ali Grayston: Ali Grayston recently made a surprise appearance at Garfield's with Colton's follow teammate Gregg Archer. Needless to say, Colt was very surprised to see her, seeing as he and Ali were recently what could best be dubbed friends-with-benefits before she mysteriously stopped calling him. Colton, being the laid back individual that he is, didn't seem angry or upset to see his former companion out with a good friend of his. In fact, Colton went so far as to oblige Ali's request to keep their past relationship a secret from Gregg -- a move which might inevitably come back to haunt him.

Other: Colton's "use 'em and lose 'em" attitude has earned him quite a few spiteful girlfriends and, for that matter, quite a few angry older brothers. He's managed to smooth talk his way out of a lot of potentially ugly situations, but only time will tell how long his luck holds out.
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