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 Annabelle "Bubbles" Bucchanon
Posted: Aug 6 2006, 06:12 AM

Prettyful Princess of the Male Variety/ Aspiring Graphic Maker

Group: Members
Posts: 47
Member No.: 143
Joined: 4-July 06

Name: Annabelle "Bubbles" Bucchanon
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Birthdate: 03/17/????
Grade: Mr. Satchel's Homeroom 346. Grade 9th.
School: Hobbsborough
Extra Curricular Activities: Soccer, Softball, and Track.

Description: Annabelle Bucchanon, better known by the nickname Bubbles due to her bubbly personality(as well as a prominent physical feature), possesses the body of a young goddess and the personality of a martyr. The first thing to really strike someone about Annabelle is her hair. Flaming red curls that end at her shoulders, the front streaked with bright, bubblegum pink. This particular dyeing of her hair has caused a bit of commotion with her parents, but other than the "You really should dye your hair back." from them or the people at school, it really hasn't been as big of a deal as Annabelle first thought it might be.

The next distinguishing feature would be her face, with eyes in particular. Large, round eyes with bright blue irises, brought ought more-so by a pale complexion so natural to redheads. Freckles in place, the sun-spots appear to flock to her nose, the small protuberance giving home to a surplus of the dots. Below the nez, a word Annabelle remembers vaguely from her French class the past year, thin, pale lips rest, although one wouldn't know it due to the mass amount of cotton-candy pink lip gloss applied to them. Small, hanging lobed ears rest on each side of her face, slightly hidden by the sea of red.

With the masses of well-endowed females overtaking the nation, the chick really does get self-conscious. Somehow, throughout the entire early growth-spurt that Annabelle went through, the only thing that grew in size was her height. Vertical superior, but mammory inferior is she, and it has kind of taken its toll on the confidence factor. Well rounded with everything else, why can't she be gifted there too?

On a lighter note, unlike most redheads, Annabelle tends to love being out in the sun. She plays sports for fun although she's really rather talented at them, particular track. This is the reason for her toned and nice physique, along with her gymnastics and ballet when she was younger. Football is her favorite sport, especially when her competitive nature comes out of hiding. Track is moreso a mental discipline for her, helping to make sure that she's in control of her body. Most of her friends aren't really the sporty types, but there are some that are kind of there.

Her natural ability at making people smile(or sometimes frown) when she's around is what makes her such an interesting person. There are few things she's not willing to try at least once, so she usually gets along with everyone. One great thing she despises is the mass amount of gangs that are around. Gang girls are annoying to her, although the bad boy type is kind of her thing.

Her grades, which are of course only the best, set her apart from her friends in the popular crowd. Her parents only allow her to play sports and go out(which basically means shop with their credit card) if she maintains good grades. Studying extra means extra money, so Annabelle works hard with everything. Every now and then, she'll have a good breakdown and cry because of all the stress, but like most teenagers, she bounces back with a vengeance. With all of her activities, she doesn't really get much time to herself though, and maybe that's why she's kind of undefined. She's all these things, but not just Annabelle. Never JUST Annabelle.

Leading back to the darker side of the girl, she has a bit of a habit to hold a grudge, but if a person is nice to her, there would be no reason for her to dislike them. Most things that people may say about her don't really seem to bother her, but rumors about her being a lesbian had been started sometime last year due to her extensive friendship with an extreme tomboy, and with certain girls at the school, she has become a bit wary. She's never really considered herself liking other girls, and as such is now a bit confused about it. Boys were never really important to her until the rumors, which started while she was dating Jackson Lee, a theatrical boy that transferred for unknown reasons, although more rumors came about it being because of Annabelle cheating with her tomboy friend.

As of now though, she's determined to prove her heterosexuality. In some ways, she's become a bit of a boy-crazy teen, and with that she finds herself with When someone calls her a dyke, lesbian, carpet-muncher, and the like, she simply turns away. She won't ruin her reputation or stop smiling because people decide to believe rumors.

Her parents are the epitome of rich, peppy, and Christian. Raised in the Catholic faith, Annabelle gets her views from her religion quite a bit. Even things in the church are a bit interesting, seeing as most of the St. Andrews Catholics go to it. People talked about the rumors there, and eventually things got back to Annabelle that her parents had heard. Taking it with a stride, the redhead attempts to play it off as a silly rumor started by immature kids.

Clique: A mix between the "Populars" when it comes to fashion or sports and the outcasts(geeks, nerds, loners) when it's something artsy or academic.
Relationships: Her only relationship to speak of is the one between her and Jackson Lee, a boy that mainly is known for his roles in the few school plays. He's always the lead. Annabelle and Jackson dated four two months before she ended it. They were "too different" was her excuse, but she wasn't really sure just why it was. Friend-wise she's a bit of a mingler.

Although she doesn't know their names, Annabelle really doesn't like two girls and is a bit confused by the third of their trio. (Mariavel Varella, Lavender Heart, and Darcy Rose)

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