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 A Matter of Convenience
Posted: Aug 17 2006, 05:20 PM

Savage Intent.

Group: 20
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Matthias, having had seen plenty of various sleight of hand shows in his time due to his interest in them, had figured out for one thing that there were various common techniques that all magician's used to perform their tricks. He knew that one was to focus the line of vision of the audience in order to distract their attention from what he was really doing, like an optical illusion that made the eye focus on certain aspects and details instead of the big picture. That was why, sometimes even the eyes lie.

Such a concept had always fascinated Matthias, and it was because of this, he watched intently, trying to see exactly what Sam was doing with the coin. It was quite difficult, following the movements of his hand as well as his commentary while at the same time trying to crack the illusion he was making. And before Matthias knew it, Sam had stuffed the dime into his right palm....only when he opened both hands, it was completely gone.

Matthias had trouble hiding his bewilderment. No matter how hard he tried to figure out just what the tricksters themselves were doing, no show ever failed in having him end up asking the same question over and over again. Just how did he do that? Jodeen, meanwhile, was just as amazed, as her eyes widened as she looked over his hands, trying to find the elusive coin that was supposed to be there...but wasn't.

"Wo-ow..." She murmured softly, just as Sam began wasting no time moving onto the next part of the show. Once again, Matthias was just as determined to uncover the very guile and craft of this particular trick, moreso out of fascination than anything else. But of course, his efforts turned up fruitless as Sam's hands moved quickly, pulling out a single sponge into two without any sort of explanation involved, then likewise stuffing them into his right fist and opening both hands to show that both were gone.

Matthias covered his mouth slightly, too awed to comment, as Jodeen let out a small gasp in surprise yet again at the disappearance of the two spongeballs. As Sam handed her the sponge ball, she smiled at him.

"Sure!" she remarked excitedly as she tightly clenched the sponge ball in her free hand with vigour. She was distracted from it though, as she and Matthias watched intently as one of the spongeballs appeared in Sam again. At first it seemed as though something was wrong when Sam frowned with a scrutinizing look, though when Jodeen was prompted to open her hand, the pair were once again caught at a loss for words when not one, but two sponge balls popped up in her open palm.

"Wow, Jodeen," he murmured quietly, before he added in a joking tone. "Did you do that?"

At this, Jodeen shook her head vigorously. "No! I didn't do anything at all!" She stared at the two spongeballs in her hand, still binking in utter amazement. Matthias likewise did the same and gave an impressed whistle, murmuring lightly, "That's really something..." He looked towards Sam Myron with a wry look on his face.

"That's really amazing," he remarked. "You know, I would ask you, 'How did you do that?' But I know you're probably gonna turn up with the usual, 'a magician never gives away his tricks.' But really...that's really something."
Posted: Aug 17 2006, 05:47 PM

Princess of Highland

Group: Admin
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Joined: 26-October 05

The placid look that remained fixated on Whitney Acosta’s features belied her intrigue and amazement over the somewhat simple tricks that Sam Myron performed effortlessly in front of them. Although she was not visibly awestruck like Matthias and Jodeen were from the events, the fact remained, she was quite impressed. From what she knew about Sam, he took his work as a magician very seriously, almost as though it was a form of artwork for him. In a way, she supposed, it was. It was his passion, his life. And honestly, he was good. Quite good.

Smiling warmly at the excitedness that had overtaken the younger Kovalenko sibling, Whitney remained lingering somewhat behind the duo, her head tilted to the side ever so slightly in mild curiosity. As Matthias inquired as to the technique behind the magic, Whitney couldn’t help but laugh quietly. Of course a magician wasn’t supposed to tell his secrets, then the entire illusion would be ruined. Overall, Whitney wasn’t really curious as to how Sam had managed the tricks, seemingly on the spot, on a whim. It was quite impressive.

Though absent-mindedly, she couldn’t help but wander what ever happened to the coin that had seemingly vanished without a trace in the palm of Sam’s hand. She mused over the fact that he’d probably pull it out from behind Jodeen’s ear eventually, and laughed inwardly at the thought. Her eyes cast down to her watch once more, she knowing full well that she had to be home relatively soon. She was enjoying herself though, and her parents would understand if she was a little late. They never seemed to mind too much.

Then again, if her father found out the reason why she was late, that she’d spent the afternoon with one of her classmates who just happened to be a guy – his understanding demeanor might come to an abrupt halt. He always was a bit overprotective about Whitney, especially when it came to her being around other guys. She never quite understood why, perhaps because she was the only child of the family and his little girl to boot, but her father was notorious for treating her like a child at times.

Sighing a bit at the downhearted thought, she quickly shook it from the back of her mind, determined to ensure that the thoughts of her father getting angry over something so trivial wouldn’t ruin the enjoyable time that she was currently having with the trio. Besides, Matthias and Sam were both nice boys. It wasn’t as though her father had anything to worry about, right? Really though, the only classmate of hers that her father ever seemed to warm up to well was Sam Sorenson, and that probably had a lot to do with the fact that before her father got his position on the EMS squad, he attended church with the Sorensons on a regular basis.

The brooding thoughts inevitably vanished from her mind, with a bit of effort on Whitney's part. No sense brooding over such things, no good ever seemed to come of it. Besides, her father was a good man. A bit overprotective, sure, but after the incident with the fourty-year-old man following her two and from school several months prior, he had a right to be, really. Besides, he was just looking out for her, ensuring that no harm came to his baby girl. The thoughts subsided from her mind once again as the cell phone located in her back pocket began to vibrate, and she could only imagine that it was one of her parents calling to inquire about her location.

Choosing to ignore the phone call she was receiving, Whitney's thoughts returned to the here and now, and she looked on with a smile at Sam, Jodeen, and Matthias. Clearly, the Kovalenko siblings were enjoying the show which Sam had provided, and she wandered quite curiously what else the Myron boy had up his sleeve. She'd never really watched him illustrate his prowress in magic before, and she was quite impressed by what she'd seen so far.
Posted: Aug 19 2006, 11:46 AM

There are many sides to a story

Group: Moderators
Posts: 299
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Joined: 29-July 05

Sam smiled at his audiences reaction to his tricks. This was the best part in his opinion, watching the reaction of everyone. He looked at them all, taking in their amazement. He collected the two sponge balls from Jodeen and said to Matthius, "Well you're right, a good magician never reveals his secrets." Sam knew he had to go home soon, and he wanted to do something impressing, go out with a bang.

First he walked over to Jodeen and, unknowingly did what Whitney had thought of, he pulled her dime out of her ear, of course after flashing that his hands were empty before hand. He handed the dime to her and started to walk to the door, putting some distance between him and the trio.

Looking at them all he said, "Well, I have to start heading home now, but I have one last trick to show you." Sam watched them closely, and took his time with this one. After about twenty seconds of just standing there, it appeared that he was hovering about a foot off the ground. It took Sam long hours and hard work to master this one, but it was great for just like most of his tricks, it required no work before. He could do it on the spot. He thanked David Blain quietly in his head for making this trick famous.

After about ten seconds of hovering, his feet made contact with the ground. He smiled and just said, "Later guys." He turned around, and walked out the door. He loved to leave the show keeping people in amazement, and leaving right after a finale was his way of adding mystery to himself. As he walked outside he looked back inside, and glanced at the trio one last time. Then he made his way to his car.

All in another days work he thought to himself.

((continued elsewhere))
Posted: Aug 24 2006, 04:21 AM

Princess of Highland

Group: Admin
Posts: 647
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Joined: 26-October 05

Once again, Whitney Acosta consciously hid the sense of awe she felt at Sam's illusions. He was quite good, she once again reiterated in her mind. She'd seen the dime trick coming, but at the very least it should amuse Jodeen. At Sam's seemingly magical ability to levitate, however, Whitney was truly impressed. She hadn't seen that one coming, nor did she understand how he'd managed to do it with no setup or anything. Her eyebrows raised slightly in the air and a visibly impressed expression overtook her features. Sam Myron turned and exited the doorway of the convenience store, leaving as quickly as he had come, and presumably leaving the trio standing at the counter in awe.

Cool exit.

It was a subconscious, almost juvenile thought on Whitney's part, but it was still there. Turning toward Matthias and Jodeen, Whitney attempted to gauge the expression on the features of the duo before allowing the trademark Whitney Acosta smile she almost always bore to once again dissolve her impressed, if not a little confused, look from before.

"Wow, Jo. You even got your dime back," she mused, "What did you think?"

The two were, of course, visibly impressed by Sam's artistic ability as an illusionist. That much was evident even to Whitney. Whitney was interrupted, however, as the back pocket of her jeans once again began vibrating, causing an annoyed look to pass over her features. She could only assume that once again, her father was calling. This was the second time he'd called in a matter of minutes, so it was probably in her best interests to answer the phone. Sighing audibly, Whitney held up her hand, signalling the duo to hold on for a moment before turning away and flipping the phone open.

"Hello?" her voice held a tense, almost fearful tone to it. There had to have been a reason why her father kept calling, and Whitney was fearing the worst.

"Where are you?" the voice on the other end of the line sounded tired, if not a bit irritated.

"I'm out with Matt and Jo," she responded quietly, not stopping to think that from her father's end of the line, it sounded like she was out with two guys.

"You're supposed to be home, Whit. Your mother just flew in from Denver, I'm not on call tonight, we were supposed to spend the evening as a family. You're not supposed to be running around with two guys I don't even know. Are they more important than your own family now?" The voice wasn't angry, but more disappointed. That, apparently, got under the skin of the blonde girl.

"I'm sorry Daddy, I didn't realize... I'll be home soon, okay? I'm gonna take Matt home, and then I'll come home."

"Where's this boy live?" The interrogation was immenent, Whitney could tell even now.

"Carrington Pointe. I gotta go, Dad. I'll be home as soon as I can, okay?"

The resigned sigh and click of the phone on the other end hanging up left a disappointed, if not a bit upset, look on Whitney's face. How could she have forgotten that her mother had flown in tonight? Most of the time it was just her, cooped up in that big, extravagant house all by herself. Tonight was supposed to have been spent with her family, and her father was obviously annoyed by the fact that she'd all but blown them off. Casting a resigned look at the duo, she forced a smile -- probably fake to all of those in the immediate area.

"Hey, we need to go, okay?"

She didn't say anything further and she didn't plan on it. How do you tell your friends that you'd completely forgotten about a family affair with the family you never get to see and that your father was angry about it -- as well as the fact that you were out with a guy -- and wanted you home pronto? It was better to leave the details as vague as possible, at least in her own opinion. Nudging Matthias lightly as she walked passed him, Whitney slowly headed toward the class doors of the convenience store and toward the car outside, assuming the two would follow en suite.
Posted: Aug 26 2006, 06:40 AM

Savage Intent.

Group: 20
Posts: 755
Member No.: 32
Joined: 20-July 05

As Sam's hand moved towards her ear, Jodeen blinked in surprise with an expression of inquiry, though a look of silent amazement took over her when she saw that Sam had pulled the dime she had given him out of her ear. Wordlessly, she cupped her hands and stared at the dime being handed back to her, now in her open palms. A look of surprise and astonishment still adorned her features as Sam concluded his little magic show by levitating into the air a good foot off the floor, and once again she was left staring in wonder as he calmly made his exit to retire to his home for the evening.

By now, not only was Jodeen thoroughly entertained and amazed at Sam's almost impossible talent, but she was left wondering just how in the world did he manage to do all of that. Everything had to have an explanation, didn't it? Like most magic tricks, it just had to be something so obvious, yet something so elusive that no matter how obvious it was, you had to have someone else point it out to you for you to notice it. And no matter how much she thought about it, she couldn't come up with any explanation for the feats that Sam Myron had demonstrated today.

Even as she looked towards Whitney, the look of amazement on her face was still quite apparent. "That cool! You saw it too, right Matt? He was pratically floating in the air! That was just brilliant! I wonder how he did that though. It just seems too amazing to be real, but at the same time-"

"Jodeen, your ice cream is starting to drip a bit," Matthias interrupted her gently with an amused smile.

"Huh? Oh!" Jodeen let out a shout of exclamation when she saw that the soft ice cream of her bar was indeed starting to drip in a white line down her wrist. Immediately, she exchanged the dripping stick of ice cream to her other hand and began licking the melted stain off her fingers to prevent the mess from running down the length of her arm. Becoming more aware of herself, and how she must look doing such a thing, she blushed furiously and continued to suck quietly at her ice cream bar, deciding that the counter advertisements were interesting enough to look at for the moment.

Matthias shook his head as he glanced at her and shook his head in an apologetic expression towards Whitney.

"That was quite impressive," he remarked, as a sort of afterthought to Sam Myron's performance. "If there's anything I wouldn't do to learn a trick or two like that...."

He found himself being interrupted however, by the sound of Whitney's cellphone vibrating in her jeans. Politely, he left her to her phone conversation for the moment, though he could not help but listen to the one side of it that happened to be audible on his end. Noting what she was saying, it seemed as though she were speaking to a parent, though with an almost apprehensive tone in her voice. At this, Matthias could not help but frown slightly, more in concern and for a bit of curiosity as to what Whitney had to be tentative in her speech about.

He adjusted his grip on the saxophone case slung over his shoulder as Whitney announced that the three of them needed to leave. Noting the rather upset expression on her face, he met her with a slight smile as a way of cheering her up.

"Sure, not a problem," he reassured her. He looked towards Jodeen, who was for the moment occupied with her ice cream bar in blissful silence, and had been oblivious to Whitney's reaction to the phone call. "Hey, we're gonna go now."

Jodeen nodded in reply, the ice cream bar still in her mouth, turning to follow Matthias, as he likewise picked up his pace to catch up with Whitney.

"That was your Dad, right?" Matthias asked her, though it seemed a more awkward question than anything, given Whitney's reaction to having him call her so suddenly. He shifted his hold on the saxophone case resting against his shoulder blade. "Is he worried that you're out this late?"
Posted: Aug 29 2006, 12:56 AM

Princess of Highland

Group: Admin
Posts: 647
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Hearing the concerned voice of Matthias behind her, Whitney slowed her pace drastically, waiting on him, and Jodeen who was presumably tagging in tow, to catch up. All but coming to a halt, the blonde-headed girl turned back toward her counterpart, all the while making a vain attempt at hiding the frustration and annoyance toward the recent turn of events with her parents. Of course, even through the artificial smile and emotionless expression that the blonde attempted to convey, her features were clearly readable.

From a young age onward, Whitney Acosta had always been one of those people who wore their emotions on their sleeves. Despite the fronts she always tried to put up, her true emotions always shined through without remorse. Perhaps that was why Matthias so easily seemed to read between the lines when Ricky Callahan had appeared at Benson's earlier in the evening. It was always something Whitney silently ridiculed about herself, she despised the fact that she was an open book to nearly everyone who encountered her.

Perhaps that was part of the reason she had come to admire Matthias over the course of the evening. Not crush on, persay, but she did admire the fact that he was able to conceal his true emotions with what seemed to be little effort. After everything that had happened to her companion over the course of the short evening, Whitney could only imagine that if she had been in a similar position, she would have broken down into tears long ago. Matthias, however, seemed to take it all in stride, and through the thick and thin of the evening seemed ever calm, ever confident... something Whitney wished that she herself was capable of doing.

At Matthias's inquiry, she could only look back and smile through the forelorn look that plagued her expressions like a nuisance, "Yeah, that was my dad."

Averting her gaze to the ground at the next question to come from Matthias's lips, she sighed inadvertantly and began rubbing her arm as though she were mulling over something. Of course, the fact that her mother had flown in and she'd missed spending the better part of the evening with the family that she never got to see in the first place was weighing on her conscience. When she got home, her mother would smile and give her an understanding hug, but in the morning she'd be off again until God knows when, and Whitney would have wasted the time that could have been spent with her.

Her father... well, her father would probably just be disappointed. The tone of his voice when she'd spoken to him on the phone earlier clarified that much. While in a sense, she and her father were very close, his constant overprotectiveness and incessant need to treat her as if she were a child had driven a stake between them during the course of the last few years. After all, since a young age, Whitney's mother had unintentionally instilled a fear of being disliked and ridiculed in the blonde's head. It wasn't helping that even though she was sixteen years old, her father all but forbade her to date, and that fact in itself had the potential to make her an outcast in school.

Sighing audibly at the fleeting thoughts that drifted through her mind, she looked back at Matthias before finally speaking in a quiet tone of voice, "It's... no, it's just... my mom flew home today," she explained, "Mom's a CEO for Globo-Tech, so she's out of town a lot. Usually it's just me at the house, what with Dad out on patrol and mom going here or there for this conference or that business meeting, you know? She wanted to spend tonight as a family and it just completely slipped my mind."

Shrugging somewhat, she did her best to smile again, "I just don't get to spend a lot of time with her anymore."

The awkward silence that followed momentarily made the blonde shift uncomfortably, and soon a nervous laugh escaped her lips as though it were a cue to end the confrontation over the subject. Of course, ending the subject was the furthest thing from Whitney's mind at the given moment -- instead, her mind was rushing with the disappointed look on her father's face and the mock satisfaction her mother would portray when she walked through the door. Her mother always understood situations like these, she always understood when something slipped Whitney's mind or when she accidentally overlooked something.

At one point, so did her father... but that was a long time ago. Now, Whitney almost felt as though she could never please him, no matter what she did. He was a good man, always kind to her and her mother, never spoke a harsh word to either of them. What never failed to get under her skin was the sense of failure and disappointment that reigned in his voice when he was dissatisfied with something. More often than not, it seemed like that dissatisfaction was directed toward his only child as of late. She didn't drink, she didn't party, she didn't go around having sex with every boy who looked twice at her -- hell, she didn't even date. Regardless, her father seemed to overlook all the bad and only convey his disapproval at the things she neglected to do -- such as tonight, when she had neglected to come home and spend the evening with her parents.

Pushing the thought to the back of her mind, she held the auto-lock up to the black sports car sitting in the convenience store parking lock and pressed the green button causing the car to beep and its lights to flash before the door unlocked. Rounding her way to the driver's side of the vehicle, she opened the door and stood waiting for Matthias and Jodeen to enter on the passenger's side. Forcing another plastered-on smile, Whitney tried to think about the scenario that would inevitably unfold after she took the two home and headed back to her place of residence in the Kensington Heights subdivision. Actually, she'd rather not think about it. Whitney Acosta was one of those people who was easily guilted over, and always aiming to please her parents. The two aspects of her personality hadn't proved to be a very nice combination so far. Sighing a muffled sigh, Whitney drummed her fingernails on the top of the car lightly as she awaited the entrance of her companions.
Posted: Sep 2 2006, 02:57 AM

Savage Intent.

Group: 20
Posts: 755
Member No.: 32
Joined: 20-July 05

Matthias strode over to match his pace with Whitney's, though he kept at something of a speedwalk in case the other girl was that anxious to return home to her family. Though she seemed calm on the surface, Matthias could not help but sense an underlying tension in the air, as though she were either not looking forward to seeing her parents again, or that she couldn't wait another minute to just get home. But that was only a presumption on Matthias' part. He was no expert when it came to reading people. All that he did was make guesses on his own based on what he saw, and heard. And as much as he didn't want to seem a braggart, he had to admit...more often than not he was almost right on the mark.

Not that he would ever make assumptions aloud, of course. Who knows just what sort of trouble he'll get himself into asking Whitney if she really liked that boy Callahan. In any case, his big mouth had gotten into more than enough trouble for the day...including the loss of his prized instrument and a good deal of his pride. But to be honest, he sort of felt better about it now, as though time had worn off all the tension and allowed him to be his normal self again.

Which was what allowed him to pay more attention to the people around him than just himself, and his own troubles. And from what Matthias could see at face-value, Whitney seemed to have enough troubles of her own, as she explained to him wearily of the reason as to why she'd recieved the phone-call, giving something of a hint as to why she seemed to have fallen into a gloomy mood all of a sudden. From what Matthias took from her explanation, it looked as though her father had given her a bit of trouble for being out so late when the whole family had planned to spend time together. Yeah....that seemed to be the reason why she looked somewhat troubled at the moment. Of course, leave it to parents to be harsh over little things to their children, Matthias himself understood that well from his own experience.

"I see," He replied as he walked alongside her, lugging the weight of the saxophone case over his shoulder. "Well you know, spending quality time with your family is pretty important no matter how old you are. I mean, sure, we're at the age where the friends we meet and grow close to become important, but we shouldn't forget about the family too. I guess parents in general go through some sort of phase when their kids become teens. They find it hard to believe that they'll be out on their own in the world, all grown up and living their own lives. Guess that's why they stress so much over how much, or how little quality time the family spends together."

He nodded as he spoke, as though agreeing with himself, casting something of a smile towards Whitney, as though to cheer her up. Though leave it to his sister to make the moment awkward as her voice popped up beside him.

"Matt. You're babbling again."

At this, Matthias became more aware of himself, as well as of the 'speech' he just made. "Ah." His smile became somewhat awkward and embarrassed, and he gave an apologetic look towards Whitney. This was before flashing a glare towards Jodeen, which plainly said, 'did you have to mention that?'

But he shrugged it off, trying to return to the casual mood from before. "Well, I dunno, that's just me and what I think about parents and their kids in general. Of course, parents can be real ....well, bull-headed at times...which is why it's up to the kids themselves to make themselves understood. But as you can see, I'm just talking aimlessly again...." He shrugged and let out a bit of a laugh as he opened the car door of the back seat, holding it for Jodeen as she slid in, still holding her dripping ice cream.

"Better not make a mess with that," Matthias told her in a surprisingly stern voice as he placed the saxophone case next to her, slamming the door shut.

Had he left the backseat door open for a second or two longer, he would have caught his sister mumbling in a simple voice as she clipped on her seatbelt, "You're the bull-headed one..."

Casting a smile towards Whitney as he slid into the front seat alongside her, Matthias reassured her, "It's not that far from here, just three blocks over that way and turn right before you get to the intersection. It's the house at the corner with the driveway, I'll point it out to you."
Posted: Sep 3 2006, 12:11 AM

Princess of Highland

Group: Admin
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The incessant rambling on Matthias's part had almost become white noise to Whitney -- she had been so deep in thought that it swept right past her and went almost completely unheard. The blonde-headed girl cast him a faint smile as a means of acknowledging that she indeed heard him speaking, but his words fell on deaf ears. Instead, she'd taken to watching Jodeen maneuver to slide into the backseat of the compact sports car. As Matthias sternly warned his sister not to make a mess, Whitney couldn't help but smile and shake her head slightly.

"It's okay, it happens."

It was true. Whitney herself was notorious for dropping this and that in the floorboard of the car. Once, Lexie had accidentally stepped on a ketchup packet that had fallen from a fast-food bag and smeared it deep into the carpet on the passenger's side. And Whitney herself had knocked over a soda or other object on more than one occassion and spilled the substance all over the interior of the car. A couple drips from an ice cream weren't going to hurt this car -- Whitney had to admit, it was pretty durable.

While Jodeen's sarcastic remark fell on deaf ears with her brother, Whitney slid into the front seat as the younger Kovalenko sibling stated the fact and couldn't help but laugh slightly at the comment. Tempted though she was to side with Jodeen and harrass her companion a little, she eventually thought better of it, quickly remembering that Matthias had probably had more than his fair share of excitement and cynicism for the day.

Glancing over haphazardly to catch the smile radiating from her companion in the front seat, she returned the smile, though couldn't help but still feel a bit forelorn over the inevitable fate that awaited her at her own home. The guilt trip that would follow would be worse than any punishment or beating her father could have possibly inflicted on her had he been capable of doing so, as it was the disappointment in his eyes and the disheartened look on his face that tore into her deeper than any physical wound ever could.

Nodding slightly at Matthias's directions toward the Kovalenko abode, Whitney wheeled the vehicle around to the exit of the parking lot they currently occupied and, after waiting on a dark green suburban to pass, pulled out onto the road. Three blocks and turn right, huh? It shouldn't be too bad. Still, although she was grateful that she was within minutes of Matthias and Jodeen's house, she couldn't help but think that it would probably take her fifteen or twenty minutes to reach her own subdivision, and that was assuming traffic wasn't too bad.

Pulling up to a stoplight on the corner of Wedgewood Drive and Flintwood Avenue, Whitney looked around, noticing the apparent lack of motorists on the road at this time of the evening. She had to admit, it was nice. Her thoughts remained preoccupied, however, as she drummed her fingernails lightly on the steering wheel of the car. Given the lack of traffic, she should be home relatively quickly, but even then, Whitney wasn't sure if she wanted to go home.

The stoplight lingering above her turned green, and Whitney proceeded to pull out into the intersection. That was when she saw it. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the large truck barreling through the stoplight it had just ran and straight toward the vehicle that she currently occupied with the Kovalenko siblings. Slamming on her breaks, Whitney could feel the tires squeal and the car spin slightly as it attempted to come to an abrupt halt. She could hear the horn of her own vehicle that she subconsciously hit as the truck continued to barrel toward them. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the truck, which had also apparently come to a stop and had, astonishingly enough, narrowly missed her vehicle.

"That... that idiot just ran the light," she stated warily.

Looking down at her hands, even she could tell that she was trembling noticeably. Trying desperately to hold in the emotional outburst of tears that was welling up inside from narrowly escaping a potentially horrendous accident, she could only sit there in pure astonishment and fear for several moments before finally regaining her composure enough to come to her senses.

"Are--are you guys okay?"

By this point, Whitney could see the driver of the maroon truck that had nearly plowed into her car stepping out, stumbling around, then falling to the ground. She could see the beer bottle he held in his hand, as well as the confused and disoriented expression that was clearly plastered to the balding man's features. Even though the two vehicles had miraculously not collided, Whitney couldn't help but still feel nauseated at the entire incident. Her breathing returned to a normal pace momentarily, and although her hands were still trembling at the shock of it all, she cupped them over her face and closed her eyes briefly.

"I'm sorry," she stated quietly, "I'm so sorry."

Within moments, she could hear the police sirens bellowing down the nearby road, and out of the corner of her eye, the figure of an older woman -- probably in her fourties with long blonde hair worn in a ponytail and an overall soccer mom-ish look to her -- tentatively approaching the sportscar that was still sitting sideways in the middle of the road. Seeing the woman approach, Whitney reluctantly rolled down the window to speak to the newcomer, who had apparently witnessed the events that had just unfolded and taken it upon herself to call the police.

"Are you okay?" the woman inquired softly, receiving only a nod from the blonde in the driver's seat as a response on her part.

Within seconds the cop cars arrived, most of the officers making a bee-line to the drunkard plastered to the asphalt. One officer meandered in Whitney's direction, eyeing the car lightly in an effort to see if they'd been hit. Noting that the car really had no damage to it, there was nothing that could be done. The officer approached the car window along with the woman and a kind smile formed on his lips.

"Everyone okay in here?" he inquired.

"We're fine..." Whitney stated simply, "Can... can I go now? I just want to go home."

The officer cast the blonde girl a compassionate smile and nodded his head. After all, they hadn't been hit, so at this point, there was little else that could be done on their part. No one had been injured, and for that, Whitney was thankful. The woman and the officer both waved her off as she tentatively pulled back out on the road. Trying to push the incident from the back of her mind, Whitney could see from her rear-view mirror the policemen handcuffing the driver of the maroon truck -- probably for driving under the influence.

Coming to her turn, Whitney slid the black mustang into the turn line and made a right down the street on which the Kovalenkos lived. At Matt's direction, Whitney pulled into the driveway of the house before quickly waving the two siblings off. Had she not nearly been in a potentially fatal accident, she might have been more talkative, but at this point, all Whitney Acosta wanted to do was go home. Besides, she'd see Matt in class on Monday, she could talk to him then.

After the siblings exited her vehicle and closed the door, Whitney sighed to herself. Looking behind her and making extra sure that nothing was coming, she tentatively pulled out of the Kovalenkos driveway and took off down the street. From here, it would probably take her fifteen or twenty minutes to get to the other side of town, and as much as she didn't want to drive at this point, she couldn't wait to be home -- even if it did mean condescending looks from her father. All she'd have to do is tell him about the incident that had transpired on her way to Matt's house, and his sour mood would fade into one of worry and concern.

((Continued elsewhere.))

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