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 Good Morning, Classmates!, Student Government Classroom
Posted: Jun 30 2006, 06:31 AM


Group: Guide Moderator
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((Continued from: Back to Society))

((1272 Words. Uh huh, oh yeah, uh huh! Don't you dare, you lengthy posters, I shall be proud of this moment no matter what!! I SHALL!))

To her relief, the items she had dropped moments earlier lay on the floor as she had left them. Deliah took this time to slam her fist into the locker once, then try the combination. With a thick sounding click, the door finally opened, and she piled everything she didn't need into the decreasing space. She ran a hand through her ponytail while her other shut the door, leaving a notebook at her feet. Kneeling down to pick it up, she caught some of the conversation taking place down the hall, noticing there seemed to be a thickly accented voice of another male joining her peers. Though she wished to go back to talk, something about the dark-haired girl rubbed her the wrong way. It was just, she seemed, needy. Almost within seconds the girl had come back with her mouth attached to the feminine looking boy, and while Deliah thought he was cute in his own right... she certainly thought that there were better choices, deeming him something that maybe only desperate girls went for.

Letting those thoughts drain, she kept her steady pace towards the Student Government's classroom, the notes of the morning announcements in the spiral notebook she held delicately in her arms. She reached out to turn the doorknob, finding it locked, and in reaction lifted herself on her toes to see through the large peephole in the door. The boys, just two of them, were inside, with a rather risque piece of literature between the two of them. Deliah's face went red, a shade completely masking her attractive qualities and reducing her to looking like a sporty, sunburnt, and rather winded looking student. Almost as if she had run a marathon, which she now wished she could have been doing, instead of witnessing the boys staring at naked pictures of women.

It just seemed, wrong. Knowingly naive, and very innocent, on the ideas of sex, she was severely reserved on the subject. It's not that she didn't know about the details, in fact, they disturbed her sometimes, and there was so much talk in the eighth grade of premarital sex and birth control. Girls she had known for years planning to lose theirs in high school, with their boyfriends. She had been terrified, quite simply, of making the decision.

This secondhand encounter was the first notable clash of the taboo subject that she had been fearful of encountering in a formerly all male school. The Dean, kind enough and supportive of her entering the establishment, told her they were upstanding students never inclined to indulge themselves on the campus. Well, he was wrong on that account. Her thoughts couldn't help but dwell on how much more the man had been wrong about.

She kept her head down, chin tucked into her neck as she waited for the red to subside, then brought her knuckles to the wooden door in a small knock. Deliah made sure not to let her eyes avert from the tiled hardwood floors that the prestigious school must have had since its construction. She heard a shuffle in the room, desks squeaking from the lifted weight off their tops. The door swung open quickly, but the boys' tense figures relaxed at seeing the young blonde looking sheepishly in their direction.

"Oh, it's you," Nathaniel smirked at her downcasted vision as she scurried inside to the desk nearest the front, his friend Matthew holding a magazine rolled up tightly, barely showing the advertisement for some kind of alcohol.

Deliah kept her eyes away from the two, thinking it best not to confront them on the magazine, nor anything else they might have been discussing prior to her arrival. She reckoned that both subjects would be along the same lines. The red shade of her embarrassment threatened to show itself again, upon recognizing Matthew as a part of the two she had seen oogling the dirty mag. It had been since the beginning of the summer, her crush on the Junior treasurer of Gilroy high school. He had a boyish charm to him, looking not but maybe a few months older than herself. His green, very bright green, eyes that had the thickest lashes she had ever seen on a boy first caught her attention, and second was the little cluster of light freckles sprinkled on his nose. The crush was subconsciously, to her, based entirely on looks, and she often fancied that he was as innocent and sweet as she had hoped for anyone she wanted to be with. She wanted to overlook the whole ordeal already, fantisizing that he was forced to view the content, which she all but expected from Nathaniel, the Historian of Gilroy's Student Government.

"So Matt," Nathaniel seemed to ignore her prescence completely while he reached behind his companion's back and snatched the magazine away from him. Deliah's emotions skyrocketed into a frenzy when she realized that she was alone with the two boys, one of whom she felt she loved and the other she was scared to death of.

"I'm thinking," the haughty voice sailed through the halls, still sounding unaware there was another body in the room at all besides the two boys. Deliah wondered if Matt noticed her come in at all, what with him not making so much as a peep since she set her notebook down on her desk. "Doesn't Deliah look like a younger version of that girl on page 39?"

At the mention of her name she went visibly stiff, her eyes unable to help themselves as her head swerved to decipher if the boy was only joking. As a matter of fact, he wasn't, not that she could tell, and he held the magazine open wide in front of Matt's face as he raised an intrigued eyebrow at the photo the two viewed. She could feel her stomach turn, and almost as soon as she removed her gaze, the redness in Matt's own cheeks emerged, obviously embarrassed that Nathaniel had tried to get him to be as perverted as he had felt that very moment. Matt's eyes went from Deliah's profile, to Nathaniel's smiling face, back to Deliah, thinking immediately that he should have just been late for school today. The poor girl looked completely terrified to him.

"Don't be such a dick, Nate," he replied after a pause, shoving the magazine down with his hand before he took in a breath and sauntered over to the blonde. In response, Nathaniel only let his smirk widen while he relaxed his arm holding the magazine.

"You shouldn't mind him, Deliah," Matt smiled warmly to the girl hunched over her desktop," He's just being a jerk again. It always has, and always will be, Nate's shitty attitude. He'll never grow out of it, not in a million years."

He meant this to comfort her, and though the words were not in any way the kind she was hoping for, Deliah treasured more that it was coming from the boy she liked than the actual content of it. She looked up slowly, her blue eyes catching the bright green, and couldn't help but feel slightly euphoric at his dazzling features. He always made her feel like that, she felt he could do no wrong because he was amazing to her in all attributes.

"I know," was all she could manage to say to him, but he seemed content with it, though she desired to lengthen the conversation somehow.

Just as he was about to speak, the bell rang, and silenced him quickly as the rest of the Student Government bustled in quickly to their desks.

((Continued in: Science is Cool! - Student Government Announcement))
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