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Survival of the Fittest > Lookout Point > Dude! FORTIFIED!!! Pt. 2

Posted by: ekim11 Aug 29 2005, 02:13 AM
Last time...on the adventures of Thom Chuck and Waldo Woodrow: The SOTF Saga...
Thom Chuck and Waldo Woodrow, best friends forever, finally met up on the island. They exclaimed "dude", "sweet", and a lot of other stupid stuff, showing how cool and excited they were to meet up. And then, some people came into the topic, suspending it temporarily. Now, their adventures continue inside this topic. Very awesome, indeed!

... Thom ran a hand through his lilac colored hair, and grinned.

"Sweet, this is cool. It's like Lord of the Flies, only better cuz we get weaponry to kill stuff with." Thom had already checked his bag for his designated weapon. It wasn't a gun, or a fishing pole, unfortunately, but it was something almost as cool. "I was given 15 ninja stars." He unzipped the bag hanging off of his shoulders, and pulled out a single ninja star. It gleamed menacingly.

"How about you, Woody? What weapon were you given?"

Posted by: No-Life King Aug 29 2005, 02:49 AM
A large grin crossed Waldo's face as he extracted a nearly three foot long object from his bag. "You ain't gonna believe this, man!" he exclaimed excitedly as pulled the blade from its sheath. It took a bit of effort but the blade slid free to reveal all its deadly glory with a rather loud "shing" sound. The light cast a menacing glint over it that seemed to actually sharpen the already razor sharp edge with the power of Sol itself.

The grin on Waldo's face actually widened as he made a swooshing sound in tandem with a minor shift of the swords position. He would have actually swiped it around but the weight proved too much for him. Letting it slip in such close proximity to Thom could have been a disaster...

"I think it's a katana! Cool, huh?"

Posted by: ekim11 Aug 29 2005, 03:07 AM
Upon seeing the katana, Thom whistled admiringly. "Nice, man, nice. Way cool..." Thom smirked, noticing the fact that Woody was having some trouble holding up the japanese sword. "Sure looks like a japanese sword... I've never really used such a thing, but I've used chinese swords. You know, like a Da Dao." His pronunciation was flawless for once, causing the boy to smirk. He was showing off, obviously. The bragging went on. "Yeah. Chinese swords, mostly. Never really used a japanese sword, but it can't be too hard, right?

"Hey, tell you what, buddy. I take the sword, you get 10 ninja stars, the katana sheathe. 'kay?" Thom could just see himself now. Slashing down enemy after enemy with that japanese sword. Killing all who get in his and Waldo's way. The smirk widened on Thom's face as he awaited his friend's reply.

Posted by: ekim11 Aug 29 2005, 03:08 AM
((OOC: Whoops! Double post.))

Posted by: No-Life King Aug 29 2005, 03:25 AM
Waldo narrowed his eyes in protest. "Dood! What the heck am I going to do with the sheath?" the teen called out as he playfully jabbed the sword in Thom's direction. Why was he letting himself be bossed around out here? What was the gurantee that Thom wouldn't just turn around and stab him in the back? The thoughts rushed at Waldo all of sudden in an angry wave of heat which almost overwhelmed him with its ferocity. A meager flick of his wrist caused the katana to crash to the ground with a soft thud that was drowned out by the whoosh of air from Waldo's bag.

He sighed letting all the used up air in his body out before sucking back in a moderate sum of the fresh air and was possibly some kind gnat. Spitting it out, Waldo then knelt by his bag and retrieved the bottle of water. "Fine fine, Upchuck. Just hook me up with ten and we're good to go," he gasped as hurriedly tore off the cap and took a great gulp from the bottle. It filled him with a cool energy that he sorely missed but it flowed through him with nowhere near enough force of that anger he had temporarily felt before...

Posted by: ekim11 Aug 29 2005, 03:42 AM
Thom leaned down and picked up the sword, admiring its workmanship. Perfect steel that just screamed for a touch of red. His eyes lit up as he got into a battle stance, imitating the samurai he had seen in Anime. His lips formed an "o" shape as the sun's rays danced upon the sword, making it shine. "Beautiful," Thom's eyes didn't leave the shining sword held up infront of him. "Isn't it?" It was as if the sword was straight out of one of those lame Japanese films his Dad kept on making him watch. Only, it was far better, because it was here in the steel.

"Man, just imagine the possibilities of a sword like this." Thom swung the sword forward. He was a little surprised at the heaviness of it, but it was much easier to wield than one of those Chinese swords. "Sp. Woody, my man...where do we go next? I wanna chop some people in half." Thom winked. "Let's play this game, alright? And have some fun with it, too. With weapons like these, it'll be tough at first, but..." He trailed off with a small smirk, his head filling with thoughts of he and Woody kicking some tail. "We just need a shotgun..."

Posted by: No-Life King Aug 29 2005, 04:14 AM
The teen on his rump sighed before turning his darkened shades towards the older child. Thom could be so naive at times but he wasn't a bad friend at all. He'd chicken out as soon before they ever got that far, right? Waldo swiftly stood despite the slight dizziness coursing through his body. His vision was replaced with a series of dots that obscured his best friend but a person like Waldo was used to that condition. It usually only occured after he had been doing something psychically intensive but the recent events...

Waldo quickly flushed his memory of the plane from his mind. He shook his head and then quickly took another sip from his water bottle."Where the heck are we going to get a shotgun?" he called out like nothing was a matter. Bugging out like this never did anyone any good. Letting Thom know would just be putting bad blood out in the water. Their friendship didn't need something like this.

Not yet, atleast.

Posted by: ekim11 Aug 29 2005, 04:53 AM
Thom stared hard at the sword. Yeah...where they get a shotgun, anyway? Where would you find a shotgun on an island where there were crazy kids shooting at eachother and chopping one another to bits? "Didn't one of those announcements talk about...oh, I dunno. Some kid having crazy shotgun fun. Some Hawley Faust kid, I think." He took one hand off of the sword, and used it to scratch the back of his head. Thom never was one for thinking. He was more of the don't-think-just-do types, always rushing into things without really thinking things through.

His free hand returned to the handle of the katana. "If we find Hawley Faust, and kill him, then we can have a shotgun. Easy as pie, right?" Again, Thom winked. It was an odd habit of his. "There's got to be someone with an Uzi on the island, too. I heard the shots." He pointed the katana forward, holding it as if it were some delicate machinegun weapon. "Rat-a-tat-tat! Didn't you hear it? Rat-a-tat-tat. Like an old typewriter. Right outta the movies!!" Thom fixed the sword's position, holding it correctly again.

"We hunt down Hawley, and take his shotgun. Then, we get the kid with the machinegun. Then, we'll be the unbeatable team. You and me." He let go of the sword with one hand, and began to wave the sword around wildly. "Waldo and Thom...I can see it now! The unbeatable duo. Way awesome!!" Of course, Thom wasn't thinking of the inevitable time - that is, if everything went as planned - when he and Waldo would have to kill him. "C'mon, take the shuriken out of my bag, and then let's go." Thom dropped his daypack. He wouldn't need it...the bread looked stale, and the water seemed lame. Besides, it was cramping his style to the point of being ridiculous.

Posted by: Kuze Aug 30 2005, 10:28 PM
((Continued from:

Shinya wandered around for a while when two loud voices echoed through the general area claiming to be the "undefeatable duo" or something like that. Moving his hair in front of his face, he walked out of the nearby brush to see two boys talking to each other one holding a large Japanese Sword.

"You know you shouldnt talk so loud someone may end up sending a bullet through your thick skulls"

Shinya said as he looked at the two boys while holding the P250 and the flashlight with his hair in his face completely obsuring his face.

(occ Ekim, No-Life King if there are any discrepancies plase inform me ASAP and ill edit)

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Aug 30 2005, 11:45 PM
((Continued from:

He was getting almost familiar with this island he thought to himself as he recognised the dirtpath underneath his feet as the raised lookout point came into view.He had started near here when he had first risen from his drug induced sleep,so he had done a giant circle? a mental "FUCK!" would be given before his teeth gritted against each other and gently scraped for a few moments.A Couple voices would be carried on the wind down to him and his ally and so he would move over behind a tree and unsling his bag.Opening it and withdrawing Umi`s pistol and the rounds for it.Both would be tossed towards his ally without a word.

Slowely he rose to hsi feet and slung the bag over his back oncemore and glanced up through the trees the lookout.It looked Empty enough but there were still those voices.Gripping that Ingram tightly he would glance around the two.

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Aug 31 2005, 12:02 AM
((Continued from:

Stevan stood there looking up at the tree's. he too could hear the voices. his attentions then wondered to peri ruffling through his pack.
As the gun and clip flew towards stevan it would be caught between his hand and his chest. he looked down at the weapin and smirked to himself. Finally a secondary weapon. No more of that damn shotgun ripping his arms out his sockets everytime he fired off a round.

He stock of the pistol would be held in his left hand while the other would insert the clip into it. His lightly grabbed the top of the gun and gently pulled back as to minimize the sound it made when cocking the gun. It would then be slided into his the back of his jeans. What he really needed was a holster, maybe later he could fashion one out of belts? But that wasnt his prior concern at this time. The main worry were the voices.

"Plans?"would be whispered to peri. "im not a good thinker so my best thought is to wait it out and see who they are, what they got?"

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Aug 31 2005, 12:10 AM
He would give a nodd of his head before he would point around in a hope Stevan would get the message to move around before pointing to stevan.It was hardly special ops stuff but hopefully he would get the message.The voices seemed to be not to far off and so very hesitant steps took him towards the nearest tree.

His uzi would be left to hang on his right side as he began climbing a tree beside him,very slowely and with haste he raised himself up onto branch after branch till he would be completely out of sight from ground level.In the mass of trees around he would be fine hopefully since anyone of them could be holding an enemy.

A broad branch halfway would be sat on as he would grip onto that uzi and glance down to the dirt ground underneath him.Not to far, a jump would land him on his feet but itd hurt a fair bit.It was high enough to keep him out of sight but not high enough for him to break any bones if/when he would fall from his very own lookoutpoint.

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Aug 31 2005, 12:31 AM
Stevan walked backwards as he watched peri climbed the tree. What a good idea, An ambush attack. they walk by we shoot them up,...they'd never know what hit them but the big holes and red stains amy give them a hint.

He suddenly bumped into something. He froxze for a second before turning round slowly. Thank christ it was a tree, Atleast it wasnt one of those guys built like mountains that liked to get in the wayof stevans fights at school. His arms would be raised as he jumped up and grabbed the lowest branch. With all his stregnth lifted himself up untill he got a good footing on one of the other branches. This tree was perfect. the middle had a couple branches laying over it. It was like a deck chair of sorts and comfy as hell. Stevan lay back in the deck chair tree, camoflauged by the thick branches and leaves surrounding him. His shot gun was aimed towards the floor.His dark clothing only advanced the camoflauge that the shadows gave him. He lay there perfectly still and held into himself as muchas possible. His breathing kept to a minimum.

He glanced up and saw peri in the tree on the otherside to the opening of the dirtpath to the lookout.

Posted by: Slayer Sep 1 2005, 04:09 PM
OOC: Why do I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of lead in the air? Continued from "Jason's Choice":
IC: Jason had reached the Lookout point after several minutes of travel, though he wasn't exactly sure where Jayne was (just that she was somewhere behind him). The paths up the point were even narrower than he thought, though the one they were taking was starting to widen, with a cluster of trees not far ahead. That's when he stopped and unslung his Uzi, raising it slightly just in case. He was sure he had seen a flicker of movement--a leg, at least-- in one of the trees not too far in front of him and Jayne. He thought he picked up the faint sound of whispering too, which was plausible considering they were not that far behind the tree that Jason saw the movement in.

"Is someone up there? I mean no harm yet, so don't shoot or I will shoot back."

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Sep 1 2005, 04:32 PM
OOC: Guess the game is getting to Jason already since neither Stevan or Peri have been whispering while they were in the trees.As for the lead? Well mhm Uzi weilding children arent the most group friendly kids around.

He meant no harm? Well that made it all that much easier since that means it would be a mercy kill.The Strong survived and the weak died out,that Ingramof his would be raised towards where the voice had come from.One hand holding the muzzle of the weapon while the other hand sat wrapped around the stock of the weapon.Back to the sturdy oak of the tree he was in he sat there in silence with a grinn on his pale face.It was pretty hard to miss with 49 rounds.

His eyes lowered down the barrel of the weapon to where the "no harm" comment had come from.He was safe and he knew it,there were quite a few trees around him a good ten that looked just the same as him.As long as he didnt fall out of the tree he would be fine..Well he should be fine at least.Legs had been been raised into a cross legged position.He could have looked like more of a sniper with a rifle oh and of course some camoflauge..Wait..Didnt he have some in his bag from the Warehouse?

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Sep 1 2005, 04:46 PM
stevan had seen the two enter into the scene. What luck, It was none other than uzi boy and vodka girl. He had left them for a safer place but it seemed they had followed him? He knew jason would fire if he had to....Or as stevan had learnt back at the shore jason would fire for no reason at all. The girl was weaponless scared and probally tipsy as she always was.

He lay completely still as jason called out. He only had to move his shotgun very slightly to the left to get jason in his firing line. His fingers would grip tighter around the barrel and his finger was brought to the trigger ready to fire if need be. Now there was the voices they had heard earlier and now to more arrivals, this was going to get ugly and bloody.

Posted by: Slayer Sep 1 2005, 05:04 PM
OOC: I was pretty sure you two were talking to each other before he showed up, but alright.
IC: "Jayne, stay down." he said to the girl behind him, slowly but calmly walking to another tree and leaning behind it for cover. He'd need to be careful if there were any armed players in that tree. Slowly, he raised his Uzi to just above the branch where he had seen the leg earlier, ready to fire if necessary.

"If you don't shot, I won't shoot, deal?"

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Sep 1 2005, 05:31 PM
OOC: `s amazing how you saw a leg hanging down when both of us had our legs pulled up and there are alot of trees just like this one..Thank god for good luck eh?

"How about you drop the gun and I wont shred you with this weapon of mine? You toss it youre no longer a threat and me and my friends wont have to make some nasty bulletholes in that face of yours" he replied as his weapon was levelled down at the voice.

The Boy was visible through the branches of the tree as was his weapon and judging by his comment there was a female with him.Peace could be achieved but boys were violent,he had only met one so far on this hellhole of an island.

"Or if youre going to be really Bitchy eject the magazine and toss it into the bushes..Try youre luck if you wish but Ive got a feeling that you will regret it.How many people in how many of these trees,Hm?"

Posted by: Slayer Sep 1 2005, 05:44 PM
OOC: I thought you'd assume he saw Peri just as he finished climbing up into the tree the first time I mentioned it, and the second time, I meant he was aiming at the tree he saw earlier. Sorry for being confusing.
IC: "Fair enough." Jason nodded and put the Uzi over his shoulder again, still looking up into the tree.

"I'm not going to give up my ammo, but as long as you don't decide to attack, we can both get out of this encounter alive, whoever you are." he said, his voice implying that he wished to know the name that the voice belonged to, though he didn't say so.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Sep 1 2005, 05:52 PM
"Well nobody gets out of this alive..It is the game afterall I doubt even the winner will last longer than it takes for the media to swarm him.So Keep walking,Friend and dont turn back..Take youre girlfriend and go.We wouldnt want to ruin the serenity of the lookout would we?" He said as he would hold that automatic weapon down towards the boy.This could be exstremely exsplosive with the two automatic weapons along with the assortment of weapons he was carrying around not to mention the shotgun toting psychopath in the other tree.

OOC: Dont worry about it I just assumed that Jason found Peri instantly up a tree..Kinda followed on from seeing the leg thing.Will this turn out to be a repeat of the hospital I wonder.

Posted by: Slayer Sep 1 2005, 05:59 PM
OOC: Not if you don't shoot first. Remember that Jacob essentially paniced with the hospital incident, and Jason currently has a cooler head than him. Not to mention he has no intent on shooting anyway. I'll just have to post more carefully I guess.
IC: "The two of us just want to get past, I will not trouble you if you just let us go up this path to the lookout point." Jason said, refusing to address the "girlfriend" comment and waiting for the boy in the tree (as it was apparently a male voice) to agree to let him go through.

Posted by: ekim11 Sep 1 2005, 07:36 PM
Thom's eyes widened. "Oh my freaking gosh! It's the Sadako girl!!" It was the girl from those Ring movies. How she was here, Thom Chuck didn't have a clue. It didn't matter, since there were better things to worry about. Like, the fact that the girl was holding a gun. Sucking in a big, deep breath of air, Thom prepared himself for the ultimate stun attack.

"KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!" It was an odd kind of scream attack, but most of the time it worked wonders during battle. It was am intimidating and scary yell, strong enough to stun even the best of fighters. Thom knew the power of the warrior's yell firsthand. The move had stopped his concentration completely during a fight, and caused his opponent to quickly gain the upperhand and win the sparring match. Hopefully, it would work on the Sadako kid.

"Run." Thom wheezed. Hoping Waldo would follow, Thom took off towards the hills. He stumbled, and fell down the rest of the way. It didn't matter, since it got him out of harm's way for the time being.

Posted by: Kuze Sep 1 2005, 08:22 PM
Shinya saw one of the boys screech like a chimpanzee and attempt to run away like a coward, the Hair does do wonders for the intimedation factor.

"Gah, If you dont shut the fuck up, and stand still I wont shoot you"

Shinya said as he fired into the Dirt next to the Screeching wonder's left foot as he ran away.

"Understand now, jackasses?"

Posted by: JayneBrown Sep 2 2005, 12:29 AM
Jayne was on the ground again... she seemed to be spending a lot of time down here, she reflected as the boys talked on ahead. Yeah, let the men do the talking. Settling things like men, that's what they were doing: with guns. Jayne wondered whether or not she should say anything. After all, there were others here (one of which, she noted, needed a hairbrush desperately), but as long as she stayed behind Jason, she should be fine. And if they killed him...

...she would be the closest to his gun.

Posted by: Slayer Sep 2 2005, 12:32 AM
Jason sighed in frustration at the boy's silence, breifly looking up the path when he heard the screech and gunshot, and then looked back to the tree.

"Listen, we're going through whether you like it or not, so just agree to let us pass without shooting at us, and we'll all be better off, alright?"

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Sep 2 2005, 01:31 AM
"Wander on through but I dont see the rush to get to the lookout...What could have been a scream and a gunshot.Why so eager to show youre girlfriend some twitching corpses? Youre call but its not what Id call a drem date" he said with a little smirk playing on his lips.What would he call a dream date? He hadnt been on enough to realy comment on the whole dating thing but the boy didnt know that.Infact his whole exsperience with the opposite gender had been less than knowledgeable.

Gunshot? Could he really handle yet another firearm well you could never have to many in a place like this.His grip remained tight on his Ingram as he would look down towards the uzi toting boy.

Posted by: Slayer Sep 2 2005, 01:34 AM
"Thank you for letting me through, but she isn't my fucking girlfriend, and we're not on a date, she's just traveling with me for now." Jason replied, seemingly forgetting Jayne was there as he moved past the trees and further up the path.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Sep 2 2005, 01:51 AM
" No need to get bitchy because youre not getting any,buddy.Well good things come to those who wait I guess..She is just travelling with you in exschange for what? A Kind word with all of her girlfriends?" He said that smirk growing a couple of inches.

Some gentlemen the guy was leaving his "girlfriend" behind.If this was a date he was sure this would be a very good time for him to introduce himself.

Posted by: Kuze Sep 3 2005, 09:36 PM
Shinya sighed at the screeching wonder's attempts to run away leaving his boyfreind behind.

"Hey you fucker dont forget your boyfreind!"

Shinya yelled as he walked off on a sub path* with the P250 in his right hand and his flashlight in his left hand.

After a while the path converged with the main path** continuing down the same direction he has beeen walking he saw a girl in the distance who was either a midget or sitting on the ground.

The girl was getting closer and closer as he walked down the path vaugely ignoring his surroundings.

(* I assume that Jason's on the main path
** I assume that Jason's past the conversion point

and will edit if needed in short I will.)

Posted by: Slayer Sep 4 2005, 04:51 AM
Jason did not notice the long haired boy running towards Jayne behind him as he went past the conversion point and up the main path, raising his Uzi slightly and ready to shoot if he needed to.

Posted by: JayneBrown Sep 5 2005, 03:09 PM
There were reasons why Jayne had not moved along with Jason when he had advanced slightly. All this talk of girlfriend-boyfriend, was making her reminisce about live she once had, a life outside of this fucking island, a life she longed for again. She had been so happy then, with her family, her friends, and, yes, her boyfriend. Her thoughts returned to him once again, as they had been doing frequently. It was more favourable than letting this bullshit reality creep into her conscience.

Jayne was brought back to her senses by a rustling in the distance. it appeared to be a girl or something, someone with exceptionally long hair. The person who needed a brush. It was a boy.

Realising the distance between herself and her companion, she hastened forward in a canter, trying to stay close to her ally. The people here were giving her the creeps.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Sep 5 2005, 09:39 PM
The cute couple had started heading out,aww no more conversation however would he survive now.Seems like this game was a never ending rollercoaster when he heard the rustle of bushes as a figure approached.Like any rollercoast they were fun to ride but after a while you want to get off and go to sleep.How long had it been since he slept on the bus? Thee four days? A Week maybe? He couldnt remember.

Between the branches of the trees the longhaird girl..or boy? It was hard to tell which gender it was but a bullet would tear the face off either gender and his stolen Ingram would be levelled towards the torso of the boy.The light caught the metal of the handgun and the finger on the trigger would release its grip a little."Drop the gun or get shredded..Eitherway me and my friends are adding that weapon to our aresenal" He said with violent menace lurking in his voice.

Posted by: Kuze Sep 5 2005, 10:56 PM
Shinya stopped at a male voice ordering him to drop his gun (the P250 not the M1911), he chuckled at the threat, being that the boy is hidden while hes out in the open.

"you treaten me when your hidden somewhere, Ha you must lack the balls to threaten me face to face. I'll put my weapon away and you show me who you are and along with anyone is with you."

Shinya said with his thick accent as he slid his P250 into his bag keeping his flashlight in his other hand.

"Alright its away!"

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Sep 5 2005, 11:16 PM
His eyes would roll as he watched the weapon being put away.Everyone wanted to be a player,Everyone wanted to be a Hero,Everyone wanted to be a smartass.

"Balls? I have those but you dont need anything to get those except for a dick..Ive got the dick and the balls but I also have the mind to back it up.You should watch youre mouth" he said before he squeezed the trigger of the uzi the weapon tilted towards the left insantly.He didnt intend to kill the boy just a couple warning shots that showed him that the Ingram owner was not playing and also held a submachinegun.

"I Never said put the gun away i said throw it.The next burst makes youre intestines visible,Samara"

Posted by: JayneBrown Sep 5 2005, 11:25 PM
A drumming of gunshote. Jayne let out a slight whimper as she heard one boy shoot a spray of bullets at Bad Hair Day Kid. Obviously she herself was totally unharmed, but still, she didn't like how close those gunshote were to her current location. Refusing to look around, she edged forward even more, so she was closer to Jason. So what if these people called them a couple? They were, albeit not romantically. God no, not romantically, how could anyone think that? It didn't matter. Let them think what they want.

Posted by: Kuze Sep 5 2005, 11:46 PM
Shinya fall back onto his ass at the bullets hitting the dirt in front of him, this fucker ment buisness.

"I'll hand the gun to you IF you show yourself to m face, and my name isnt Samara!"

Shinya yelled out as he turned where the voice was coming from, and pointed his flashlight at it, neglecting to switch it on even though it was in the day.

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Sep 7 2005, 12:51 AM
Stevan watched as everything was unraveled. First the couple walking by, He hadnt been seen then but with the new guy approaching us stevan had to do something. Peri had already fired at the boy? So much for stealth, The sound is bound to attract a couple fuck ups.

Stevan strapped the gun round his shoulder and lowered himself out the tree's, Hanging from one of the branches before falling a couple of foot to the floor. Luckily he wasnt hurt, the most damage he would of got was a chipped nail?

He looked over to peri then over at the boy "So...Sadako is it? You gonna be a good girl and give me the weapon" His eyes never flickered, His hands never flinched as he held that weapon of his pointing at 'sadako'

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Sep 7 2005, 05:01 PM
The shot was neccessary or so he thought and with Stevan out of the tree if the boy had friends his fellow freak could take a round from behind and a heavy sigh would be given. "Stay in the Trees,Dont come down till I say..See anyone who isnt us give them a lead salad" he said before he would jump down to ground level.

His body clanking with the multiple firearms he was carrying he would look to the boy well look as much as possible thanks to the Boys long hair."Look Shithead,We dont have time to play with you so toss the gun or my friend will make his boomstick go boom into youre head.Drop the gun" he said with gritted teeth.The Uzi kid was pissed off from earlier and he was surely still lurking as was his girlfriend and who knows else? This was not the time to try and act smart well not if you had at least one functioning braincell.

His own hair was long but next to this kid he maywell have had a buzzcut.

Posted by: Kuze Sep 7 2005, 10:17 PM
Shinya Stood up as the two boys dropped down from the tree that he was looking at. Walking towards the two boys, he looked dead in the eyes of the kid holding the Ingram and brushed his own hair away showing his left eye.

"Lets get this sreight My name is Motomura, not Samara or Sadako, and If you want my Sig-Sauer P250 you'll have to add a third member to your group, me"

Shinya said as he reached into his bag and gripped his P250 as he wrapped his fingers around the grip of the gun.

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Sep 9 2005, 06:46 PM
Stevan watched as Motomura reached and grabbed his gun. His own spas 12 would be raised a little into the chest of moto. Trust was not a great help in this game. It had fucked him over a couple times so why should he trust this new cockey bastard?

"If you wanna join the crew you gotta laydown the weapon" Stevan said sarcasticly

Posted by: Kuze Sep 10 2005, 12:38 AM
Shinya smirked at the shotgunner's command knowing full well that he has more than one weapon.

"whitch one because i have three"

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Sep 10 2005, 06:38 PM
Stevan smiled as if he had just heard a joke that was going around school. What a stupid thing to say in a sticky situation like this one. Stevans idea's usually used the knock 'em out ask questions later method but he had some smarts. If shinya wanted to live then he was going about it the wrong way.

"Heres a tip for the future! If someone is threatening you with a shotgun and thnks you have one gun its best not to tell them you have three. It usually makes them fuck you up even more. Now drop all the guns. If you want this to work then your going to have to comply. If your lucky you may get one back"

Stevan waited for shinya to act upon stevans words. If the act was bad then stevan would have to personally fuck him up. Hopefully he wouldnt give stevan and peri anymore shit than they've had already.

Posted by: Kuze Sep 10 2005, 07:01 PM
"Hmph alright if your going to bitch about it"

Shinya muttered to himself as he slid the bag strap off of his arm and let it fall to the ground.

"Fucking happy now?"

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Sep 10 2005, 11:44 PM
Why was this guy being so annoying? Arrogance was a bitch but this wasnt..This was just plain annoying."Mhm..Fuck it,My Vote goes to Shooting.Place youre vote,Freak..Oh and Samara? Youre vote is on wether or not you try and run.Think of all the war films youve seen..They always try to run but have you ever see one of the evil doers get away? Im the good guy for once" he said as he raised his weapon to the centre of the Boys Neck.Jus one graze from a bullet would be enough to end this boy in a rather bloody way.He was playing to win and that submachinegun in his hand proved it.

They were spending to much time on one very talkative kid in the middle of a place that was any snipers dream especially at the white washed lookout point.

Posted by: Kuze Sep 10 2005, 11:59 PM
Shinya felt the cold steel of the Ingram press up against his neck. reaching down with his right hand to where his bag was, he leaned to the side to bring his other hand down in the bag gripping his P250 and with his right hand he grabbed the M1911.

Slowly standing up to where the boy's ingram pressed up against his neck, and offered the guns to the boys.

"here you dont shoot me i give you my two guns, my 3rd is a length of rope, but I wont run away from you."

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Sep 11 2005, 08:32 PM
One hand would be removed from the Ingram,the hand holding up the muzzle of the weapon.The free hand would reach over to take hold one of the handguns,the M1911.His gaze lowered to the weapon as he turned it over while grasping the black stock.It looked..odd in his hand.Teeth would gritt and his lips pressed together before he tossed the weapon back.

"Get youre shit together.Youre with us" he would say as the Ingram would be lowered as he turned his back on the Boy and began walking away in the opposite direction.His hand raised to give a wave for Stevan to follow.

Posted by: Kuze Sep 14 2005, 02:44 AM
Shinya leaned over to pick up the gun that the boy tossed at him and reached with the hand with the P250 to pick up his bag and slid the P250 in his bag as her clasped his other hand over the M1911.

Standing up with the M1911 in one hand and his bag's strap in the other Shinya inquired

"so whats your name, I told you mine so how about yours?"

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Sep 17 2005, 09:20 AM
Mhm the trusting wasnt too stevans liking but shit happens. "The names stevan, steve? up to you just go along with what blood boy over there says." A slight nod wouldbe given over to peri as he spoke.

Posted by: Swoosh Sep 21 2005, 10:46 AM
((coming from The Lighthouse))

Angharad walked along the path, her cat claws in her hand. The lookout point was just up ahead, up a small hill. She began to walk up it, looking around her as she did so.

Had she done the right thing? Choosing to 'take part' in the game... true, she wanted to win. She wanted to go back home.

But how much of her would there be left after the game was over? Would she totally lose herself to the game?

Her thoughts flashed back to her boyfriend's smiling face. His arms outsretched... she had to see him again... they had so many things left to do... she had to win. As if reassuring herself, she gripped her cat claws even tighter.

It wasn't like she knew any of these people. They meant less than nothing to her... she had to keep thinking like that. She continued walking.

It was then that she saw the three guys at the top. "Cachiad!" she hissed, and crouched down. She hoped that the rustling of the leaves she had disturbed when she crouched hadn't gotten the guys' attention.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Sep 21 2005, 05:08 PM
"I say we find somewhere with locks on the doors and food in the cuboards..Im sure we can convince the tenants to leave" he said without bothering to break his step.

The rustling hadnt caught his attention but the word "Caicha?" he couldnt prounounce that was for sure but he did hear it well enough and he stopped dead in his step.Both feet planted on the ground he would stop and slowely glance over his shoulder.His pale features bathed in the little light left from the sun and a grinn slowely rising on the almost marble esque featurs.

"This is no place for a housepet...Freak shoot the bush thats unless the kitty cat wants to come out and show itself as no threat?" his words could be spoken into the nothingness of the trees around the lookout.If nobody was there then he was maybe getting a little paraniod,the game got to everyone and with a blood splattered shirt and a nasty graze across his chest combined with sleep depravation he wasnt in the best frame of mind.Maybe that was for the best? A Little insanity could go along way in this game.

"Buckshot should shred the poor thing.Put out of its misery before some sickfuck stumbles on it and plays surgery on it" he said finishing his words but not looking back to the path ahead.

Posted by: Swoosh Sep 21 2005, 05:15 PM
Her eyes widened as she heard the boy's words. So obviously she had been seen then, or at least her presence was known.

"Wait!" she shouted out. "Don't shoot!" She pushed herself back onto her feet and looked directly at the group. They were a little way away from where she was, but she knew they could see her. She also knew how easily they could kill her from where they stood. She had to give them a reason not to...

She weighed up the idea she was having in her head. Dropping her cat claws could make her very much at risk; an easy target, if you will. But then again, if they were going to shoot her, there wasn't a lot they could do, apart from maybe sheild the bullets, but that would be ridiculous to even think that could work. Also, dropping them might make the trio trust her.

Sighing to herself, she let the cat claws fall at her feet. "I haven't got anything!" she called, her Welsh tones ringing out. "Don't shoot me!"

Ok. Change in plan. Don't kill everyone you see.

We'll see how this goes first.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Sep 21 2005, 05:30 PM
"Take whatever she has and then shoot her in the face" he said with a sigh as he would slowely and very hesitantly turn to face the appearing female.That grinn of his growing a few more inches,a girl..intresting.The voice wasnt particuarely female but now as he looked to the girl thoughts rose to the surface of his mind."You shouldnt sneak up on people its impolite and especially when they are armed and blood covered.You get my point? Throw youre bag and youre weapon over it..Say you lost it and we will shoot you.Run and we will shoot you,Make any attempt to escape and we will shoot you" he said in the usual conversation tone.Leading the group wouldnt allow him to start screaming at her although popping a bullet between her eyes would be very good etiquette it seems with the pair of psychos eitherside of him.

"You wanted to kill us so we should kill you by Darwins law..So why should we take you along?" no she hand asked to be taken along or wanted it but for now he needed to go and do something with the wound burning on his chest.They could dispose of her later.

Posted by: Swoosh Sep 21 2005, 05:38 PM
She found herself getting more and more annoyed with the apparent leader of the little group. If she were in a more relaxed enviroment, she would have said something, maybe even done something. Seeing as any negative actions she took here could result in her missing half a face, she desperately tried to restrain her anger.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sneak up. I found you accidentally..." her voice trailed off. Like HELL I'm sorry, boyo.

She knelt down to retrieve her cat claws and held them up. "I don't really wanna throw these over... they're not the kind of thing you throw, you know? Like scissors." She was rambling and she knew it, but she was a little nervous through all the anger, after all, she was faced with three armed guys, all of whom by the looks of things had seen the other side of a couple of battles already.

"And you really don't have to take me along... you can just let me go, and I'll be on my way..."

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Sep 21 2005, 05:49 PM
"Youre call Butch but you still toss youre weapon and youre bag to us and I think we can survive you throwing them at us...Youre to smart to try and gouge one of us with them the other two would pump you full of rounds before you took a step.Think about that.Throw those things of yours and then you can be on youre way" he said while wincing as yet another painful wave of heat ran from the graze on his chest.The white shirt clinging to his chest,held there by the blood freshly freed from the weapon.

The Ingram would be brought uptowards the girl,one hand under the muzzle and one on the stock of the weapon."This weapon holds fourty nine the twelve shotgun shells in my Amigos boomstick and finally the fifteen rounds in Samara`s handgun.You think you can dodge that? No..Toss the weapon I Dont have all the day" another heated wave and another gritting of his teeth.

Posted by: Swoosh Sep 21 2005, 06:00 PM
Grimacing, she threw her cat claws and her rucksack over to where the three of them stood. She kind of hoped the cat claws hit them, but sadly they fell just short.

He would pay for the butch remark. She would see to that soon enough. ((Ain't that the truth angry.gif ))

She tucked her hair behind her ears, and glanced over at them. She was really thirsty, all the walking she had been doing had left her quite dehydrated. Wiping her forehead with the back of her hand (where sweat had accumulated from her journey, and also from the fear of her situation)) she called over.

"Now what?"

This isn't how I wanted it to go... but roll with the punches. You'll get it back around soon enough.

((Why is it that my run in's with you ALWAYS leave me without any weapons?))

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Sep 21 2005, 06:05 PM
( Because youre my friend and wounding you would jus be plain mean.Obviously )

"You put youre hands on the back of youre head and then wander off..We take youre stuff and we head over to the warehouse if you want to meet us there..Seems to be some refreshment there.Vending machines and warehouses stock something.Maybe we will give you back youre weapon if youre a good little Kitty Cat" he said as he would motion to her left with the muzzle of the weapon for her to walk away.

He had far to many weapons cluttering his bag but he couldnt very well leave her in the area with a very dangersou weapon could he? Most likely he would put it in a trash can somewhere.

Posted by: Swoosh Sep 21 2005, 06:22 PM
Ok. He was going to far now. He was just messing her around.

She dropped the 'little girl lost' look she had been going for up until now, and glared at the guy who had been doing all the speaking.

"Twpsyn... cau dy ben!" she hissed at him, and turned on her heel, her hands firmly placed at her sides and balled up angrily.

Her thoughts vaguely wondered as to where she was to go next. The vending machine idea the boy had proposed seemed mightly tempting, she really was too thirsty.

She kicked a rock as she began to walk away from the three guys.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Sep 21 2005, 06:26 PM
No the boy didnt understand welsh but one thing was easily communicated through the many wonderful diffrent languages of the world and this was swearing.His throat hurt and so he would not respond in kind instead he would just raise release his weapon and let it hang from the strap around his arm.

Very slowely the Silver Revolver would be withdrawn from the back of his pants as he watched her form stamp its way through the trees.The weapon was brought up to aim towards her back and he pulled the trigger.The handgun sent a quake through his arm and with a laugh the bullet tore through the leafy surroundings towards the girl.

Posted by: Swoosh Sep 21 2005, 06:35 PM
Angharad screamed as she heard a loud banging noise come from behind her. Her natural instinct told her to duck, so she flung herself onto the ground, skidding her knees as she did so.

Oh yeah. I got this rugby tackle down.

Coughing at all the dirt that had accumulated in her face as she'd skidded along the floor, she quickly looked around. The guy was stood there with his gun still raised... he'd just shot her! Thankfully it didn't seem to have hit her, but still, that was lucky... coughing, she stared at him in horror for a couple of moments. She'd never expected this many people to play... true, her run in with the other boy here before had left her with a scrape on her cheek through blind luck... but so many...

Of course they're all playing. You are, aren't you? You want to kill everyone else and win?... do I though? Can I really bring myself to kill someone else?

She turned to jump back up, as if to run away, but her foot only met air, and she fell back down again. How pathetic I must look now...

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Sep 21 2005, 06:51 PM
He watched her slid out the way of the bullet and those pearly whites once more emerged.A Breif thought would be given for a second or two before he snapped his weapon to the side, the six barrels becoming clearly visible.The Rounds would be emptied into his free hand and then pocketed and finally one round would be slid back in.Barrels would be spun with greased whining before being slammed back into the beautiful weapon of his own personal war.Weapon turned around in his hands so the stock was facing her he held it out.

"One Bullet.Take it to youre brain and skip this game or use it on me if you think thats a good idea or..Very big or here.Or you can walk away and see how long you can survive with that weapon,Its all about the strength of the mind.People dont know youve only got weapon..Put a gun to there head and they will do anything you ask.Meet us at the waterfall tomorrow at dawn if you survive that long with a new weapon and Ill give you the rest of the bullets.." he said finishing with a flick of the wrist before tossing her the weapon and turning his back on her to walk away.The Challenge had been set,fingers slid around the stock of the Ingram hanging at his side while the other hand waved for the other two to follow almost like..Hunting Dogs?

Posted by: Swoosh Sep 21 2005, 06:56 PM
Angharad sat in shock as the weapon was tossed near her feet. She had fully been expecting to have to duck, dive, dodge, do anything to escape more incoming shots on behalf of the boy, so receiving the weapon was nothing less of unexpected.

At a total loss for words, she reached forward and picked the gun up slowly. What was this? What was he doing?

Quickly, she shouted after him as he walked away.

"Wait, how am I supposed to get to the Waterfall when I have no map??" She paused. "And I don't even know your name..."

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Sep 21 2005, 07:03 PM
"You take the kids bag along with the map in it and the weapon..Its a giftpack.He or she wont be using it..Waste them if you feel the need but just remember once youve used youre bullet its gone and so if you waste some needy lil kid for a knife and from around the corner comes a uzi toting idiot ...remember regret can kill and Ive met the uzi toting child and before you think it..This" he said as he raised his submachiengun. "Is an uzi...The Names Peri..BloodBoy to some,Brown hair is Freak and Black is Samara.Get up off youre knees and get out of here.Leaving a survivor makes me look as if Im going soft" he called over his shoulder as he would walk.

Was this a good idea? No..Was this a safe idea? No..Was he doing it? Yes he was.Back turned to a pissed off butch girl with a loaded gun.Great.What the fuck was he doing?

Posted by: Swoosh Sep 21 2005, 07:15 PM
If it seemed like Peri's words were a lot for her to take in, they were. She was still slightly dazed from her near death experience and perhaps wasn't paying the most attention to Peri's words. However, she heeded to his advice for her to get gone and jumped up.

Why was he doing this? What benefit did it have for him? As much as Angharad had scrutinized it from every angle, she couldn't see what was in it for him.

She looked at Peri's retreating back. How easy it would be to shoot him right now. Despite the fact that she was heavily out-gunned and outnumbered, she still could use that one shot on him. He must have known that. He was risking his life giving her a gun. Although her game plan had been, and still was, to kill as many people as possible, she didn't want to kill this boy, especially after he'd shown her something resembling kindness.

She felt like thanking him, but settled for nodding at his back. His friends didn't seem the type that would cry themselves to sleep over her dead body, and Peri seemed volatile as well. She ran off before he could change his mind, the bag swung onto her shoulder.

((nyesss, continued somewhere else, methinks!))

Posted by: Kuze Sep 21 2005, 09:35 PM
Shinya watched as Peri and the Girl with the cat claws confroned each other ending with Peri tossing a gun towards the girl. Turning his head towards Peri, he dropped his jaw and remarked.

"What the hell are you thinking, best idea wouldve been kill her after we get her weapon"

Shinya remarked at Peri's actions as we walked over to pick up the cat claws that the girl dropped, and picked them up, holding onto the grip of the claws as he said one thing

"It's not like I dont Respect your judgement but there were better things to do to her"

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Sep 22 2005, 04:40 PM
Stevan leaned against the tree as the confrontation occured. Stevan and shinya stood back and watched peri take controll of the situation. He seemed to talk to much though...maybe he was lonely, Just needed someone to talk to?

Giving the girl the revolver was a bad idea. That one bullet was sure to come back and haunt them. But it was stevans choice to let peri take controll yet again.

As shinya started to talk stevan gave a lazy glance over to him and stared, his eye lids were drooped half way over his eyes.

"better things like what? Rape? Torture? Both of those involve time we dont have and im sure you dont want to make that kind of reputation on this island"

His head would be tunred away from shinya as he finished speaking. As he stared at the ground he pulled out one of his beloved cigarettes and lit it, creating a bright orange cherry on the end. Puffs and drags were taken as he waited for a confrontation to break out in the group.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Sep 24 2005, 05:24 PM
"What I was thinking that the girl is a killer..Look in her eyes if we bump into her again,She is a killer.She is one of us but she has stupidity..We give her the one bullet and we free her.She can pop herself in the face or go eliminate some of our enimies or die trying..She can do what she wishes.She is just one girl and very badly armed..She is just a tool we can deal with her if someone doesnt.I say this but I dont have to exsplain a thing to you at all,Shinya" he said as he would come oncemore to a stop.Very slowely he would turn that grinn no longer playing on his pale features.

"You wish to fight me? Lovely weapon I have here..You want it then attack me and take it.Ill throw it down and take you fist to fist if I didnt know you would cause a good shaped hole in my chest.Dont force confrontation there is more than enough of it on this island.I made a move.. a good move at that.More than likely when we next bump into her she would have half her face shot off and the Colt in herhand..Now lets go.We need to move and I need to tend to this bullet wound,Stings like a bitch" he said before those sharp teeth of his would slide against each other and begin walking away again upto towards the lookout.

He was bleeding lightly now and he was getting far to much backtalk from their newfound friend to top it off Stevan was smoking without him.The sky above rumbled lightly,ripples trembling through the black clouds floating above them.

Posted by: Slayer Sep 25 2005, 05:58 AM
OOC: Haven't posted as Jason in a while.
IC: Jason had lead Jayne up to the highest part of the Lookout point, ignoring the gunshots he had heard on the way up. Looking over his shoulder from where he was studying the map and deciding a destination, he saw she was standing right where he had left her. Nodding to himself, he put the map in his bag, stood up, and slung the Uzi over his shoulder before going down a seperate path.

"We're going to the river, keep up or I'll leave you behind." he said, not looking back.

((Continued in:

Posted by: Kuze Sep 26 2005, 11:26 PM
Shinya sighed in fustration at Peri's comment as he dug into his bag to pull out a set of black headphones and slid them on his head, while holding the cat claws in his free hand as he spoke. (he put the gun in his bag)

"Whatever, just lead the way Peri"

Shinya left his bag slightly open as he went and followed Peri wherever he went knowing full well that in a heartbeat any one of this little group could be dead.

(OCC are you happy now Peri? dry.gif )

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Sep 28 2005, 09:18 PM
( I was till un-named people emerged to bother me to post.. biggrin.gif )

A Couple almost silent curse words would be freed from his lips as he began asneding the small hill around the lookout point.One hand used to steady himself on the ground while the other was firmly wrapped around the Ingram at his side.Halfway up the hill a glance would be thrown over his shoulder at the other two.

His hand finally found the cheap wood used to make the west wall of the lookout.Fingertips curling around it he would tugg himself back to the top of the hill and turn to look to the two.

"Shinya..Headphones off..They make noise and you cant hear the person behind you if youre listening to music..Fair enough?" he asked before climbing over into the lookout point.

A few memories flashed through his mind.Memories of when he had been here the previous time...Elise..Him..Stevan..They had all been so diffrent.Elise had seemed so calm..Stevan was more timid then even with the shotgun and he himself was more...He was more posotive that was for sure and alot less blood splattered.

Posted by: Swoosh Sep 29 2005, 08:23 PM
((....never mind...))

Posted by: Kuze Oct 8 2005, 06:16 AM
(occ yes im finally posting and Peri go ahead and have your way with Thom, while i have my way with Waldo wink.gif )

Shinya swore to himself as he removed his headphones, placing them in his bag. Looking up he saw the two fuckers he passed by on the way to meeting Peri and Steven.

Leaning over to Peri, shinya muttered while gripping his cat claws.

"Look its two sheep to the slaughtor, Peri you take the running one I'll take the zoned out one"

Shinya smirked at what he was planning on doing to the zoned out dipshit.

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Oct 8 2005, 09:56 PM
No fun for the freak? Why the fuck not? He'd been lurking in the background for a while now and with out any blood in the past day he was getting rather angered.

"So you two cunts get to kill?" He point to shinya "Fuck you" His finger then moved towards peri "Your cool" His eyes wondered up to the lookout, At those two fuckers. "And most of all fuck you"

His shotgun was wrapped over his back and the strap tightened. The browning peri had given him earlier was pulled from the back of his jeans. The top of the gun was pulled back and let go with a metallic clicking sound that seemed to echo. His gun would be aimed at the two figures on the hill as He would look down the barrel of the gun. The wind now was getting rough. It blew is hair over his eyes, The dark mass of hair reaching a couple inches below his chin to one side of his face as A gleaming Smile appeared. The white of His eyes Just barely visable through the black hair.

He would walk towards the two boys, Gun aimed high and his finger on the trigger. 'bang' would be whispered as his ney finger pulled hard on the trigger releasing a bullet from the clip and in the direction of his enemies. 'bang bang bang'

Posted by: Kuze Oct 8 2005, 11:35 PM
Shinya shrugged as Steven started yelling at him and the ADHD duo.

"Alright blood boy, Freak go for the gusto on that sonova Bitch"

Shinya walked up to the zoned out fucker and kicked the boy in the knee cap knocking him over onto his back. Kneeling next to the boy he dragged the cat claws across the boys shirt, cutting it open exposing his bare chest.

Dragging the cat claws across the boy's chest cutiing the skin into squares that are slightly easy to remove. Using his free hand he peeled off each square of skin reaveling the boy's insides.

Shinya carfully removed each of the boy's ribs, and grabbed ahold of the boy's heart. As he Lifted the heart the boy swung his bag at Shinya, Smacking him in the face knocking off his glasses.

"you Little mother fucker, I'm going to make the last few minutes of your life so painful youll beg for me to kill you quickly."

(occ i cant focus enough to make the full post so this is the beginning of the kid's death scene tongue.gif)

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Oct 9 2005, 09:48 PM
He stood and watched Shinya take the lead very seamlessly and so he would just silently grinn and give off the occasional nod one brow rising at the words "Freak go for the gusto" what was that meant to mean? That was none of his concern and so he would burst into a run towards the form of the other male.This was far to easy,this was how the game was meant to be played it was all so very easy,so very smooth.Then the crack in the plan formed as Stevan squeezed the trigger of the gun and a round whizzed past his head.He skidded to a stop waiting for some more shots but none came and so the long haired boy would turn to his friend who had fired the shot and gave a look that would scream " WHAT THE FUCK?!" a couple cursings would be given under his breath as he started off towards the boy.

Those curse words fading from exsistence as he got closer to the fallen boy.One hand wrapped around the stock of the Ingram in his hand as he would approach the fallen boy.Stevan had stolen his fun! He stood there amongest the trees staring down at the body of the boy when suddenly the boy spat out a cough and that grinn oncemore rose on his own face as he would raise the Ingram to the point between the boys shoulder blades as the boy would slowely place his hands on the ground and try to push his body up. The weapons trigger would be held down and the chatter of rapid fire 9mm rounds would fill the air around him.

The rounds slammed into the fallen students body with a nasty sound that caused the boys body to shudder from the impact of the bullets while letting out yells of pain.The barrel of the ingram would sweep down the boys back punching nice sized holes in the boys young body before one quick sweep up the body sent a round through the cranium of the student freeing him from this hellish game.Hellish for some heaven for some,What would that make the trio? Angels of death? What an intresting thought.

The boys head would slam down into the ground with a sickening thud.The cranium and all of its contents opened to everyones view.The grey matter hanging out from the numerous fractures in the skull and infront of the corpse lay a good size blood splatter from where the round had tore through the head of the boy.Poor kid,He had never asked for this.All he had ever wanted was to live on a Marijuana farm but instead he had been sent to another cloudy place.

How many rounds had he spent? He could count at least ten bulletholes in the boy..He needed to reload but they could do that in the shelter of the lookout point.The ingram would be held still as he would crouch down to the bag around the boys shoulder.A couple tuggs of the bags strap would pull the green bag from the ex-student but sadly in the process turning over the boy and making visible what used to be the face of the poor boy.One eye had managed to stay in place while the other had a nice bone shard piercing it.With the turning of the body the brain matter would make a nice wet sound as it slapped at the floor and then slowely like a grey flood escaped the confines of the childs head and some of it would lay spread out around on the floor around the kid.

"He isnt coming back" he would call over towards the other two as he would move through the kids bag looking for something.Shuriken starrs? Whatd they think the kid was a ninja? a glance to the kid would confirm he definetly wasnt.

Posted by: Kuze Oct 9 2005, 10:57 PM
Shinya still holding the kid's heart, shivedd it into the kid's mouth, Wedging it in there, like an apple in a roast's mouth.

Smiling evilly, SHinya reached over and jabbed the boy square in the crotch, causing the boy to let go of his bag and grab his now bleeding crotch. unzipping the boy's bag he saw a handle, grabbing the Handle he pulled it out revealing a large Japenese Blade, A Katana. It's sheath laying on top of the supplies.

Shinya grabbed the sheath and slid it througgh one of his belt loops, and gripped the Blade with his left hand as he stood up over the boy.

"Say good-night motherfucker."

Shinya muttered as he sung the blade at the vein that was protruding from the boy's chest connected to the heart in the boy's mouth. Cutting to and causing a huge blood spray to fly out covering his jeans and hair in the dark red substance.


(there it is)

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Oct 9 2005, 11:35 PM
He stood and watched the spectacle Shinya had just caused.He never bothered to look away or blink as the boys painful death was forced on him and that thin blade was taken from him.The Shurikens would be dropped into his bag a single star slid into his pocket.Water bottles would be added to his supply before the pack was tossed into a nearby bush and he began moving through the undergrowth over towards Shinya one hand raised to signal stevan over.

"That was messy and unless you intend to spend time in youre boxers we will need to find you new clothes.Blood sticks and smells...Take what you need and then head to the lookout.I need to tend to a wound and Stevan needs a cigarette.One guard on front thats all thats needed unless spiderman decides to come after us then we are fucked" he commented as he would pass Shinya and the bloody mass of the student.

Slowely he started his asent up the slope towards the lookout point occasionally giving a glance over his shoulder to the other two and the treeline.

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Oct 10 2005, 09:03 PM
As stevan slowly walked towards the two enemies he saw his two comrades speed past him. What was this a fucking race now? So while his "friends" ran on ahead to have all the fun he was left yet again at the back. All this pent up anger, It had to be realised somehow and someday it woul be. He just felt sorry for the closest person to him at the time.

He watched the gore blossom as hits and shots were given, dismemberment, shooting, brains and hearts all over the floor shading the lovely green grass a shade of crimson red. He couldent help but laugh out loud. God i wish i didnt like this. It was quite a comedic scene, Seeing the two people who thought they would rule the game be slaughtered without hope of running away or fighting back.

So now atleast the deed was done and they could move on and continue the slaughters...raping? who knows what would take their fancy? Stevan himself was due for a killing, He had released alot of pent up stress with elise and it was building up all over again.Just a time bomb ticking away, And his allies were the only ones around who would take the pain if he went off.

Wonder if this game goes out on t.v? People betting on their favourite to win? come to think about it, it was a cool concept, like wrestling but with more blood and of course it wasnt fake, stevan had learned that first hand. Maybe they were well known out there. The psychos, the murderers, The hunters?

"So now that senior gore and mr brainssplatter have doen what you came to do can we leave now?" He walked up to where they were both standing. He leant down to the corpse riddled with bullets. Looked kinda sticky. He looked into that blank stare of the eyeball wuth the bone in it, It looked sad, Like it didnt really want to die and all this was an act of bravery? But acting they did will only get you fucked up here, that was a given. "Come on im going, you two are gonna come with me? so far weve made a pretty good team?" As he rised from his leaning state he kicked the corpse slightly and turned to them both.

Posted by: Kuze Oct 10 2005, 10:32 PM
Shinya reached down for the boy's bag as Peri and steven walked off ahead of him, Picking it up he slid the cat claws into the bag and pulled out one of the boy's spare shirts, wiping the blade of blood, he carefully slid it back into its sheath, making sure not to impale himself with the blade.

Slinging the bag over his sholdier, he picked up his glasses and slid them back of as he walked towards the look out point following Peri and Steven.

"Alright, alright I'm coming I'm coming"

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Oct 11 2005, 09:51 PM
He would arrive at the top moving over the small metal gate in one swift movment and soon his feet would be placed upon the wooden floor of the lookout post. A Glance would be given around it looking for anything of intrest seeing nothing but the bare weak looking walls and a even weaker looking roofing.

His bag would be unslung and fell to the ground with a clatter of metal slamming against cardboard inside of the bag. His back pressed to one of the walls facing the entrance he would slowely let himself slide down into a sitting position.

The Ingram would be unslung and placed beside him as he withdrew the Shuriken star from his pocket and tossed it ontop of the ingram.What would they do now? Where would they go? Shinya had killed and done a very messy job..He made been a little to enthusiastic maybe the game was cracking him already or maybe he was cracking the game? Peri gave it little thought as he sat waiting for the other two arrive but he would call out to both of them.

"What comes Next? Ideas People.."

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Oct 11 2005, 10:25 PM
Stevan followed as peri walked up to the lookout. He entered the shoddy building and leant against a wall, His foot up pressing against it. "Me ideas? Look at me what good ideas have i had so far?" He looked down and put his hands into the pockets of his hoodie.

He waited for shinya to arrive, the kid had talent but his methods were way too slow. Some one finds that corpse and identifys it, then when the next announcement comes around everyone will know who did that gruesome scene, and the worst of it is He's chilling with blood boy and freak. Could bring some wannabe psychos there way?

"Well anyway i suggest we move away from here. anyone see's those corpses then us up here they aint gonna feel to safe and if they have a gun bullets will fly"

Posted by: Kuze Oct 15 2005, 04:41 AM
(Blooddy i swear if you pester me through MSN to post ONE MORE TIME I will do something.)

Shinya stopped short of the lookout, and thought ~why am I with the hairtrigger duo, and i cant join a normal group because of what i did , leave them and run, attack than run, or just stay with them~ Glaraing up to the duo he muttered.

"I will out live you teo but for now your just too much of a hassle"

Shinya ran in the oppisite direction of Peri, and Steven and eventually far away from the two.

((Continued in:

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Oct 25 2005, 07:13 PM
( Do you mean Bloodmistakes or Bloodyfists? Little details.Nothing is trivial )

He would not even bother to try and stop the stupid long haired boy run away.The boy was carrying two handguns he barely knew how to use aswell as a Katana and listening to his cd player.The boy would be hacked up before the end of the day that would be for sure most likely because the child tried to use the melee weapon against a firearm thinking that he was Blade or something along those lines.

"God Bless his soul" he said with a laugh as he would slowely unload the box`s of ammo out of his bag and begin loading his weapons oncemore.The Ingram would be taken care of in a few minutes and his concealed Colt hadnt been brought to action so far.

A Basic pleasure was taken as a cigarette was slid between his lips and lit.The toxic smoke giving the gentle buzz of self inflicted death before being released.His bag would be pulled onto his shoulders and the strap of the ingram wrapped around his shoulder.

"Come on Fucko we need a new meat shield" he said with a laugh before oncemore making the cherry of his cancer stick flicker.

Weapons loaded,lungs freshly tarred,mind shattered oncemore,trust broken..The Boy was ready for a party.

((Continued in:

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Nov 19 2005, 04:30 PM
Stevan sat down and stole smoggy drags from his cancer stick, each breath filled with chemical pleasure. He just sat and watched peri stand over him and get ready to leave. AS peris gestured for him to leave he just grinned at him and toked his cigarette once more. That trusty boom stick of his laid by his feet.

((Continued in:

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