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Posted by: Megami Apr 29 2006, 10:01 PM
With the end of SOTF upon the horizon, many of us are probably speculating how things will end. So... just out of curiosity, I'd like to hear your predictions, theories, and thoughts on the remaining characters, what will happen, how they will die, and who will be the ultimate survivor.

As for my current thoughts, I don't have a whole lot to contribute at the moment buuuut... let's see. With the Rice/Clemence storyline, I think it'd be interesting if Rice turned on Clemence before she had the chance to stab him in the back. With the current Cody/Adam storyline... well, when the truth finally comes out (assuming it does, you know, eventually), I'm thinking there'll be one hell of a fight scene. I somehow see Peri and Stevan entangled in a firefight to the death soon. The warehouse group... hm... I've really not thought that far ahead being as my own character is involved, but I see them eventually turning on one another because, lets face it, escape is impossible. tongue.gif

And... as for the ultimate survivor, I think it'll either be Adam Dodd (since he's our resident storybook hero character) or one of the major players like Peri Barclay, Clemence, or maybe Eh-Sun Choi. Somehow, though, I don't think they'll get sent back home. I think that either A.) Danya will throw them into V2 which would, in my opinion, be pretty cool, or... B.) They'll be gunned down on the spot and have won the game only to be the last one killed.

So... anyone else got any speculation they'd like to share?

Posted by: Slayer Apr 29 2006, 10:47 PM
With Cody and taking his condition into effect, I don't see the fight happening (I think he'll die before or just as Adam finds out who he really is). As for my character, I already have how he'll die if he does planned out, but I definitely see a slow descent into paranoia and maybe insanity. I can also forsee a gunfight between the warehouse group and Jeremy's group, though it might not happen.

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