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Posted by: Megami Aug 22 2006, 03:32 AM
For those of you who are SOTF veterans, you're familiar with the request I'm about to make, as we were encouraged to do it throughout V1. Those of you who just recently joined, however, may not be familiar with it. It seems that more and more posts are going unlinked. Now, this isn't a rule, but it is highly encouraged, and it's just common courtesy to link your posts together for people who are trying to read them. I'll be honest guys, if it was me, and I was trying to read up on your character's past... but had to scour the board for posts your character was featured in, I wouldn't do it. So it's just sort of a common courtesy to your fellow RPers. You'll probably see less continuity errors and people will probably get more facts straight about your character if they can easily read your story. I've gone through and linked just over half of the V2 plotlines so far, but I'd really appreciate if you all would take a couple minutes to link your stories yourselves from now on, as it would save me quite the headache. wink.gif Thanks!

Posted by: Cycokiller Aug 22 2006, 05:10 AM
Will do, chief.

Posted by: Megami Aug 22 2006, 05:16 AM
Muchos gracias. Thanks for linking up Bryan, by the way. I appreciated that when I pretty much got to skip over him. ^.^

Posted by: Cycokiller Aug 22 2006, 07:18 PM
There have been characters I've tried to read up on because they seemed interesting, but gave up on researching just because there was no link and it's a pain in the ass to search for their names in posts. Linking your characters posts could provide them with storyline opportunities with other users, kids.

P.S. For any readers please overlook the blatant continuity error at the beginning of Andrew and Nich's storyline. I had absofrigginlutely no idea what the balls was going on.

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