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Posted by: Xaldien Jul 27 2006, 03:30 PM
As the topic implies, what do you guys think so far of some of the characters in V2?

Who is most likely to...

Become a hero:
Become a villain:
Go through a character change:
Get killed off early:
Survive the longest:
Gather the highest body count:

Who will you...
Root for:
want to see die:

Posted by: laZardo Jul 28 2006, 01:31 AM
Become a hero: By that we mean possessing fewest traits that the "villains" would possess, I'd say John Matthews or Sam Skinner, to name a few.
Become a villain: Kristey Burrowell
Go through a character change: By that you mean personality adjustment, so I'd probably say one of Dodd's characters. Because.
Get killed off early: The hero character. ¦D Or Paris, gossip kings get their coup d'état eventually.
Survive the longest: Barring an unlucky dice roll, see Character change above.
Gather the highest body count: Hard to name a single character at this point. We'll see when the time comes.

Who will you...
Root for: Kristey Burrowell, psycho chicks is cool. And Damien, because. ¦P
want to see die: Marvin Hendrick, and later Damien, who will probably die "lonely and unsure, on the cusp of experience."(- Cliff Lane) tongue.gif I'd say Kim, but she's already dead. XD

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