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Survival of the Fittest > Lookout Point > Wake up Antonio. Start for Boy #93

Posted by: Slayer Nov 23 2005, 09:24 PM
As the drugs finally wore off, Antonio Franchini slowly cracked his eyes open, looking around while rubbing his head from it hitting the rock the terrorists had dumped him on about an hour ago. Groaning, he stood up and looked around again, finally seeing the black camera leering at him.

"Fuck. I've seen those cameras before. Those assholes put me on the SOTF island, didn't they?" he muttered, looking down to see the green bag.

Yeah, looks like they did. Fucking pussies. They get all pissed off at Father, so they go after me and put me here? What the fuck?

Not bothering to look in the pack, he slung it over his shoulder and headed up the path. After hearing gunshots, he turned to face where the shots came from (the Bathroom) and dug through his pack out of curiosity of what his weapon was. A disgusted expression came to his face when he saw the Pottasium Tablets.

"This is my weapon? FUCKING USELESS!" he shouted, throwing the container as hard as he could. Calming down, he headed to the bathroom. He had to pee anyway.

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