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Posted by: Swoosh Aug 3 2005, 01:15 AM
After quickly looking around, Elise dropped her rucksack onto the floor, however, her gun still firmly in her hand. They had made it all the way to the lookout point without encountering anyone else, they were obviously lucky.

"It's clear," she called back to Peri. "I can't see anyone here."

She looked around, before flopping onto the ground. The walk had tired her out, and it was no good to be tired in a game like this. She slapped her face hard to wake herself up. To an outsider, it would appear she'd just gone insane. She waited for Peri.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Aug 3 2005, 01:20 AM
((Continued from:

He would arrive behind her giving a shrug of his shoulders nothing and nobody,maybe her plan would work and they would be alone up here away from the rest.He would suck in a little breath as he moved to the altitude of the lookoutpoint,this would end up making him light headed.

First thing that he viewed of Elise apart from her back through their walk and arrival would be the sight of her slapping at her own face.He tossed his pack to the floor with yet another Dull thud.The wind whistled past them.

"One of us should stay on watch..Bright side only one way to face unless somefucker decides to try and play spiderman" a thumb jerk would motion over the side of the lookout and to the fall that would accompany anyone who fell down the side.

"One of us watches at all time,You need to sleep? Ill Take first watch..You look like shit,Girly" he said before turning to look down the path they had taken.The lookout point could give them some cover if needed he hoped and keep them from visibility for a while? He needed a plan or something and sitting in a shithut with a crazy girl didnt sound like one of his best.

Posted by: Swoosh Aug 3 2005, 01:10 PM
Elise narrowed her eyes in annoyance. "Nice to know," she replied. Sitting up slightly, she considered Peri's words. Although it was true that she felt slightly tired, she wasn't sure how comfortable she was with falling asleep in an island full of kids killing each other, with one possibly in close proximity holding a gun.

She lay her head down on the grass and tried to get into a comfortable position to nap, but the metal collar would dig into her neck whatever position she tried.
"To hell with this," she murmured. Frustrated, she sat up.

"I think I'll just rest. I don't need sleep," she looked up at Peri. "Besides, if someone decides to show up, then you're gonna need help." She looked around. Could she see something rustling in the bushes or was it her imagination? Maybe she was just really, really tired... but still, Elise was anxious now. She squinted her eyes to get a better look.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Aug 3 2005, 06:56 PM
Those pearly whites were shown yet again as she said how he would need her help? Well it was possible but she was a little big on her self importance.He just glanced over the side of the lookout into the distance,what was going on out there? killing most definetely but for now he didnt need to think about that.He was safe,He had a good weapon and he was what seemed to be a reliable female so far a little emotional but that was workable.

"So rest,we can change soon enough.Since youre sitting down why you try and plan something for us? We cant stay up here..Everyone on the island can see us and take some nice shots at us without us knowing where its coming from.I Dont know about you but Id rather not be trying to kill the invisible man with a six shot if its all the same to you.." He said without bothering to turn to face her,the wind actually welcomed for once as it would blow his shoulder length hair from his face.Maybe he should cut it in a time like this the moment he couldnt see could be the defining moment of his life.

His grip on the hand cannon would be readjusted,he hadnt fired a shot so far and he was unsure of the kickback.Maybe he should rip off one just to learn about the kickback? He would rather not drop the weapon because of the kickback,he had to practice but the sound would attract other players and he was happy with the two he had stumbled on so far.A Corpse and a Girl.

He blinked a couple of times as the altitude would take its toll,a little dizzyness for a few seconds but it was bound to be get worse.That pink muscle in his mouth would run over his sharp teeth as he fell silent and surrounded himself only with his thoughts.

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Aug 3 2005, 08:20 PM
The cold breeze blew into a loud whistling noise as set through the bushes. A young scruffy boy, almost dead like, was laying between the old dark brown bushes.

The zombie figure raised its arm from over its face and was lowered down to the deep pocket in his jeans.
"Mhm Good ol' cancer" he would say in a half yawn as he pulled a old slightly crushed pack of royals from his jeans.
The long thin white shape would be brought to his his pale lips.
"old habbits are hard to kill" would be said as the filter tip was held between his lips.
His zippo was revealed from his pocket. Stevan flciked the cold shiny lid open with a quick snap of his hand and a quick movement of his thumb would burst the zippo into flames.
As drags were taken and smoke filled his lungs, Stevan would reach back and pull his rucksack towards him.
"Lets see what we got then?"
He reached into the bag and grabbed hold of what seemed to be a handle. he took a tight grip around the object and took it from his rucksack.
"Mhm At least i get some luck here"
He laid the barrel over his other hand and with a tight grip quickly pulled back and cocked his new toy, a shotgun.

Posted by: Swoosh Aug 3 2005, 08:24 PM
It was nothing... Elise dismissed the rustling in the bushes for wind. Relieved, she looked up at Peri.

"Well, you're right. If we stay here for too long, we're just going to be sitting ducks. We're too exposed for it to be safe here, we just gotta stop here, and plan our nex move." Once again, Elise grabbed for the map in her bag.

"I don't think we should stay in one place for too long, wherever we go. We'd be found, and if it gets turned into a danger zone, well..." Elise's voice trailed off as she remembered how people who lingered in the danger zones met their ends.

She blinked, snapping herself out of her reverie. "I don't know where, but I think we should find somewhere safe for tonight." She studied her map for an appropriate place, but Peri had said something that had unsettled her.

I'd rather not be trying to kill the invisible man with a six shot if its all the same to you....

She continued to look at her map, but asked Peri, "So you'd be willing to take part in all this killing then?" Her voice was quiet but clear.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Aug 3 2005, 09:14 PM
"I will be killing those who attack me if thats what you mean...Problem is finding out who is a friend and who is foe..Its going to be tough but its neccessary to kill some of them and could be worse most of them I wont know...We need to survive,Not I.We need to survive and if we need to kill to do so then we will well I will.Ive told you Ill Kill you just keep us breathing, a fair deal right? " he said before moving back towards his thoughts and running his tongue over his sharp teeth.

What she thought they were going to survive this by dancing around the bullets and hiding away? No but he would try and play safe as possible and help out those he could.He was going to play but on his terms not on the terms of their game.

Posted by: Swoosh Aug 3 2005, 09:38 PM
The answer wasn't unexpected, but it still unnerved Elise a little bit. Maybe the realness of the situation hadn't hit her yet, but killing people? As much as she appreciated violence, and enjoyed hurting those who were deserving of pain, killing seemed... so final. So unnecessary.

But she had been willing to kill Peri earlier. It was kill or be killed. She had to get that in her head.

"How do you suggest we go about finding out who's friend or foe? I mean, I thought you were pretty foe-like during our first encounter, what if we shoot someone who's innocent? Or worse, we trust someone who is playing the game?" Elise shuddered at the thought.

She thought about it. What would she do? Well, like before, she'd just try and shoot anyone who came near her. The less people that were with her, the more comfortable she'd be.

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Aug 3 2005, 09:45 PM
As stevan raised himself off the damp floor he flicked his cigarette into the clearing behind the bushes where he started this blood lusting game.

He could hear something in the distance, it was faint but he knew it was there. Maybe it was voices in his head? No it couldent of been, the pills sorted them out months ago.
Stevan lent over and swung his bag over his back and held onto it with his left hand, the other arm carried a fully loaded shotgun. He moved into the bushes slowly and his arm would be raised to move branches and leaves from his view using his new weapon.
The clearing looked inviting yet dangerous, especially the tower that was the main feature of the clearing.
Stevan waited a while and thought through his options.

Stay here and wait for this place to become a danger zone.
Walk futher into the bushes and get jumped by some scared kid with an uzi......Or go to the nearest shelter which could already be occupied by murderous school kids.

Either way there was a high chance of being attacked and possible death. The clearing it was then. Short silent steps would be taken untill his torso was exposed for all to see.
He held tightly to his spas 12 and as he aimed it into the grey sky he pulled the hard metal trigger back and let rip a shot into the evening air.

Stevan cringed with the deafening sound the gun made. He then waited a while for a response to the cracking gun shot. If anyone was stupid enough to brave the open land to see where the sound come from they would probally get a couple holes littering their bodies.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Aug 3 2005, 09:52 PM
"Everyone on this island has the potential to be a player to be guilty..evil whatever you want to call it and after we kill someone more likely I will but Im sure you will get youre own bodycount..After someone is dead they could be innocent or a player but the bullet kills indescriminatly.If it turns out that they were infact an innocent well then think of it like this if it soothes youre pain this game this place is a living hell..We freed them from it.Whatever the afterlife holds cant be much worse than this..We stopped them doing things they would regret and cry over for the rest of their lives.Good enough for you?" The sound in the distance sounded like a metallic exsplosion and it would be in the treeline aswell,he could make out someone? or was it a tree amongest the bushes.Whatever it was it wasnt to clear but there was surely someone out there.

Oncemore he would flick the magnum to the right those six shots checked with a small smile on his face as he would place both hands together one hand clutching the oak handle and one holding the hand.Supporting his hand.

"What do you think,girly? Innocent or Evil? Friend or foe?..Whatever it is they have a bigger gun than both of us" the hand cannon would move up and down the treeline in hope of seeing the target."One more gun couldnt hurt but the shot wasnt aimed at us..Maybe there are people fighting down there?" He mused without taking his eyes of the treeline.Constantly searching for the shooter.

Posted by: Swoosh Aug 3 2005, 10:04 PM
The explosion made Elise jump. She gripped her gun tightly and leapt up.

"I don't care what it is, let's just find it," she said, scanning the edges of the surroundings desperately. So the rustling she saw earlier was something then.

"What do we do, when we see the shooter?" Elise asked over her shoulder, still looking for the culprit. "Do we talk to them, shoot them, or just run?"

If there were people fighting, surely the plural had just been made single. There was no gunshot in retaliation. Maybe there was a dead body down there with the shooter. Elise winced at the thought. They had to find the shooter soon, or face a similar fate.

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Aug 3 2005, 10:12 PM
Stevan heard the desperate rambilings of a girl. What was he to do now? there were people where he had planned to camp. Make friends with them? possibility but what if there not the friendly type.

He crouched down low and watched the reactions in the lookout.
it didnt look good but what choice did he have? The girl didnt sound to healthy in the mind but she also sounded scared, maybe too scared to shoot let alone kill.
So this was it, His death? his salvation? only one way to find out.


The shotgun would again be cocked, a shell flew from its side and landed on the floor with a light thud, he rested the the long gun on his shoulder and looked out carefully for any mishappenings that could affect his future life.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Aug 3 2005, 10:24 PM
"You yell to him.. a girl sounds more friendly more weak vunerable,Make a feminist comment and I will hurt you.Bitch later not now,call him over..Tell him to toss his weapon away and walk towards us.He doesnt fire on us we wont fire on him.Thats the deal" He said as if concluding a small speech he had written on the inside of his head recently.Maybe while he had been staring out at the treeline and running his tongue over his teeth? Only he knew.

Was this really true he wouldnt kill whoever the other person was just because they tossed there weapon away? He had been truthful to his word with Elise but that could be because she never really registered in his mind as a threat to him not yet at least.Would it be the same with this male? The voice sounded to husky to be a girl and to add to that the weapon that had made the large sound did seem rather tempting.

He would slide down the wall inside of the lookout point,his back to the wall and he would be out of sight for now at least in case of things going bad.That weapon was held in his right hand while his left clutched his right hand still.He sat there holding his breath silently as the confrontation continued.

Posted by: Swoosh Aug 3 2005, 10:35 PM
Elise nodded. To be honest, she had never even thought about making a feminist comment, not at a time like this, but when it was mentioned, she did feel a small tinge of amusement that she was the one calling the shots. It was short lived, however, as she turned to face the caller.

"Put your weapon down and come over here!" Elise shouted, trying to remember what Peri had told her. She tried to make her voice sound as friendly as possible as not to provoke the caller into shooting them both. "You don't shoot us, we don't shoot you, OK?"

She couldn't see the guy very well, even with her glasses her vision wasn't impeccable, but just the fact that she was telling a strange guy to come over and join them made her feel uneasy. What if he killed them both? Or what if he ganged up with Peri and killed her? It wouldn't be the first time boys had teamed together against her... she had to hope history wouldn't repeat itself. She watched the boy through narrowed eyes to await his next move.

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Aug 3 2005, 10:41 PM
"Ok we dont shoot each other! they were my plans exactly lady" he called out to the lookout.
"OK, im coming out of the bushes now, very slowly. My guns in the air so dont be threatened by it, come out so i can see you"
He slowly took a couple steps out of the bushes and held his gun over his head.
Mhm...the girl seemed distressed by stevans suddan arrival, this was a good thought for him. Stevan was calm and maybe this gave him the upper hand unless shes hiding a secret weapon in there.
He swung his rucksack over his shoulder again simply for comfort and took a few long strides.
Now he was out in the open all bets were off for him.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Aug 3 2005, 10:46 PM
"Do as he says..Head out there acting nice and slow keep the gun trained on the centre of his chest though..Watch his hands,always watch his hands for a twitch or anything..anything that could give away his move" and then he was silent once again.His back pressed to the brick of the wall he was hiding behind and waiting.

How many seconds would it take for him to pop off and rip some bulletholes into the new person? Would Elise duck in time? So what if she didnt? More weapons for him and one less person to have to watch out for on this fucked up island of death.

The rain drizzle was starting again now in a thin showery mist,the roof above them would come to life with the sound of a couple raindrops splattering against the roof.Thank god for this shelter,maybe the sound of the nearby waterfall or the rain would cover his gunshots.

How could he have been so stupid? The gun whatever it was,was a big loud gun not only did they notice anyone in the area would have and come running.One person can be dealt with but three,four five could finish him off no problem. "Hurry it the fuck up"

Posted by: Swoosh Aug 3 2005, 10:58 PM
Elise widened her eyes. She had to go over to meet this guy now?? Could we say 'sacrificial lamb' much? Peri's advice made it seem like she was going to buy some milk, not going to meet a potential killer, armed and loaded. She gulped.

She had no choice. If she didn't go over there, he'd assume they were playing and shoot. If Peri went over, the boy would probably shoot him on sight, as it was her voice he heard. She steadied her gun, and turned to Peri.

"If you hear gunshots, get the hell out of here, yeah? And good luck with the rest of the game." She didn't think he needed telling, but he was a guy, she had to spell stuff out to him. Without waiting for him to reply, she walked off onto the open, spotting the boy as she did. Had he not been holding his gun over his head like he said, Elise would have put him down as a killer without a question. Her arm trembled slightly, but her voice remained firm.

"Put the gun on the floor. Slowly!" she added. "Then I'll come over."

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Aug 3 2005, 11:11 PM
stevan looked at his new 'friend'. Didnt look like much of a threat to him, apart from he handgun aiming at his chest.
"to be fair lady, I did put my weapon over my head just for you, now your aiming a gun into my rib cage and telling me to drop it, why dont you drop yours first and we can all be buddies?"
Stevan didnt want to sound cocky just reasonable, although he was pretty sure this wouldent work on a girl holding a gun.

Stevan grabbed the strap so to let the shot gun fall loose and dangle in the air infront of him. Nows theres no way he could be considered a real threat. Even if he did want to kill her he would have to take all that time and effort into grabbing his gun putting it in the right firing position and whatnot.

"So how about we do each other a favour and put both the guns down?"

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Aug 3 2005, 11:17 PM
What could he do? Fuck all except for sit and wait out and listen to the conversations floating from person to person.He simply hoped Elise would keep her bottle she seemed to be a little...twitchy? He was exspecting to hear her handgun exsplode into life and the shotgun in response.

Elise`s last couple of words before leaving him had barely been bothered to think about,he needed to be told to go on? What she was a hero now? Sacrifical lamb was a very good way of describing her.Bait was another useful phrase for where she was standing and why she was standing.He could pop her in the back and then him or more likely him and then her.

Whatever they chose to do they should do it soon as the rain was going to intensify but even in the drizzle you didnt want to be trampling around this island in wet clothes for god knows how long.Try and make youreself comfortable boys and girls were in for a long stay!

Posted by: Swoosh Aug 3 2005, 11:20 PM
"Look, I'm the one holding the gun to your chest, I'm the one in charge here, so how about not?" She hadn't meant it to sound snappy, she was just nervous and was in the position where she could potentially kill someone with the slip of a finger. It tended to make one snappy.

"I'm not going to shoot you unless you give me a reason to. Honestly. Please just put the gun down so I know I can trust you," she emplored him. How much longer was this going to be? No way was she going to put her weapon to the floor, she had let herself get into that position once, but no more. Her aim never wavered from his chest.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Aug 3 2005, 11:39 PM
Fingertips would be drumming silently on one of his knees as he sat there leaning and listening to the conversation the pace and weight of the rain upon the roof of the lookout point was getting heavier and heavier.Soon they would be wet and maybe soon one of them could be dead,while they stood there bickering someone could kill them both.Settle there diffrences or fight it out eitherway they needed to finish this and soon.The area around the lookout was good enough cover for more than one person,they could take them both out and then he would be left alone.Would that be such a bad thing?

He had been alone for a good period of time why should that stop now? Strength in youre self is what he always tried to keep in hsi mind to keep him alive and breathing and so far it had worked perfectly maybe not for some other people but they were all meaningless assholes.They deserved what they had gotten.

Maybe soon he would be able to find out about the kick to his hand cannon but for now it sat in his hand looking more like a toy.One of the cowboys guns he had played with as a kid,so smooth,so perfect and supposdly so deadly in the right hands but was it indeed in the right hands? He would show the answer soon enough.

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Aug 4 2005, 12:35 AM

Stevan snapped at the twitchy girl, he couldent bare this distust any longer, he had already put his own weapn practicly out of his general reach and she still wanted more. What happened to trusting a guy in need.
"Sorry about the shouting but im quite aggitated here, Im being pissed on, ive got a gun to my chest and im in a place where everyone wants to blow my brains all over the floor" The truth of the situation was told, maybe the girl would realise now and take a little trust in the poor freak.
"now im going to move very slowly towards the lookout, keep the gun on me all you like i just want to get out of the rain ok?"
Stevan slowly took short steps over the muddy ground towards the lookout, He flicked his wet hair out of his murky green eyes.

Posted by: Swoosh Aug 4 2005, 12:45 PM
It looked like she had no choice but to let him. She nodded slowly, and allowed him to walk past her, her gun now aimed at his back. She considered shouting to Peri to let him know that this boy was coming to where he was, but she decided against it. Let him find out for himself, Elise thought.

Now what would happen? Would Peri trust this guy as well? Or would they just shoot each other?

Elise wiped a strand of wet hair from her face and followed behind the boy's footsteps.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Aug 4 2005, 02:06 PM
What would he do? They needed to get out of the rain and the lookout seemed safe enough despite its armed occupants.The large grey clouds above would give off a loud roar as if warning the areas occupants of a oncoming storm the drizzle just a sign of things to conme.

Oncemore he would run his tongue over his sharp teeth as he would move to level his aim towards the small entrance to the lookoutpoint.Game time he thought silently to himself before the boy moved into the lookout,shotgun hanging in his hand.This disarmed stance was definetely not mirrored by him.

He had to lean back a little to aim that hand cannon at the head of the new guy "Drop the Gun,Fatboy ( Snatch quote ). Im not as friendly as my female counterpart so youd be smart to drop the gun..Youve got Shelter,If you really want you may even get a cigarette but you drop the gun or I Pull this trigger.This is no place for maybes" the hammer would be pulled back for emphasis with a satisfying metallic click.

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Aug 4 2005, 03:11 PM
Stevan stopped and his hands were instantly raised in the air when the new gun carrying boy came into view. he stared straight into his mis matched eyes.
"Fat boy?" Stevan looked down at his sleek figure. "the only things fat here are the guns were both carying".
This new boy seemed very familiar, like he could be trusted on first sight.

"Ok, you lower you gun and ill lower mine? at the same time buddy i dont know how you work!"
Stevans knee's would lower towards the new dry floor, All the while his eyes stayed on his new adversary.
The gun hanging from its dark green strap slowly hit the floor.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Aug 4 2005, 03:16 PM
"Somehow I dont think Ill drop my gun but luckily for you I dont think Ill shoot you ethier...Kick the gun over to the wall beside me.You want to play nice and friendly then kick it over with and we will see what we can do.Kick it" he said,he was the only one holding the weapon levelled at the boys face now.He wasnt about to drop his weapon especially a big weapon like that which at close range could easily make mince meat of his intestines in seconds.

The rain pattered away above them on the cheap roofing slowely intesifiying and the raindrows exsploding on it getting louder and louder second by second.Elise was going to get soaked unless she hurried up inside.On the bright side the rain would give people climbing upto the lookoutpoint a hard time,the mud would be a bitch to try and climb.Another turn of luck,Maybe for the first time in his life he could win things.

"Kick it now..Before you think of going for the gun,Ill make a shiney black hole between youre eyes and my female accomplice will put one through youre stomache.At best you take one of us out,the point is you loose unless you kick the boomstick over towards me" his hand stood steady enough and all the while he wore that calm smile on his lips and held that hand cannon steadily at head level with the new boy.

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Aug 4 2005, 04:10 PM
As the metal of the gun made a 'clanking' sound on the floor stevan let his body loose so to fall back against the wall, being a mirror image of his new 'friend' apart from the gun now.

The thoughts run through stevans head. What if these two were lovers and would do anything to protect one another? even kill a total stranger for love. Maybe they knew each other just aswell as they knew stevan, just going the bases that there chances of survival are greater with a partner to watch there back.

Stevan looked over to the new long haired kid while once again reaching into his pocket to find his beloved cancer. He would lightly hold the filter tip and slowly pull it from its cardboard casing.
As the cancer was laced between his pale lips the same quick flick of the wrist and thumb action would be made to open the metallic lid blossom the flames.
"So....ive dropped my gun but right now im up for some cancer, you want the gun? you get it its simple enough, what am i gonna do now singe you to death with my ciggy"
A small cocky grin would appear on his face as he cupped the flames on the zippo and brought it to the tobacco.
A quick flare would light it and smoked was quickly inhaled.

"smoke up?" Stevan said with his eyebrows raised as he offered the pack full of little white cancer to him. This is one way to make friends

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Aug 4 2005, 04:20 PM
"Ill Take one.." he said as he would lean over and with his free hand taking the top metallic piece of the weapon in his hand and pulling it over to him and dropping it beside him all the while his weapon would be aimed towards the newcomer.

"Elise!" he would yell out into the rainfilled ground that surrounded them on all sides.She had been taking a fair while to get here,no gunshots had been heard but there were such things as silencers aswell as knives.He would call her name again before he would hold out his palm towards the new boy for a cigarette.

She was taking along time to get in here,she would be soaked by now he just hoped that was all she was.Girls were bitches,Guys were Pricks.Pricks tended to make stupid moves and this game it might result with a blown off limb or even worse wounds.

Above them the clouds were gently crackle with yet another warning of the increasingly bad weather."Rain and Winds picking up,Poor girl is going to catch her death out there.." He said with a small smile at the Irony of it all.

Posted by: Swoosh Aug 4 2005, 04:29 PM
Elise had watched the confrontation from outside the shelter. She figured she'd be safer out there, for the time being anyway, as if any shots were fired, she'd be well away from the firing line.

However, once it appeared that the new boy's weapon was no longer a threat, she ventured into the shelter slowly, almost timidly, as if any sudden movements would cause shooting to commence. Her glasses her soaked with raindrops and her hair, once curly and bouncy lay flat and stuck to her face. She didn't wish to speak up, and instead just watched the two boys face off to each other, hoping it didn't end badly, with her gun still firmly in her hand.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Aug 4 2005, 04:52 PM
"You spent to much time out in the rain I guess Elise..Nothing like a cold shower to wake you up I guess.." he said as he would open and close that outstretched hand a couple of times as he motioned for a cigarette and a lighter to be placed in it.Yes he had his own cigarettes and his own lighter but the boy had offered and he would never turn down a free cigarette.

He was beginning to wish they had gone somewhere with a real roof not this crappy thing that was barely holding the rain out from them.He wished they had gone to the school or that house he had seen on the map,somewhere with real walls and real doors not this little hut on the top of a hill.The wind was whistling past the edges of the hut.

His eyes blinked occasionally and his aim would never faulter on this new person.Trust wasnt a thing he handed out easily,Elise hadnt manage to get that much of it yet so why should the new boy? One more thing for him to watch out for.One more person for him to watch out for."Either of you two have anything which we can burn in youre packs? We need Heat.."

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Aug 4 2005, 05:09 PM
Stevans hands were ran over his head, slicking his long black hair back. he took another long drag from the famous cigarette, The cherry flared up as smoke was inhaled into his blackened young lungs. A a long slow stream of toxic smoke was realised from his lips.

He turned his attions to the other long haired boy. He held out a cigarette towards the boy. "Im stevan or freak if it makes you feel better, are you going to tell me your name now?" the zippo lighter would be tossed into the chest of the boy.

He watched him with anticipation "are you going to keep aiming that thing at me after i offer you a cigarette? its not to friendly is it!"
facing the boy another drag would be taken, again the cherry flared, the cigarette taken out of his mouth between two fingers he would flick the ash on the floor between him and the boy and blow the grey cloud from his lips.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Aug 4 2005, 05:21 PM
"Well Im not a very friendly guy" he said as the magnum would be placed down by the shotgun on the side furthest away from the new boy,freak..steven..whatever he wanted to call himself.Some memories began sturring in his brain because of that name,he could just about remember some kid named steven but it was surely straining his memory to go that far back and the chances of it being the same kid were a hundred to one.

His cigarette would be slid between his lips and lit,the cherry flaring as he would inhale two lungfuls of the toxic nicotine filled gas yet again.Eyes closing as he would let words slip from his lips "He moves you shoot him,He breaths wrong you shoot him.Aim for between the shoulder blades.

"Peri..Names Peri,That would be Elise there.Kind of odd how were all british...Wonder if everyone here is british? Or just a shit piece of luck...Give me one good reason why I shouldnt shoot you now and then we can go back to playing nice and because thats not nice is not a reason.Give me my reason?" he said as he would release it slowely.He was contemplating killing another human being but he looked calm enough with his cigarette and the sound of the rain pitter pattering at the above roof.

Posted by: Swoosh Aug 4 2005, 05:23 PM
Ignoring Stevan's introduction, Elise once again reached for her rucksack to examine the contents. She was freezing and soaking wet from the rain, and a little heat would do her nicely as well.

Trying to ignore the abundance of smoke that was blowing around her- usually, she would have said or done, usually the latter, something to the smoker, but had decided now was not the time- she rooted through her bag.

"I haven't got anything, apart from this," she held out the handbook that each student got in their bags. She flicked through the pages, catching a few words here and there. In digust, she tossed it over to Peri.

"This is going to be no good to me, burn it if you want. I guess you guys have got one too?" She rubbed her arms to try and warm them up.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Aug 4 2005, 05:53 PM
He would shake nodd lightly as he began to search in his own pack,the booklet found he would toss to it Steven."Start ripping pages out,Ball them up then put them in the middle..Same with you Elise..We burn them and hopfully for a little while we can get some warmth.Ill join just as soon as *freak* gives us some reason to trust him..I Dont intend to let him leave gunpoint until we have something to trust him with..Strangers with firearms dont seem to come bearing gifts" He would have to give the boy some trust soon or put a bullet in him,it was a waste of time aiming at him.He would need to pick soon enough.

Outside of the lookout point everything was soaked so no hope in going for kindling,the hill would be a true bitch to get down from they would most likely end up sliding down on their ass.Nice,were the bags flammable? "Any ideas where were heading after this? And any thoughts on *Freak*?" he said motioning over to him with the barrel of his gun.They needed this sorted,They needed heat and they most of all they needed to get out of here.

He was the only dry one it seemed,his clothes were dry as was his hair.His tongue slid over his teeth yet again that silent habit of his,they could be snuck up on from the front only once but nobody was keeping watch..but for him to keep watch that would involve him turning his back on Steven and that could be his undoing.Cigarette dangling from his lips he clutched his weapon,each word he spoke caused it to point up before dropping back down.

Posted by: Lien Aug 4 2005, 06:20 PM
((Continued from:

In the brush on the lookout point was where Cillian ended up from the small house. And people were here too! So many little friends. All here at his party!

He tilted his head to get a better look at the group. Two boys and one girl. Three! Haddy wanted out again, his prescence pushing on the core of Cillian's psyche.

They want to see the present, take it out and show them. The blood, it's inside all of them. Don't make me put you into the dark again!

Cillian's whimper sounded out through the point, and for a moment he was clearly visible before he sprinted off away from the kids.

His appearance changed considerably since his time on the island. His military fashioned clothes had a new bright red color added to them, almost like a tie-dye fashion. Dry blood was crusting on his face, looking like sores growing upon his young unshaven chin. His hair, apart from the patch that was now missing, was tangled and mixed with leaves. The only thing that remained the same throughout this game were his eyes; the ice blue orbs that pierced into anyone's nerves, and his maniacal smile.

((Continued in:

Posted by: Swoosh Aug 4 2005, 06:30 PM
Elise knelt down on the floor and began to tear up the pieces of paper, absent mindedly reading them as she did. It was like reading a really good horror novel, and it was a while before Elise realised that the text was not a work of prose, but in fact instructions to keep her alive. She blinked, and shook her head.

Out of the corner of her eye, she thought she saw something, someone? She quickly turned her head, but the something was gone. Although not entirely satisfied, she continued to tear up pieces of paper.

So what would happen now? They'd build a fire, then what? They'd stay there and wait for someone else to find them and kill them? Maybe Stevan wouldn't let it get that far and just kill them both now, or maybe Peri would choose Stevan over her and the pair would kill them. She was still paranoid about the choices she had made. She began to rip the pages more violently.

"I think once we're all dried off, we should move. It's really not safe to stay here," Elise said, answering Peri's question, but her eyes were on the paper she was tearing. She chose to ignore the last question he asked, her weapon was next to her feet where she knelt, but she still didn't trust this new kid at all. There was something about him, like he had something that could change her whole game around.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Aug 4 2005, 06:39 PM
That whimper seemed to somehow navigate its way through the wind and indeed all through the point."Keep an Eye on him" he said as he would slowely rise to his feet,that magnum oncemore in his grasp as he would look down towards the brush.The only place that it could have come from, a fair slope on the otherside of the point and with this weather it would have been very hard to climb with the mud and so on.Fingers would readjust their grip on the weapon as he glanced over the brush,something..someone was out could have just been the wind that made that bush move or it could have been someone pushing by it? Who was sure..It was good enough for him to add a layer or two of paranioa ontop.

His tongue would move over those surprisingly sharp canines loitering upon them instead of any of his teeth,it could have been a dogs whimper..? a girls faint whimper? it just sounded..It didnt sound quite right but maybe trying to keep him Elise and now steven alive was taking its toll? No,Not this early in the game at least.

"There is someone out there...and yes youre right about moving,I think we have enough people in our group without acting friendly to anyone else..Shoot on sight.Innocent or not they drop and we dont...Where do you think we should go?..Freak deal is youre with us or youre against us..No Shame in biting the bullet at all.Get out of this fucked up game early.." eyes would be constantly running over the Brush,that sound had to come from somewhere."If we hurry we might make it to somewhere sheltered..Fuck the fire,the smoke will attract people.Pick a location and lets Move.." he said as his tongue slid from his mouth run over surprisingly dry lips.

Posted by: Swoosh Aug 4 2005, 06:53 PM
So it wasn't just her who thought there was something out there. Great, she wasn't going crazy then... but she was possibly in danger. She watched Peri go and and look outside, and reached for her own gun. Better to be safe than sorry, although she felt a little bad about the way they were treating Stevan.

"Don't do anything to make me use this," she said in what she tried to make as friendly as possible, as if she said that kind of thing everyday. "Try and find somewhere for us to go, ok? You should have a map in your bag..."

So this was it, they were going to work as a three, killing anything that was unfortunate enough to stray in their path. Elise wasn't entirely comfortable with that idea, and hoped nothing would. She didn't like the idea of mindless killing.

"See anyone?" she called back to Peri.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Aug 4 2005, 07:02 PM
"No..Not at all its hard to see if there is anyone out there since the wind is making everything sway around.Couldnt get a clear shot at anyone if I wanted to" he said the cigarette still bobbing up and down as he would speak.A Drag was stolen from his cancer stick as eyes narrowed,that whimper hung in his head.It was just so..diffrent? that was the best word for it.

"Give steven his shotgun,Give me youre gun..You take the six shot.Unless youd prefer to be responsible for shooting first of all? youd like to be the one who fires the first defining shots? You miss and whoever it is will be up here trying to get in..What do you say? Stevan dont fire till they are close.." they...was there more than one? Who knew? They werent even sure there was that one at the moment.

"Find somewhere near to go..We want to be making the first move,fight on our terms.Load the shotgun,Freak..You turn it on us and you will be in even more danger than we are now.Three heads are better than one,load the shotgun and get ready for it..."Yes he was assuming whoever had whimpered was still out there, maybe the whimper was just to lure them out to see who was it? Yes they were going to kill anyone who bumped into the three of them for now at least and he knew said she needed to kill,She needed to keep them alive he said he would kill.She could wander away from this game breathing but without any guilt and him..he would add to his personal demons and then if it came to the end of the game empty the contents of his cranium with the aid of his weapon.His gaze turned to Elise as he would hold out his weapon and his hand in the other."Yours has more rounds..and check for a spare magazine.Better to be safe than sorry"

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Aug 4 2005, 07:20 PM
Stevan looked at peri with a flare of anger in his eyes, why the suddan threatening? why did he have to give a reason not to die?
"I have no reason, you could shoot me in the back or i could shoot you its the rules of the game theres no getting around them" he said with a serious and defiant tone.

His cigarette which was held between his thin boney fingers was brought to his lips once more and another cluster of toxins was inhaled. The drag was savoured and enjoyed, the tickle it gave stevans lungs calmed everything, He closed his eyes while he savoured the sweet cancer.
A couple rings of heavanly smoke was blown towards peri before he would talk again.
"We just need a little hope in each others intentions to survive for at least a couple days out here and if not i'll be on my way?"

suggest we light a fire up here, im guessin there's a lot of cold trigger happy kids out there looAsh was flicked from his half a cigarette and another drag was taken before stevan reached into the side pocket of his bag.
"i have a couple of these if you want to use them i dont need them" stevan dropped on the floor four disposable lighters of different colours, they lay on the floor between him and peri. "But i dont think it would be a good idea to light a fire up here, im guessin theres alot of colg trigger happy kids out there looking for death and warmth"

Stevan took his boomstick back, it was already cocked and loaded.
He held it upwards hugging it to him self like it was a comfort blanket.
"Why after all this bitching at me would i try to turn against who seem to be my only allies.....Im ready for some fun out here but not at the expense of you peri"

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Aug 4 2005, 07:37 PM
"Because three guns are better than one only problem is all the spare ammo it would weigh you down..You sure that fully loaded? Ready to go...We need to find somewhere to go.Start a fire inside would be better..more warmth to be kept in and more things to burn instead of giving off smoke signals.." he said concluding his little speech they needed somewhere to go,the roof was giving in a little a few raindrops falling through now and then making silent exsplosions as it hit the concrete beneath their feet.

"Lots of reasons to kill and dont be a smartass.." he said as he would turn to the face the two of them scooping the lighters up and throwing them in his bag."We can use them to start a fire the fuel should do it but we need somewhere safe,something small..Fireplace would be ideal but nothing about this situation is ideal" One hand withdrew his cigarette from his lips and stamped it out of exsistence before moving to the metal collar around his necks and trailing fingertips over the sleek metal of the collar while the other hand held his weapon.

"We need to go,One of you get a map out and find somewhere that isnt a danger zone and that is nearby if possible..I just hope we dont bump into the Whimperer" he said before releasing a sigh and emptying the last of the smoke from his lungs as he turned to face back out of the lookoutpoint and into the murky surroundings.

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Aug 4 2005, 07:52 PM
Stevan took a drag from his cigarette and blew the grey fog from the side of his mouth. his mouthed open wide as a loud angry yawn was released. "Fuck sake, i hate fast moving" Stevan took out his map from his bag and carefully checked it "Well the best place thats not a danger zone would be the school? Its in the center of the island so we'll be sitting ducks but i still think thats our best bet"

Stevans death stick was caught between his fingers and harshly flicked over the side of the lookout.

((Continued in:

Posted by: Swoosh Aug 4 2005, 07:57 PM
She swapped her gun for Peri's without even questioning him, and gave Stevan back his gun. She wasn't entirely sure she was comfortable going out to hunt for the 'whimperer', after all, he could be anywhere, aiming at them right now. The very thought alone made a tingle go down Elise's back. This could be the last sight she ever saw, two boys walking outside, guns in their hands, and a gun in her own hand... She looked around, as if expecting to see someone with a gun pointing at her head behind her...

She had to stop thinking like that. For what seemed like the millionth time, she got out her map and scanned it for a safe area nearby.

Posted by: MismatchedEyes Aug 4 2005, 08:09 PM
"School...Sounds kinda shitty its too big and it would attract people theres a small house not far from here its enough for now we need to move.We can lock some doors or something,board up some windows.Maybe some real supply as the bread isnt upto ration standard and that is saying something.Ready everyone?.." he said as he would withdraw his map and find out where they were heading before he would slide his pack around one arm and over his shoulder,the green material hanging on his shoulder.They werent going hunting for the whimprer they were moving to somewhere more comfortable,more well protected.If the person had a gun they would soon find out.

Eyes closed a little as he stepped out of the gazebo cold raindrops hitting his pale face causing his hair to insantly cling to his features.A Few unsteady steps were taken on the muddy side of the hill.He would raise one hand for them to follow him.Colt raised infront of him he would slide a little down the hill before getting to the treeline and starting off into the brush.Scouting? Or maybe he didnt really want them to catch up with him? Eitherway he would be gone.

((Continued in:

Posted by: Swoosh Aug 4 2005, 08:37 PM
Watching Peri go, Elise shrugged and followed. The hill was muddy and walking down it was a challenge in itself; she kept slipping about, her arms waving wildly, her gun in her right hand.

She didn't know how safe the new location would be, but it had to be safer than here. Anywhere would be safer than here. She followed Peri, looking behind her only once to see if Stevan was doing the same.

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