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Posted by: Swoosh Nov 27 2005, 02:24 PM
"Here, I'll help you with those..."

Angharad looked up. A tall and extremely good looking boy was stood over her. She had just dropped her books in the corridor and was now the subject of much amusement by her peers. She wasn't easily embarrassed and so she had been laughing with everyone else, but now she was reaching out for all her books that had spread across the floor, slightly irritated that no one had bothered to help her pick them up. Angharad's jaw hung open slightly- not too obvious.

"I, uh- what?"

The boy smiled and crouched down, reaching for some of the books and handing them over to Angharad. She couldn't believe her eyes. Reese Thomas, one of the best looking guys in the year, was actually talking to her? Acknowlegding her existence? Angharad knew she was quite pretty compared to most of the girls in her school, but had never imagined in a million years that he would ever speak to her. Smiling back at him, she spoke coyly.

"Thanks. I'm-"

"I know who you are, Hari, you're one of the best rugby players in the school!" Reese was still smiling at her. Angharad blushed a little and looked down at the floor modestly. As if taking it as a cue, Reese pushed himself back to his feet.

"Come on, I'll help you get back on your feet again."


Angharad opened her eyes gingerly.

Where am I? Why am I on the floor? Wha-

She tried to move, lifting her head above the ground but pain shot out all over her body. She cried out softly and closed her eyes, resting her head back on the floor. What the hell was going on? Thoughts came flooding back to her. She was on an island full of killer kids... she had killed people herself... and Peri. Peri... She immediately felt anger and bitter resentment at the thought of him.

Fucker tried to kill me...

And so here she was- Angharad Davies, former hooker for the Mid Glamorgan rugby team lying crippled on the floor. She opened her eyes once more, blinking back tears of frustration. This was just too much. Why hadn't Peri finished her off? She at least would have had more dignity dead than alive.

But Reese... she needed to stay alive for him. She needed to be in his life, and vice versa. She couldn't give up now. She managed to struggle to a sitting position, although her stomach felt like it was on fire. Looking down, she saw her torso was sodden with her own blood. She needed to get patched up; at least something to stop the bleeding. She was about to try and push herself to her feet when she heard voices.

Someone was coming.

Posted by: Megami Nov 27 2005, 05:57 PM
((Continued from:

The door to the bathroom facility opened with a slight creak as Ryan pushed on it. As he took a step inside, he instantly noticed the body of a young girl lying on the floor. Is she... dead? Propping his left arm against the door frame to block Cassie from entering, he glanced at the body again. She appeared to be the only thing here.

Eyeing the rest of the facility carefully, he searched as thoroughly as he could with his eyes, hoping that her killer or... perhaps her intended killer... had long since fled the area. His gaze dropped back to the girl on the ground. She appeared to be breathing. So, she was not dead. Should I... help her? Silently, Ryan contemplated the answer to his question. Somehow, he knew he could not just leave her there.

Finally dropping his arm from the doorframe which it had barred shut, he took the knife from his right hand and slid it into his back pocket. Slowly, he made his way over to the girl lying on the ground. Unsure of what to say, Ryan tried to formulate a sentence in his mind. Asking her if she was okay seemed to be a pointless question at present.

"What happened?" he inquired as he kneeled down near the girl.

You idiot. It could just be an act. She could lunge for you and try to take your knife. Prepare yourself for it. Not everyone here is like Cassie. Most of them are completely insane. If you're worried about sticking your neck out for Cassie, then what the HELL are you doing considering tending to this girl's wounds? Kill her. Finish her off. Now. It's one less person that you have to worry about!

He braced himself, just in case the girl did try to attack him. He could not really finish her off, could he? Just what the hell was going on with him, anyway? He should not be thinking about killing off this girl. He tried to shake the violent thoughts from his mind again. I guess it's just primal instinct. In the end, it's what I'll have to do to live. But... I don't have to do it now. And I'm not going to.

Posted by: Swoosh Nov 27 2005, 10:47 PM
Cassie tried to glance around Ryan's arm. What was there? Was there... a body? Had someone died here? She gripped her baton tightly, looking nervously around. If someone had died here, their killer might not be far off. She bounced on the soles of her feet but to no avail, and was just starting to get frustrated when Ryan moved forward. Cautiously, she did the same, and gasped softly at what she saw.

A girl was lying on the floor covered in blood. Cassie winced as she moved to Ryan's side, slightly behind him out of fear more than anything else. She looked at the girl closely; it did not seem to be anyone she recognised, but she still felt sorry for the girl nonetheless, she seemed to have had a rough time.


Angharad looked up blearily to see a boy kneeling down above her.

Oh great. Another one.

Was this it for her? This boy was going to finish her off now. She braced herself for his impact, only to be met with sympathy. She blinked a couple of times to make sure she wasn't still unconscious, but no, it would appear that the boy was genuinely offering her help.

...oh great. Another one.

Another one to manipulate. To end up like Andrew. She smiled as meekly as she could muster as she looked up at the boy, propping herself up on her elbows as she spoke.

"It was this guy Peri, he tried to kill me. Looks like he got pretty close, huh?" She coughed weakly for emphasis.

Another girl appeared at the boy's shoulder. Angharad's inward smile faded fast. This boy would be no fun to use if there was a girl as well; Xian had pretty much proven that point. If she was going to do anything with these two, she had to get rid of them. The girl didn't look like much, and what was that in her hand? A baton? Angharad resisted the urge to snort at that one. The girl was no threat at all.

Looking back at the boy, she smiled brightly. The effect it gave off- what with her grubby, bloody face- was that she was quite deranged. She had to ignore the pain she was feeling if she wanted to survive.

"It's just too bad, you know?" she said, still smiling inanely. "Now I guess I have to kill you as well."

Lunging forward, she reached up for the boy's face, ignoring the agonising pain she felt. She had to get creative now that she was once again weaponless, and the boy's eyes had been the first thing that had come to her mind.

Posted by: Megami Nov 28 2005, 04:59 AM
As the girl lunged toward him, Ryan fell backward in surprise. Her fingernails had probably been meant to gouge his eyes out. Instead, they scraped down his cheek, narrowly missing his eyes but leaving a bloody gash down the length of his cheek instead. Not to mention, she had knocked off his glasses. He was not blind without them, but being as he did not have his contacts in, he needed them. He grabbed them and rolled out of the way, awkwardly.

What the hell's wrong with this girl? I was going to help her, bandage her up, and now she's trying to KILL me? Everyone here really has lost their minds.

Ryan managed to stagger to his feet, albeit not very gracefully. Now was his chance. He moved to grab the knife from his back pocket, but felt himself faltering. He looked down at the girl, who had to have been writhing in pain, and he could not bring himself to use his weapon and end her life. Instead, he figured it best that they get out of there, and quickly. Ryan hastily raised his foot up, aiming it at the back of the girl lying on the floor, hoping he could kick her hard enough to at least knock the air out of her.

Posted by: Swoosh Nov 28 2005, 05:54 PM

Crying out in pain as Ryan's shoe made contact with her already bullet ridden stomach, Angharad flopped back down to the floor, clutching her stomach painfully. Feeling desperately pathetic, she closed her eyes once again.


That was it. She had done everything she could. She would be insane if the boy didn't kill her now.

Cassie screamed as the girl tried to grab Ryan's face, backing away. She wasn't expecting the girl to be an angel but she certainly hadn't been expecting the girl to attack Ryan, especially when he was trying to help. Seeing that she was more or less quietened down thanks to Ryan's kick, she stepped forward tentatively.

"Are you... are you gonna kill her?"

Posted by: Megami Nov 28 2005, 07:25 PM
"Are you... are you gonna kill her?"

Cassie's words rang through his head as he gradually reached into his back pocket and removed the knife that he had not been able to use once before. The blade glistened lightly as Ryan studied the knife meticulously. Now was his chance. She was down, she was writhing in pain, and she was completely defenseless.

Kill her. She tried to hurt you... tried to kill you. An eye for an eye, that's the way it has to be. End her life, right now. Trash like that, she doesn't deserve to live. You need to go home much more than her. What could she possibly have back home that's more important than what you have? You're above these people, girls like her. They're just an obstacle standing in between you and victory.

Slowly stalking toward the girl, knife in hand, Ryan invisioned what he was about to do in his mind. If he slit her throat, it would be a quick death. She would not suffer much. At least, it was better than her being in what could only be agonizing pain from the bullet wounds. Then again, this girl did not deserve a quick death. She had tried to kill him. She deserved to pay.

End it, Ryan. End it slow. Let her die slowly. She deserves it. You think she would have shown you any sort of mercy? If she would have gotten ahold of your knife, she would have slit your throat in an instant. Or worse. She might have carved you and Cassie up like a Thanksgiving turkey. If you leave her alive, she'll just try to kill someone else, she's lost her mind.

The blade of the bowie knife shined menacingly as Ryan approached the girl. He had the ability to take her life, here and now. With one slash, her life would be over, and Ryan would officially be like everyone else on this island... a murderer.

She could have killed you. She could have killed Cassie. You don't know that she's unarmed, you idiot. If you walk out that door, there's a good possibility that she might shoot you and Cassie both in the back. Is that what you want, Ryan? You're the one who paired up with this girl. Do you think she can defend herself with that useless weapon she got? You're supposed to be the one to protect her. You can't protect her. You can't protect anyone. You can't even protect yourself.

Lowering the knife to his side, he closed his eyes and shook his head. As he looked down at the girl, a feeling of remorse hit him. She looked so desperate, so heavy-hearted. He could not end her life, he could not bring himself to. Without so much as a word, he turned and walked toward the door of the bathroom facility. Pushing it open, he stepped outside and leaned against the wall of the building. Closing his eyes, he turned his head upward, toward the sky.

God in Heaven, what am I supposed to do? I can't bring myself to do this. I can't revert to nothing more than primal instinct. I have too much to live for. So much I wanted to do with my life. I don't understand. How could you let something like this happen to us? All of us... They weren't like this once. They weren't all cold-blooded killers.

Blood trickled down Ryan's cheek from where the girl had cut him with her fingernails. Perhaps God was watching out for him, after all. Had he moved half a second later, he probably would have gotten an eye put out. Then again, perhaps he had nothing more than quick reflexes to thank for his eye still being in tact. That girl back there... someone had shot her in cold blood. She was so desperate to survive that she had tried to fend them off, simply because they were in the area. Was that it?

"What am I supposed to do, huh?" Ryan inquired quietly, looking toward the sky. "Every Sunday in church, they preached about how you'd help us through our tough times, carry us through when the going got tough. Well, where the fuck are you now, huh? If you're really up there, if you're this omnipotent being that they always preached about, then what the hell are you doing letting something like this happen?! These people are DYING and nobody is doing anything to stop it! We're supposed to be your CHILDREN! You're letting them slaughter us like animals!"

His tone had gradually increased, and now he was shouting. Before he knew what he was doing, his fist came into contact with the exterior wall of the bathroom facility. His fist recoiled from the wall, and a searing pain shot through it. All the pent-up frustration from this game had exploded, and now Ryan was shaking in anger.

Faith... what fucking faith? What the hell, huh Mom? Go to church, be a good Christian. God protects his children. He loves all of his children. Bullshit! There is no God. If there were, he wouldn't let things like this happen. It makes me sick. He's there for idle worshipping, but where the hell is he when we need him? He's nowhere to be found, THAT'S where he is. I'm going to die here. Everyone here is going to die. There's only going to be one survivor. Where the hell's that powerful government of ours? Are they scared of a few terrorists? They've jumped head-first into everything else they've done, so where the hell are they now?!

Still shaking from frustration, he looked around, wondering if he had drawn any attention to himself by the burst of shouting that had just erupted from his mouth. Angharad Davies, the girl whose name he would never know, had single-handedly shown him the true essence of this game. It really was kill or be killed. In a time when she was in pain, near death, she was so scared for her own life that she was willing to take that of anyone who came around her.

He could have helped her. Obviously, he had never had to bandage any type of gunshot wounds before, since his mother's clinic was just a walk-in, but he had seen some pretty nasty accidents. He knew how to wrap bandages. Unfortunately, Angharad did not want his help. She wanted his life. Ryan shook his head lightly. It was the girl's own fault. Eventually, someone would come along to do what he could not. Someone else would take her life.

If that was the way it had to be, then let someone else do it. Ryan had no blood on his hands yet, and he was in no hurry to get any there. Why am I worried about it? Maybe there is no God, no Devil, no Hell, no Heaven... no nothing. I guess I'll find out... maybe sooner rather than later.

Posted by: Swoosh Nov 29 2005, 02:18 PM
Cassie watched with round eyes as Ryan left the bathroom. He hadn't been able to do it. He hadn't been able to kill the girl. But far from feeling angry at him, she empathised with his plight. If she had been stood there, if she had had the knife in her hand, if she had been there- she was fairly certain she wouldn't have been able to deliver the fatal blow either. She went to say something to him as he moved past her, but no words came.

She looked over at the girl, still on the floor, a defeated smile on her bloody face. Cassie didn't recognise the girl as being from Barry Coleson, but there were a few names that had been called out that she hadn't recognised. Nonetheless, Cassie was still slightly dumbfounded that a girl was playing; perhaps she was a little sexist- especially seeing how Cassie had heard about girls being murderers in the announcements- but it was still something of a shock to her. Walking over cautiously, she found herself standing over the girl. Cassie was fairly certain Angharad wouldn't try anything, what with her previous attack being a failure, and besides, she looked exhausted. Regardless, she kept her baton gripped tightly in her hand, just in case.

Angharad watched Ryan walk off in frustration with an amused look on her face. Can't finish me off, huh? As Cassie stood over her, she showed her amusement more openly by grinning widely. She was in agony, feeling dizzy from blood loss and exhausted, but she soldiered on regardless. Talking seemed like such an effort, like trying to pry open a bear trap, but Angharad managed to mumble quietly.

"Y-you wanna find yourself a new man... that one won't last long... you need to kill to survive in this g-game. I speak from experience." She found herself laughing huskily which soon developed into a cough. How old did she sound? Imparting valuable advice to a new generation... "Are you going t-to finish me off then?"

Above her, Cassie glared down at her with a mixture of revulsion and pity.

"No, I'm not. I'm not going to kill anyone in this game unless I have to. I don't need to. None of us do." Cassie glanced at her blood spattered face, to her bullet ridden stomach. All in all, this girl was a mess. "Why are you playing? Why are you ruthlessly taking lives like thi-"

"What should I say? I want to win so I can go back home. To be happy again, to be with my boyfriend again." Angharad decided not to dwell too much on Reese. "To have my life back. I'm dead here, and I need to revive myself- and the only way I know how is to win this thing. And to win this thing... you have to kill. You just have to. Everyone here knows that, except you and him."

Cassie looked at her and was about to speak again when Angharad interrupted her harshly.

"And while we're at it, there's no 'we' in this game. There's only room for one winner. You know it. So you can drop the fantasy that you and your boyfriend over there are gonna go home together, cause you're not."

There was silence as the two girls looked at each other. It was Cassie who spoke up first.

"But will it be you that goes back home?" At Angharad's quizzical expression, Cassie carried on. "Will you still be the same after all of this, knowing you've willingly taken lives? Will you still be the same person you were before you came here? Will... will your boyfriend still love you, knowing you're a murderer? The girl he knew will be nothing but a hollow shell."

Angharad stared blankly, absorbing the girl's words. Reese... he'll still love me, I'm his girl always, I'm his murderer... but who could love someone who's done what I've done? What am I doing? Reese?...

Taking advantage of Angharad's confusion, Cassie turned away to walk out of the door. With one last glance at the girl, she closed the door behind her. Ryan was still outside, and Cassie walked over to him, putting a hand on his shoulder gently.

"Are you OK?" she asked quietly.

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Posted by: Megami Dec 1 2005, 04:35 AM
As the hand dropped down on his shoulder, Ryan spun around slightly, hoping that this newcomer was Cassie and not the girl he had left for dead inside the facility. Am I okay? What kind of stupid question is that?! Forcing a smile, Ryan nodded affirmatively.

"It's just this whole damned thing, ya know? It's all... so fucked up. I don't get it... I don't know why this is happening. I feel guilty, because part of me wanted to kill that girl. If she were dead, we'd be one step closer to getting the hell out of here."

One step closer, huh Ryan? That's what these people are equivalent to now. They're steps. The bodies are steps. The only way to climb up the ladder and out of this hellhole is to make sure that you've done in as many people as you can. It's the only way to get home. So... why the hell aren't you doing it? You could go back in there right now and end her life, you coward. You're weak. Pathetic. Useless.

After a moment, he leaned against the cold wall of the building, propping himself up on the soles of his shoes. His eyes once again cast down toward the ground. He was so unused to having people there, to having to express any sort of emotion aloud. Shrugging off all the thoughts, Ryan's eyes moved back to his new companion.

"So... what now?"

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Posted by: Swoosh Dec 1 2005, 08:30 PM
Cassie nodded silently as Ryan spoke, biting her lip slightly.

Don't think of our classmates like that, Ryan. They're not obstacles in our way to freedom, they're people. They're our friends. We can't just take their lives as if they don't matter to us! How can you think about killing as if... as if it's a game?

Then again, maybe you're right. In fact, I know you're right. I'm just refusing to accept the truth. We have to kill each other to survive. Danya said it, that girl said it, and I know you know it too, Ryan. So why am I the one with my head in the sand? Why can't I accept that, being in this game, it's kill or be killed? Am I that eager to die?

Cassie hadn't been the same since the car accident. Her near brush with death had made her more thankful to be alive- it had made her appreciate the importantce of her life. After all, it's the most valuable thing I own... She had been more outgoing, done things she had been too cautious to do before; she tried her best to live her life to the full. She didn't consider herself a particularly religious person, but since she had woken up from her coma she had felt her life was a gift... more than that, it was sacred.

And now here she was, being forced to kill others. Life was too precious to just disregard like others on the island were, but at the same time Cassie didn't want to die at the hands of one of those kids. It really was like she was backed up against a wall, and she knew it.

But Ryan... he's willing to play, even if he can't bring himself to do it. He has the right ideas...

Maybe she could just let Ryan do all the killing... it was a horrible thought but in a situation like Ryan had found himself in, Cassie would never imagine herself actually killing anyone, even in a life threatening situation. Life was too precious for her to just take it away.

Realising she had been quiet for a long time, she looked at Ryan quickly and forced herself to smile.

"Uh- I definitely think we should get out of here, especially cause of her." she jerked her head at the bathroom door. "Once you're ready, d'ya wanna move?"

Posted by: Megami Dec 3 2005, 05:52 AM
Nodding his head lightly, Ryan once again retrieved his map from his daypack. He studied it carefully, reviewing all the locations he had previously viewed. Where to now, Ryan? You knew coming to the bathrooms was a bad idea, it's a building, of course it's going to be occupied. This shouldn't be my decision anyway. I mean... yeah, it should, this is my life too, but... gah.

After a minute, he shook his head, still staring almost dumbfoundedly at the map. Every place. Every single place on there almost ensured their deaths. There was nowhere safe. No safe haven for them to barricade themselves into until this chaotic reign of terror had ended. Anywhere they went, they would have to fight, and Ryan simply could not do it. It was not in him. Coward. Weak, pathetic coward. You're worthless. She'll die because of you, because you couldn't save her. Couldn't even save yourself. You'll be lying helpless soon, just like that girl.

Pushing his glasses up on his nose slightly, he cracked an almost fake grin at Cassie. She'll die too. You can't protect her. Ryan scowled slightly, his grin turning into somewhat of a frown. He had always been somewhat of a pessimist, but this island was bringing out the worst in him, and quickly.

"Any suggestions?" he inquired.

Even though her last suggestion almost resulted in my eyes being gouged out over a god damned bowie knife...

Posted by: Swoosh Dec 3 2005, 05:16 PM
"Well, seeing as my last suggestion ended pretty badly, how about you decide?" she asked lightly. "You are the clever one, after all..."

Not that she hadn't formed ideas of her own, but now more than ever, she was even more willing to let Ryan take charge. He was smarter than her, he could probably find safer locations, he was stronger than her.

And I couldn't bear the responsibility again.

Choosing to come to the bathrooms had been a rather offhand decision on her behalf. She had assumed there would be no one here and hadn't given any thought to what the consequences would be should there indeed be someone there, like there had been. She hadn't thought about what would happen, she hadn't planned it properly. She had just rushed into a decision.

If Ryan had died... if that girl had killed him, it would have been entirely my fault. It would have been my responsibility. And I don't want to have to go through that again. I don't want one wrong decision to haunt me for the rest of my life, however short it may be... I don't want to have to be the leader. Ryan can do that.

Shaking herself out of her thoughts, she looked at Ryan, hoping none of her thoughts and worries had been conveyed on her face.

Posted by: Megami Dec 9 2005, 09:01 PM
Nodding slowly, Ryan once again gazed over the map, debating upon a suitable location. After the incident that had unfolded in this place, he had become rather wary of any building on the island. They were sure to all be occupied by now, and considering the amount of time that the Barry Coleson kids alone had been on the island, he was sure pretty much everyone had lost all sanity by now.

This has been the longest week of my life... and unfortunately, it may very well be the last week of my life as well...

Looking up at Cassie, he grimaced slightly. Unsure if she was aware that she was conveying a quite worried and forelorn expression on her face, Ryan decided to say nothing. Instead, he grinned nonchalantly, then glanced back down at the map one more time.

So what the hell do we do now?

Running his hand through his hair nervously, he continued to glare at the piece of paper in front of him, half expecting a location to just jump out at him. Finally, Ryan shrugged and placed the map in his back pocket, then retrieved the bowie knife he had tucked away. Nodding lightly, he cleared his throat.

"Let's go, Cass..." he mumbled quietly.

He silently hoped she would not ask where they were going. The fact was, Ryan had no idea. Anywhere was better than here. Either way, he had to be prepared for anything, regardless of where they went. The fact of the matter was that danger lurked everywhere on this island. Nowhere was completely safe, and it was just a matter of time before they would encounter another person like the girl who had tried to gouge out his eyes. Despite that, Ryan forced a smile and headed off into the unknown.

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Posted by: Swoosh Dec 9 2005, 10:05 PM
Cassie eyed the bowie knife in his hand pensively and nodded herself.

"Sure", she said slowly, walking slightly behind him.

I have to let him be the leader. I have to put my life in his hands. There's no way I can do this, any of it, and there's no other way.

We just have to hope we don't run into anyone.

But there it was, that word. Hope. The one thing she clung so desperately onto, and the one thing she didn't have. Not while she was on this island. She walked off, her head bowed low.

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Posted by: Bloody_Fists Dec 11 2005, 05:39 PM
((Continued from:

Vince arrived at the bathroom, facility, where there group first started out. He still was helping xian walk. As he got to the door of the building. He barged into it, and in a somehwat lazy stance, he stood as he looked across the tiles. he stared with disbelief and confusion. "Angharad?" He shouted out.

Posted by: Swoosh Dec 11 2005, 07:01 PM
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And also, you might wanna try reading the FAQ-

You can't just kill anyone. To kill someone, first of all, you'll have to take note of whether or not their name is on the list of kills for that day. If their name is, then contact that person via PM, or on the "RP Discussion" board (although I suggest PMing them). If they give the okay, then you may kill them.

I never gave you anything resembling permission to kill Angharad.))

Posted by: Kaishi Dec 11 2005, 10:22 PM
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Xian didn't know why she had wanted to go back to the Facility. Maybe it was womanly instincts, or something, she wasn't too sure. She let Vince lead the way, allowing him to push through the door.

"Wow, Angharad." The place was a mess... "You got your just desserts tenfold, didn't you?" She stepped away from Vince, wincing slightly. "That's what you get for lying to us." The girl was hurt and oh so vulnerable, a bad combination for her, and a delicious one for Xian. "Vince, I think I have an idea for little Annie..."

Posted by: Swoosh Dec 11 2005, 10:51 PM
The door had clicked shut with a morbid click. Not that the door closing was a particularly horrible sound, but it just matched with the current patterns in Angharad brain. It had finally clicked what Cassie had meant.

She had been right. Cassie had been right with what she had said. The girl she had been before she'd arrived on the island would never have killed people, no matter what the cost. She thought about her life before. What would her parents say when they realised their darling daughter was a killer? Had they raised her that way? All her friends at school would be horrified to have known such a person. And Reese... she was no longer the girl that Reese loved. Would he still have accepted her if she went back home?

It was if everything was crashing down around her.

"R-reese?" she whispered, for the first time tears of sorrow were streaming down her face, making a clean path on her dirty face.

The door opened with a loud crash and brought Angharad out of her reverie. She looked up blearily to see Vince and Xian, her former allies were standing above her, a look of cruel malice on Xian's face.

"Oh, shit..." she closed her eyes and looked away from the pair; unable to move to escape and no weapon to defend herself with, her time left was undoubtedly limited. Her total abandonment of the pair before had not only resulted in Andrew's death but also, from the looks of things, severe injuries to Vince and Xian as well.

Opening her eyes, but still determindley looking away from the pair, she spoke out, her teeth gritted.

"C-cer i'r...diawl!" she said, her voice shaking, a mixture of sadness and anger.

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Dec 13 2005, 12:32 AM
Vince looked strangely at the girl when she spoke her last words. and who was reese? As xian spoke a slight smile appeared on his face with a hint of vengence in it.
"We all have plans but you cant exaclty kill her...can you?"
Vince looked at xian, his smile disappeared as soon as he realised what he was thinking, yes he was thinking of killing her too but did he have the balls to take a life from someone.

Posted by: Kaishi Dec 17 2005, 07:19 PM
"Can't exactly," Xian talked on as if the other girl wasn't even there. "I don't really have much of a plan." She held her corkscrew in a closed fist like a fighter in a bar. The point stuck straight out between her fingers, more than ready to be used on Xian's victim.

"Vince, could you...?" She stopped mid-sentence, not sure how to put her next words without seeming too messed up in the head. "Um, could you go outside of the Facility and shout out if you hear, or see anyone coming?" It was insanity to stand outside without a better weapon, even Xian knew that. Hopefully, Vince was still under her spell and willing to do whatever she said.

"Don't come in until after I tell you to, okay? Me and Angharad are going to be having a long talk about all of this. Alone."

Posted by: Swoosh Dec 20 2005, 09:43 PM
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So they were going to be alone together? Angharad, her face still turned stubbornly away, snorted at that one, and instantly regretted it as pain shot through her stomach angrily.

She knew Xian would kill her. All of this stuff she was saying to Vince was just to pre-occupy him. She'll probably kill you too...

Had she been in Xian's shoes just moments ago, she wouldn't have hestitated to kill. But now... now she wasn't sure of anything.

I guess that won't matter, seeing as I'll die soon...

She studied all the things she could see. Her view from the floor was anything but satisfying, but these may well be the last things she could ever see- a couple of pipes, some moudly tiles... frustrated, she finally turned her head back to the other two.

"Yeah... g-go, Vince," she managed to mumble. "Don't s-stick around on my account..."

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Dec 23 2005, 09:45 PM
Vince looked worried, his expression changed from when he first saw angharad laying there alone and riddled with bullets.
He listened to xians words and thought about it for a moment.
He knew it wasnt the greatest idea going out alone but he didnt want to disrespect xian, she had helped him out so far, for pretty much all of his time on the island.

"Sure, ill wait but if i hear the slightest thing out of place im going straight back." he said as he looked at angharad with a slightly 'sorry' look appearing over his chizzled features before quickly turning to xian and letting a small smile grace his face.

He knew what was going to happen but he couldent bring himself to think about it. At one point it was his main aim but she her just lie there in agony made him think differently, but all that didnt matter, he was doing it for xian.

He slowly stumbled his way out of the facility and closed the creaky door behind him with a thud.

Posted by: Kaishi Dec 29 2005, 11:30 PM
Xian dropped down to her knees, smiling innocently. "Oh, Angharad. Do you have any idea what will happen to you today?" She played with Angharad's hair, acting as if they had been bestfriends ever since second grade. Danya's latest, and seemingly, loudest announcement boomed on outside. She ignored it. If the place became a dangerzone, then Vince would alert her. No need to worry just yet.

"We're going to play a fun game. It's called Innocence Destroyer. You know how to play?" Xian giggled at the title, and ran the corkscrew over Angharad's face. If she was right about her thoughts, then Angharad wouldn't have any strength to fight back. "If you don't, then you'll enjoy it, I promise." She idly cut into Angharad's face, making part of an X. "Teehee, whoops. I'm so nervous..."

Posted by: Swoosh Dec 30 2005, 01:20 AM
Angharad cried out in agony as the corkscrew pierced her skin. The pain was pretty tame compared to some of the stuff she had been through but it still stung like a bitch. She made to struggle, to get away, to lash out, anything... but she was too tired. She was fed up. Besides, there was no point. If Xian didn't have her way then there was no way Vince would give her a 'get out of jail free' card.

Is this how it's meant to be? Is this my redemption?

The blood running down her face, Angharad let out a wail of distress and turned away from Xian, breathing heavily.

"Is this fun for you, Xian?" she muttered. "Are you enjoying this? I know I'm one to talk, but at least I wasn't a sadist..."

Posted by: Kaishi Dec 30 2005, 05:05 AM
"Fun?" She untied her sarong like an assaulter unzipping his pants. "This might be fun. I'm not going to decide that for you. You've gotta see for yourself, sweetie." Xian straddled Angharad, and leaned over to admire the damage. So close. So red. So...vulnerable. "No flinching now, or I'll have to cut you again. We don't want that, now, do we?"

She stretched out Angharad's arms so that they were crossed over her head. As she held Angharad's wrists, she started to lick up the cut on her pretty little face. Tentatively at first, since the taste of someone else's blood was new. It was kind of like sucking on a penny. Very coppery, not all that satisfying, edging on nasty. But, unlike a penny, there was just something in the taste of blood that called people to it. The added effect of someone in pain? No.

That wasn't it. It was the mingling of your saliva and their blood. You bonded with someone when you sucked out their red. Now I see why vampires are so horny.

"Mmm, Angharad." Xian moaned into the Welsh speaker's wound. "Ever had your boyfriends do something like to you? This sure is erotic."

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Dec 30 2005, 09:27 PM
Vince could hear mumbling in the facility but it was too muffled for him to make out. He just sat there and waited. Looking occasionly around the area to see if captain uzi had returned to finish off the job.

He was sitting down with his injured leg sprawled out. He was somewhat fasinated by his bullet wound, though it hurt like fuck he still felt the need to stare at it and gently ptrodding it. It was the best thing to do since everytime he touched it, it concluded with him being in even more pain.

His thoughts went back to xian and angharad. What were they doing in there? how long would it take? which one would be the one to walk through that door and be greeted by vince? The possibilities ran throguh vinces head.

To be honest he wanted xian to survive this whole thing, It was her who gave him hope and helped him along, not betray him and leave him to die like angharad had done.

Posted by: Swoosh Jan 8 2006, 06:33 PM
Angharad closed her eyes tightly. No way was she going to give Xian the satisfaction of seeing her discomfort. Letting herself become limp, she allowed Xian to move her arms without any struggling. If she didn't struggle, perhaps she could escape this with her life in tact... someone would come... someone would find them.

But hadn't she told Cassie not moments ago? How no one would come for her. No one would help, because on this island it was every person for themselves. No one would come and save Angharad now. She had to save herself.

What was left of her to save? She had murdered people, she had used people to for her own advantage. Why did someone like her deserve to even live? She didn't need to ask herself. As she left Xian's tongue on her cheek, she opened her eyes, fresh with renewed vigour.

Why had she been so quick to assume that this was the end?

"Come on, I'll help you get back on your feet again."

"Ever had your boyfriends do something like to you? This sure is erotic." Xian spoke up in an almost cheerful tone as Angharad glared at her.

It's not over until it's over. I'm not going to give up yet.

"M-my boyfriend would never do something s-so vile," she managed to say. Xian's face was inches away from hers and she wanted nothing better than to scratch her eyes out. "Now get off me, b-before I do something we both regret..." They were big words, considering Angharad looked like Swiss cheese with all the bulletholes, she was exhausted both physically and mentally, and Xian was on top of her with a corkscrew, but she had to say something.

((Voila, my really sucky post, but I had to post SOMETHING to stop you to from becoming frozen.))

Posted by: Kaishi Jan 14 2006, 03:30 AM
"Before I do something we both regret," Xian found herself playing that annoying copycat game again. "Hon', there's nothing that you can do." The quirky adjective hadn't been in her vocabulary a week ago. Funny what six days in hell could do to you. Laughing through her lightly reddened teeth, she readjusted herself so that her lips would be hovering above Angharad's. A light stream of Xian's breath escaped her mouth to tease the other girl. Do you want this, just a little bit, Angharad?

She hoped so. But, if not, then well. . .

She'd make her.

Xian drove her tongue into Angharad's mouth, not caring about any bruises it might've caused. Innocent in body, she had never tried something like kissing before. It showed through her novice way of exploring Angharad's mouth. The roof, the varied teeth, the hot breath, and then, her wet tongue. When she had discovered that for herself, the forceful kiss became much more sloppy.

Whimpering slightly, she pulled away for air. Darn the limitations of the human lungs. Seemingly satisfied with her first, she decided to steal another, ignoring any signs of protest from the blonde. Taking her sweet, wonderful time, she began to travel down to the collarbone, leaving a trail of kisses in her wake.

"You call this vile," Xian removed a hand from Angharad's wrists, placing it beneath her shirt, instead. She pressed down on Angharad's stomach, hoping to cause some pain at the very least. "But, you know, that you find this exciting. And you hate that, don't you?"

Posted by: Swoosh Jan 15 2006, 10:16 PM
Xian was right, of course; there really was nothing Angharad was in any position to do, and in any another situation the Welsh girl would be ready to admit defeat. But not in this kind of situation- a life or death situation, quite literally. It would be insane to say the girl had a remote chance of injuring Xian in any manner, but the thought that she may never see Reese again renewed Angharad's attempts with frustration and despair.

As Xian's tongue found itself in Angharad's mouth, she let out a whine of disgust. She wasn't exactly a stranger to being kissed, but this was nothing short of atrocious. It was vile and she desperately tried to pull away, failing in her attempts. Angharad momentarily thought of biting Xian's tongue to get her off, but what would have that acheived? She'd probably get off on it... Angharad thought bitterly.

So she just lay there, her face contorted in digust as Xian kissed her over and over, waiting for her to stop. The girl was obviously getting quite into it, as when she stopped for the second time Angharad too was desperate for oxygen and she coughed as Xian pulled away, gasping for air.

As Xian continued to talk in that happy tone, Angharad looked up at her blearily. The words weren't really registering much, but they meant little to her now. The only thing that mattered to her at the moment was the fact that Xian's hand was slipping under her t-shirt and onto her stomach, which was the the source of the majority of her battle wounds; Peri had shot her in the stomach several times and they were still bleeding. She cried out and as Xian exerted pressure, more blood gushed out of the wounds.

The pain was dizzying as Angharad screamed out in agony. Her situation was becoming more and more hopeless as Xian got more overexcited, and even though she was determined to get off the island to see Reese, she was really becoming unable to see how...before, she had been arrogant and confident that she wouldn't be hurt. She wasn't Angharad, the teenager kidnapped by terrorists to take part in Survival of the Fittest- she had been Angharad, the invincible rugby player. But now... she was just a scared little girl. She writhed hopelessly, Xian still sat on top of her.

"Stop..." There was blood all over the floor now; Angharad could feel it trickling down her side. "Ple...please just stop it..." She knew that begging would do next to nothing, but she wasn't sure how much more of this she could take. The corkscrew was in Angharad's sight... if things continued, she could just get it somehow, end it all...

((Wow. Yuichiro/Mitsuko vol. 8 much?))

Posted by: Kaishi Jan 21 2006, 06:21 PM
Aw. Poor baby, squirming around and leaking blood out like a depressed sponge. Not only that, but she was actually begging for Xian to stop. Where was the high and mighty Angharad that had left her, Vince, and the potlid kid behind? Gone. Now, she had been broken down into a defenseless chicken, all for Xian's pleasure. Really, she would've loved it if Angharad fought back a little harder, but you get what you get.

She lifted her hand from the other girl's stomach, hearing a satisfying squelch. The already ruined tiles of the bathroom floor became worse. Blood was all over the place. On Xian's hand, on Angharad's face, on Angharad's body, on the floor under Angharad, on some of the walls, even. If Xian wasn't disgusting herself, she might've hurled. All the red was starting to get overpowering.

"Oh my deary, Angharad. You didn't answer my question."

Xian lifted Angharad's shirt further, and gently traveled up her stomach. Humming softly, she made swirls on the area underneath her bra.

"Guess what I'm going to do next." Guess, or no guess, Xian went on ahead, squeezing one of Angharad's breasts. She went in for several more kisses, this time doing a better job of bruising Angharad's lips than anything.

((OOC: That would be the second time one of my female characters has been compared to Mitsuko. wink.gif))

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Jan 27 2006, 05:11 PM
Vince hadnt been out here for long but the amount of thoughts running through his tiny mind were immense. What happened if angahrad managed to kill xian then cam after vince? what if xian was so swet and cuddly as she seemed? what if this whole thing was a sham and they were planning how to kill vince right now?

Panic would take over as he got up and took one last deep breathe. He pushed the old door open and stumbled in after it, the thud the door made on the wall echoed through the building.

Shock spread accross his face as he saw the two, just sitting there casually. Only it was a little more on the torture side. He saw the two girls kissing but by the looks of angaharads face it wasnt exactly her choice, A fresh cut seeped blood over the two.

He didnt know what to do, he had to intervene, He had to help, but help who he didnt know.

With out saying a word he just dragged himself towards the two, Pushing xian out of the way he picked angaharad up, and slowly limped away, dragging her somewhat with him before he collapsed from his leg wound. It would be better to die with dignity than to be tortured and raped, even vince knew that. Maybe this game was begining to bring a little sense to the boy?

Posted by: Kaishi Jan 29 2006, 08:11 PM
She blinked. What. The. Hell?! Vince's knightly attempt didn't work well enough and he fell to the floor, Angharad in his arms. How long had he been standing in the doorway? Since the time that Xian cut Angharad's face, or longer than that? The more she thought about it, the more she got ticked off like a football player whose glorious pass was intercepted. Unfair. Not right. Give her back, damn you! And since he never would, she'd have to get Angharad Davies back for herself. Then, they could be alone again to finish things off. Licking her lips at the thought of it, she got up. The corkscew was held so tightly that her skin nearly broke from the pressure.

"Vince, I told you to come in only when I told you to!" Xian hissed, making her way over to Vince. From the waist up, she looked rather menacing, but, waist down that image was destroyed by her pink Hello Kitty panties. She was still a kid underneath her insanity. She was still the scared girl that had met up with Sydney Morvran. Still the girl that resolved to make Cole's death one not in vain. Yes.

So, what went wrong? What corrupted her in the span of a few hours?

Screaming in rage, Xian stabbed downwards, aiming for Vince's shoulder. "Incoming, beach!!"

Posted by: Swoosh Jan 30 2006, 06:33 PM
Angharad wasn't sure how much more of this torture she could endure. It was the very definition of humiliation- she was being sexually assulted by a girl she assumed dead not moments ago, and the most painful thing (apart from her gaping bullet wounds, of course) was admitting defeat and asking the deranged girl to stop. But this apparently only turned her on more as Xian travelled further and further up her stomach...

It was all becoming too much... just make it stop... Xian's inanely grinning face swum before her face as she started to fade. Just make it stop... the corkscrew was more or less within reach. Could she really do that? Grab it and finish it? The idea certainly seemed appealing; even the shimmer of hope Reese had provided for her before had gone. She was nothing now, just a destroyed shell of what she was before. She went to reach for the corkscrew...

Xian's weight vanished in an instant, and before Angharad could tell what was going on she felt a force pulling her away. It was painful to be dragged in such a clumsy manner, but even through all she was surprised and grateful that she had managed to escape. The force stopped and something collapsed down, whoever had been dragging her had obviously struggled. Looking up into the face of the stranger- whose lap she was now occupying- she was stunned to see the face of Vince.

No one would come for her. No one would help, because on this island it was every person for themselves. No one would come and save Angharad now. She had to save herself...

...but someone had. Someone had come to save her, and worse, someone she had left for dead, like Xian. She found herself at a loss at what to say- "thank you for saving my life! Hey, maybe I could do the same for you one day!... oh, wait, no, I didn't..."

Thinking of what to say became less of a priority, however, at the sight of Xian raising her corkscrew. Gasping, she closed her eyes, not wishing to see the results of Xian's brushwork.

Please, Vince... stop her... stop it all...

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Jan 30 2006, 07:50 PM
Vince was worried, not only for himself but for the person who left him for dead, the traitor he had rescued. He liked xian, but not enough to just let her murder someone like that, and especially in the way that stevan had saw as he rushed in for the great escape.

He winced as angharads weight pressed down on the bullethole in his leg, he gave out a short notice of pain, a somewhat girlish scream, But before he knew, his eyes were open to see xian striking at him. The one girl he thought he could trust in this hellhole was now the traitor. It all came clear to him, It came at the wrong moment, right at the end where it wouldent count for shit. No one could be trusted period.

His reactions took over and he made a grab for xians striking arm, Though it was in van, the cork screw embedded itself nicely into vinces right shoulder, Leaving a lovely little stream of blood to flow free.

"XIAN.." He spluttered, "STOP...." He managed to raise the leg that angharad wasnt sitting on and he pushed it against her stomach, more of a shove than a kick but anything to stop the girl. "Right FUCKING now".

He held the wound softly in his hand, the crimson river pouring down his arm like a waterfall.

((Ha im not letting him get killed that easy ya Shmuck))

Posted by: Kaishi Jan 30 2006, 10:01 PM
She managed to free the corkscrew from Vince's arm in time for it to go down with her. Xian's lip twitched, her eyes widened and went down to normal size, and her arm began to shake. The spell on Vince had worn off. He didn't like her anymore... This wasn't how it was supposed to be. None of this... Still the girl from before. Still scared, still afraid of dying. Angharad had just been her means of revenge, that was all. Xian was just like any other girl on the island. Holding her hurt stomach, she gave out a small whine, a strangle of pain, annoyance, and fear. Why did you have to hurt me, Vince? Why...?

"V-Vince...she was the one." Xian didn't understand. "She got him killed, not me! I'm the one you're supposed to be protecting! Don't I deserve that, Vince? Shouldn't Xian get a knight of her own, just for once?" Her corkscrew pointed frantically between the two, not sure who to attack next, or to continue at all. Maybe it would be best to run away? Leave Vince and Angharad to help themselves like Angharad had done for him and her? Questions, questions, so many god damn questions all the time. Again, her lip quivered, revealing all her uncertainty.

"We're friends, right? Friends protect eachother, not kill eachother."

Tears began to cloud her vision as her eyes maddened.

"Together? Together we'll win." Vince's words. How were they supposed to win together if he was attacking her instead of their enemy? That's not what friends, or allies did. They protect one another; a princess and her knight. Sydney's words.

All boys... Liars...

Insanity had happened to Xian. It had entered her core being, ruining her before she even realized what was happening to her. Survival of the Fittest had been too much for her. A simple case of cause and effect, turning innocent children into the guiltiest of murderers. She had proven that fact before, and she'd do it again.

Xian pounced, aiming to land on Vince to tear him up with corkscrew, nails, and fists. Kill him dead and watch the truth flash before her eyes; she was an individual no longer, only another one for the psycho pool.

Posted by: Swoosh Jan 31 2006, 06:11 PM
Angharad was barely conscious- the amount of blood she'd lost, as well as all the trauma she'd been through and pain she'd endured, was finally starting to get to her. Xian's words were muffled and distant, but she could still hear them.

This little hero stunt... Vince could end up getting killed. I've already left him for dead once, I can't do it again...

Although she was more than appreciative that her life had been spared, she couldn't help but feel guilty at the potential cost. Not that she was the 'throw yourself on the sword' type; during the course of this game she had thought of herself and only herself, but still...

She had regained some of her former self whilst she had been lying down on the cold tiles of the bathroom floor. From the cold fury she had felt at being betrayed by Peri, the temporary insanity when she had tried to attack Ryan, the harsh realisation during her conversation with Cassie, the burning humilation she had experienced with Xian... and now remorse and guilt with Vince, Angharad Davies had seen it all. A paintbox of emotions... although she wasn't exactly restored to her magnificent glory of her former self, she wasn't the hollow machine she had been since she arrived on the island six days ago.

While it might have been too late (and isn't that the bitch about last minute revelations?) to take everything back- all the lies she had told, the bonds she'd betrayed, the people she'd killed- she had made up her mind to die doing something decent. It wouldn't take everything back, but it would be something.

Opening her eyes blearily, she saw Xian midair. There was no way, given the state she was in, that she could intercept Xian's attack. There was nothing really she could do, and once more she resigned herself to being the helpless damsel once more. Closing her eyes, she managed to whisper, "Look out..."

Posted by: Bloody_Fists Feb 3 2006, 07:28 PM
Look out? Great words of warning they were.
He would try to make some sort of struggle against the girl but it just wasnt enough, The corkscrew again pierced his skin, This time Sticking through His cheek. He could feel the cold metal on his tongue along with the taste of blood.

The yellow bandana around his head would be slowly died red with blood. The yellow bandana gang my arse, That one lasted long, just like every other alliance in this fucking place.

He feel back when the corkscrew was impaled in his cheek and it somewhat put him into a state of shock, He'd never experianced such pain, atleast not without passing out.
He couldent move while Xian slowly tore his face up, And stabbed him anywhere she could. The blood was trickling from all areas of his body. The bullet wounds now leaking like a busted drainpipe, staining the floor even more. A pool of crimson slowly took shape around the two.

All i ever wanted was to play music! Since mom and dad bought that first guitar, its been my life, And in such short days its been ripped away from, taken out of hands reach.

His pupils grew small and his fingers twitched as he lay there still, The girl still thrashing. He could feel his heart beating slower and slower as his vision slowly faded out.

Then Nothing.

His once handsome face was now just feature people would puke at if they saw it, HIs hair was soaked in blood and the bandana that xian and placed around his head was ripped and torn. Multiple stab wounds would make the cause of death damn simple to anyone. His head lay facing angaharad, His baby blue eyes staring her out.

God damn it guys, It was good while it lasted eh? I better get a fucking tribute song

Boy No#28 Vince Noir Dead

Posted by: Swoosh Feb 7 2006, 07:50 PM
As Vince got impaled by the corkscrew, Angharad felt herself involuntarily roll out of his lap. Obviously something had happened to him, or he would have tried to get her back. The noises- squelching and obscene- told her all she needed to know as she winced in the fresh pains in her stomach. Not that she ever thought that Xian was the noble type, but it still was a shock that she was so willing to chop and change her alliances like that. Although she wouldn't have said the pair were close, she wouldn't have thought Xian would abandon her ally so easily.

I guess we're more alike than I'd like to think...

As Xian battered Vince about with her corkscrew, Angharad glanced at the door nearby. If she could just make it out, maybe Xian would leave her alone, maybe... but she couldn't run, she couldn't even stand. Desperately, she began to drag herself across the bathroom tiles, the blood from her stomach spilling out onto the floor. If she could just make it to the door... if she could just escape...

((Bahaha, not likely!))

Posted by: Kaishi Feb 12 2006, 07:04 AM
And, then... It was over. The boy was dead, never to lie, never to hurt another girl ever again. He was gone, as simple as that. Xian let out a steady stream of air, which was followed by a very out of place, and not to mention, loud yawn. It wasn't that she was bored. Quite the opposite, really, the excitement was beginning to mount now that there wouldn't be any distractions.

Next time, Vince... There was a sick squelching sound as Xian pulled the corkscrew out of his skin. The metal piece was pretty much ruined now, dyed a relatively permanent red. Not that it mattered, though, since the island wasn't about having the prettiest weapon out there. ...If there is ever a next time, remember. She wasn't really sure what he had to remember. Not to lie? To listen to her? Part way through, she had lost her train of thought and the sentence was gone.

"Angharad." Don't think I haven't forgotten about you just yet.

Xian felt a small sense of satisfaction watching the other girl pull herself over the tiles, leaving a nice trail of blood as she tried hard to leave the Facility. It was quite pathetic, really, of how desperate this girl wanted to live when she truly didn't deserve it. Angharad had played her part in taking lives... That was one reason why she wasn't fit enough to survive.

Are you any better, Xian? Tilting her head slightly to the side like a pondering dog, she wondered what to do next. So many possibilities of what to do with the vulnerable little wench.

"Stop it. You're just making things worse," Using one of her last shreds of honor, she gently closed Vince's open eyes. Wonderful, they had been blue and Xian hadn't even noticed. "St-stay a while, pull up a chair or something. We've got all the time in the world, Anghy." There was a small stammer in her voice, but, other than that, it was almost as if Vince hadn't been killed. "That's what leads me to my next question. H-ho-how many people have you hur-hurt? Huh? Pot lid wasn't the only guy you killed. And, that other guy, too, with you. Who was he?

If you don't tell me the truth, I'm going to stab you." She laughed at the sound of it, cleaning it off with Vince's shirt. "Seriously."

Posted by: Swoosh Feb 13 2006, 05:43 PM
What good would the truth do? She stopped trying to escape; obviously Xian's attentions had been turned back on the poor girl. Using every last ounce of effort in her, she turned over to face Xian, wincing in pain as she did.

Looking Xian in the face, it really was almost like looking into a mirror. Xian had most likely been normal once; she had a life before she got onto this island. She had hopes and dreams, she had friends, she had likes and dislikes... but none of that mattered here. It was all irrelevant details when you were put in a life or death position. Did Xian like the same bands as Angharad? Did she watch the same TV? The same hobbies and interests? Either way, whatever they had been before, the island had destroyed and left nothing more but killers. It could just be as simple as that, of course- the game had messed them up nicely and that was it. They were both too far gone now, who cares if either of them made it out alive?

But Angharad knew otherwise. She had done some terrible things, that was true. She had hurt a lot of people, even killed- but the old Angharad wasn't entirely gone, and it wasn't until after Cassie's little speech that she had realised that. She wasn't an empty murderer; she was just a scared, lost little girl trying to stay alive. With no proper allies and no one to trust, who could blame her for doing what she'd done? Looking up at Xian, Angharad spoke, her voice barely above a whisper. Surely her time was coming to a close now... the votes had all been counted and now it was time for her to make a concession speech.

"Who have I h-hurt? I've hurt a lot of people. I've betrayed practically everyone I've met while I've been here, and I've even killed some of them. Duncan... he was the first." Her eyes glazed over as she cast her thoughts back to the Lighthouse. How easy the game all seemed then. How carefree she had been, how invincible she'd felt. Killing Duncan seemed easy, it seemed like the right thing to do.

"We were going to escape, but I didn't see it working. I valued my own skin too highly and he paid the price. He was a good guy and I killed him." It wasn't a pitying remark; she didn't feel remotely sorry for herself now. What was done was done. Not to say that she was skipping over the fact that she'd killed a friend, but no point moping over it now, time was precious.

"If you can credit Andrew's death to my name, then I guess I killed him as well... and the girl. I don't know who she was, but she charged at me. That was more self defence than anything... not that I gave her a chance to persuade me otherwise."

Feeling tired from talking so much, Angharad paused for a moment. While talking about her island experience was a lot better than being hacked and molested, she wasn't sure where Peri came into it.

"The boy?... he was just someone I met on here a while back. He spared me my life on one condition, that I killed someone else." She paused once more, this time smiling sadly.

"I did what he asked, I killed someone. But I guess it wasn't enough and he wanted his money back," she finished, laughing a little. Her amusement sent pain shooting through her body and she quickly subsided, the holes Peri shot in her stomach probably would be responsible for her eventual death.

"So I know you, Xian. I am you, just in a less fortunate position. I know you're scared and frightened, and I understand your need to kill, although anyone could see why you'd want to kill me." She smiled again. "I won't be a hypocrite and try and force you to play this game any other way... but I guess I'll wish you luck with it. I hope it turns out better for you than it did for me."

And that was it. Her speech was over, she took a bow and stepped off the podium to make way for the winner. Speaking as one desperate killer to another, Angharad to Xian, girl to girl.

Winner to loser.

Posted by: Kaishi Feb 17 2006, 10:36 PM
Xian had to wait a few minutes for it to settle in. Then, minutes more to figure out a good enough reply to all of that. Her words, in some ways, were sickeningly right. She killed because she was angry, stressed, and above all else terrified of losing the game. There were no extra lives, no quarters for the continue screen after your character died. You had to let go and walk away, something that Xian Chun wasn't prepared to do. She had to keep playing, she had to keep surviving, she had to live. No one deserved it more than her. And the other girl could see a variation of Xian's belief, making it all the more stronger.

"Good. Now you understand." But, sweetie, you're forgetting something, Angharad... We're different, so different, and I don't think you'll ever get a chance to realize that for yourself. One of us is dying, the other one is going to live, and, damn it, I'm going to see myself at the end, chilling back and humming some nice songs. "Must be pretty nasty getting touched by a much better version of yourself, huh?"

Great. Xian was talking to her as if Angharad was some chummy old pal of hers, talking about what had just happened between them like it was a common occurence that took place years ago. Her school was full of messed up kids, so a conversation like that probably did happen on an odd day of the week. Toying around, Xian pricked her index finger with the corkscrew, now noticing something nearby. A body. The girl that Angharad had been talking about, beheaded and lying harmlessly in a corner.

She had blended in too well with their blood stained surroundings for Xian to really take notice. Now that she had, Xian made her way over to her, surveying the damage and, more importantly, checking out her clothes. Plain jeans, not too affected by the rich liquid around them and a marginally cute shirt. It seemed as if the girl hadn't cared too much about her appearance. Kind of like Xian before she got recruited to the cheerleading squad.

"I'm going to go change. Don't get any funny ideas." She didn't want to spend the rest of her time on the island in a ruined shirt and underwear. Taking her time, she stripped Cydni Pullman's body and pulled on her clothes. The jeans were a bit of a loose fit, but they would have to do, while the shirt was a little too tight for Xian's liking. The girl with the messed up mind might've taken Cydni's underwear too, but she wasn't that far gone. Close, but not quite yet.

While she changed, she kept watch on Angharad, although she knew that she wouldn't dare move from her spot on the floor.

"I'm completely brain drained," Unsure of what to do next, she just threw out another question to the closest person she had on the island. "Can we go take a walk around the island?" Walking had been something that she did with her friends a lot. Walk, walk, walk everything off and away. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be the same, and, knowing her, she'd have to leash the other girl to keep up her sadistic attitude. "It'll be fun if we make it fun."

Posted by: Swoosh Feb 17 2006, 10:59 PM
It would have been all too easy to try and escape while Xian got changed, but what would have that acheived? In her state, Angharad wouldn't have managed to get very far, and Xian would have caught up in no time. No, it was probably just easier to stay put for now.

Angharad remained unaffected by Xian's bitchy comments. Sticks and stones may break my bones, eh? Never thought I'd find out how true that saying was... As Xian got undressed, Angharad looked away.

This wasn't what Angharad was expecting at all. Surely Xian had had enough now? She'd had her fun, now it was time to finish her off... it was a wonder Angharad was alive at all, what with her severe blood loss, but she couldn't imagine what Xian wanted to do with her next. At Xian's suggestion that the two girls go for a walk, Angharad still managed to raise her eyebrows, despite her bleary state.

"I'd love to come walking with you, but some fucker shot me in the stomach and I'm finding it hard to remain conscious..."

She managed to pull herself up into a sitting position as she spoke, her stomach a crimsom mess, her face contorted in agony and her position looking pretty volatile.

(("Ohmahgawdz, yesh Xian, let's go for a walk! lol. Touch me." is what she really meant to say though. It's implied, you gotta read between the lines))

Posted by: Kaishi Feb 18 2006, 12:13 AM
"We'll have to fix you, then." There weren't really any medical supplies in the bathroom facility, asides from maybe paper towels from the dispenser near the mirrors and sinks. They wouldn't do much good for Angharad. People probably had emptied them by now, since they had been living in hell for about a week. Or, maybe more. It felt kind of like she had been here for the majority of her short life. And, she probably had. Her English teacher had said that all stories really begin after a major event. Life was no different, it seemed.

"Oh, no," Xian's hunch had been right. All the paper towels were ripped up, bloody, crumbled up and gone. Then, she remembered. Vince's bandanas, a whole collection of 'em inside of his bag. She went back down over to his body, opened up his bag, and got out several bandanas, lying them down by color. There wasn't much to choose from in the creative department. Everything was the same. One solid color, made greater with the swirling white leaf designs bordering.

"Blue is your color, right? Yellow ain't too bad, but I'm not feeling it right now." She took off her yellow bandana, dropping it on top of Vince's face. The short lived yellow bandana had officially come to a close. It was quick replaced with a baby blue one, to match her new outfit. "Close your eyes and count to ten. This may hurt a bit."

She put a finger to Angharad's lips, then moved down, pulling up Angharad's shirt, like last time, minus the pervertedness that went along with it. Xian folded up a bandana and placed pressure on the wounds, trying to make them stop. They weren't big enough to tie around Angharad's whole stomach, so Xian was at a loss there.

"If it hurts, tell me and I'll try to stop."

Posted by: Swoosh Feb 21 2006, 11:05 PM
((Angharad was lyk, totally dissapointedz that Xian didn't touch her up gd. "lol" she said))

Xian's words were becoming more and more blurry; in fact, Angharad's vision was becoming more blurred. Was she dying? She slumped back down onto the floor as Xian came over to attend to her wounds. She didn't even feel the girl lift up her shirt, but the sharp pain from the pressure applied brought her right out of her drowsy state.

Yelping, she looked up at Xian, who was concentrating on bandaging her up.

"W-why? Why are you helping me?"

((sorry... really short, but I have no idea what you want me to do with her, and I'm also disturbed by a certain someone's ghetto talk...dat ring true? XDD))

Posted by: Kaishi Feb 26 2006, 05:54 PM
"I don't know. For the hell of it, I guess." She didn't know how to explain the sudden change of flavor, truth be told. Maybe it was some kind of medical condition that her parents had never brought to her attention. Or, the change of clothes after Angharad's little speech. Xian shrugged her shoulders, unable to reach a proper conclusion. "I'm thinking a new start, actually. Brand new, erase the board, we've never met before." She pushed down on the wound, watching the blood spill with a shadow of the satisfaction she had felt molesting her before. There was a sick, wet sound when Xian peeled the cloth off of Angharad's belly.

The blue bandana came up darkened and red hued. The thick liquid dripped off of it, making a small puddle of it on Angharad's thigh.

"Seems like you might need to be changed, too, Anghy." She loved the way that the nickname seemed to flow in with her voice. It didn't really seem to match the wounded girl, though. Too cutesy. She'd probably do better with another nickname. Something hard, something rough to cement the pact that Xian was trying to make.

"Have you ever...considered being called Anghzilla?"

((XD XD Yah, it does. :P))

Posted by: Swoosh Mar 3 2006, 10:35 PM
((Jeeeez, sorry it's taken so long, I've just had... other... things... to do. You know? XDDD))

Angharad struggled to keep her eyes open. She just wanted to sleep, to close her eyes and make everything go away. It'd be all better once she slept, there'd be no pain... it'd be all better. Why was she denying it? She knew Xian would never let it happen, and looking the girl directly, she mumbled.

"You're gonna undress me then?"

It wouldn't surprise her, and after everything that had happened to her... it wouldn't be the worst way she could have met her end. All thoughts of hope, all thoughts of going home back to Reese, they'd all gone. It might have sounded like she'd just given up...

She hadn't given up. She was just facing reality.

"Angzilla?" She managed a smile, despite her state. "I don't know, d'ya think it'd suit me?"

Posted by: d0ddi0slave Mar 13 2006, 10:01 PM
((Continued from the Makeshift Hospital))

Bathrooms. Wonderful, now I can wash myself of the idiocy that was clouding my judgement before. If I think that I'm going to be able to pass myself off as a mute girl from Canada, I'm probably as full of shit as Danya himself. Nobody's going to believe that. Not while there are terrorists around. McLocke and Rice are probably stupid enough to keep their outfits, which don't even work for camoflague anyways, but the kids aren't as stupid as perhaps I'd thought. Fuck!

As Angelina Kaige admonished herself, she stealthily crept through the wooded area that surrounded the bathroom complex. After she'd been engaged in combat with Chance Burton, she'd recieved a few bruises, nothing serious, but enough to make her regret the plan she'd come up with. She had to assume that everyone on the island was playing the game, and that everyone was looking to kill. By her own calculations, they were going into the latter half of he game, and while most of the students left were probably guilty of murder at least once, there would still be a few who'd be looking to escape. That had been how it always went. That'd been how it was with Aberthol. The kids who wanted to escape grouped together, and paranoia destroyed them all in the end. She'd have to shoot first, and ask questions later, but only shoot when the opportunity presented itself.

Getting closer to the bathroom facility, she paused outside as she heard voices coming from within. She heard at least two females, but her brow furrowed and her eyebrow raised a bit when she heard what one of the girls had just said.

"You're gonna undress me then?"

Blinking in surprise and then rolling her eyes as she realized what was likely going on, Angelina debated just creaking open the door of the bathroom and then rolling a grenade inside. It would be an easy way to take out however many people were inside, though if it were two teenagers who were stupid enough to try and have sex while on the island, she figured she'd probably let them finish before she blew them to high heaven. With a small grin on her face, she crouched down beside the door, below a bush, where she couldn't be seen, and listened.

Posted by: Kaishi Mar 16 2006, 01:31 AM
She was weak again, and by her fight to keep wake, Angharad was weakening. Vulnerable, back in the same position as before. Xian sucked in on her bottom lip, finding her own wounds hard to ignore. Without the drive to cover the pain, the hole in her arm burned. The red bandana that had been tied around it had fallen off when she had changed into the Pullman outfit, free flowing the blood. It was nasty, sure, but not as horrible as what Angharad had to have gone through. Bullet after bullet had gone through the girl's body. Xian was unsure of where exactly, though that didn't matter. Her blood was enough of a sign that she'd gotten it bad.

Xian toyed with the knot she had made in the bandana she had tied around her head. It had been a fad in Barry Coleson High around the start of the year. Back then, the Chun girl wasn't one to jump on the bandwagon. Not until she had joined the cheerleading squad. It had been a pretty stupid idea. Kind of like the idea to drift into a flashback in a river of blood.

Blood... It's starting to lose its grossness. Blood and Xian had once been a touchy subject full of icks, yucks, and "eugh!"s. Now that she was here, blood had become as common as water. As terrible as it sounded, it was the truth. Swallow it, lick it off of someone, have a hard time cleaning the sticky crap off of your clothes; blood was the game's survival drink, innuendos aside.

"Undress you? Nah, maybe later on." Another terrible truth that could prove itself false down the line. "Angzilla, hold on a second with the helping crudola. I'd just like to say something to you for a moment, yeah, and what I'm trying to say is that you... You have such a way with words." The punctuation at the sentence was more of a question mark than a period. "I'm getting tired, and, sweetheart, I'd like it if you'd tell me a story we can sleep to." She smiled, wanting assistance in escaping from the pain. Preferably, an escape without heightened hormones.

Careful to avoid lying in blood (a harder task than one'd imagine), she lied back on the tiled floor next to her sweetie, humming the same song she'd been humming before. The generic "Rock A Bye Baby" lullaby, the way her mom always sung it for her. Too bad she had no music sense, so the tune was near unrecognizable.

"I'd love you if you'd do it, my deary 'zilla."

Posted by: d0ddi0slave Mar 16 2006, 09:19 PM
Grimacing as she listened to the antics of the occupants of the bathroom, Kaige realized that she was wrong about them - they weren't teenage lovers, but rather just two ordinary teenagers.

How boring...

Checking over her inventory, Kaige removed one of the concussion grenades from her pack. If she timed it correctly, she'd be able to toss it either through the window or into the door of the facility and then wait, hidden in the woods. That way, if the occupants weren't killed by the blast, then she could shoot them as they ran out, frantic due to the explosion. The facility wasn't all that big, either, so she hoped that it'd just take them out in one shot. Readying her rifle, Kaige looked around the wooded area, looking for a specific spot that she could camp out in. Glancing around, she saw that the area that looked right onto the front door seemed to slope down on either side of the path, providing a perfect hiding spot, and an ideal spot for some 'target practice', if the need were to arise. Looking around her surroundings, Kaige looked for something that she'd be able to jam into the door handle, something that might disable them from tossing the grenade right back at her. Slinging her rifle around her shoulder with the shoulder strap, Kaige bent down and broke off a large branch off of the bush beside her. It'd have to do, as far as that went, for she wasn't able to find anything that was immediately better than this.

Well, here goes nothing...

Stepping up to the door of the facility, Kaige gently grabbed the handle, and slowly opened the door a crack, just enough that she could pitch her device in and run. Holding her breath, she took the grenade that she held in her right hand, bit the pin off, and tossed it into the bathroom facility. Quickly jamming the stick into the door handle, hopefully enough to restrain the door for at least a few seconds, Kaige then took off in a sprint towards the ditch, almost jumping into it, and setting up her rifle, taking deadly aim towards the door of the bathrooms.

And now...for the moment of truth...should be off in 3...2....1....

Posted by: Swoosh Mar 19 2006, 09:38 PM
((Beh. Sorry. ;__;))

Angharad groaned as Xian lay down beside her. Not that she minded singing particularly, but in a situation like this, the last thing she wanted to do was to serenade some stranger who had just spent a good part of half an hour molesting her. Turning her head away, she mumbled.

"I'm not much of a singer..."

Waiting for Xian to say (or, more likely, do) something in retaliation, she bit her lip and stayed quiet. But something else got her attention, something Xian couldn't possibly have any control over. Something had just whizzed through the door near her. And she could only assume that flying projectiles, especially in this game, never meant anything good.

Squinting her eyes, the 'thing' fell on the floor a few meters away from them. She hadn't been imagining it- there was definitely something there.

"Xian... did you see that?" she managed to whisper.

((I didn't know if you wanted Xian to try and escape, Kai, so it's kinda short sad.gif))

Posted by: Kaishi Mar 22 2006, 04:01 AM
"Did you see that?"

Rather than answer in words, Xian replied in respiration. She saw it and knew what it was on sight. Sydney had had some of the near same design, too. Grenades. No matter what the design, the objective of the item was the same. Cause an explosion. And, in most cases, explosions meant death. And death, in all cases, meant—

The girl rolled, going over Angharad and landing, smearing blood all over her new shirt. Shouting out something coarse, she backhanded the canister, watching it bounce underneath a stall. There was a split second of realization before Xian was able to remember about the main entrance to the Facility. The door. If there was one grenade, there would be more. Should've thrown it out there to return the present and stop the onslaught. The window at the very least. Xian looked over at Angharad, then back to the bathroom stall.


A wave of heat swam infront of her, singing her hair. Instead of the blind she had expected, everything was turning to a bright red. She only got to see the next part in still frames as the blast got stronger, destroying the stall and sending the rest of it broken and roaring outwards. Including her. She was ripped from the bathroom floor, legs kicking without a clue that they no longer were standing. Human beings have always wanted to fly on their own since the dawn of time. Now, Xian was doing it, skin peeling and all. If it weren't for her quick action, she would've just been limbs, so her hasty move hadn't been all for naught.

The boom carried her eastward and crashing through a window to the outdoors. Fire flared outwards above her, blanketing the darkening sky. There wasn't a chance for Xian to celebrate her luck. As soon as she was grounded, all her pain sensors kicked into high gear, more than willing to lay on the hurt.

First part of the pain to come alive was her leg. It had been broken off at the knee. The rest of it was nowhere to be found, most likely having been chewed off by the inferno. Saluting its fallen counterpart, her other leg started to vibrate from the burn, kicking out to shake off forgotten flame. The jean material was scorched, blackened, and melted to liquidating skin. She tried to stop the bleeding, but her left hand, sadly, came up a little short.

Her pinky and ring finger had been torn off by the bloody glass lying mere feet away. Blood squirted out of the new stumps, splashing up into the air and onto the low parts of her paling face.

Every heart beat brought new blood to swirl midair.
It didn't get long for her to grow delusional, keeping rythm with the beat of her heart to count bloodtime.

She was losing it. She was losing the game, right after the beginning of her new chapter.

Too fast...

Bits of hot shrapnel stuck into her right arm, blazing red and splitting skin. If not for everything else, she would've reached over and pulled the grenade fragments out to tidy herself up more. It was always good to die pretty in the face if you couldn't get pretty anywhere else.

"Pretty..." That'd be a tough feat when, by now, even the pretty ones were uglified with blood and murder staining their hands.

When it started to hurt to breathe, her eyes fluttered in and out of focus.

"I just hope we can survive, or be rescued somehow. I swear, if we are rescued, when I get back home, I'm doing all the things I want to do. Life is too short, and till now, my life has been cheering and social clubs. I'm going to be more daring, do more things, get more involved."

"Well, what's been stopping you from being more daring? Taking more risks, doing what you want to do? It doesn't matter if it's the unpopular opinion or view. As long as you're content with it, you should be able to do it, you know? Like what kind of stuff did you want to do but didn't?"

" make it sound so easy...just go out and do whatever I like. I wish I could be that bold."

Changed a lot since then, didn't you, Xian? You sure have grown up.

Xian rested her eyes gently, wheezing out air. She didn't realize it because of the back-down, face-up position she was in, but most of her backside had been charred. If she moved, all the dead skin would flake off from under her, leaving pink flesh for the world to vomit to. It hurt enough as is. The extra bit of information wasn't needed.

Shuddering from the new world of pain, her eyes opened wide again. She glanced over at the grass, spying a large shard of glass nearby the glass that had chopped her. It had come from one of the mirrors, now broken and shattered. The reflective glass in the grass shined, clinging desperately to the cracked image of a scared, little girl. supposed should. I..i..its..not right, not right..

There was a monster in the mirror.

"I....dont wanna.....dont make me....I..I'm not a killer. P..please...l..leave me alone..g..go...away..far away."

There was a monster in the mirror whom had done horrible things.

"My fault.....I did it...I did it...I killed him."

The monster had killed not one but three. Sydney Morvran, Cole Hudson, and Vince Noir.

No... make that four.

The monster in the mirror had killed Xian Chun.

"I won't let you die in vain Cole... I swear it."

"I'm only interested in two things. Finding that Mr Danya, and slicing his throat, then finding a way off this island. I dont have time to play the damsel in distress, or listen to your little insightful speeches. Two boys got close to me, and I had to watch as those two boys died. I'm trying hard not to make it a habit of watching others die, so watch your step!"

We're different, so different, and I don't think you'll ever get a chance to realize that for yourself. One of us is dying, the other one is going to live, and, damn it, I'm going to see myself at the end.

Who was she now? She had been a kid before, a friend, an ally, and then, she was going to be the girl to see it to the end. Take down Danya, their problem source. What had she done, instead? Took her sweet time, traveling on a different path. It was on that path that she spiraled herself out of control until she didn't even know who the hell she was anymore.

I'm a monster...

She was the monster in the mirror. Cut under the eye, leg and fingers missing, burns and permanent scars; Xian Chun had done the about-face from what she was in the beginning.

"We're going to play a fun game. It's called Innocence Destroyer. You know how to play?"

You play the game by becoming the monster. Kill all what you once were to reveal the monster beneath. It was a scary game that everyone took part in, whether they were aware of it or not. Every action, every movement brought you closer to finding the truth about yourself. Humans were animals that used their power of choice in the wrong ways. Then, when their wrongs were exploding in their face, they tried one last ditch attempt at redemption.

Things weren't looking up for Xian. She knew this by the face staring back at her in the glass. And by the way her vision was blurring out again like a stubborn microscope. Beginning to feel the hurt again, she looked away from the mirror.

Time for the grim discovery.

"It would be quite ironic to kill me with my own weapon, but that is an irony that won't happen!"

It didn't happen to her and Cole's attacker, but it had happened to her. Stuck in her arm was the corkscrew, nice and bloody and full of vengeance.

"Seems like someone wanted to give me a handle, or...something. I mean, really...who sticks a guy with a corkscrew?"

"You got your just desserts tenfold, didn't you?"

"Didn't I?" The words came out with a bloody choke. Seemed like the explosion had managed to sucker punch her harder than she thought. Coughing out a pint of the thick stuff, she felt like the whole day had beat her up. "And I bet I deserved every moment of this." She hoped that the viewers at home were watching her closely now. "I've done my share of damage. I don't like myself anymore." The final syllables were drowned out, almost as if her body refused to buy into her words.

I should be sad about dying...
but, it's really okay.

Xian would go with the monster. People could get on with their lives. She was only one out of a hundred or so, the one with the lowest chances of surviving. I mean... A corkscrew given to one of the weakest out there?

Full circle revolution.

Angharad, Vince, Andrew, Cole, Tayli, Anya, Sydney...everyone... I'm sorry. Anghzilla, I hope you made it out okay. I really tried to change. I should've done it sooner.

She didn't allow herself to go into the fact that she could've probably saved her "friend" by leaping onto the grenade. She had done enough already. This was something that she was ready for. The end of her long story.

"I love you all. Winner, remember to finish what I wanted to do." Her voice wavered, lowering to a whisper when it should've done the opposite. "Get Danya. For me, for everyone. One for all and all for one." The meaning of Survival of the Fittest. The weak shall die and the weak is Danya. Get him.

Another cough and another screen blur. This was it.

Here I go.

She yanked the corkscrew from her arm. A whoosh of blood sprayed up, painting the area all around her. The artery had been severed. But, Xian didn't see it that way. She saw it as unplugging from the world and watching a so-so movie frozen on screen go dark...

Lights out.


Posted by: Swoosh Mar 25 2006, 04:22 PM
((Adam... feel free to rip out my throat and stamp on it.))

It was an odd sensation. As soon as the grenade exploded into life, Angharad was hurled off the floor and against the bathroom walls, but by the time she had slid back down and lay in a crumpled heap, it didn't seem like anything had happened. She was still on the floor, she was still in a lot of pain... the only difference she felt now was the presence of some pretty bad burns.

Wincing, she tried to move, to turn over. To see who was responsible for the grenade, whether Xian had been badly injured... her ears were ringing and her face- something was running down it. Blood? Most likely, but she couldn't move her hand to check. She was completely destroyed.

She made to call out to Xian when she found she couldn't talk- in fact, she was having trouble breathing. Some of the grenade shards had been embedded in her throat, and while it narrowly missed her collar, it was still pretty deep into her windpipe. Her lungs were tightening and her face turning blue; surely she didn't have much time left now.

All in all, her time on the island had been pretty dreadful. From the little girl lost, to the murdering bitch, and finally the repenting sinner, Angharad had been through a lot. And as her story was finally coming to an end, she couldn't help but wonder what had happened if she'd played the game differently. If she'd stuck with Duncan, instead of killing him. If she'd stayed away from other people- if she'd never met up with Xian. Would she still be alive now?

Who knew? Angharad didn't have much time to contemplate as her lungs exploded, her face unchanging. It was finally all over.


Back in the Welsh valleys, a lone figure was watching a television screen. It was late, very late in fact; being several hours ahead of whatever timezone the island was in, he was hunched up, in complete darkness, alone. A young blonde girl was slumped up against a wall, covered in blood and looking terrible. The figure balled up his fists as it was announced that she had died.

"Why?..." he whispered.

Standing up, he turned the television off. It had been the first time it had been turned off for days, ever since his girlfriend had been declared missing.

He hadn't been able to believe it at first. Angharad, on some terrorist reality TV show, with death, blood, gore and horror? It was one of those things that you never thought happened to you, but as Reese had found through hours of watching his girlfriend be tortured, shot and maimed, you could never assume something like that.

He'd kept hope, of course. She had made it pretty far, and there was a possibility that the terrorists would be captured, or Angharad could have won... but now...

Now she was dead.

And now he needed revenge.

"Danya... I'll see that you pay for this."

He swung his foot into the television set and it exploded, sending sparks everywhere. He would get his revenge, no matter what it took.

Girl #31 Angharad Davies... DECEASED

Posted by: d0ddi0slave Mar 25 2006, 10:02 PM
As Kaige watched the grenade go off with a resounding thunder, she couldn't help be amazed as the upper window shattered and a human body actually flew out of it, crumpled and torn. It was amazing, the damage that a single explosive device could do. Amazing, but immensely useful, especially in a situation such as this. Watching as the body, broken and bleeding, tumbled onto the ground, she took note that whomever it was was likely going to die, and soon. One leg was missing, a corkscrew was embedded in the arm, and blood was quickly pooling around her. Flames shot up from the bathroom facility, as the fire consumed the majority of the building.

More like 'ruined shell', as opposed to a bathroom facility. Crap on that, Danya.

Her sarcasm dripped through her mind and was as strong as though she'd spoken. Waiting, silently, peering through the stock of her rifle, she waited for movement. The girl on the ground bled to death, but still, she waited. The other person inside had evidently not been able to escape, for the building was aflame, and the absence of any movement seemed to indicate that death was busy at work, and with any luck, the playing field would be narrowed even moreso than it already was. Slowly standing up, Kaige hesitatly walked over to the corpse of the girl on the ground, that had flown out of the window. She was most definitely quite dead, the pale colour of her skin and the fact that she was missing a leg spoke to that. Without a hint of remorse at the damage she'd inflicted upon the girl, Kaige raised an eyebrow and turned, stepping into the trees, almost as though she wasn't even there in the first place...

((Continued in the...School Building (i think)))

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