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Survival of the Fittest > Dirt Path > Sing of Tomorrow

Posted by: Kaishi Jan 15 2006, 09:48 PM
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She was being followed.

She was chased into the path.

He followed close behind, closing the distance between them in seconds on his powerful legs.

A knife was drawn. A scream escaped.

McLocke wasn't normally the predator type, but this was too hard to resist. She had it coming, sitting there on the tree stump dressed in black from head to toe. She even had black eyes, and the whole hair in the eyes thing going on. Poor girl sat there crying her eyes out, until. . .

She had looked up, and their eyes met. For a moment, they just stared and stared and stared like a kid trying to figure out hard poetry. Then, the gaze was broken as she spoke in gibberish under her breath and started to run. Idiot. Don't you know that screaming gets you killed?

TBLACK's knife swung downwards, connecting with her arm. There was another scream as he brought it out of her, carving flesh in the process. It came down again in the same spot. Again, again. He felt like a magician, preforming tricks for his loyal fans. Well, here comes the finale, folks. It's going to amaze and dazzle for sure!


Out of the arm to the neck in one swoop!


The knife left a nasty mark, unleashing a strong spray of blood. This is why the audience is given vomit bags, my dears. SOTF brand plastic and paper bags for all occasions.

Relatively weightless now, her body fell forward, landing in the muddy blood and dirt.

G28 - Ai Kurosawa: DEAD

While most would feel some sort of emptiness after their first kill on the island, McLocke felt disappointed. The execution, obviously, could've been better for his wide audience. So, what was up with this one? Sighing underneath his balaclava, he kicked her body over with his plain boots, so the world could see the start of things to come.

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