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Posted by: d0ddi0slave Jul 27 2006, 04:29 AM
Dorian's computer beeped so loudly that he actually dropped the thermos of coffee that he was holding, and if the thing'd been open in the first place, he probably would have spilled it all over the ground. He'd been forced to admit to himself that he'd become real jumpy after the three other terrorists had been punished and tossed on the island. After that, all of the remaining terrorists in the control centre had basically forced themselves to stick strictly to their work, and socializing was at an all-time low. Granted, they had just kidnapped one-hundred and twenty teenagers from around the world, and when it all boiled down to it, if they were caught, they'd probably all recieve the death penalty, but Dorian couldn't help but wish that they were all still socializing. It made one feel better to know that they weren't in it alone, and that they actually had other people who were in as deep as he was. So due to the constant feeling of paranoia, not to mention the feeling of lonliness, Dorian was definitely getting quite jittery. Quickly picking up the thermos from the ground, he glanced at his computer screen to see what exactly that it was which had triggered one of the many alarms that the system had. As of late, he'd become what one could almost see as Danya's right hand man - if he could be said to have one. He was as afraid of Danya as the others, but since he'd been capable and had done his job as he'd been told, Danya had counted on him for more tasks - for example, sending his messages back and forth to the United States. It was a fairly easy thing, and he hoped that for his sake, none of the messages got lost thanks to some inept delivery boy, for it could look bad on him.

Dorian's daydreaming came to a screetching halt when he looked on the computer screen in front of him and saw what the alarm was REALLY screeching about. Eyes agape, he was filled with a sensation of both panic and near-relief. It was almost over. This hell of a job - that even now he felt guilty about accepting, was about to come to an end. Grimacing, he knew what his next move would be. Rising from his seat, he walked across the room to another station - the main station, the one that Danya usually sauntered around when he was actually in the base of operations. It had a somewhat cliched-looking red phone attached to it, which was a direct scrambled line to Danya's personal cellular phone. Picking it up, he gulped nervously as the line rang three times, and then was picked up by that ever-too-familiar voice. Dorian tried his best to muster up the confidence that he needed to make the necessary announcement.

"I-it's Dorian, sir. T-the competition is down to...well, it's down to five, sir..."


Dorian had always wondered how Danya seemed to get from one place to another so damned quickly. He'd informed him about the alarm which had signified the final five had arrived, and it appeared that the final five was something that Danya had very determined plans for. Of course, in the ten minutes that it had taken for Danya to come from wherever it was that he had been (Dorian assumed it mustn't have been all that far), the fifth competitor - Angelina Kaige, the terrorist who he'd fantasized about a few times, had managed to get herself killed, wiping the terrorists from the competition entirely. Dorian assumed that Danya would be downright jolly about that fact, proving once and for all that you NEVER crossed Danya. He couldn't help but wonder if Danya would ever be caught. As much as the man scared him, he seemed to have all of his bases covered. Even still, Dorian hadn't been looking forward to the fact that Danya's ideal final five seemed to have become a foursome. As the imposing man walked into the room and headed straight for Dorian himself, he seemed to shrink a little under the man's gaze.

Fucking charismatic leaders...

Taking it upon himself, he straightened himself up, and weakly stepped over to where Danya was heading. Meeting him halfway seemed to surprise Danya, who raised his eyebrow at Dorian and, without having to even speak, demanded a status report, which Dorian stammered out to him.

"The, uh, the five, sir. It's become four. Kaige was k-killed by Boy 80, sir."

Danya's blank expression first turned into a deep scowl, but then a merry little smirk as he realized that the three terrorists who'd managed to irk him had all been killed. There was no fear of reparation. In the first place, Danya hadn't been anticipating any of them to make it even close to the ending, but he had to admit to himself that Kaige getting as far as she did had made him uneasy. She'd certainly served her purpose, sending down eleven students before getting killed herself, and he made a mental note to try not to underestimate intense female soldiers anymore. It was always the woman that seemed to stand out at the oddest times. Bringing himself back to the sputtering Dorian in front of him, he smiled that evil grin of his, and (much to Dorian's surprise) put his hand on the man's shoulder.

"Dorian. You've been more than adequate while you've been here. But if you keep stammering like that, I'm seriously going to drug you up and leave you here, once we all leave. Relax, will you? You're putting ME on edge."

Danya didn't mean his words, but ever since the incident with the three terrorists who'd been caught broadcasting a fanfic across the island, almost none of his underlings even looked him in the eyes anymore. He enjoyed being feared, but the fear was getting to the point where he couldn't have a decent conversation with anyone but his own family. Not waiting to even see if Dorian stopped stammering, Danya continued on.

"So it's four, now, instead of five? There isn't much we can do about that, Dorian. It isn't like we can bring Kaige back to life only to kill her again moments later. So you know what you do, Dorian? You improvise. You adapt. Which is exactly what we're going to do."


As the mikes all over the island crackled to life, that ever-too-familiar voice filled every crack of the island. "Good afternoon, kiddos! It looks like we're really getting down to the good stuff, wouldn't you say?" Danya laughed to himself, clearing his throat a little before continuing. "But before I start to tell you the REALLY important information, how about we get some other stuff out of the way first?"

"After the last announcement left off, we were at ten people remaining. That's right, you were all part of the final ten. Aren't you all proud of yourselves? I hope so. But guess what, kids? The number's gone down. The 114th person overall to die was Stevan Hyde - and I've got to say that Lucinda Garnett really outdid herself. Running him down with a car? That impresses even ME! I hope she hit him with both sets of wheels. And well, you know what they say, kids: smoking will kill you, but so will getting hit by a car! Coming in 9th place was then Ms. Garnett herself. After quite the chase around the island - in cars, no less, she came right back into a danger zone and died when her collar exploded. It was, of course, probably for the best, being as she was on fire and all. The kid she was chasing, one Jeremy Torres, was 116th, or 8th place, for those of you whose minds aren't functioning so well. Of course, Jeremy drove himself into a danger zone as well - which, really, if you're in a car, sounds like a real stupid thing to do. But hey, it's always good to outdo yourself, right? So if that wasn't dumb enough, he then went ahead and shot himself. This close to the end, and he shoots himself? What a waste."

Danya yawned a little, and continued on, somewhat mockingly.

"Next, finishing 7th overall, was that French chick. Clemence Ceilliet de Rousseau. What a mouthful. Something tells me that I probably wouldn't be able to spell that. Our resident island rapis-oh, that's right, I guess he's not the resident island rapist anymore, now that Kaige is trying to steal his title, but anyways, Cody Jenson really did a number on that Clemence girl. Then again, with her being as thin as she was, I'm surprised she wasn't the first one out, broken in half by a strong wind. Then again, those never can count them out. Just like the person who finished 6th overall did - Drew Lynn. He went a little crazy, then got in a shootout with Kaige - which, I can't say is all that great of a strategy, but hey, whatever floats your boat, right? Drew made the silly little mistake of shooting her in the gut, as opposed to the head. Come on, Drew? Haven't you seen, oh, I don't know...ANY zombie movie EVER? So Drew paid the price with his head. Or, perhaps, his neck, that is, as Kaige got up and broke his neck. I'm told it was quite gruesome, actually." Danya stopped, paused, and snapped his fingers a few time, as he was handed a paper that had the details of the last death on it. "And finally, to round it out, the 119th person to die was our very own Ms. Angelina Kaige, from a shot to the head by Jack O'Connor. I'm sorry, Mr. Dodd. Your fuckbuddy has died. I hope you're not in too much angst over this."

Danya suddenly got real serious, and the mocking tone disappeared, making him sound all the more evil.

"So here we are, kiddos. I suppose that there isn't much to hide anymore, is there? There's only FOUR of you left. And just so there aren't any surprises, I figure that you all ought to know who it is you're up against. You know, just in case you HAVEN'T figured it out already. 119 people have died before you, and now, we're down to four men. Our own famous little hockey player, Sidney Crosby. I have to say, Sidney. You've impressed quite a few people here. It seems you have your own little fan following outside of your hockey league. To be honest, I'm not quite sure how, but you've managed to do it. Maybe I'll snatch a few more hockey players next time around. In fact, if I've read my information correctly, three of the four of you seem to have played hockey."

Danya paused, almost as if amused by this strange fact.

"Yeah, I'll definitely make a point to grab more hockey players. Anyways..." He paused briefly. "That brings us to Mr. Crosby's arch-nemesis - Cody Jenson. Mr. Jenson's also attracted quite a bit of attention, though I can't say that it's the same kind as Mr. Crosby. In fact, there are quite a few people who're calling for your head, Cody. Something or other about you raping people, or whatnot. I can't say I approve too much myself, but - what is it that they say in America? 'Different strokes for different folks'? You're different, that's for certain. And you sure know how to make an enemy.

Which brings us to the easiest guy on the island, Adam Dodd. You know, the more I think about it, the more I can't help but wonder if Mr. Jenson is the nemesis of Dodd, Crosby, or even both. Either way, he really knows how to make people dislike him. But back to you, Mr. Dodd. The man who's been cursing my name since he got onto the island. Ever since he started playing our little game. Made several threats against my life. And who would've thought that he's in the final four. Then again, killing ten people - and yes, everyone, that is the highest total amongst students, killing ten people will definitely help get you there. But honestly, Adam, would you stop complaining about those girlfriends of yours? You got laid, generally that shuts people up!"

The transmission became a little staticy, causing Danya to tap his microphone a few times and look at it in disgust. He looked at Dorian through the window, and Dorian, in the other room, shrugged. Danya then continued and the static let up a little.

"And we come to the final member of our final four - Jack O'Connor. You got lucky in that warehouse, boy-o. By all accounts, you should have died there, but you didn't, and you even managed to be part of the exclusive club of terrorist-killers. You and Mr. Dodd can go have your own little secret passwords, decoder rings, and everything. Ooooh! Won't that be fun?" The sarcasm dripped off of his words like hot butter off popcorn. "You've played that classic 'fly-under-the-radar' game, Mr. O'Connor. It's probably how you managed to outlive the rest of your pathetic baseball team. Didn't you know? Hockey's apparently the way to go, these days. Maybe you should talk to one of your fellow final four members about it."

Danya finished reading his notes, and tossed them away, getting close up to the mike and sneering into it.

"So here we stand, kids. Four of you left, and you've got to get down to one. As it stands now, there are danger zones right, left, and center. In fact, the four of you are probably in the only zones that aren't going to make your neck explode. So for a one-time only little gift, from me, to you, I'm going to make the entire island a free spot. That, of course, is only going to mean that you're going to have enough time to get to your final destination. That spot is the River. The time right now is 4:39pm, in case any of you have lost track of the time. I know, doesn't time fly when you're having fun? I'm going to give you all an hour and a half to get to the river, after which time, every single other zone on the island will turn into a danger zone. If you don't get there in time, you'll explode. Which'll make for a let-down of a final battle, but it'd be your own damned fault. Now remember, kids. It's Survival of the Fittest. You four are the only ones left. You get to keep breathing air into your lungs. You lose, and you become just another type of compost. One and a half hours, kiddos. Keep those guns loaded and those swords sharpened, because now - now it's time to figure out who is the fittest."

Danya's voice became deadly serious as he spoke, and the transmission cut off with a rustle of static and a sharp sound of the button being pressed to end the transmission.

Endgame Instructions:

Alright guys, so here we are. We've FINALLY arrived at the endgame. So it's going to work kind of like this. Everyone is going to have the chance to make one final post with their character in any of the five zones that are still active. Basically, you're going to be able to show your character preparing for the endgame, any last thoughts, anything that basically you want to get out. At the end of your post, you'll put your normal ((Continued in _________)) but instead of linking to a specific place, you'll just put ((Continued in Endgame)). From there, we'll move to a private forum where the final battles will be played out, the ending will be written, and then posted as a really big freaking announcement for everyone to marvel at and hopefully enjoy. Also keeps the suspense going, and all that.

We're finally at the endgame - and for all you people who're new, and maybe a little confused as to what's going on, all I reccommend is to read the stories of the final four - it'll catch you up. You'll be missing a lot of other good stuff, but it'll catch you up for hopefully what you need to know.

Now, let me give the floor to Ms. Riser, so she can make an announcement.

Moderators Announcement:

Well the decisions are coming a lot sooner than expected, right? Well we got a lot less applications than we where thinking, so the choices to choose from where smaller than expected, but still - we had quite a group to choose from. Each and every one had something someone else didn't have, something that made the choosing a bit hard for us on the staff, but I bet your tried of reading this and just want to see who the new moderators are, am I right?

So drum roll please…

our three moderators are Theseus, Megami, and Slayer.

Honorable mentions to everyone else who entered; Mitsuko2, I <3 Bananas, Lien and ZigZaggerty. Each and every one of you made these decisions a whole lot harder, thank you for that…

Congratulations everyone, new staff - please report to the Lounge before using your powers to cause torment and mischief amongst the boards and the other members.


Well, you heard the woman, right? Congrats to the new mods, thanks to everyone who applied - and everyone else, get ready for the endgame of the biggest freaking O-Battle Royale RP that I've ever seen...well, the ONLY one I've ever seen, but...y'all know what I mean. smile.gif

Let's get 'er moving.

Posted by: ZigZaggerty Jul 27 2006, 04:51 AM
The Endgame is here and I congratulate those who have managed to make it into the Final Four and the new Moderators. Good luck to both parties and I eagerly await for the next announcement which will give us the winner.


Posted by: mitsuko2 Jul 27 2006, 02:21 PM
Congrats to everyone who made it to Endgame and the new Mods!

Posted by: Sephy Jul 27 2006, 02:38 PM
Congratulations y'all ^-^
I was gonna apply for mod but i've been busy with funerals and crap, i'm sure all the new mods'll do a great job happy.gif

Posted by: Cycokiller Jul 27 2006, 09:47 PM
*twitches* FINAL FOUR, FINAL FOUR, FINAL--*vein bursts in his head*--AHH!!

Posted by: Xaldien Jul 27 2006, 10:23 PM
*pats Cycokiller's head*

What he means to say is...

Posted by: Sephy Jul 27 2006, 10:27 PM
Sigh *administers tranquilizers to those too excited about the final four, and caffeine to those not excited enough*

Posted by: Xaldien Jul 27 2006, 10:30 PM
*glares at Sephy*
What? Gackt in v2? PRIME TARGET! BWAHAHA! *gets hit with tranq*

Posted by: laZardo Jul 28 2006, 01:46 AM
*is given a caffeine shot, and slings a billboard around his chest*

The end(game) is nigh! Repent yo' seee-ins to the Mods or the Lord your Dodd shall smite you!

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