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Posted by: riserugu Jul 17 2006, 08:07 PM
Well itís come to my conclusion, as well as some others, that though Dodd, Maka, and myself are handling SOTF while Kai is recovering from her fall - weíre going to need help, Swoosh sadly isnít able to help as much as she wants to and the three of us wonít be able to take care of ever little thing.

So with the oncoming end of Version I, and turning our focus on expanding pre-game and then moving on to Version II itself, weíre just going to be needing some assistance. So Iíve come here today, hoping to find somewhere between 2-3 mods to help.

This is going to be split into two parts, when you complete and send it; Iíll send the second half via PM.

Good luck. wink.gif


Tell A Little About Yourself:

Past Experience in Moderating a Forum:

What You Can Bring to The Table That the Others Can't?:

Amount of Time You Can Spend on the Site:

General Reason For Applying:

What Do You Think of SOTF's Dice Rolling System, and How Do You Think It Could Be Improved?:

What Is Your General View of SOTF? How Can This View Be Altered? Be Sure to List At least Three Examples:

Whatís Are Some Things We Can Do In v2 That We Didnít Do In v1? To Help Make Not Only The Site, But Roleplay Itself Better:

Anything Else?:

After you complete this application please send it via PM to riserugu.

Deadline Date: July 25, 2006

Posted by: riserugu Jul 19 2006, 12:15 AM
The second part of the application might take a bit longer than planned to send out, seeing as Word just ate my document containing that part. dry.gif

So, yes, and also I wanna see more entries, I only have five at the moment; remember this is open to everyone here on the board.

Posted by: riserugu Jul 26 2006, 02:39 AM
Incase you haven't guessed, the mod applications are closed and no more applications will be accepted.

For those of you that did enter, and have yet to send back Part II of the application process you have until midnight of this Sunday; July 29, 2006 to turn them in -- if you don't; your application will not be counted.

New Mods should be announced on July 31, 2006

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