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Title: Welcome
Description: Introduction to SOTF

Kaishi - June 22, 2005 02:03 AM (GMT)
Welcome to SOTF (AKA Survival of the Fittest). This is, obviously, a Battle Royale RP. You might not have recognized it as one, due to the fact that for once, a BR RP has a dark blue and black layout instead of the usual, generic red/black one for BR RPs. I'd rather have the members fill the board's pages with red than to have a some red layout :P .

Jokingness aside, though...welcome to this site. Hopefully, it will become successful. Unlike a lot of BR RPs out there, this one follows a formula of a different kind. In fact, it has a little more story than just random, unexplained bloodshed, or just another carbon copy of the Battle Royale story. No, this story is more of an original kind, while still having the good and bare backbones of a BR contest.

Sure, you could ignore all the storylines behind SOTF, and just pretend this is your regular, plain old carbon copy of Battle Royale. Sure, believe that. But, this roleplay is (a little :P ) more than just that...

I hope your experience at "Survival of the Fittest" is a great one!

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