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Title: Reese Davies
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Swoosh - June 4, 2006 10:13 PM (GMT)
Name: Reese Davies (previously Reese Jenkins)
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: 11th
School: Bathurst High
Extra Curricular Activities: None
Description: The boyfriend of SOTF v#1 participant Angharad Davies, Reese left his small hometown in the Welsh valleys to travel to America upon hearing word that a particular school had been selected for this year's SOTF. Saying nothing to his parents or school friends, he is currently presumed dead (suicide) as it was common knowledge that he was involved with the late Angharad. Upon arriving in America, he changed his last name to Davies (like his girlfriend) to avoid being found.

Currently living in a hostel, Reese had to enroll himself into school, and takes care of himself.

Tall with dark brown hair and pale blue eyes, Reese is obviously very good looking, however this is somewhat overlooked by his attitude. Somewhat determined to seperate himself from everyone else, he is considered by many as 'the weird kid' who transferred from Europe at the beginning of the 11th grade. He has an air of mystery surrounding him, and his adamant refusal to answer any questions thrown at him added to the element of mystery. Appearing apathetic and dissinterested in classes and most things in general, it is rare for any of this classmates to see any kind of emotion in him; although this is not due to psychopathology, it is simply an act, as whenever any mention of romance is brought up he becomes even more tense and twitchy than usual. A particular scene that made Reese well known throughought the school was during an English class, when reading Romeo and Juilet, he burst out crying and had to be excused.

Although aware of the fate that awaits the rest of his class in terms of the Program, he opts not to say anything, as his participation in the Program will be, he hopes, his way of avenging Angharad. The threat of the death of his classmates means nothing to him, and is part of the reason that he deliberately distances himself from them.

Clique: None- Reese is in a group of his own, in which is is the only member.



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AAAAA - June 23, 2008 09:03 PM (GMT)
Basically, he's a Shogo Kawada ripoff.

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