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Title: Sinners Inc.
Description: Dont Get Close...

Bloody_Fists - May 29, 2006 08:11 PM (GMT)
((Continued from: Violence Fetish))

He was releived when he saw that old shoddy building come into view, by now he should of recognised the surrounding area but he was too tired to think, a week of walking, fighting and smoking with little to no rest will do that to a young man. He wandered up to the house, the door was open and it was dark inside, the signs of the game coming through. He thought to himself how great an advertisement for the game this house would make. Just a shot of the blood soaked building with the corpses inside and the catch phrase "And i used to be such a nice guy" Oh how he laughed.

The pistol had already been tucked away in his backpack and the ever so lovely shotgun was loaded and ready to be fired. He walked into the house and looked around. The blood was making a bad smell and the corpses only helped along the stench. One of those corpses was...yes, it was greg. or was it antonio? who cares he was italian.
With all the fresh bodies it was likely that there was some mre weaponry to be had, but first some sleep, what good were more guns if you were too fucked to even pull a trigger? so he would make his way upstaires and find a bedroom somewhere.

He entered te childs bedroom, small and easy access. He walked in and set his bag down by the bed. He slamed the door shut and pushed the chest of drawers in front of the door slightly, it was easy to move so it wouldent stop any intruders, but if someone tried to get in it would let him know.

He lazily dragged himself accross the room and slumped down on the bed. It was comfy, missing a bed sheet but still comf. anyway he wasnt one to complain in these situations.
He left the shotgun strap around his arm and he opened a window that was by the bed. He stared out of it while he took a cancer stick from his jeans and placed it in his mouth.
It was lit and that tasty smog would be inhaled and exhaled with ten second intervals.
He stared out that window and he just wondered. How many was still alive, how many psychos still alive, how many pussies still refusing to play the game. i suppose it didnt rally matter that much, he knew end game would come in the next few days and theres always the chance he wouldent survive, or maybe he was hoping he wouldent survive.

He had three peoples blood on his hands and he didnt know if the geeky kid had been burnt to a crisp, nor did he know if the only reliable person on the island had turned into a loser and decided to put a bullet between his teeth. If he hadnt, then it was sure that they'd meet up again. He had been hoping the one person who would kill him would be blood boy but who knows, maybe stevan would end up winning, maybe stevan would end up doing the same thing and try to right the things he had done wrong. There was no time on this island to think about that, All he had thought about was shooting smoking and most of all surviving, And one thing he did believe in was survival of the fittest.

He tapped the ash onto the blue carpet and took another drag. he let the smoke flow slowly from his mouth before he did the smokers trick of blowing rings.
So he would be his resting place for the evening and maybe his coffin if he's not careful.

((Pretty much anyone can join, just do it because i actually want some storyline going on with stevan, and if there were any weapons let me know and ill pick em up....i call first pickings lol

riserugu - May 30, 2006 03:33 AM (GMT)
[[Coming from Waterfall; Clockwork Little Happiness]]

Luci Garret found herself casting the small hut of a house a curious look as she approached it, looking rather thoughtful as if entering it would be of her best interest. After leaving the waterfall, finding the sound of rushing water, and the thought of running into more annoying people like Nev and Scott pushed her to move on. As usual found herself wondering about the area of the island until the house had caught her interest as she wondered through the foliage, decided to act on her interest and approach the building.

Fingertips brushing the cold handle of the gun that was pushed into her front pocket, the two knifes still held on her belt loop, while the axe drug behind her, held in her left hand. Daypack thrown against her back, the strap crossing across her chest, as her visible eye wondered about the front of the building she stood before.

The door front door was open, and swinging in the light breeze, the thick scent of blood and rotting corpses almost went unnoticed, she having grown so used to the thick smell in these days. Though the sight of the corpses themselves, open to the wildlife, and rotting in the sun was something she still found herself gulping at. Though turning her attention off them, she moved forward, reaching the door and pushing it open more.

Leaning her axe in the doorway as she drew her gun from her pants, lifting it slightly as she moved into the inner workings of the house, the scent of copper and death suffocating her, a series coughs erupting from her as she tried to keep herself from getting sick right there and instead simply pushed forward into the house, the inside no better than the outside.

This place had seen its share of hell in these two games it seemed, broken furniture and blood splatter made the place look as if a tornado had destroyed the place, and left this in it’s wake. Stepping further into the house, and a staircase came into her view, leading up into the darkness of the next floor. Though blinking lightly decided against ascending the stairs for the moment and decided on instead focusing on the ground floor. Taking in the small off rooms about, before making her way through to the living area of sorts.

More blood and destruction awaited, but pushing the dreading thought to the side made her way toward a cleaner area of the room. Dropping her bag against the ground with a thud, her body following soon after as she ripped her daypack open and removed one of the half-empty water bottles, downing the rest of its contents and tossing it off against the wall. Breathing out lightly, before sucking in a deeper breathes, breathing going to an unsteady stager of a pace, hunger and thirst having become a main issue for Lucinda in these past few hours, growing worse and worse as time passed on. But with little supplies, and unsure as to how much longer this game would go on for, she pressed on to keep the supplies in check making sure not to waste what was left.

Resting back against the wall, she sighed out, closing her eye lightly as she tilted her head back. Breathing in a bit deeply before another set of coughs escaped her, the faint taste of copper entering her mouth, but simply gulped the taste back down without a second thought.

Bloody_Fists - May 30, 2006 02:43 PM (GMT)
It hadnt been long. Just enough time for him to finish his cigarette before he saw the girl wondering from the woods and into clearing where the house stood. He hadnt seen much, when he saw the figure he ducked down, first instincts not to be seen but he would have to be at some point and delaying the enevitable was useless.

He checked over his weapons. He made sure his shotgun had enough bullets and the pistol was taken from the bag and placed neatly in the back of his jeans. He hadnt heard much of her presence in the house, just a couple of coughs and a few things being moved here and there. she was a quiet house guest. He would have to kill her, although he did not know what weapons she had. She could be armed to the teeth with a vicuois streak to go with it but really it didnt faze stevan. He was himself, armed fairly well and he had the ever so great violent tendancies, it would be a battle of the psychos in his mind, what he was hoping for really. Not just another weak girl or boy. Not just another exicution where they run away. of course it was fun to chase them down but in the end it couldent beat a good old fashion stand off.

This was it. He leant back on the wall, opposite to the door. His foot was lowered of the bed and slammed twice on the floor. It was loud and echoed through the husk of a building. He could imagine how the girl felt down there. Feelin like the next helpless victem in that movie the evil dead. There he waited for her to make the next move. His shotgun was held with two hands and aimed at the door. Elise's glasses where again took from his shirt pocket and put on his head as to take the hair from his eyes. If he was going to win he needed to see perfectly.

"Here we fuckin' go"

riserugu - May 30, 2006 09:07 PM (GMT)
It was quite different actually, Luci didn’t feel like the next victim in some fucked up horror movie – because that was the thing, people in those movies where idiots with an IQ similar to that of a goldfish, she wasn’t the stupid blonde about to dash up those stairs in an attempt to see who’s there because during the time in this game from what she had seen, and what she had done herself knew that whoever was up there was waiting for that moment to happen and kill her before she had a chance to say otherwise.

Sifting lightly on the floor she moved onto her feet, removing the pistol once again from her jeans and began moving about the area of the ground floor. Head tilted upward somewhat as she eyed the ceiling and the possible rooms beyond it, against her good judgment she was tempted into ascending that staircase and find out just who was hiding up there, be death waiting or not. Doubtful anyone of them would make it out of this game alive in the long run, be it by Danya doing something – or one of those trained terrorist, but truth be told them as normal kids stood little to no chance.

With a small sigh, she kept to her judgment and pressed past the stairwell, eyeing the area of the second floor she could see as she moved into an adjoining room. She wasn’t sure where the sound had come from, but she knew it hadn’t been the room she had been in. So that left few other rooms to try and locate where this person was, lifting the weapon upward, she fried a quick round into the ceiling above. Knowing she wouldn’t hit anything, but that wasn’t the point – more being she was hoping to get whoever was up there, ass down. If that didn’t work, well she’d just have to move on, what was the point of having any fun with an asshole who preferred to lay in wait.

Bloody_Fists - May 31, 2006 09:25 PM (GMT)
An asshole he was but all the more reason for him to gundown the girl. It was becoming a game of chicken, who would confront the other one first? the tension.

So she did have weapons, good weapons at that. He learnt that from the sound of the bullet piercing the wood of the ceiling and the echo of the blast in the house. he jumped slightly as he heard it but He followed it with a quick smile. Oh the fucker who scares me...

He would have to make the first move, if not they could be here for hours banging on floors and shooting at ceilings and that would help no one. Just prolong the game that extra couple hours.
So he left his bag by the bed and stood up. His gun was held firmly in his hands, and another cigarette was lit between his lips and held there. Chain smoking was fun.

He moved the drawers and opened the door. He slowly walked down the small corridor, the floor boards creeking with every other step. H saw the staircase and Crouched down so he could see some of the bottem floor.
"Dont bother shootin girly...i cant be arsed with it" he said with a lazy voice as he slowly begun to walk down the staires. He saw her and she looked pretty fucked up, not the most lucky of people it seemed. It was just easier for stevan that way.

He had that gun aimed at her, he was now on the bottem floor by the staircase. However tempting it was to pull the trigger it was also tempting to help the girl, use her as a meatsheild, another body for the slaughterhouse. Yeah he should probally do that, It would be so much easier if only she was willing for the allience. Some small banter would be in order if he was to gain some trust from her.
"So what now? we could have a little chat about life and some food or we could shoot each other down? your choice."

riserugu - June 4, 2006 04:31 PM (GMT)
Luci watched lightly with an unamused expression, pistol clutched tightly in her hand as she scanned over the boy near her; and didn't he just scream out 'Grade A - Island Psycho' -- how boring running into these people where becoming. A glance at the shotgun in his hands, and it was clear what his little source of power was, get a good gun and you run the show type deals it seemed.


The question brought her back looking up at the other, musing somewhat as she brushed a loose strand of hair away from her face. Looking thoughtful for a moment, was he trying to pull at her strings here; probably so, a person like this couldn't be trusted as far as Luci could throw, which in this case probably wouldn't be pretty far, 'less it was over a cliff.

But those thoughts where beside the point, smiling a bit, she shrugged. "Chat about life? How interesting, ever how tempting the second opition maybe... I'm not interested in being shot at with a shotgun today. So.... whoever you may be, let's chat then."

Bloody_Fists - June 6, 2006 08:17 PM (GMT)
The situation was calming down but still the tension remained. at any moment the two oculd blow each others brains out but that would help no one. "So a chat? names stevan, im english, i enjoy painting and long nightly walks." He said as he moved over to the sofa and slumped down on it.

"Your turn, give me some details about yourself...any will do" He took the cigarette packet from his jeans took out two cigarettes. "Oh and interested in a smoke?" His cigarette was placed between his lips and lit and he held out the other cigarette for the girl to take if she wanted to.

He would sit there and listen, But he probally wouldent care. Really he just needed some good old fashioned company, get to know someone new type of thing, its not like this place was built for speed dating but friends are friends, something he didnt have much in this game.

riserugu - June 8, 2006 11:24 PM (GMT)
She almost couldn't help the musing look as the boy spoke, watching him a bit as he went about sitting on an overturned couch, Lucinda moving off to the side a bit. Eyes scanning the world beyond the dirty window before she looked back to Stevan, "My name is Lucinda, American -- and I enjoy, well..." She began with a shrug, "Well I enjoy a lot of things."

Luci found herself eyeing the smoke a bit, shaking her head. "Ah. Thanks, but no thanks." She said shaking her head, frowning somewhat.

Bloody_Fists - June 9, 2006 02:49 PM (GMT)
He raised an eyebrow when she refused his offer of cancer. His most prized possesion, it was an honor to be offered it from the freak.
"Come on, what have you got left to lose? an eye? Dont want to die without trying what life has to offer do you?"

He took a deep breath, dragging the toxins into his lungs. He let the smoke settle in his lungs for a couple of minutes before he let it out and fill the room even more. He held that cigarette that he had offered to lucinda in his hand still. Waiting for her to give in, everyone did at some point, just a matter of time.

But when he had finished his cigarette what did he expect to do? Get drunk and play spin the bottle? Pack up a basket and go for a stroll and a picnic? Honestly he didnt know, he'd been around for a while and couldent be bothered with it anymore. All the walking, shooting, deaths. That fuckin terrorist took alot out of him, He could still feel a couple of those metal shards still stuck in his skin and the blood he was drenched in was started to get annoying.

Hopefully he thouhgt, that him and lucinda could manage to trust each other long enough to survive atleast one more day, that was his goal, after that she was fair game. Just some company she was, she might turn out to be alright.

riserugu - June 11, 2006 07:26 PM (GMT)
The remark had a flash of sarcasm go across the girl's face, a smirk forming across her lips. "Ah, yes... though I suppose it be the other eye. Seeing as I've already lost this one." She muttered, brushing across the white and blood soaked bandages. Though still, she shook her head at the offer -- "Like I said, I thank you for but I'm going to have to decline your offer. It's not something I'm interested in doing, even if my life will end within these next few days, I could do something a bit more productive I think."

She fell against the floor in a sitting positon, folding her legs, and resting the pistol a top her thigh. Moving somewhat in an attempt to remove the blades, and place them off the side so she could sit properly, her thoughts crossed as too how long they'd continue this little chat til someone got tried of the other and decided to fire a shot. Her eyes casting over the shotgun with a small look of annoyance... that would probably hurt a lot more than when that boy at the warehouse shot her.

Bloody_Fists - June 12, 2006 04:36 PM (GMT)
He laughed as she made the comment about her eye, But yes, that was the joke, thankyou for pointing that out.

Yes he had thought about just shooting her with the shotgun, but so far he had managed to keep some self controll. Anyway the conversation was startin to get a little bit interesting. He simpy sighed and placed the cigarette back in its packet as the girl fell to the floor. A couple more drags of his own cigarette were taken as he watched her remove the blades. He was intrigued to know about what shed been up to, who she killed, who cut her eye out and all that jazz.
"So anyway" He said before taking another drag "whats your story here then? I mean, how the fuck did you lose an eye?"

He was actually relaxed for the first time in a long time in this game. There was just something about the girl that seemed frindly, although by looking at her weapons and wounds, it was likely she was not friendly at all.

riserugu - June 12, 2006 07:08 PM (GMT)
"My story?" She repeated looking up thoughtfully, "My story... is that some wonderful end of the year trip with my classmates was shot to hell when our plane got highjacked and we got thrown into this place. Well, I must admit -- I was quite scared when I got here, woke up on the dirt path, with my weapon..." Luci trailed off, nodding at the large axe rested up against the doorway into the room. "Well, shortly after I woke up... I got attacked."

Picking one of the knives up, she dug the end bit under her thumb nail, trying to rid herself of some of the blood and grim there. "I killed him, pretty much cut his head off. Then some more things happened -- I gathered up these knives from the bodies of that one boy that attacked me... and then another boy, that I knew pretty well that I found dead. Well at this point, I figured if I wanted to survive to the end game a gun would do quite well, so I set off trying to find one, I got to the warehouse and some boy in a uniform was standing outside, I jumped him - stabbed him in the back, and tried to slit his throat. But as I was going to, he turned his gun up and shot me in the face... traveled right across my eye, pretty much exploded. Then I slit his throat, but I don't think it killed him."

She continued working on her nails a bit, turning her eye up on the boy. "So let me guess, you're one of the higher ups, right? In kill counts, kind of like Adam and all."

Bloody_Fists - June 12, 2006 07:26 PM (GMT)
Every now and again a small smirk would appear on his face. He loved the story, and the way she told it, so calm. He was actually begining to like her.

He raised an eyebrow while he thought how to answer her. "well....kill count, im on three...maybe four, dont know about the last one though. I kind of blew the lighthouse up a little."
He tapped the ash from his cigarette and held it in his mouth while he positioned himself to be cross legged. "so i dont know if im high up on the kill count...people usually run away before i get chance to do anything, theres been two groups ive fucked up a bit you know, but they seem to run, no fighting back or anything, and i dont even know who adam is. But if he's got a big death toll then i like the kid already."
As he spoke he could hear how it sounded, it was like he was treating it as a video game, how many kills you got, what weapons youve picked up on the way. No remorse for your victems. They all had familys and freinds, they all had there own lives, there own feelings and dreams, but once they set foot on this island all that was ripped to shreds. None of that mattered anymore.

He sat there with her in the darkened room. He sat there watching the streaks of light shine through the smoke of his cancerstick. Just waiting for the girl to speak and for the small awkward silence to finish.

riserugu - June 19, 2006 09:46 PM (GMT)
"The last time I had a chance to see Adam he had killed eight people, I'm sure it's more by now. But it's simply amazing, I knew him in school... he acted in a play or two with him; now that seems such a long time ago." She said in a small voice, placing the knife back along the ground with the other, sighing lightly though frowned lips as eyes scanned the room; watching the flicking light cast through the darkened windows as well as the single dot of red light as the other continued to smoke from the couch.

Twisting herself a bit where she sat, Luci lifted a leg toward her chest - following with the other though found a sharp pain spreading upward from her knee, frowning deeply once more as she rolled the jean leg up, looking over the somewhat large and bloody bruise that spread from her knee downward some five inches or so. A light sound escaping her, as she made her way back onto her feet, grapping at the weapons and moving over toward the couch. Sitting herself down on the arm, and grabbing at the daypack she had casted aside.

"Blew the lighthouse up did you?" She mused lightly, grabbing at the small roll of bandages she had left and began wrapping the knee. "Never went there... passed by there, the smell was enough to keep me away though."

Theseus - June 27, 2006 03:42 AM (GMT)
((continued from Hurts like a bitch..?))

Jeremy saw the small house up ahead, he knew it was a danger zone, but for some odd reason, he felt compelled to see it one last time, maybe it was just the fact that he wanted to die peacefully in a familiar place, or maybe Jeremy was being guided here, it didn't really matter.

He limped in the bushes just outside of the house, not really paying attention to where he stepped, cracking twigs left and right. He then coughed up some blood, and Jeremy just shook his head.

The shirtless bloody boy looked with dead eyes at the small house, thoughts leaving him, the only thing that kept him going was that he was not going to lose to Danya. He was going to win this, Jeremy was going to show America, and all of the "players" of this game, that the "good guys" can still go out with a bang.

Jeremy coughed up some more blood and thought to himself I just hope this isn't the bang I'm going to go out with.

riserugu - June 27, 2006 10:34 PM (GMT)
Luci had been rather busy wrapping her knee when the intercom system about the island crackled alive, eye blinking as she glanced about the room – listening lightly as that oh so familiar voice came on over the airwaves, cheery and as fucking ever. She knew some people on the announcements – some she didn’t, musing some as Adam’s name reappeared on the list of kills – and surprise, surprise he had managed to do the unthinkable and kill one of the terrorist. Though it seemed that the little promise Danya had made had been shot right to hell; not like she was suspecting much - I mean did anyone really think killing the terrorists would grant them a ticket home? She could only wonder how many people lost their lives because of that small glimmer of a broken promise Danya made.

Though as the death list passed, and he went onto the danger zones for this announcement – she felt a tinge of fear pass through as the small house – as well as all the other buildings on the island where made into danger zones. She turns her eye on the boy on the couch to her side, lips pursing as he rolled her pants leg back down, picking herself off the arm of the couch with a tisking sound. Bending downward, zipping the bag up once again; fixing her knives back into her belt and pistol into her pocket. “Well, mister – I believe this is where we take our leave. Being as there’s only ten of left on the island – I suppose we’re bound to see one another again. Toodles till then.” She mused with a wave, and a wink and with that took off out of the room, making sure to grab her axe as she did.

Stepping out of the house, she was ready to take off back into the forest – until the sharp sounds of twigs breaking caught her ears, she glancing off toward the sounds to spot a rather interesting sight – a shirtless boy currently coughing up blood as he made his way into the area of the small house, she casting a small glance his way – hadn’t he heard about the danger zones, though by the looks of it he was going to die, be it by the hole in his stomach or the this soon to be danger zone. Luci musing somewhat as she removed the pistol, resting the large axe and daypack on the ground moving forward.

“Got a bit messed up, didn’t you?”

Theseus - June 27, 2006 10:45 PM (GMT)
Jeremy looked up at the girl who was approaching him, asking him the question. Jeremy only managed to nod and say, "I trusted the wrong person." He coughed into his hand, looking at the blood that was on it. He then said, "I guess that's what I get for being one of the good guys."

He just smiled at the girl, all sense of danger had left him, and he really didn't think wether the girl was playing the game or not. Jeremy didn't even aim his shotgun up at her, he only looked at her, and her pistol.

"So, are you going to shoot me and prove to me I really am the last good guy on this island, or are you going to prove me wrong?" Jeremy wasn't really sure where he was getting at this, but he continued to eye the girl, not really cautiously, for he knew he was going to die, the question was though, how?

riserugu - June 28, 2006 05:37 AM (GMT)
“I don’t now – I can let you bleed to death slowly, or I could shoot you and put your out of your misery.”

A smirk formed against her features, as he slowly tilted her head – eye scanning over the dying boy as if he was one of those animals she had seen caged up at the zoo back when her mother used to take her when she was little. Though as the thought pressed, Luci continued to remind herself about how this was a human, a dying human – yes; but a fellow human all the same. Someone else that had survived through this horrid game, finding himself right at the end; dying when he was so close to tasting victory. A sigh left her chapped lips, as a hand ran itself through blood and dirt cake hair, breathing in a small bit as the hand currently gripping her pistol gave a small twitch and without much of a second thought would her arm pointed straight in the air, barrel and all pointed toward the boy.

A flash of a smile was all she game him before her finger pulled back on the trigger, what sounded like a small clap of thunder spreading through her as the bullet was sent in a blast out of the barrel of the gun and speeding toward its target – maybe she would be able to catch him and kill him instantly, though humanity was the last thing a lot of them thought about since entering this island; she couldn’t help the small bit of sorrow nipping at the back of her mind. Killing him, meant he wouldn’t have to suffer from that hole in his stomach anymore – which meant she was doing a good thing, right?

She sighed again, supposed it depended on where you stood – holding the gun, or taking the bullet on where your views on that subject stood.

Theseus - June 28, 2006 10:54 AM (GMT)
Jeremy wasn't surprised when the girl pulled the trigger of the gun, sending yet another bullet his way, and luck didn't help him this time, and he took yet another wound. The bullet impacted his left arm, right below the shoulder, and he groaned, and gritted his teeth.

This would be the time Jeremy would work all his energy into aiming his shotgun at the girl, but something caught his eye. He saw something poking out behind the house. What was that?

He knew he had to go, and he felt a rush of adrenaline as he charged the girl on his limping leg, and he knocked into her, not nearly as hard as he could have when he was well, but enough to stall her maybe. Then he made his way behind the house, only to see two parked cars.

Jeremy's eyes widened, for this was not what he was expecting. He saw a silver Chrysler Crossfire, not that he knew that's what the car was. He also saw a black Pontiac GTO. They were dirty, with mud caked in on the sides, but that was ok. Jeremy worked his way to the black car, and tried the handle, and to his surprise the car was unlocked.

Getting in the driver's seat he shut the door and started looking through all the compartments for some sort of key. In the glove compartment he found what he was looking for, a pair of keys, and he grabbed it and hoped for the best. Putting them into the ignition he turned them, and the car's engine roared to life, but died. Jeremy slammed the horn out of frusturation, and turned the keys again, this time the engine roared to life and stayed there.

Jeremy started to laugh out of happiness. He had driven a car a couple times before as part of drivers ed. He moved the gear to drive, and slowly pressed his foot on the peddle, and felt the car move. Jeremy turned the steering wheel, not sure where he was going, but wherever it was, it was away from this danger zone.

((continued I Love Rock 'n" Roll))

riserugu - June 28, 2006 08:57 PM (GMT)
((As three days have passed, and Bloody_Fists has yet to post, or contact anyone. Stevan's death is final, and will be taken care of now.))

Lucinda had to admit, she was slightly thrown off when the injured boy rammed into her – sending her falling off to the side a bit as she moved to press up against the house’s wall in order to keep from falling against the ground. An annoyed sound escaping her mouth as she straightened up, turning to face where the other had moved off too… lifting her pistol again though finding that she was pointing at nothing. Narrowing eyes lightly as she turned a glance toward the ground, spotting the specks and globs of blood left behind in the boy’s wake…

Cursing softly she fix herself upright and followed the trail left behind, following along the side of the house until she came up to the back just as an odd sound burst through the air, causing her to pause in her tracks a bit – though before she could ponder it more the sound caught the air again, but this time grew into something more, something familiar, like the sound of someone starting an engine. A confused expression crossing her features as she sped into a walk again, quicker than before rounding the back of the house and catching what had been making all the noise.

She couldn’t help but gape a bit at the sight of the two cars – surprised that no one hadn’t done any damage to the island with these earlier but forcing surprised thoughts to the back of her mind – she lifted her pistol once more, firing off two shots at the moving car; tisking a bit as she took a glance to the other car; shaking her head with a sigh raced toward it. Pulling against the door handle found the it locked, stepping back and firing the last bullet in her gun’s chamber into the window, the small hole sending cracks all though the glass before it shattered in a defining sound.

Breaking away anymore larger pieces away, reached a hand in, unlocking the door and pulling the door open, glancing about the car compartment with a glance, moving and opening areas trying to locate keys of any sort. It wasn’t until she dug about in the side door area that she managed to remove a set of keys, sighing a bit as she went about closing the door. Pushing keys into the ignition until the right one fit in, and with a turn allowed the car to slowly crank to life.

Hands gripping at the steering wheel, she pressed her foot into the gas a bit feeling the car jump forward a little. Musing somewhat, as she lifted off the seat a bit, removing the small pack of bullets from her pocket that she had stolen from the boy, reloading the gun and pressing down against the pedal – all that safety and lessons from her dad being remembered when she had started learning how to drive before they left for the trip. Twisting the wheel, and following along after the boy, he wanted to have some fun?

Well… well, why not.

Stevan Hyde had remained sitting there for a moment longer after the girl had ran from the house, deciding to finish off his little stick of cancer before falling out of here -- preparing to face the game a member of the Final 10 players of this horrid little game. Tossing the small piece left across the way, he stood onto his feet, making a bit of pace as he made his way back up the staircase provided. Gathering all his stuff he had left when he had come down to face the girl that had made her way inside.

Making sure everything was in order, he threw his bag over his shoulder and made his way back downstairs, fixing the grip of his shotgun from one to the other. Working out his pack of cigarettes once again, working one between chapped lips as he replaced the pack in the pocket of his jeans, returning a moment later with a lighter as he moved outside the house, catching a couple of interesting sounds as he did, though as he exited the dank home and moved to stand some feet from the entrance way, drowning in the sunlight of the fading day – Stevan paused in his steps, sifting his pack a bit and removing the lighter from his other pocket, lifting it toward his lips and the cigarette and flicking it alive.

It was around that time that those odd sounds returned, and as the white stick came to life and the hand holding the lighter dropped to his side; at that point he didn’t have time to glance up to see where the screeching sound of tires where coming from, or the sounding of a roaring engine because by the time his head was parting lifted back up he felt a sudden force slam into his legs a cry escaping him as the pressure of such rolling up forced him to fall against the ground – tears ridded eyes glancing about in there tear-induced state to see that before him was the front of a car – blood spotted about the front bumper somewhat. A whimper escaping as he moved against his hands, pack and shotgun forgotten as he tried to crawl away though his legs screamed in their broken protest.

Out the corner he could see the car moving slowly in reverse… praying maybe they where leaving, but as his hand reached back toward the entrance he once more heard the roar of an engine and rolling tires. The tires catching him at an angle where one moved over his lower back, cracking his spine like a wishbone the feeling of bones shattering might causing the boy to scream if at the same moment the other hadn’t rolled over his head – the pressure from the vehicle crushing his head like a melon. Splattering brain matter, bone, blood and other like issuing out from under the front right tire, the vehicle moving forward, back tires moving over the fallen form before coming to a spot a bit away. The rearview mirror being fixed on the sight, while another smirk fixed across Luci’s lips.

With a small huff, she exited the car, moving about and gathering his fallen bag and shotgun, sending a wink at the bloody body. “That’s for the eye joke.” She mused out, tossing the gathered supplies along with her discarded own into the passenger seat. Resuming her spot and moving off again, intent on refinding the boy that had taken off in the other car sometime before.

B41 - Stevan Hyde - Dead

((Continued elsewhere...))

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