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Title: Away
Description: Gonna be away for a bit? Post here.

Kaishi - July 1, 2005 02:22 PM (GMT)
Planning on a vacation? Going somewhere special? Or, are you just going to be away for some reason, or another? Post here, specifying your reason why, that is if you have one, anyway.
By posting here when you go away, you ensure that you won't be put on the list of "inactive" players.

Meh...just check this topic to see who is away at this time. Too much of a hassle to update this, y'know?

Hope you all come back soon, and have a safe trip (or whatever)!

cldukillurbestfriend - July 1, 2005 03:03 PM (GMT)

Cldukillurbest friend
Reason: being dragged by my mo and g'pa(going to summer house)
Character Specifications: devi after she fires the gunshot either fins that noone comes or someone comes and she hides noticing that that was a stupied idea ahd she needs time to plan
Away Until: july 1-july6 midday(fri-wed)

orangeflamingo - July 1, 2005 03:08 PM (GMT)
Character Specifications for myself will probably be seeing that August is with Terry, I'm going to probably have her take a nap... or something. >> Yeah, And when I return the girl will wake up.

Riserugu says because Hawley's just wondering about, and has no topics he's part of he's going to continue his wondering for the moment.

guitarjack87 - July 1, 2005 05:35 PM (GMT)
Reason:Going to Orlando for a few days
Character Specifications: Seeing as I am new, and I have only had the chance to post once, Selene can decide what she wants to do with me, and then my character will either run away or hang out with her.
Away until July 06

batspleenfriend - July 6, 2005 03:55 PM (GMT)
Reason: Going To Friend's Summer House
Character Specifications: Anya's going to set off on her own after the school so I guess just let her wander until I get back. Terry is just going to sit around being pensive in the small house I guess.
Away Until: Leaves on July 7th, returns July 9th

NyteDarkness - July 10, 2005 06:20 PM (GMT)
Reason: Friend's house with no computer
Character Specifications: River hears some commotion in the lighthouse and decides to hide outside until it's over, Cassandra continues to travel with Kichiro and Kiyoko.
Gone from: Late July 10th until evening July 13th, but I will be on on the 13th sometime.

Lien - July 13, 2005 09:59 PM (GMT)
Reason: COMIC-CON!
Character Specifications: Kichiro sticks with Kiyoko, they're on their way to the Lookout Point. Cassandra can have control of him until then.

Umi is keeping watch... CC Umi! Sephy knows the drill.

Time: 7/14-7/17, this goes on for a long time.

NOTE: This is just to be safe, I may or may not be on, and I'll only have a little bit of time. Just need to know that my charries will be in good hands.

Sephy - July 15, 2005 08:23 AM (GMT)
I won't be online tomorrow, and maybe not the next day, it depends
so 16th and maybe 17th of July
reason: it's my birthday! yay mee ^__^ party time!
character specs: if anyone posts (since Umi and I wont be here and Tayli isnt posting) move Dai around, otherwise, the thread is in suspended animation for 2 days :P

d0ddi0slave - July 16, 2005 04:19 AM (GMT)
Might be a little in advance here, but oh well!

Date: July 29 to August 1st
Reason: Party and training for work is going to keep me out of here for a few days.
Character Specs: Well, we'll see when next week rolls around.

Sephy - July 21, 2005 10:45 AM (GMT)
Date: Saturday 23rd of July until the second week in august (around the 7th or the 8th)
reason: parents are forcing me to go to the seaside x__x
character specs: I haven't started Sophie off yet, so she can stay like that, Dai can just stay wiht Umi and Aiden, if the dice roll lands on Dai i'll let EbonyDear or Tayli do it.

d0ddi0slave - July 24, 2005 07:28 PM (GMT)
Okay, so here's how it's going to go. I'm going to be away from Tuesday night of this week until Sunday night. I may be on sporadically between now and then but it's not likely.

Character specs:

Amanda and Adam will wander off to catch up. o_O

Andreww will be a stayin' at the cliff face, unless it's a danger zone by the next announcement, in which case I'll be countin' on one of you ppl to bring him along.

Reason: God, let's see. Hockey tonight, taking a friend out for his birthday (Andrew Lipson actually. LOL) Wonderland tomorrow, Work on Saturday and Sunday, a party on Saturday night, and then recovery on sunday. Need I really say more?

Theseus - July 31, 2005 08:39 AM (GMT)
Date: 7/31 to 8/2
Reason: going to visit family member
Character Specs: Stays with Fredrik, if he is chosen to die in that super short time, I want it to be heroic hahaha

MooCow - July 31, 2005 02:43 PM (GMT)
I will be leaving for vacation on Wed. (will not be able to post even Tues. evening) and will return sometime on Sat.. I don't know if I will be able to post during this time... the likely answer is no. Ebony I leave in charge of Aiden and taking care of him, and I suppose Clemence will be in suspended animation until the time I return.

kiri666yama - August 5, 2005 10:53 AM (GMT)
Reason: my computer crashed.
Character Specifications: as long as wednesday survives, i'm happy with everything that happens.
Gone from: 3th july, until my computer is fixed.

JayneBrown - August 5, 2005 04:05 PM (GMT)
I'm off for a few days too, although seeing as I haven't actually begun playing as such yet, it's neither here nor there...

NyteDarkness - August 8, 2005 09:28 AM (GMT)
Date: Monday August 8th to Thursday August 11th. I'm not sure what time I'll be back, probably afternoon/evening.
Reason: Camping
Character Specs: Cassandra will wait in the warehouse with the others. If anyone absolutely needs her for something, they can take control over her until I get back, but no killing her/making her go crazy/etc. Also, if the group moves out of the warehouse move her as well.
Sven is hiding and sometimes running around with no specific pattern. He's not in a group so it would be best for him to be left alone until I return.

cldukillurbestfriend - August 10, 2005 12:38 AM (GMT)
im going to be away from tues. till sat....

just say that my character is walking around aimlessly

NyteDarkness - August 10, 2005 10:08 PM (GMT)
Change of plans, I'm back a day early.

riserugu - August 10, 2005 10:13 PM (GMT)
This is for both brokenCODA and myself;

Reason: Computer Crashed
Character Specifications: None really, I should be able to use the computer at either work during my lunchbreak, or the ones at the libary some I can get some posts in till my computer is fixed.

If not, Hawley will remain with Madeline, and Amanda.

Blaine's going to die soon... so, yeah.

Glenn will remain with his team, and Fred with his.
Gone From: August 10th - Till the computer is fixed

riserugu - August 11, 2005 12:47 PM (GMT)
You know what, never mind that. My brother-in-law is a bloody genius. :D

LadyMakaze - August 11, 2005 05:42 PM (GMT)
Okay, so its a whole months notice, but I just wanted to give you peeps a little heads up on what I'm planning.

DATE: September 26th-30th, which is 5 days
REASON: Annual MiniSchool Camping Trip
CHARACTER SPECIFICATIONS: (note: this is in case none of the below characters are rolled by the specified time)

Ash: He'll be dead in a few days, so it don't matter. :P

Daphne: If anybody's willing to kill her a few weeks before the mentioned date of departure, then talk with me beforehand and we can plan something out.

Nanami (pending approval): Already have her death planned out, and she'll be dead approximately a week after approval.

Madelaine: Death already planned. I am still deliberating on whether to let her survive after the trip. It is likely that she'll get killed the week before the trip just to make the RP run more smoothly. However, if I decide otherwise, she'll continue to tag along with Hawley and Amanda.

Other/All: If any of my characters happen to be rolled during the trip, I'll write death scenes as soon as I come back. But it'll be likely that my entire character directory will be wiped out before I leave. XD

Sephy - August 12, 2005 11:43 AM (GMT)
EDIT: forget it, crisis averted, hooray for NHS helpline

Theseus - August 14, 2005 02:35 AM (GMT)
Date: 14 and 15th
Reason: going to Holiday world
Character Specs: really nothing, Max just started and let jeremy hang out with his little group. If somehow within these 2 days my characters are chosen to die I want to make it Max and not Jeremy seeing as how I havn;t switched characters yet. Hopefully that won't happen because I just now gave Max his first post :P

d0ddi0slave - August 18, 2005 05:23 AM (GMT)
Alright, here goes.

Time: Friday, August 19th, Saturday August 20, Sunday August 21
Reason: Selling phones at the Canadian National Exhibition (WOO! Anyone who's coming, look for me on Friday...I'll be the one making lots of money), then going to my grandparents fiftieth wedding anniversary, then making a toast at said anniversary (GAH), and then...home on Sunday night.
Character specs: Hopefully my guys won't get killed, but if so, PLEASE wait until i get back so I can plan things out. As far as if they don't get killed, just let Adam trip out some more...heh. Um, Amanda will I guess just take care of druggy over there, and Eddie will just kinda chillax with Miranda or somethin'.


Swoosh - August 21, 2005 11:54 AM (GMT)
*sigh* Yep, I'm going away as well..

Time: Tuesday, 23rd August - Friday, 26th August
Reason: Beh. I'm a Young Leader at Guides, and I have to help out at Guide camp. *insert excitement here*
Character specs: Well, hopefully I can get Callum killed before I go (that's the plan, anyway). Angharad's with Duncan at the moment... I'm not sure how that will work...

Sephy - August 21, 2005 10:21 PM (GMT)
date: August 26th till 5th or 6th of september

Reason: being dragged off by parents (again, I hate them >_<)

Character specs: if Dai gets rolled i'll take care of it when I come back, otherwise, he jsut sticks with aiden (Tayli can control Dai if he wants)

LadyMakaze - August 22, 2005 01:37 AM (GMT)
I'm sorry everyone...

parents have taken away my internet...

I'm not sure when I'll be able to come back...

But please put my characters on hold for now...

I'm sorry everyone...

Goodbye for now.

LadyMakaze - August 23, 2005 01:49 AM (GMT)
To be honest, I'm not completely sure what is going to happen but...

For now, I've got hands slightly full with family problems, but it seems that my Dad isn't about to do anything for now.

In case he does though...I'll let d0ddioslave take over my characters. But for now I shall continue as is. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up.

cldukillurbestfriend - August 23, 2005 07:19 PM (GMT)
im going away from today(aug. 23) till the (sept 2)
reason:going to nc to visit grandparents
i will have use of the cpu buh not so much so idk how frequently i will be able to get on....
lets just say freyas walking around aimlessly

riserugu - August 30, 2005 07:32 PM (GMT)
I'm doing this for brokenCODA as he is not able to at the moment. Though I won't be on as much as I usually am, I will be on for at least an hour or so when I get home from work every night, and before I go visit him in the hospital

Reason: Has been placed into the hospital for Pneumonia.
Character Specifications: I, riserugu, will be handling Fred till he get's back.
Away Until: August 30 - Till Doctors Release

Slayer - September 4, 2005 05:38 AM (GMT)
Time: From Thursday, September 8th to June 23rd I won't be able to post as often, though I can still pop by occasionally, I just won't be as active.
Reason: school.
Character specs: I should be able to post, though not as often, so the characters shouldn't be a problem unless they're rolled while I'm away (in which case, I'll take care of it when I have time). Otherwise, just assume they're doing what I last said they were doing.

Kuze - September 13, 2005 09:18 PM (GMT)
EDIT nevermind the hurricane is going the opposite way from my town so nevermind

Sephy - September 23, 2005 04:02 PM (GMT)
Time: 24th september-26th september

Reason: stupid parents dragging me to the caravan x_x

Character specs: My characters are pretty muhc not moving anyway, but if a miricle happens and Tayli_Vreeland posts, then Dai is wandering around XD

Kuze - September 30, 2005 11:23 AM (GMT)
yeah I'm going out of tow areund 7:00PM EST to sometime Sunday

caricter specs If I'm not on AIM, or MSN, or even ICQ tomorrow Heather is controlled by Thesus and Riser,

And Shinya, Mismatced has LIMITED control of him and by limited he xan only move himnothing else

and on the side RP meh cant think of anything

d0ddi0slave - October 3, 2005 03:14 AM (GMT)
Hey y'all. I'm gonna be away, doing the Canadian thanksgiving thing from Saturday-Sunday. Don't expect me online at ALL Saturday and likely if ANYTHING in the evening Sunday. I shall return on Monday, of course. ;)

Oh, and this week I will only be online after 9, due to my work lending two of our five full-timers to another store. *sigh* Leaving me and Amanda and our store manager to run the store for the whole month of bloody October...but I won't go into

But yeah, so Wednesday night, don't expect me on until late either - HOCKEY SEASON STARTS! WOO!

But that's it.

Toukan - October 16, 2005 10:31 PM (GMT)
I don't know how active I'll be for the next little while. I need some time to sort out the chaos in my life before I can do much of anything coherent. Sorry.

10-17: Alright, I've fixed my issues as much as possible in under 24 hours. I'm calmer and I can talk to people without becoming violent, so I'm back. =)

Swoosh - October 24, 2005 09:55 PM (GMT)
Yup, I'm off for a bit too-

Time: Wednesday - Friday (25th-27th October)

Reason: Um, you want to really know? I'm going to Hertfordshire to see a guy me and my friend met on the Internet, stay at his house and get wildly drunk. We like to live dangerously ^__^

Character specs: Haha, well, Callum hasn't moved in about a month, so he's OK where he is, Angharad's hasn't been seen anywhere since the Lighthouse (although I may post tonight as her) and Mallory's with about 10 people at the makeshift hosptial, I hope she'll be OK just left alone.

Whiz - October 27, 2005 12:04 PM (GMT)
From now until two weeks away I wqon't be around too much... exam time... so it's gonna be a wait before I can start RPing my characters.

Toukan - October 28, 2005 09:51 PM (GMT)
If I'm actually getting sick and it wasn't just something I ate/didn't eat, I'm more than likely not going to be on for several days.

Edit (10-29): I magically got better last night, so I don't think there will be any random away time. ^_^

Sephy - November 10, 2005 03:23 PM (GMT)
I'm probably gonna be online, but not posting much since the last day in November is coursework deadline and I have like 10 projects to finish >_< gah, characters are gonna be standing like lumps of driftwood quite a lot unless someone wants to volunteer to look after Dai for a while >_>

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