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Title: You'll never change what's been and gone...
Description: The Resting Place of Aiden Ambrose

d0ddi0slave - March 28, 2006 01:32 AM (GMT)
(Aiden Ambrose continued from: '99')

Dragging the body of a friend was never something that anyone should have had to ever go through. Dead weight, especially that of a dead person was probably the most obscene kind of thing that someone should have to carry around with them, and such an activity was something that would likely tear a person up inside, likely for the rest of their lives.

This was why as Aiden Ambrose dragged his aching body along the coastline of the Eastern Shore, he was slightly glad that Daisuke Ando and him had parted ways. He missed the boy, that much he was positive about. Daisuke had been attractive, and the two had a certain...connection, but Aiden wasn't sad to see that Dai had left him where he had lay. He wouldn't want to have burdened Daisuke with having to carry him around everywhere that he went. It would be far too much of a burden on him. Aiden was the kind of person that always wanted to make things easier on other people, he was definitely the kind of person who hardly held any ill will towards anyone. So it was the last thing he would have ever done, to be a burden to anyone at all, especially someone that he actually liked, a little.

Of course, as Aiden's footprints dissolved in the wet sand, he knew that his courtesy had a much more sinister reason for hovering around inside of his mind. In fact, he was almost relieved that Daisuke had left him where he was. Simply put, he was glad that Daisuke had left him, because if he hadn't, the odds were that he would have died whenever and however Dai did, too. It was a terrible thing to feel, relieved at a friend's death, but Aiden just kept telling himself that perhaps, it just wasn't meant to be. Maybe, just maybe he was meant to make it to the end. Sure, judging by the bullet wounds that he'd sustained almost a week ago, his system had been fighting off the infections that almost surely should have killed him, but here he was, amongst the last thirty kids. He'd guessed that he'd never make it as far as he did, and he wouldn't help feeling pangs of optimism as he made his way along the shore.

Upon entering the relatively large area, he'd seen what appeared to be a young girl at the opposite end of the coast, washing a long scratch on her arm, occasionally putting her head in her hands and looking up to the sky. She had her back turned to where he was coming from, and thanks to her close proximity to the rocks at the edge of the cliff face, as well as the wet sand, Aiden's approach made no noise. He had medical supplies in his pack, and judging by the good-sized scratch on her arm, she likely needed them. Aiden was thinking so many things as he came closer and closer to the girl, not the least of which was the question of whether or not she was armed and playing. If she were, it could bode poorly for him, but he figured, who was going to refuse medical aid?

As he came to a stop behind the girl, he waited for a moment. Truth be told, he wasn't too sure what he should say. Weakly, he scratched the back of his neck, and finally broke the silence.

"Hey there...I see you're hurt. Do you need some medical supplies?"

At the new voice intruding in the area, the girl's (she looked a little older than he'd originally thought) shoulders tensed up, and she slowly turned around, an ice-cold expression on her face. Shutting her eyes for a moment, almost definitely the sign of someone who'd been startled, Aiden was almost as startled when she fluidly removed a pistol from a rock beside her, and casually shot him in the chest. Stumbling back a little, Aiden mentally cursed at himself.

Great job, Aiden. Go up to the girl on the island who's got a serious chip on her shoulder. Startle her, more like what...?

Stumbling back a little bit, the girl casually stood up and shot him once more, this time in the kneecap, sending blinding pain spiralling all over Aiden's body, and causing him to fall backwards in the sand, his pack falling off of him to his left. Clenching his eyes in agonizing pain, Aiden opened them again, and visibly recoiled as he saw the girl standing over him. Slowly, she moved her sand-covered foot over to where his throat was. The shoe seemed oddly comforting on his throat, a strange feeling indeed. As she raised her foot off of his throat, he smiled, but then realized that the end was coming for him, far sooner than he'd ever realized.

Quickly, Aiden thought back to his first day on the island, where he'd been so hopeful that him, and Umi, and the rest of them could make it out okay. Things had been going so well...

Aiden Ambrose's world harshly went to black, forever, as Angelina Kaige, the almost emotionless terrorist who'd been startled to hear someone come from behind her, brought her foot sharply down on the throat and neck of Aiden Ambrose, breaking his neck and collapsing his throat in with a sickening crack. She repeated the motion once again, ensuring that the offending boy was dead. Judging by the crack, he definitely was. Still, she had to make sure, so she took out her pistol and shot the boy once directly in the forehead. Holstering her pistol, she went back over to the rocks where she'd set her rifle and sweatshirt down, and she put the sweatshirt back on, and picked up the rifle. The scratch that Chance Burton had given her during their scuffle had hurt, but she was ready to continue. She'd washed her wound, and it would heal. That much, she knew. Looking at the map that she'd been given, she opted to head towards the school.

There's ALWAYS people hiding in the school...

Boy #4, Aiden Ambrose...DECEASED

((continued in the School building))

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