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Title: To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

Megami - February 27, 2006 05:54 AM (GMT)
(OOC: Continued from The Place Where It All Began.)

It was a long walk from the lighthouse to the school building, especially for a person who had a bullet embedded deep into their calf, but Lyndi had made the trek nonetheless, and in her vain attempt at finding Elsie Darroch, she had found herself at the school building, a place she had not yet seen during her travels around the island. The dirt from the ground danced its way around her sneakers and up her tan legs, which were looking a little worse for wear these days as she slowly dragged herself up to the building. At this point, Lyndi did not care who was lurking around the next corner, and as she happened to glance at the fresh corpse of Jamie Robins, she simply cast a look at it before continuing on into the building.

The smell from inside the small school building was almost overpowering, and as Lyndi peered in through the door, it was obvious why. Inside, strewn in various places, the bodies of the dead lay all about the school house. Some of them seemed fairly fresh, they had died recently. Others, one of which she barely recognized as fellow classmate Tayli Vreeland, had been there for nearly a week and the odor coming from the bodies was unimaginable. To someone who had not been on the island for a week, the site would have been gut-wrenching. However, her time on the island had clearly started to affect Lyndi. She had a gaping wound in her leg that blood was continuing to ooze out from, she was exhausted, starving, and at this point, she could have cared less that her current company consisted of a bunch of rotting corpses.

Shutting the door behind her, Lyndi took another glance at the dead bodies that surrounded her. Her eyes moved from the door to the bodies, then once again to the door. Almost not believing what she was about to do, Lyndi found herself grabbing ahold of one of the corpses in the immediate area, a thin young man with long red hair, and dragging him, albeit with a great amount of difficulty, to the front of the door, where she left him as somewhat of a doorstop. That'll stop them from coming in... or at least warn me first. The human body isn't a light thing. Sighing quietly, Lyndi's icy blue eyes scowered over the one-roomed building, looking over the corpses that littered it. Stripping off her light pink sweatshirt, she found herself tossing it in the floor, leaving her in just the t-shirt she had adorned underneath it. Casting another glance down at her almost bare legs, Lyndi was disgusted by the fact that she had worn shorts on this trip.

After a moment, she found herself walking over to the slowly deteriorating corpse of Tayli Vreeland, and a faint smile formed on her lips. It was nauseating to see Tayli this way, she had known the girl from school, but Tayli had gone to a better place. At least, that's what Lyndi would have liked to think. And since she isn't among the living anymore... Almost before she knew what she was doing, Lyndi found herself stripping the pants from the only female whose corpse lay before her, leaving her in her t-shirt and underwear.

"Sorry girl, but I need these way more than you do now," Lyndi stated simply, as if the corpse was going to comply in some way.

Sitting down in the floor of the school building, Lyndi proceeded to shread the sleeve of her hoodie, with quite a bit of difficulty, and after a pause, wrapped it tightly around her ankle, hoping to stop the blood loss from the bullet that Cody had embedded in her calf when she had tried to escape from him. Once satisfied with the dressing she had provided for her wound, Lyndi once again forced herself to her feet and slid off the shorts she had adorned throughout her stay on the island, momentarily revealing the light pink underwear she had worn the day of the trip. At this point, the last thing in the world Lyndi cared about was who was getting their rocks off back in the States from the little peep show she had just given. Besides, you'd really have to be one sick fucker. Pulling the jeans up around her waist, she found them to be several inches too long, but quite a snug fit around the waist.

Satisfied that her legs, including the wound she had suffered, were not exposed, Lyndi once again sat down and bundled up the remainder of her pink sweatshirt. A yawn escaped her lips before she lay down, using the sweatshirt as a pillow. It was an inappropriate thing to do at the time, and she knew this much. Nonetheless, she found her eyes closing. It had been what seemed like eons now since Lyndi had gotten any sleep at all, and here, with the corpses of the other seven students littered around her, and the Jamie girl outside, Lyndi almost felt safe. After all, the boy she would never know as Daisuke Andou was standing guard at the inside of the door, right? And Jamie was outside, watching for any of the crazies. And she was here, surrounded by her friends, and they would protect her.

She should have shook the dillusional thought from her head in that instant, but she didn't. Lyndi almost liked the thought. It made her feel safe. Safe enough to drift off into a light slumber, something that at this point, she desperately needed. She had no weapon, no daypack, and at this point, virtually no hope. Even if she didn't die from the bullet wound getting infected or some other sort of tragic death, and even if she didn't get shot up by some crazy floating around out there on the island, at this point, Lyndi had no food or water, and before long, she would probably starve to death anyway.

I'm coming Elsie, I promise. But right now, I just need to rest. Just for a little while, okay? I won't leave you alone, not anymore. If we have to go to Heaven, we'll go together.


MooCow - March 1, 2006 10:11 PM (GMT)
Elsie Darroch had stumbled across the island in fear. Her head was throbbing and her bleach blonde hair stained crimson from her own blood. She was beyond tears. She had found Lyndi and lost her... as she neared a dilapidated building that judging from the map was the schoolhouse she prayed no one hostile lay in wait inside. She ran towards the door and attempted in vain to open it... something blocked it's arc.

Fuck I gotta find Lyndi...

Megami - March 2, 2006 05:30 AM (GMT)
The sound of rain beat down harmoniously on the walls of the hotel room walls as the sun rose over the horizon, giving birth to a brand new day. The light seeped in gently through the window, awakening a sleeping Lyndi. Her eyes opened with a start, and she rose from the bed, a flustered expression plastered on her face. The commotion Lyndi caused as she arose caused her roommate, Elsie Darroch, to cast her a sleepy, if not a little irritated, glance.

"Have a bad dream?" Elsie questioned.

A... dream? It was all a dream?

Sighing aloud, Lyndi nodded her head quietly, still trying to shake the terrible mental images she had had out of her memory. The dream she had had was a shocking one indeed, and she was ready to spill the entire story to Elsie, hoping it would make her feel better.

"We were abducted," Lyndi stated quickly, "They put us on an island and we had to... we had to kill one another."

Elsie stiffled a laugh as Lyndi began the story of Survival Of The Fittest, it was all quite amusing her in opinion. Rolling over to face the other direction and placing a pillow over her head to drown on the light seeping in from the window, Elsie muttered something inaudibly before closing her eyes and attempting to return to bed.

"...Overactive imagination... or something."

Despite Elsie's insistance upon sleeping in later, Lyndi forced herself to her feet. It had been a surreal experience, to say the least, even if it was just a bad dream. The door creaked open quietly as she turned the knob, and after a moment, she stepped out into the hallway. Her bare feet pattered against the luxurious carpeted flooring silently as she walked down the hall in her pajamas, simply trying to shake off the events. Further down the hall, a familiar face came into view, and Lyndi easily recognized the back of Fred Hughes. A smile crossed her face, and she walked up behind him quietly, and after a moment, called out.

"Good morning."

No answer. Lyndi frowned somewhat, then placed her hand on the boy's shoulder. He had been included in the horrific dream she had just had, and she almost wanted to mention it to him.


As her hand touched the boy, he slumped forward, falling flat on his face. It was then that she saw it, the contents of Fred's stomach splattered all over the floor of the hallway, having exited from the three bullet wounds to his torso. Letting out a scream of terror, Lyndi wheeled around and took off in a full sprint back to her hotel room. Before she could reach the door of her hotel room, however, she encountered another familiar face. Ryan Ashmore trudged down the hallway toward her, his hands frantically grabbing for the knife in his throat. Lyndi sidestepped Ryan and continued running as fast as she could, flinging the hotel room door open with all her might.

"Elsie! ELSIE!"

As Lyndi dashed into the room, she was nearly knocked to the ground as she impacted against a figure standing in the doorway. The figure was that of the redheaded boy she had encountered in the school, his neck twisted in a bizarre fashion. A sadistic smile formed on the boy's lips as he shut the door, effectively locking Lyndi in the room. Much to Lyndi's horror, the next thing she observed in the room was the body of her best friend, swinging wildly from a noose tied to the ceiling fan. In the corner, a muscled boy stood up, handaxe in hand, and a gleam in his eye. The boy was Cody Jenson, the student who had kidnapped her on the island.

"You've missed quite the party. Allow me the pleasure of helping you catch up."

In the blink of an eye, Lyndi saw Cody take off in a running dash toward her. She saw the glimmer on the blade of the axe as it was raised wildly in the air, and could only watch in a mesmerized state as the blade began to come down, as if in slow motion...

Lyndi awoke with a jolt as a loud thud was made against the body of Daisuke Andou, who was still sitting in his solemn position, keeping the door shut and sealing out all the predators who may have been hunting her down. She yelped at the sight of the corpse, but after a moment composed herself, and the memories once again rushed back to her. It had all happened, this was no dream at all. Now, someone really was right outside the door, and now, they were coming for her.

Oh my God, what do I do?

"Who's there?" Lyndi called out, trying to quiet the quiver that had formed in her voice. "Listen to me, I'm in here with a group of people, and we're armed to the teeth. If you're looking for a fight, I suggest you leave before we make you! ...W-we aren't looking for any trouble!"

Well, it was true, she was in the school building with quite the group. Shame none of them were living. Lyndi hoped it would be enough to scare off the crazies lurking outside, and if not, well, she could only play dead and hope they would leave her alone...

MooCow - March 2, 2006 10:13 PM (GMT)
Elsie heard the voice... it couldn't be... but it was.

"Oh my God! Lyndi is that you in there?! Oh my God, Lyndi it's me! It's Elsie! Oh please open the door... is it really you??"

Elsie could not believe her luck... of all the thirty something people that must have been left on the island for her to run into she had found the one true friend she had left. As she waited hopefully for her friend to open the door nothing could have prepared her for the corpse of her social arch rival and the cousin of her ex... Tayli Vreeland. At the moment she was merely happy to hear the familiar voice of her best friend.

Megami - March 3, 2006 11:02 PM (GMT)
Startled, Lyndi drew back from the door as the voice called out to her. It was not a predator at all, in fact, it was the very person she had gone on her expedition across the island hunting for. How's that for luck? Somehow, though, something seemed unsettling to Lyndi. What if this was just another bad dream? What if she was dillusional by now, and that voice really belonged to someone else. It may not be Elsie at all, maybe Lyndi was just losing her mind. Maybe the person at the other side of the door would kill her when she went to let them in. Despite the negative thoughts running through her mind, Lyndi forced herself onto her feet and slowly moved over to the door.

It took quite a lot of energy on her part, but she managed to move the body of the red headed young man away from its position barricading the entrance to the school building, and after a moment, called out once again from the other side of the door. As much as she wanted to throw the door open and let Elsie in, she could not take any chances. Besides, who knew if she was even the same person this far along in the game. Better safe than sorry, right?

"Is there anyone with you?" she inquired.

After her experiences with the last group she had been pulled into, and after discovering that all but herself and Elsie of that group had already been killed, the last thing Lyndi wanted was another alliance that was going to shatter to pieces... to get close to another person who was simply going to fade from existence.

MismatchedEyes - March 13, 2006 10:58 PM (GMT)
((Continued from: ?? ?? ??? ??))

( Apologies to all since Michael has diseppeared and since I lost track of where I wanted him Ill just place him here :Shrug: :P )

The two friends re-united at last..You would be alright if you had a friend, someone to be trusted right? Someone to be care for you and watch youre back but more likely someone to stab you in the back when you least expected it.

Michael had found his friend..He had found a group but then things were so rushed. People were running and for the first time in his life he couldnt catch up with them. He had ran through the forest calling out their names but in the end he was out of breath, lost and oncemore alone.

His cheecks were red and his palm was running through the bristles of his short hair. Finally his running slowed down and somehow the building of the school loomed in the distance, whered that come from? Surely he would have noticed it.

No more friends now...He had to protect himself, he had to. The butterfly knife would be slid up the sleeve of his long baseball jersey out of sight as he began his trek towards it. Maybe they were there? His friends. All of them..most likely chugging beer or playing pool, throwing a ball around. A Big place like this, they had to be here. It was just so..them.

MooCow - March 14, 2006 10:22 PM (GMT)
"I'm all alone," Elsie whimpered.

She thought she could hear rustling from somewhere in the direct vicinity, "please Lyn I think someones out here."

Elsie knew it was coming down to the wire, and she had not made it this far to die, God willing.

She felt her perfectly shaped torso and remembered the baby that would rob her of her figure in several monthes if she made it out alive... but no. It wasn't about having the perfect body, the perfect face, the perfect clothes. It was about looking out for those you really cared about. Like Lyndi and the little one on the way.

"Lyndi open the fucking door I'm playing for two out here and you're the only one who can help me!" Elsie screamed. She needed to tell her friend everything.

Elsie hadn't gotten herself into this mess with the help of a broken condom and a complete prick... for the first time in her pregnancy however she realized she was going to have to get herself out of this mess alone... and at this point she was too confused to know which mess she was thinking about... the Battle Royale or the baby.


Megami - March 16, 2006 03:09 PM (GMT)
Hearing Elsie once again, Lyndi flung the door open, it emitting a loud creak as she did so. All that had really registered to Lyndi in the past few moments was Elsie screaming that someone else was outside. This far into the game, they were all playing. They had to be, right? Even she... even she had killed someone with her own two hands. Would Elsie understand that? How could she explain it to her? It wasn't as if she was playing to win, of course. It had been a matter of life or death, right? RIGHT? Ryan had lunged at her, he was gone, the look in his eyes was vacant. If she had not stopped him, he would have... would have... Lyndi hated to think about what might have happened. How he might have hunted down Cassie and Drew, how he might have taken her own life. Even though, given the circumstances, she had been thinking of doing the same thing.

Practically pulling Elsie inside the school building, Lyndi turned her attention away from the other girl momentarily, and once again, with a great amount of effort, dragged the body of Daisuke Andou back in front of the door as a form of barricading it. After all, he had served his purpose quite well so far. Turning to Elsie, she shuddered at the thought of someone else being outside... and killing Ryan... how would she explain to Elsie that she'd killed Ryan Ashmore? It truly was an act of self defense, but would Elsie believe that? And then it occured to Lyndi... Danya had not been announcing the killers in the past few announcements. Maybe she wouldn't have to tell Elsie at all! She didn't have to know... nobody had to know.

"If whoever's outside wants to come in here, we're screwed, Elsie. I lost the flashbangs back in the woods. The guy who killed Fred, he took them... he killed others too, Arsenio..." shaking her head somewhat, Lyndi was visibly starting to break down, but somehow managed to hold herself together, "I don't have any food or water... I'm starting to think dehydration and starvation are going to get to me before this game does..."

Finally, Elsie's words outside dawned on Lyndi, and she all but fell silent for a moment, before casting the blonde haired girl a rather inquisitive look.

"Wait a minute... you're... playing for two?"

On any other occassion, a sort of congratulations would be in order, Lyndi supposed. But now, in this place, that was some of the worst news anyone could possibly hear. Playing for two meant Elsie wasn't just fighting for her own life, but for that of an unborn child, who, if it was ever born into the world, would probably suffer from malnutrition and all sorts of horrid side effects because of this ... this game. Once again falling silent, Lyndi extended her arms around Elsie in a tight hug. She had found her best friend, and learned that Elsie wasn't just playing for herself, but someone else. Lyndi had been contemplating taking her own life before that, but now that she knew Elsie's predicament, something changed.

It was almost a despairing fact, but Elsie had to survive this game, because she wasn't just playing for herself. Someone else's life depended on it. There had already been one mother-to-be on the island who had lost her life toward the beginning of the game, but Lyndi would never know that. If Elsie survived, that meant Lyndi would have to die, and so would the rest of the students on this island. Trying to take out a terrorist never crossed Lyndi's mind, as both she and Elsie appeared completely weaponless. Indeed, they were in quite the doomed situation. Neither appeared to have food or water, both had long since lost their weapons; Lyndi herself had managed to lose not only hers but the ones she had accumulated from Fred's bag, and in essence, she was helping Cody Jenson survive by leaving them for him. And now, to put the icing on the cake, there was someone outside, in the bushes. Who knew how long he would stay out there. He might have heard Elsie and been hunting them down. If they left the sanctuary of the building, they risked being attacked by an armed-to-the-teeth maniac. If they stayed here, they'd inevitably die anyway.

Could this day possibly get any worse?

MismatchedEyes - March 16, 2006 09:53 PM (GMT)
The large building of the school was getting closer and the constant slapping at his faces by the branches of passing trees got more and more annoying with each step he took. His free hand swiped at the air trying to batt them out of his vison as he moved closer to the school but to no avail. They still slapped at him happily till finally he was out of the brush around the school and into open ground.

The girls cries had met his ears back in the brush but he had just guessed they were in the general area. Why bother himself with some girls arguing? He had just kept on task but as he got closer he had realized the sound beacon was outside of the school.

Someone was beating on the door of the school with her fists while shrieking out at it in a tone that hurt his head. One hand was raised to his mouth as would start to call out, he only got to "H-" before the girl diseppeared inside of the school with a flash of the door moving.

He burst into a short jogg, those athletic muscles already strained from his previous marathon and ached as he would run over in a vain hope of geting to the girl. A inquiring "hello..?" would be given before he kicked at the door a few times getting only a couple of creakes in response.

Knuckles rapped on a window as he tried to peer into the darkness but to no avail. A sigh was pushed from his empty lungs as he took a few empty steps back and spoke in a almost yell as he stood before the window. Maybe she could see him?

"Im not trying to hurt you! Im not playing this stupid game! Come on I know youre in there..The rescue parties should be here soon so just relax! Its nearly gameover!" he said with a hopeful smile on his face. His speech stopped but he the door didnt swing open.

"Watch!" he said as he turned his back to the window and threw the kikiri knife a few feet away from him.The metallic object hitting the dusty dead ground with a thud. His shirt was tugged up exsposing fairly muscled abs as he would do a quick spin showing bare flesh.

"No hidden weapons..No nothing...Aww come on" he just shook his head as he would slam his back into a wall and slide down it to a sitting position.

People were giving in so easily to this game.. this was stupid..this was real, forget it, the navy seals would be here to save them all but still..he didnt want to be alone not that he would admit that to anyone well maybe his school friends but they were gone.

His bag was pulled from his shoulder and a bottle of water plucked, the cap would be un-screwed and raised his lips as his eyes closed. He had nowhere else to go and the girl seemed scared..maybe he could help? he could just move on but it could be one of those longhair kids.. the ones who would lapp this stuff up. He didnt want to die, with his arm he was going to the major leagues that was for sure.

He didnt die here.

The cold water flowed down his throat as he ran through his thoughts and sat. He was doing a service here right? He was a big strong guy..He could protect her. Knight in shining armour and that. As he swallowed a mouthful of water he couldnt help but look over at his discarded weapon.

That wasnt smart.

MooCow - March 21, 2006 03:08 PM (GMT)
Elsie felt the tears coming as perhaps her only real friend embraced her with genuine warmth.

I can't cry, damn...

Elsie had never let others in. She'd alwways been the strong on. If anyone ever cried at Barry Coleson it was her enemies. But now the wall Elsie had put up, her defense mechanism against anyone who might want to hurt her, was coming down. The tears flowed

"Oh my God Lyndi what am I gonna do?!"

Having kept her pregnancy a secret from everyone but Matt for so long had taken it's toll on her and now here she was breaking down, on live television.

"I was so scared Lyndi... I was so scared. What are we gonna do? I'm sorry I didn't tell you but I was so scared."

Megami - March 26, 2006 11:54 PM (GMT)
Shaking her head despairingly, Lyndi bit down on her lower lip, unable to answer Elsie's question. Instead, she became wrapped up in the noises coming from outside. The calling out. The beating on the door. It was a voice that sounded all too familiar to her, a voice she'd heard at Barry Coleson quite often. It belonged to one of the baseball boys, Michael Suarez. Clutching onto Elsie tighter until the rapid drumming on the exterior of the building came to a hault, Lyndi cast a wary glance at the door.

"Isn't that... Mikey?" she inquired quietly.

Bringing herself to her feet, Lyndi hesitantly drew closer and closer to the window, finally peering out and hoping that he wouldn't see her. She watched at Michael disarmed himself for she and Elsie to see, then continued to watch him as he cast a glance over at his disguarded weapon. Mikey had been a decent enough guy back in school, though he always struck Lyndi as being somewhat girl crazy. Then again, that Mikey and the one standing outside now could very well be two completely different people. The game did that to you.

"Elsie," she all but whispered, "Should we... let him in? He has a pack and a weapon, it's more than we've got right now."

After a moment, Lyndi shook her head quietly and slumped down against the wall, where she couldn't be seen by Michael. Bringing her knees up to her chest, the cast a worried glance at Elsie and sighed quietly. The last people she had trusted were all dead, except for the blonde haired girl sitting in the middle of the room. Fred had met a horrific death when he'd attempted to protect the two, and Lyndi still felt quite responsible for what had become of him. Callum too had lost his life at the expense of another, that Beth girl. Even Samsa had met his end, and now, the two girls who didn't stand a chance were the only survivors of that group. After that fiasco, Lyndi never wanted to let anyone else in. Ever.

"I don't know if we can trust him... it could all just be an act. You've got to stay safe, no matter what. We can't risk you getting hurt... can't risk them hurting the baby."

It sounded so foreign as the words rolled off of Lyndi's tongue. Elsie's baby. Even if Elsie lived and had the child, even if the child survived the colossal amount of birth defects it was bound to have due to this atrocity of a program, Lyndi would never be around to see it. There was no way she could be, not if Elsie survived. At this point, Lyndi had all but given up on surviving anyway. Losing her life on this island was inevitable, she had decided, and now the only thing keeping her going was the fact that she had to protect Elsie. No matter what.

"We don't need him," she finally decided in reference to Michael, "I can take care of us both weapon or not. I won't let anything happen to you, El... not as long as I'm around. One of us has to make it out of this place, right? We'll stay together, til the bitter end."

She said the words with a false sense of courage and a false sense of pride. Lyndi fully intended on staying with Elsie and protecting her best friend until the end. Little did Lyndi know, the end of her story was coming at a rapid pace. Huddled in the corner, staring over at the other frightened girl, Lyndi had no idea that Michael Suarez, the Barry Coleson baseball boy, was certainly not a predator they had to worry about. However, the menace approaching them was much more formidable than even Cody Jenson had been.

MooCow - March 29, 2006 10:57 PM (GMT)
Elsie looked at her friend panic stricken.

"Oh no, Lyndi it's over it's one of those monsters they warned us about we're all gonna die."

She cowered into a corner of the building and whimpered unable to formulate a rational thought in her pretty blonde head.

Megami - April 1, 2006 05:04 AM (GMT)
Closing her eyes tightly and biting down on her lower lip, Lyndi nodded her head solemnly as if she'd finally decided upon an answer to a difficult question. In an instant she was on her feet and pulling Daisuke's body away from its position blocking the doorway. Using her weight to hold the door closed, she turned back toward Elsie and shook her head somewhat, then cast one of her trademark fake smiles across her face. Elsie'd known her too long, and she definitely knew her too well, and Lyndi knew she could see right through the optimism she was trying to convey. Despite that, Lyndi continued to smile the almost ficticious smile, and after a moment, spoke up.


Casting another glance back outside, Lyndi eyed Michael Suarez warily, then looked back at Elsie. Elsie had to survive, and even though Michael didn't really seem to present a threat, there was no telling if he would become one. Lyndi wasn't willing to take that chance. She had promised Elsie that she would protect her and the baby, and now she had to live up to that promise. Almost not believing what she was going to do, Lyndi exhaled slowly, continuing to watch the boy outside, not able to face Elsie while speaking the words that were coming to her mind.

"Listen to me. I'm going to go outside... going to distract him, lead him away from here, okay? When the coast is clear, get out of here as fast as you can. Meet me at the lighthouse, alright? We're going to get seperated, so meet me back there. I'll wait for you, okay?"

Casting an almost hesitant glance at Elsie, Lyndi quickly turned to face the door once again, not wanting to wait for a reaction from her best friend, from words that may pull her back from what she'd set out to do, words that might make her stay. If she stayed, Michael would surely get in sooner or later, and it could spell out their doom. Either way, if Michael was going to kill them, this next action she was planning on taking could spell out Lyndi's demise. However, even if she didn't make it through what she was about to attempt, Lyndi half smiled in the satisfaction of knowing that Elsie would be safe, at least a little longer.

Turning the handle on the knob, the door squealed loudly as Lyndi pushed it open and stepped outside, only to virtually come face to face with Michael Suarez. In an almost desperate action, Lyndi reached down, grabbing a handful of pebbles and dirt from the ground, and threw them into the boys eyes, trying to provoke him. Turning around watching him as she did an almost backward sprint, Lyndi watched him momentarily, hoping he would follow her and try to attack her, as opposed to trying to enter the school where she assumed Elsie had stayed hidden. After a moment, Lyndi's backward sprint ended and she turned forward and took off in a quick dash through the foliage surrounding the school building, and and off into the unknown.

(Continued at the Hillside Cliff; Nothing Lasts Forever)

MooCow - April 9, 2006 01:27 AM (GMT)
Elsie didn't know what to do. She remained silent hugging her chest and squatting as tears poured from her eyes without a sound. She would remain hidden for the time being.

God please let Lyndi be okay...

MismatchedEyes - April 9, 2006 03:38 PM (GMT)
He had been fixated on a twig that he had scooped up from the ground and was toying with it between his long agile fingers when his concentration would be broken. Had the girl finally decided that they could trust him? Seen some sense? The answer to was a sudden stinging in his eyes and his eyelids forced themselves togethas his hands raised to his eyes as he let out a couple curses.

His hand shot up with a "HEY!" being screamed over at the girl as he pushed himself to his feet, before he could even raise to his feet she had diseppeared off into the undergrowth with only the shaking of a few tree branches to hint at where she had ran to.

"Fucking..Come back!" he screamed at the top of his voice. His bag was pulled up onto his shoulder as he looked into the direction where she had diseppeared to.He stared at the direction for a moment or two with bloodshot eyes in a hope that she would come back..realize the error of her ways. Of course she never did..The back of his hand rubbed at his eye as with a sigh he moved over the plateau of grass. His knife would be picked up and slid the weapon in the back of his jeans, tugging his shirt down to keep the blade inside.

"Yeah this is why chivalry is dead" he commented before spitting a think globule of saliva into the dirt nearby before he headed back to the school. Well at least now he had somewhere to camp this thing out even if he had just missed a possible ally.

Fingertips would push at the door while his mind caused his other hand to reach for that blade in the back of his jeans. ".....Anyone there? Come on..I Wont hurt you I promise..Another dead end, great. Im Alone again.."

((Continued in: 'Cause I Fell on Black Days...))

MooCow - May 19, 2006 10:14 PM (GMT)
Elsie was paralyzed with fear...

NO... pull it together for the baby!

She crawled unseen towards a low laying window and hoisted herself through the opening as carefully and quietly as she could. She could hear someone else in the backround but she leapt and with a loud rustling tumbled onto the grassy knoll outside the school building. Disoriented she stumbled into the woods loudly and disappeared from the vicinity. She didn't look back to see if the other was in pursuit.


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