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Title: Swing Life Away

riserugu - February 22, 2006 05:10 AM (GMT)
It had been hours since she had left the coppice and all but lost her way from Hannah, another announcement past in that time and gave more names to the list of dead students on the island. A soft sigh escaping her somewhat paled colored lips as the thought of when she’d become a part of that list flashing through her mind. Though as quick as it came she pushed it out, lightly kicking out a small stone that lay in her path, a frown pursing her lips as she took the time to finally took over where she had found herself.

Since she had left the coppice a majority of time had been spent with eyes to the ground, hardly ever looking up… far to busy being consumed by her thoughts as the time pressed on. The view of the area around the well was simple, for a better usage of words on her part, the scene was something you wouldn’t expect on a place such as this where so much had happened in just week and a day. So many people had lost their lives one way or another to the island and the people currently on it.

Of course, just because this place seemed so normal didn’t mean it hadn’t seen its share of blood. The few number of bodies littering the ground surrounding the general area near the well. Lucinda forcing herself to cast her attention away from the bodies and in an almost shaky pattern made her way up to the well. Peering into its murky depths, blinking somewhat as she followed the path of the robe that held onto the bucket that currently lay outside of the well itself. Another frown pursing her lips as she glanced around.

By the state of the bodies it seemed that no one had been here, and killed recently… though that didn’t mean somewhat might be lying in wait. Though taking more quick glances at the semi open area, everything seemed quiet… hardly any sound at all. Even the birds seemed to have left this place, using their granted ability of flight to escape the horrors of this place to something much better in the distance. Deciding this was a better place than any to take a quick rest, the young girl picked the small wooden bucket into her hands and threw it into the well. Listening lightly as it splashed into the waters below, Lucinda waiting a moment before taking a grip on the rope and starting to pull it back up toward the surface.

After a bit of trouble getting it pulled up, which surprised her to some degree, though simply put it off as lack of food and water she had, had over this past week and a day. Sighing some to herself, she took hold of the bucket when it was high enough bringing it out and resting it against the ground. Glancing around once more before working off the bright orange shirt from about her form, nose crinkling at the smell of not going days without being able to properly clean oneself, but also that sick smell of dry blood. Thanking her mother lightly for having packed a spare set of clothes, a spare shirt and some shorts in her carry-on that the terrorist seemed to have no problem with her keeping. She tossed the dirtied shirt to the side and moved into a kneeling position working the new shirt out and setting it to the side as well as the shorts.

Lucinda frowned once more; she had no plans of changing out of her pants… after all trekking through those brushes and such all day where not something ideal to do in shorts. So glancing back to her day packed, removed part of her weapon from the bag and started running the shorts along the bladed area. Working the piece of fabric into smaller pieces, to use in the future if she ever ran out of bandages, or now to use as a washcloth of sorts. Dunking the said piece into the water, she all but began scrubbing at the area of skin on her chest where the blood had soaked through and not only went through and had dyed areas of her bra brown. But also had dyed areas of her chest as well a shade of reddish-pink, breathing in a bit as she went about scrubbing away this.

After a few moments of this, and going on and cleaning her arms and face, reached back… working the fresher shirt onto her form. Raising a bit from her kneeled position to only work her way onto her side, before all but letting her form wall back against the well, taking two more smaller pieces of cloth and dunking them in the coolish water and resting them of her still-bleeding, though crudely bandaged, knees. Blossoms of red could still be since amongst the area of brown dried blood, and white areas that the bandages had been at first. Eyes almost closed as soon as she found a comfortable position, though fought to keep awake… even though it was becoming harder and harder by the moment. The somewhat warm afternoon sun, and the fact she had actually even herself a chance to relax was more than enough for her body to start resting. Something she hadn’t done in the past four or five days…

Resting there she almost couldn’t help the smile that crossed her lips as a sullen tone began to be played from her lips, a hummed song she had learned in one of the plays she had acted in when she had been younger. A young woman, who in the end of her days found herself torn from family from everything she had come to love still believed that having hope and love would save her from all that wronged her. The song she hummed was what she had hummed on her deathbed, cradling a small doll from her much happier youth. She at that time had never fully understood the role from the point of view of a person in real life.

Though now, she found herself… wishing, praying to anyone who she thought would listen for her chance to return to the easier life of childhood.

But wishes, she had come to notice… where for the simple-minded and those to young to know the harshness of what lay ahead. She had long since shed her innocent shell and allowed the horror of this game to finally, fully reach her to the point of understanding.

Sighing lightly, Lucinda reopened her eyes and slowly forced herself up onto her feet. If she wanted to rest, she'd have to find somewhere that didn't expose her out in the open to such a degree. Glancing about somewhat, she bent at her waist, fishing out her map from within her daypack glancing over it. Making note of the forbidden zones marked off on her map, glancing over and deciding the woods where porbably the best area to hide, and rest for a while be.

Gather up equipment, she threw her day pack over her shoulder, flinching a bit at the slight pain in her muscles from the days she had been working on little food, water, and rest. Though pushing this back least untill she reached the woods, she paused a moment dropping back onto a knee at the still decently filled bucket of water and brought out two of her empty water bottles, and half-empty third. Filling all back up, and placing them back in her bag.

Once again returning to her feet, she started off in the direction that would take her toward the woods.

(Continued in the Woods; You can't turn back the hands of time...)

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