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Title: The Seventh Announcement
Description: And the Homefront

Kaishi - January 29, 2006 09:42 PM (GMT)
"On June 26th, 2005, we have recovered the first tape released by the terrorist known as Mr. Danya. He is the man that has been in charge of the Survival of the Fittest Terrorist Threat. We've lost many American children to this man, and we now have a live feed into his public service announcement." The image of the male reporter switched to another one, of a shadowed man clad in dark clothes and a baseball cap that shadowed his whole face. Danya. Feeling that the Americans weren't even fit enough to look at him, he dressed himself up like he was hiding something.

"Hey," The tape wasn't perfect. Lines of static zapped through every now and then, discoloring Danya and his dark outfit. "As you should know, I'm the guy who has been taking all of your children and making them kill eachother!" He clapped his hands together energetically. "Alright! I even gave you a chance to watch them as they died. How swell, how awesome, how poetic, huh? I didn't want you guys to miss any of it because, that would be so unfair.

I'm surprised at you all, though. It's been days since version one has gone on, and it seems like you haven't even lifted a finger to help. Sure, taking to the skies in an effort to find me is nice, but it's so hard and such a waste of your time. You tried to find me via satellite, but not even that worked, because you all forgot that I have them under my control too. Idiots. Mind you that your television stations have all been changed for Survival of the Fittest, airing 24/7 on all channels.

Wow! Awesome! Bananza!"
Acting a little over the top, he made a peace sign. "Little did you know that you could've watched version one before and saved yourself all of this trouble. T'was on Ch. 7839, for all of you with the dish. Yeah! Could've watched them struggle there, too. But, great deal, you can watch it on DVD. Coming really soon, along with a whole new line of Survival of the Fittest merchandise! Rocking, booyeah, totally cool.

Now, let's get down to buisness. What do I want from all of you? I want a lot of things. Revenge, money, government, the world,, hardly any of that. What I really want is to cleanse earth and bring it back to what it once was under my own rule. Am I being selfish and cliche? No way. There's far more to it than that. Right now, here's what you can do to ensure that the rest of the students still on the island don't die.

Call off your military. Put them at permanent rest."
There was a pause, as if he were wondering what to say next. There were so many things to force the American Empire to do, it was hard to choose. "Your highest power must kill himself on film and release the tape to the whole world. Don't even try switching him with someone else, or killing him! He must do it himself! Then, I," Another pause, this one much worse than the last. "Well, I actually don't really know what else could be more humiliating. Oh, wait, yes I do!

I want every politician to declothe themselves and began howling at the moon. In 24 hours, when the president shall kill himself, and the military stop all action against any countries out there. Oh yes. Awesomeness, a'ight? If you don't do what I just told you all to do, then I'm declaring an all out war on your stupid country. Prepare yourselves. We're packing the big guns, remember that!

Lot's of love~

The transmission ended, leaving America in a panic. Should they listen to this man? Could they defeat his army in the event of refusal? Everything rested on the decision of the President, President Aaron Bridges, a Southern man whom was leading the country in the direction it needed. Normally, he would be joking around like he usually did, but now, he leaned back in his comfy, spinny chair, his lip twitching every now and then with worry. The questions at hand were ones that he couldn't answer, the ultimate one being "do you want to die?". Stenton had no family of his own. Only his mother, and she had disowned him the moment he had refused becoming a man of the creative arts. Wasn't his fault he didn't want to become a hippy. Blame it on the media.

"Mister President, sir?"

Aaron looked up, his fear clouding his dark eyes as he made his reply. "Y-yes?"

"What are you going to do?" Samuel Carson, political extraordinaire, was fearful aswell, but he had better control over it. "What's going to happen to the country?"

"I don't know anymore. I just. . .don't know." His lips trembled boyishly as he reached for a blue pen, scribbling down some things. All that the country knew about Danya. Wasn't much at all. Samuel watched Aaron with a slightly amused gaze as the President began to break. It was exactly what Danya and his men had wanted to happen. Once their weak President was broken, they'd have the key to the country. Or, so they thought. There were far more obstacles ahead for them; the President being the least of the problem.

Carson coughed for Aaron's attention. Once he had it, he began to speak like a man with a plan. "I have a few ideas, sir. We don'tóno, we won't have to negotiate with them. Sir, no, we're going to strike back with everything we have. This announcement of his was a sign of weakness. It's time, more than ever, to get him when he's down!"

"Do tell."

"It'll all take a while, but if we work quickly, we can get it done and save everyone. Yes... Here's the plan, Mr. Bridges..."

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

"Yo, kids!" The cheery Danya from the PSA was still there, acting like a child at a candy store. And, hey, everything was free, no cavities were involved, and Mother dearest didn't care. "I just finished sending a little message to your homes. It was the coolest thing I've done in such a long time. Darn, I'm *still* feeling the excitement. Haha." He shuffled around a stack of papers and video tapes idly, trying to get rid of his jitters. It didn't work.

"Alright, alright. We've got a bunch of deaths. The first two were killed by Rice and McLocke. Oh, no! Chi Masumi was killed by Green Rice and Ai Kurosawa was killed by Black McLocke. What are you up to, Miss Blue Kaige? Then, we got some students killed by other students. Johnny Lamika, Daisuke Andou, Kouji Ginsenshi, madman Cillian Crowe, Neville Eden, Mallory DeLuca," Danya stumbled over the next name. "Gillaume "Gilbert" Archambault, mafia wannabe Antonio Franchini, and Jason Andrews! Alright! Nice job everyone!

But, unfortunately, we've really got to speed things up. Starting in twenty minutes, the Dark Caves and the Gazebo are joining the Lookout Point and the River as Danger Zones. That's four Zones this time, without any removal of Zones like the way the Japanese do it.

I wish a lot of luck to you all, and I hope to see a winner before long! 36 Students Remain, who will emerge victorious?

See ya,


Yeah. I really didn't want GWB as the president in this universe. Sorry for messing anyone's post up by doing that! ;) If there were any mistakes made within Danya's announcement, then please say so. Special thanks to everyone who helped with the deathlist in the ". . .Concerning Locations" thread in the Support board, particularly Megami for keeping up with it. Fine job. ^_^

I'd like to make something clear about death rights. Say A1 decided to give the rights to their character to B2. B2 doesn't really care about killing A1's character, in fact, they'd rather not. So, B2 decides to give the character to C3. C3 then kills A1's character. Ta da! *NO! WRONG!* What should have happened is when B2 wants to give away the rights to A1's character, A1 must approve of C3 getting the character.
*Thanks to Kuze for the suggestion XD*

So, from now on, that's what's going to have to happen. Don't complain, as there is nothing to complain about, fool [/Makaze mode]. :P Lot's of fun wished onto you all! Don't give up now, the best is yet to come!

Slayer - January 29, 2006 10:26 PM (GMT)
Isn't America already at war with Danya's country?

d0ddi0slave - January 29, 2006 10:50 PM (GMT)
Small detail - I'd written a post a WHILE back dealing with Amanda's father, who was the VP of the US...and I'd actually had him interacting with the president...I dunno if you wanted to change it or anything, but...*shrug* Guess it doesn't matter.

Kaishi - January 29, 2006 10:58 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Slayer @ Jan 29 2006, 05:26 PM)
Isn't America already at war with Danya's country?

Indeed, but they mean more of a battle, in a sense. There wasn't any interaction between them before, for reasons that they just can't find them. Any mentions of battle weren't too noteworthy, anyway, so you can look at them as if they were small hiccups. ;)

d0dd - I'll go look it over and I might change things around to make it make more sense alongside your posts. :P

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